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  1. Sorry best describes the video. I lost my sense of humor by minute 3

    • Johnny Paratrooper

      Too bad. This rifle could disable most vehicles, equipment, and barriers.

      It is no ordinary piece of communist junk.

      It costs about 25 cents for 5 rounds.

      It has a mild steel core bullets. Which are known to set fires, disable mechanical equipment, and penetrate deeper than lead.

      It will also shred soft armor at a distance. Which lead rounds won’t do.

  2. Johnny Paratrooper

    I’m Famous! Hooray!

    FYI, everything is rock solid on this rifle. You could beat a rock to death with it.

  3. oldanddecrepit

    Thanks for the comic relief.

    • Johnny Paratrooper

      Rest assured my friend this rifle is no joke.

      I will post video of me shooting steel with this thing eventually.

      This is a real weapon.
      Does it look silly? Yes.
      So it work? Yes.
      But so do my bright yellow power tools.

      What’s your point? Check some of my other comments.

      I have a $600 Weapon of Mass Destruction with more ammo than I can carry.

      You have a modified hunting rifle shooting precision lead balls.

      Which I also have. And I would take this gun first.

  4. I fail to see the utility in this setup, but it’s his rifle and his $.

    • Johnny Paratrooper

      It is a $600 dollar weapon of mass destruction that shoots Mild Steel Core Penetrators.

      It now has a bipod, scope, and grip with 35 rounds on tap.

      Based on the handling in my back yard, and practice. I can probably punch steel at 300 Yards all day this this thing.

      The steel penetrators can go through all kinds of stuff.

      I made it in my basement in two days. It was fun and works greats.

  5. lastmanstanding

    Can’t get it to load/play…over.

  6. Johnny,,interesting, really,,very interesting. That big ol Russian round is really a fantastic round. Killed a lot of folks. While I appreciate your project, my thoughts are simple.

    The rifle is actually,very,capable in its stock condition. Like any rifle so,e works gotta go into dope, data research. Once you have that figured out its all good.

    While I’ve got many very high end sniper rifles, with the best of the best scopes, cans etc etc. I admire the man who can ,are an old war horse like your suggestion, work out of the,box.

    I went with the 1898 argentine, Mauser, for my project gun. I picked up a couple, for 150.00 for both. And several thousand rounds of factory ammo like six thousand rounds, for 200.00, I really couldn’t pass up the deal.

    The Mauser actions are bullet proof, the triggers are easy to ” polish” and like the nagant, the sighting system is simple, and solid. When I got both rifles, someone, prior to me had bobbed, the stocks, making them into the carbine style, effected by trimming the fore stocks back, to the barrel band.

    I’ve fired roughly, 800 rounds total thru both rifles. Like anything I’ve come to like one rifle over the other, for unknown reasons. It just feels right when shouldered. The trigger is crisp, the sights seem off, but the rifle shoots flawlessly, our to 700y.

    Rifle #2 is another story, it’s effective, it just feels odd, shoulder mounted, I hit at 700y, it’s just different. I feel like the rifles bent, in the middle. It’s annoying to shoot, seems like,the bolt isn’t tracking smooth, the sights seem loose, their not, but it,seems like it. The triggers glass. Sweet break.

    To,adjust the sights I’ve got the front sight ” punched ” way right, like abnormally right, but it hits.

    These rifles use ammo,which is consistent with the NATO.308 in shape,and size, one could easily mistake the rounds, the Mauser round is not, a .762×51″and catastrophic shit could happen should you chamber and fire a mistaken round.

    JP, like your project, I guess where I differed, is in the mind set. I’m looking for stand alone firearms, which are cheap, reliable, and accurate. Also the ammo,has to be cheap. A weapon I can fire effectively and forget.

    Not wanting to spend additional money on scopes or support equipment. Other then a bore snake.

    I’ve kept the brass, with the idea of maybe reloading. Admittedly I’ve not really looked into dies and primer pushers. I know their available.

    I’ve got buckets and buckets and more buckets of brass from all my sniper grade rifles, which I single stage work the metal and load, on an old RCBS, “green machine”. I like having the ability to measure everything, I also use a RCBS digital powder dump, two grain differences are a re-do, for me.

    I load 223, on a Dillon 650, with as much automated as possible. ” I hate loading 223″ , if I can buy a 1000k, for 300.00 it’s a push for me. When I factor in my time. If I don’t account for the time, I’m loading 1k rounds for 160.00 to,200.00 per 1k. Brass is free, for me.

    About half way thru winter I get mighty tired of loading bullets.

    Anyway back to the 1898, lke your Russian rifle, think it prudent to have a half dozen rifles, should one need to quickly arm the neighbors. Hence the 1898s.

    Good work JP


    • Johnny Paratrooper

      Thanks, the purpose is to have a disposable rifle that is effectively dangerous to nearly any line of sight.

      I absolutely would not want anyone to shoot at me with this rifle, or any other rifle.

      I’m gonna make a Part 2 and Part 3.

    • Johnny Paratrooper

      I enjoyed the input on your reasons for selecting the rifles, and preferring one over the other.

      I like this gun for a variety of reasons. Mostly, I enjoy working on it and interacting with the readers and viewers.

  7. Clarification, my rifles are actually 1891 argentine mausers, manufactured in 1898.


    • Hey, Dirk, those 1891’s made by Ludwig Lowe in Germany, are beautifully machined. Except for the mag box hanging below the sleek stock, they are among the most elegant of military rifles.

      I love the 96 and 98 Mausers, have built several beautiful hunting rifles on those actions… any of which would serve very well in any other sort of hunting that might need doing.

  8. Love the ingenuity ya have there Johnny. Love my mosin rifle and investigated some options for it long time ago. Brass stacker has some options around 100 but only one really allows the irons to be used and my research shows it’s marginal for that purpose. Red dots can be mounted but there goes the variable scope options. Mount the scope in true scout style and lose the irons capability. Or for 600 or less you can get a scoped modern rifle with irons already on it but it isn’t a true scout rifle due to the scope in place. Have to remove the scope to use irons. I guess a quick detach base would be ok but that goes against the scout rifle setup. But you will get option of using modern ammo available to us everywhere here in USA. Having said all that I love love love my old Mosin. Took me a few weeks of refinishing but she is a real beauty and is accurate and hell. I will never sell her. Enjoyed the video my man.

    • Johnny Paratrooper

      This gentle man understands.

      The rifle has it’s faults. But is every bit as dangerous as the day it was designed.

      Plus it now has a 2×6 Power scope.

      I can abandon this rifle and not break my heart or wallet.

  9. I’d recommend folks buy as many 80% finished AR-308 receivers that they can afford and finish those. They will not have gone through a FFL, like all Moisants have. Unless, of course, you have a Moisant that has been through two or three previous owners and your state does not require transfers through a FFL.
    Then, over time, you can build up an accurate rifle in the caliber of your choice, from .243 Winchester to .358 Winchester and all other rounds inbetween that uses the 7.62×51 as the parent case. I’d really like a large frame AR, built from an eighty percent receiver, in 6.5 Creedmoor.

    Yes, it would cost more than the Moisant, but you’d have a very good, long range rifle.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      A friend just had a brand new Springfield Armory M1A 6.5 Creedmoor blow up in his face using SIG factory ammo 3 weeks ago. It did not fire, he pulled the bolt to the rear partially to inspect chamber for a round, let bolt fly home and it fired out of battery.
      Brass shrapnel all over his neck and blood dripping on bench made him realize he was hurt, it missed his artery by 1cm. Gun is in hands of Jackson Hole police, he appears hesitant to file lawsuit against SA. Too dumb and lazy.
      Another classic case of SA junk, some work, some don’t.

      • While I have one built by Fulton Armory on a Chinese receiver, I’m not a fan of the M-14. I know some folks love them, but not me. Essentially, the M-14 was obsolete before it was issued, being a modified Garand. It was an improved Garand, roller on the bolt ear, detachable magazine, and short stroke floating piston. Still hard to clean and so forth.

        To me, building a FAL or AR-308 is the way to go, and with the 80% receiver availability, I’d choose the AR, particularly since Magpul makes magazines for them, you have the flat top upper available, and the trigger can be made first class.

    • Johnny Paratrooper

      It would cost about 5 Grand once it is all said and done for a mid-level AR-308

      When this thing is completely done I will have $600.

      Rifle, Parts, Scope, Bipod, 1200 rounds of Mild Steel Core ammo doped out for the Volley sight.

      This is a very dangerous gun. I could start shooting at a house at dawn and not stop shooting until dusk and still not run out of ammo.

      It also has 35 rounds of large bore on tap. Which is nothing to joke about.

      • $5000 for a mid grade AR-10? What planet are you from? I am not a Nagant hater, I have one. It is perfectly serviceable for what it is. I think the scope is lipstick on a pig. The system stands viable as issued. Your eyes not so good? Go down to ChinaMart and buy a Savage or Ruger for $300 and put a $300 scope on it. OOPS, $600. For a rifle that will do what you want it to do with easily available ammo. Stop trying to reinvent the wheel. This may have been a viable project 20 years ago, when Nagants were $75 and ammo was……$40 for a tin. Not now.

      • At that price, JP, I’d build more than one I think. Maybe as many as three. I’d consider equipping one with more magnification, maybe 6 to 8 power. There is some low cost glass available that is rugged enough.

        Just to be perfectly clear, to you and others, I applaud your efforts to develop a low cost, very effective rifle. I’ve fired a Moisant, one of the M44 versions if memory serves, with the power of that cartridge, the recoil was substantial mostly because the rifle was very light.

        As for an AR-308, I’ve already priced one out at about $1800.00 including glass. Yes, about three times what you’ll have in your Moisant. One of the things I do is catch components when they’re offered for sale at a discount. For example, I bought those stripped AR-15 receivers for $40.00 each, shipped to my door. The 80% units cost more.

    • Johnny Paratrooper

      I have a real nice M1A. It is an excellent firearm. But was someone’s old safe queen and was purchased years before Springfield turned into a POS.

      • SemperFi, 0321

        My SA M-14 is pure G.I. parts except for the SA receiver, bbl is a ’63 TRW. Pre 2000 mfg. After extensive accurizing by myself it shoots 5/8″ groups at 100m with a S&B 1.5-6x.
        Almost as nice as my boot camp M-14’s.
        Today’s rifles are all new made SA parts, mostly crap from the reviews and comments. SA makes some good guns, but today’s M-14/M1A are hit and miss on quality and function. I’m pretty impressed with their Saint M4, 1911 and XD’s.

    • Pat, the Ar 10, 308 platform is not nearly as standardized/unified as is the .556 version. Many are the incompatibilities/tolerance stacking/unreliabilities/malfunctions of the various upper/lower/parts possibilities. Add to that the vagaries of the various systems of jigs/fixtures/methods of “machining” 80% lowers into reliable units.

      I have built .556 lowers into 100% reliability using the jigs, tooling and methods found at 5D Tactical. They also supply 80% AR 10 (308) Lowers and the tooling and jigs to complete them. Highly recommended.

  10. Link is not loading

  11. Thanks for your efforts, JP. Good approach to a build within the reach of most folks.

    Your concerns about corrosive ammo are well founded if you stick with mil surp. Cleaning the barrel every time you shoot the gun, that same day- not tomorrow, and finishing with a real rust preventer like Fluid Film, will ensure your barrel remains rust free. I have been using Fluid Film for twenty years, on just about every gun to cross my bench as a final wipe down, or to kill and eliminate exterior and interior rust. It contains no solvents, is made from wool wax (lanolin), kills rust on contact and leaves a long lasting film which, as long as it remains, absolutely prevents rusting. It was formulated in 1943 for use in marine environments, and is still as good as ever.

    Or you could use modern production ammo from Wolf/others which is a little more expensive but in a grid down field situation where timely and thorough cleaning might be “inconvenient,” it would be well worth it.

    You mention that the Mosin is as effective as an AK… you might mention that that that old Russian round is nearly the ballistic equivalent of a 30-06, which makes it much more powerful than the 7.62×39 AK round, in both range and energy. The Mosin has another advantage as well… using stripper clips allows for very rapid reloads without the need for large, heavy 30 round mags, and one can tote a lot more ammo in less space. I can’t count the times some kid brings me a Mosin with a junky “conversion” unit to accept AK mags and, after I tell him to get off Utoob, I educate him on the blessing of stripper clips! The AK is certainly handier for cqb/running fights inside 300 yds, but your Mosin and the scout concept has far greater adaptability and range.

    Good job, Johnny, and keep it coming.

    • Johnny Paratrooper

      True. And unlike an AK I can wrap myself in Burlap an Nylon Ghille and not worry about setting myself on fire!

      Which can happen!

      I can also get real low to the ground and reload with very, very little movement.

      • ‘Zactly. and more ‘n better besides.

        As you pointed out recently, we don’t wnt to be going up against High Tech Big Army……..

        All hail Simo Häyhä!

    • SemperFi, 0321

      My Mosin 220 gr reloads actually do better than my 220 gr loads in my 30-06 by about 50 fps. People sneer at Mosins as antiquated junk, they’re anything but that. Not as nice and smooth as a Mauser or Springfield but they will still kill you deader than shit. These wunder kids today need to learn some lessons on ballistics and casualties inflicted by these ‘junkers’. I had an uncle killed in Russia with a 7.62 on the retreat from Moscow.
      I live in moose/grizzly country so I always have a stripper clip of heavy loads with me, my normal woods rifle is a .375 H&H. Last week while elk hunting I came across the tracks of a 700 lb grizz which had been tipping over our trash can at a friends ranch. Small light bullets are not for use here!

      • Johnny Paratrooper

        Roger that.

        Always Bring Enough Gun.

        This will make a nice woods rifle. Certainly could take a deer with it if I needed too.

  12. First: The 1891 needs no modification at all to be a first rate killer at any range you can tune it in to. To many good solid 300 meter rifles have been forever fucked up by bubba crapco. If it an’t broke don’t fix it. @ Pat WHY? I’ll never want anything Gene Stoner ever came up with. I wouldn’t take one free of charge. @JP The rural south is covered ass deep in first rate Rem.700’s Rugers , Savage 110’s and hundreds of others. All of them will(and do every year) deliver a 500 yard cold bore kill shot. 90% of them were registered so long ago that the gun store went under, the bound book is lost and the .Gov. has no Idea who has the weapon now. Stop cutting up military antiques. Its a sin you should be shot for .

    • Johnny Paratrooper

      This gun was made by communists.

      It works as designed, and now has a bipod and a 2×6 power scope.

      I could care less about the sentimental value. It was never issued either, so has no historical value.

      It also has 1200 rounds of steel core ammo.

      Which will turn nearly any McMansion, Trailer park, Or vehicle into Swiss Chess.

      Unlike lead, which turns into a giant wad of hot metal, this mild steel actually jams gears, cuts into wood and block, and can set fires/create sparks very easily.

      This gun is more dangerous than any Remington 700 simple due to the ammo it uses.

      Also, Whether or not it takes 1 or 5 shots, I have hit my target.

      1 MOA or 5 MOA doesn’t matter, Volume of fire always splits those differences.

      • Johnny, guys like Ray and Darrel are living in the past.

        We are concerned with surviving into the future in order to preserve what we can of our selves, our posterity and some form of a decent civilization.

        As much as I honor the past and its artifacts, they are meaningless if
        the Enemy has his way. Hie minions are doing their uttermost to deface and destroy all that is rational and beautiful. An old Mosin can do more to rectify that in the hands of a free man than it could ever do in a museum.

        And Ray????? Go take your self righteous effrontery right back up your effluvial canalqwhence it came.

    • Hey Ray, I think I’m in complete agreement with you. I purchased the 1891s, I think they call it, ” Sportarized” , I,didn’t do it, I would not have.

      Had it not been for the swinging deal for both rifles, and all the ammo, I would have gone a different direction. Now that I have two, put some ammo down range, I find the 1891 to be an excellent rifle.

      My real favorite, would be the 03A3, or any configuration. The 3006, is the perfect battlefield round.

      Just a clarification.


      • SemperFi, 0321

        My dad bought an 1891 Argentine in 1960 for $20 NEW!
        I still have it, don’t hunt with it anymore but that 7.65 was above a .308 in power, made brass from 30-06.
        One of the most beautifully machined rifles I own, the Rolex of Mausers. My .416 Taylor is built on a DWM ’09 Argentine, not quite as pretty as the Loewe Mauser action but much stronger.

        • “My .416 Taylor is built on a DWM ’09 Argentine, not quite as pretty as the Loewe Mauser action but much stronger.”,

          True, which is why I prefer the ’98, preferably Argentine or FN.

          I worried, and was harried by little old ladies, because I built a 338 Win Mag a 1908 Argentine.


  13. Darrell Cloud

    I have been collecting for the last forty years. As a result I have rifles and pistols from the Civil War to the present. As a collector, I would discourage anyone from modifying these old war horses. You are custodians of a piece of history that will only increase in value as the generations pass. Go to a pawn shop and for less than $600 you can pick up an used scoped Remington or Savage 3.08 or 30.06. Buy yourself a single stage reloading press and work up a round that is best suited for your rifle. The process is both educational and enjoyable.

    In as much as the Zombie Apocalypse is always a possibility, I do make a point of being able to reload for anything I have in my collection. If the grid goes down and we are once again forced into conditions that make The 1863 U.S. Infantry Tactics viable again, having pickets on the perimeter armed with a Trap Door Springfield might prove to be useful.

    • Johnny Paratrooper

      I do not plan to carry reloading gear with me.

      The 1200 rounds of steel penetrator ammo is perfectly doped out for this rifle.

      I bought a commie gun with matching commie ammo.

      This is a military weapon system, designed as such. Which now has a 2×6 scope and bipod.

      It is not a hunting rifle by any stretch of the imagination.

      I could attach the Bayonet and run through your neighborhood stabbing tires WHILE providing my own cover.

      I can shoot into an engine block and instantly seize up gears, or a turret pinion with the steel ammo. Try that with lead…. LOL.

      There is more to this gun than “500 yards first shot kill”

      I can’t even seen 500 yards.

      I could disable and destroy the entire infrastructure in a small town(10,000 People) with this thing in 1-2 hours. I bet money someone could snipe an entire motor pool and disable 7 vehicles with 5 rounds each(35 round total)

      This is NOT a hunting rifle.

  14. Link works now…VPG FTW

  15. Pat, roughly 1/4 of my collections on paper. All my sniper grade rifles, their cans, etc etc. does anybody really think those of us in that ” registered gun bullshit” give a fuck? I sure don’t.

    Your points well taken. Guns are like children, if you can’t feed them, what good are they.

    Listen, I may not always agree with JP, but he at least made the effort to produce something, for our consideration. More then 98percemt of us, cite users don’t do,shit except squawk.


    Thank you for your efforts.


    • Johnny Paratrooper

      Thank you.

      Also, Please check some of my other comments on this thread. This is not a hunting rifle, or an old commie infantry gun.

      I am creating something more. Something that could really, really put the hurting on an enemy element or infrastructure.

    • If you’ll reread my initial post, you see that I didn’t slam or denigrate Johnny Paratrooper did with his Moisant. I merely presented an alternative.

      I don’t know what percentage of my “arsenal” came through a FFL, but much of it did. I’ve purchased “multiple” serial numbered AR-15 lowers through a FFL, and then completed them over time. None were for sale.

      Still, I like the idea of a non-serial numbered rifle and think all should possess as many of them as funds will permit.

  16. Alfred E. Neuman

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  17. Old Gray Wolf

    Took a lot of flak over the years for having stuff that was yellow sheeted. Y response was always that I dont care if they know. If they come for them, I wont be first in line, and when they start, I do. They will assuredly wish I had been first in line, because I have good stuff and know how to and am willing to use it. Once the mind is set, fear is banished and who knows what one has is mostly irrelevant. That is not to say a few undocumented tools is a bad idea. One should hedge their bets.

  18. I have a M44 I like. Works good. Paid $67 for it and $75 for an ammo can of ammo. It’s the short barrel version of the Mosin-Nagant.

    • Johnny Paratrooper

      Consider a flash hider. Could save your life. Type in “Mosin Flash Hider”

      Im gonna get on.

      Cant be the only flash in the dark.

      Thats bad

  19. Walter Sobchak

    I like it. If it works who cares what anyone thinks. The Mosin is so cheap, the ammo is so cheap and potent. I’d like to get one myself. I saw a polymer folding stock a few years back. I think it’s made by Archangel. I think you can save the original wood stock and drop in the Mosin action. I saw it on FPSRussia, he shot an old Chevy Lumina with the engine running in the engine block. First shot the engine was clattering and knocking like crazy, obviously catastrophically damaged. Second shot locked it up completely. I’ve thought about building one. I don’t think it had the offset scope, which I like. A nice build, thanks JP.

  20. Well man, that’s….interesting. I’ve got an ’03 Springfield, serial number puts it manufactured in 1918. It was ‘sporterized’ sometime in the fifties to early sixties, the bolt custom polished and re-barreled. I floated the barrel, bedded the action and with a quality 3×9 scope and my hand loads it’s a 1″ moa rifle. It’s cool to re-purpose those old milsurp rifles, if you dig it and it’s a shooter good on you man!

  21. Bruno Pezzey

    I can’t believe people are taking this hook, line, and sinker.

    Good job, J – you’re a laugh-a-minute. But you haven’t yet reached Gecko45 level trolling. That being said, I have high hopes for you. 😉

  22. wendystringer48088

    Sounds like an inexpensive and fun to build anti-materiel rifle (AMR) using the 7.62×54. Great concept and implementation.
    Mosin-Nagants seem to be running about $400 on the low side these days (unless I am looking in the wrong places):
    I guess I should kick myself for not getting one when they were under $100.
    I think when Enemy at the Gates came out everyone wanted one…

    Russian Dragunov sniper rifles use the 7.62×54-mm cartridge, so the concept is still valid, and Dragunovs go for a lot more than $600.
    Much respect to Johnny Paratrooper |for building the rifle and much thanks for putting yourself and the video out there.

  23. JP, the work to bring the Mosin Nagant into the 21st century has already been done please see links.
    It is not a junk gun.



    Scout mount setup.

    Also speed loader

    Conventional scope mount system

  24. Jp, here’s another of our builds


    Watch this at 2:20 in to see our work.

  25. When u wanna be operator but you only have $400

  26. JP, this video shows two of our systems. Gen 1 mount and our scout mount.


  27. Not knocking it but you have to look at opportunity cost unless your gunsmithing time and range time getting dope is free. It’s really never free. There are made in US bolt action rifles that are much more practical time and tinker wise. Ruger’s American Predator in .308 or 6.5 CM can be had for under $400, and there are optics from Primary Arms that will let you get hits on very long range silhouettes at 2-3X the precision of surplus barrels and ammo, with better wind bucking and terminal effects on soft targets. The logistics for .308 dwarfs combloc surplus stocks.

    If you like AP you can still buy black tip heads with hardened penetrators, though they are drying up. Tungsten welding rod is useful stuff. Lead from any high velocity rounds defeats Level 3A at extended ranges. Mike steel penetrators are easily defeated with common 3+ to 4 hard armor.

    People have been sporterizing surplus bolt actions for 70 years and I’m sure this is a lot of fun and holds a lot of potential for you. Run that MN through a PRS course against a real purpose built (to Cooper’s specs) Scout rifle or even a TC Compass and you’ll probably be refining your requirements.

    You can build an AR308 or 6.5CM for $6-700 sans optics that will outshoot most shooters. But for most people with an AR15 a 6.5Gr upper gets you 308 trajectory with less recoil and wind drift in a light, effective envelope.

    Check out an FR8 Spanish Mauser sometime. Probably won’t find one cheap, which should tell you something.