Caltrops And You

Or more correctly, “caltrops and them”.

Remove clothes before ironing.

Do not taunt Happy Fun Ball.

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  1. oldanddecrepit

    Look for the barbed variety, for obvious reasons.

  2. A check of Florida’s laws ( on use of caltrops shows that:

    860.17 Tampering with or interfering with motor vehicles or trailers.—Whoever, without authority, willfully, maliciously, or intentionally tampers with, attempts to tamper with, or otherwise interferes with any motor vehicle or trailer of another which results in the cargo or contents of such motor vehicle or trailer becoming unloaded or damaged, or which results in the mechanical functions of such motor vehicle or trailer becoming inoperative or impaired, is guilty of a misdemeanor of the second degree (Max of 60 days confinement and fine/court costs)

    Also see: 861.01 Obstructing highway.—Whoever obstructs any public road or established highway by fencing across or into the same or by willfully causing any other obstruction in or to such road or highway, or any part thereof, shall be guilty of a misdemeanor of the first degree (up to 365 days confinement w/ fine /court costs).

    It would seem that by placing caltrops on a public road one is not creating an obstruction since a vehicle can pass through but by that act you would be intentionally interfering with ….”mechanical functions of such motor vehicle or trailer becoming inoperative or impaired…”. This would be a violation of 860.17.

    One could argue that in a grid down scenario, clatrops on a road to prevent looters/marauders is self-defense and reasonable…. Law enforcement might even encourage such private use since it relieves them of some burden of protecting the public when they have shortage of resources.

    Note that I am not a Florida attorney so do your own research and seek out legal advice on your own dime before deciding what actions you might take.

    It would be helpful if others, around the country researched their own state’s laws and put out that info in this Comments section. My research also indicates that Texas and other border states have experirnced drug cartel runners throwing out caltrops to hinder or stop law enforcement pursuing them. Texas has made such use of caltrops against law enforcement a Third Degree Felony.

  3. Troublemaker

    Most fencing staples are galvanized steel. Welding galvanized steel produces toxic fumes when the zinc coating is vaporized.

    *This was NOT mentioned in the linked article.*

    Note that this is an additional hazard, on top of all the usual risks associated with welding bare steel.

    Learn enough about welding to mitigate this hazard if you’re going to try this at home.

  4. In the state of Texas a caltrop is classified as a weapon. Technically has the title ‘tire deflation device’. It therefore has all the attendant legal framework that the use of a night stick, blackjack, etc have. Mere possession is sufficient for probable cause. Mexican cartels have been using them to evade LEO pursuit. Till the curtain goes up probably not worth the risk.

  5. Goal two: design a cheap easy caltrop that will stall even big heavy duty run flat/solid/”caltrop proof” tires and wheels.

  6. Cheap and very reliable. They can be made large enough to work on automotive tires, even so-called run-flat tires have to be changed soon after puncture.

  7. They are illegal in some states. Keep them hidden until you need them…

  8. Heh… there are other ways too…

  9. Brian Anderson

    If you`ve never been in the military, you just cant appreciate how big of a clusterfuck you can turn a simple convoy op into with just a few flat tires.

  10. Alfred E. Neuman

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  11. If welding is a no-go, there’s always sharpened pieces of metal at various angles through a garden hose or well-camoflauged boards…maybe spraypainted to match the road color, maybe with some leaves, snow, trash etc around them in the appropriate seasons. Instead of nails, it might be worthwhile to use thin pipe cut at an angle to allow the air in the tires to escape.

    • Good advice. How to!!!


      About 18 months ago, a citizen here in Rawles Land had a beef with a local “law enforcement agency.” He made his displeasure known by throwing handfuls of drywall screws over the wall which enclosed their police vehicle parking lot. He was eventually caught and prosecuted. In the meantime, however, the Orcs and Orcettes experienced a lot of flat tires. It proves you do not have to spend a lot of time and money to make a statement to the Leviathan.

      • SemperFi, 0321

        Thanks for not telling us drywall screws are illegal. 🙂

        Roofing nails are great too, I’ve picked up many over my yrs of construction work.

  12. Shinmen Takezo

    Can also be made out of heavy steel cross-hatch fencing available at any tractor supply store.

  13. An Easier and Safer way to make Caltrops is with those cheap chinamart ‘Ninja Throwing Stars’ simply by bending the Points in opposite directions, using a Bench Vise and large Pliers. I’m Guessing that they can be found on the ‘net from Import Companies in bulk quantities that should get your Prices Point below $1/per.

    Also, don’t expect a lot of Results on Heavy, Bead-Locked Military Tires like on the Gestapo MRAP’s.

  14. SemperFi, 0321

    I’m still amazed at the number of goody2shoes idiots who have to inform us these things are illegal.
    Reminds me of the guy with the knife during the hurricane, being told they’re not allowed. Really? Who fucking cares what you think. Drop dead now or let someone help save your life so you can rat them off later.
    These are the assholes who will sell you out at the first chance, hoping to make brownie points with the local Gestapo since he thinks he’s a patriot on the lookout for subversive activities. I know several here, keep away from them as much as possible.
    Somehow a life/death scenario just doesn’t enter their brain, where the rule of law is gone and drastic measures are now needed. Nope, we still need help from the mind police.
    Same applies to those firearms that aren’t ‘allowed’.

  15. I’ve seen cons, make these using gorilla glue, fiberglass, and other resins, a couple of hardening materials used in aircraft maintance to bond both sides together. Actually pretty effective.

    I’ve got a couple dozen, I scrounged from the garbage at an agency I worked for, in the early 90s.

    Very effective, the ones I have are wielded galvanized.


  16. wendystringer48088

    I think the point was to make people aware that simply being in possession of the caltrops could get you in trouble for anything from a misdemeanor to a third degree felony.
    As to the other stuff, yes, it is unfortunately necessary to be aware that there are other people who are assholes who will get you in trouble after the fact for not following what they think were all the proper procedures: