This Will End Well

It’s Official: Even Hard Science Entering New Dark Age


Burning the machine that produces Builders.

Good news?

Each of these schmucks has volunteered for special treatment by folks in their area.

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    Wow! I really appreciate “independent scholars” such as Charles Darwin and Karl Marx. Their “survival of the fittest” memes did wonders to influence culture, politics, and social justice. Not!

    • As Dweezil notes, Darwin’s theory of one species evolving into a completely different species, despite 150 years of searching, has no “evidence” except a cartoon of imaginary cavemen. The prostitution of science is not news. Lauding frauds is old news.

      After the 19th century Michelson-Morley experiment disproved movement of the earth through the heavens, Einstein first offered his Special Theory of Relativity, only to subsequently contradict himself about the presence of “the ether” in space and the limited speed of light with his General Theory of Relativity. Both theories were confounded by Sagnac in 1913 and Michelson-Gale-Pearson in 1925.

      Einstein was a debauched fraud and plagiarist who let his children die, famous only because he was one of (((them))).

      • Yes, (((he))) was.
        Here’s truth about Einstein from Red Ice:

        New “Genius” Show Sells Einstein as The Smartest Man Ever But It’s a LIE

        Christopher Jon Bjerknes – Albert Einstein: The Myth, the Plagiarist & the Zionist – Hour 1

        It’s interesting that Tesla absolutely couldn’t stand Einstein…now
        we know why!

        NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  2. Physics is a hard master. You can’t suspend gravity regardless what the sjw says. The FIU bridge disaster is a recent example.

  3. I think Billy Beck saw this coming quite some time ago.

  4. As much as I love the females in my life I am well aware that they are woefully lacking in some ways. In one case one woman is a brilliant medic. Empathic , insightful , and dedicated, She simply has no ability to see the world in 3D relations. She couldn’t stack boxes to save her life. “Math” is done with a calculator. If you mention any of the higher math’s she will get sudden urge to change the subject. My 11 year old is brilliant at math studying (and reading) far above her grade level. But she believes in true love. The power of happy thoughts to make anything better, and rainbows and unicorns. Females don’t think like males because they CAN’T. Not because they don’t want too. The sin is found in the communist education system that tells them that they are “better” than men. So they try and apply “happy thinking” to STEM, fail and don’t know why. So Prof. Glorya Bigdildo tells them the MALE is wrong. Then the bridge falls down. Or the tanker explodes. You cannot fix problems until you acknowledge you have them.

  5. SemperFi, 0321

    Afua Hirsch, Interesting name. Along with several others in the post.
    Speaks volumes on who’s telling us what to think…..again.

    • Yes sir. The constant commonality in all spheres of life is there to see for those willing to look. Were it not for the infinite information of the internet I’d in all probability still be a blindman.

    • let’s not beat around the bush:

      (((Afua Hirsch)))
      (((Amy Harmon)))
      (((Benson Farb)))
      (((Mark Steinberger)))

      the terrible cohencidences…they just keep piling up.

  6. Question for WRSA readers:

    Is this article, “It’s Official: Even Hard Science Entering New Dark Age”, really about logic, science and sexism, or is it about power; who has the power and who does not?

    Even Tony Montana (1983 film “Scarface”) was able to break the code on this stuff years ago.

  7. I’ve had a bit of firsthand experience with the “postmodernist” crowd duting my poat-grad studies. It doesn’t take long to recognize they’re mental midgets, and in WAAAAAAAY over their heads. But it allows them to publish papers with flawed methodologies and null hypotheses that are more legit than their “results.” Because they believe there are no *objective* facts, even the most ridiculous idea becomes not only feasible, but the one who came up with stupid idea is now crowned a “hero” for their courage publishing the latest absurdity.

    It’s a real head-scratcher to watch… I mean, I’d like to make the same money in academia that I earn in the private sector… but I just couldn’t stand being in a place where glaring incompetence were not only the norm, but the most highly prized characteristic…

  8. “The New York Times interviewed “woke” geneticists, whose findings manifestly show that race and psychological racial differences are biological, revealing them clutching at the most desperate reasons why their research doesn’t prove what it clearly does.”

    So race is not a social construct? There are biological differences in race?
    That will be news to many…

  9. Alfred E. Neuman

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  10. There are no great civilizations “built” by women. A large part of the inability to build great things may stem from the years spent gestating and raising urchins. Sorry to inform many of the brainwashed hunks of shit flopping about, there is no super race of Amazon women. Many of the finest humans I have known are females. Most of these fine females recognize their limitations and acknowledge the important roles good men fill. Tearing down another person,regardless of gender does not elevate your status. Loudmouth man-haters eat their own intestines every time a man must build their house,fix their car or move their heavy shit.
    “Everyone has a plan,till they get punched in the mouth.” These loudmouths need a Mike Tyson moment.

  11. “woke” geneticists… would that be similar to “awakened” geneticists?
    Ebonics, and the continued slow death of correct language. Stupidity. Or, is it laziness?

  12. Shmuel Landlordberg

    As I go about my daily routine I take notice of the various and sundry election signs that have popped up everywhere like reporters at a gun buyback event. Most people have maybe a sign or two but occasionally I see yards full of signs. If the signs are for the disloyal opposition, I note the address. Here in my horribly blue state, all property records are available online. A few keystrokes later and I have names. Some light social media searches later and I have an Intel windfall just in case. I agree with the Local Local Local mantra.

  13. We should make all these super-genius types brain surgeons and give them careers in the most liberal urban shitholes America has to offer. Weaponize them for OUR side….

  14. Northern gunner

    I worked for a startup gene editing company in St. Paul MN. Crazy shit they can do these days playing god in a pipette and pearty dish. Most dangerous technology ever produced. Miat of the “scientists” were female. Only on Trump supporter.

  15. The communists have already infected engineering education. The last bastion of empiricism at the academy was found to be too patriarchal. They aim to transform it:

    The collapse of functional hard infrastructure will be gored on the twin horns of economic bankruptcy and intellectual and practical mediocrity. While many women can learn the traditional engineering curriculum, this thrust will relieve them of that pesky requirement. We’ve seen this before with Lysenkoism in the starving USSR.

    Enjoy the decline (and die off).