Close To The End Now


When POTUS refuses to defend the southern border and the FedGov thereby autodelegitimizes itself out of its only real job, each of us will have to begin our personal post-Imperial path.

Think hard about that journey.

FUSA is expectant.

50 responses to “Close To The End Now

  1. John Thisell

    The way I see it, the US is at a fork in the history road and neither option is a real easy one. If we just allow this caravan of foreigners to enter our nation we have lost our country without any resistance. If this is uncontested there will be millions of others from countries in Central and South America that will pour in using this as precedent. The population will be out of our control and wages will plummet, standards of living will dive and rents will explode due to supply and demand. OR we can stop them at the border, plead with them to turn around and go home, their home. And when they don’t we will have to repel them militarily like the invasion expedition they are. It will be a slaughter but has to be, we should not put into serious harms way American Police, Soldiers or Marines. The commanders should bring out the AC130s, A10 Warthogs, Apache helicopters and crew served ground defensive units. Remember, this is not a fight we sought but it is one forced upon us by the nefarious Leftists and Communists running this effort.

    • you should re-read what you wrote here. especially about the poor poor scumbag rotten cops.


  2. Pretty safe to say it’s over. It’s all over. Time to plan on scorching earth. HARD.

    • Johnny Paratrooper

      The government will stop 7,000 before an election.


      The government didn’t stop 35 million.


      New Management.

      Good news. You couldn’t asked for an easier enemy.

      Cortez and Pizzaro routed the entirety of Central and South America with Rapiers, Flintlocks, and the Flu.

      And the Mussies are inbred retards.

  3. Per White House: Article 4, Sec. 4 provides legal authority to protect each state from invasion.

    Operation Market Garden 2.0?

    • You remember how much of a ‘success’ that
      Operation Market Garden was…right?

      “We fought the wrong enemy.”
      –General George S. Patton

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

    • Yes of course, but there is another player that can turn that card up — Governor Abbott. Art 4 Sec 4 is reciprocal. A governor can declare a state of emergency (aka invasion) and that is the ultimate ‘triggered’. Trump would then have to respond in kind and inform Congress of the mobilization. A Governor doing this would have better fireworks in my view.

  4. “…And when they don’t we will have to repel them militarily like the invasion expedition they are. It will be a slaughter but has to be, we should not put into serious harms way American Police, Soldiers or Marines. The commanders should bring out the AC130s, A10 Warthogs, Apache helicopters and crew served ground defensive units. Remember, this is not a fight we sought but it is one forced upon us by the nefarious Leftists and Communists running this effort.”

    Depending on their ‘intended route’, all it would take would be if the
    exhibitors on the firing lines at both the Knob Creek and Big Sandy
    MG shoots to assemble, position their ‘toys’ and ‘go hot’ on command
    against the approaching Horde (((tm))).

    Knob Creek Machine Gun shoot fall 2018. Night shoot!

    Big Sandy Night Shoot Oct 2017

    Of course the majority would most likely balk,…”What?!?,
    want ME to set up my baby on the Border and actually FIRE
    into defenseless men, women and children that are trying to
    come across…what do you think I am..a nazi?!?! I’m not going
    to jail and loosing my baby over people wanting to make a
    better life for themselves here..they’re victims!!!”

    You mean that the yamulke wearing orange orangutan WON’T
    honor ‘his word’ and defend the Border against this invasion??…
    “Bu..bu..but muh consit-tooshun…this is ‘mureica!!..he promised
    to ‘make ‘mureica great again!’…he did..he did!!!”

    And that’s WHY the Border WILL be lost..unless the dirt
    people wake up and ‘do it themselves’ en masse!

    The jewish banksters and their related organs definitely DON’T
    desire could fuck up their entire worldview….

    NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

    • I have always subscribed to the profit motive to solve some problems. This is one of them. Congress should issue Letters of Marque to any licensed bounty hunter. $3000/head delivered live to the closest INS facility. All captured be sent right back to point of origin. No trials or lawyers as they would treated as POWs.

      Sadly we don’t have the guts.

      • Fuck that “live” shit. DEAD.

      • That works for me!!

        Make that “$3,000.00 Dead or Alive – Payable on Delivery”
        That would definitely make it worth my while to do some
        ‘Merc Werke’ on the Border…would definitely get lots of
        ‘trigger time’ with my Fn-Fal, especially if there’s ‘No Bag Limit’.
        Might even bag some ‘OTM’s’ too!! (Other Than Mexican = moslems).

        NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

        • I would even settle for 500.00 for dead; 1,000 alive. Truth be told I might go lower. There are maybe 25 million plus here already. But if we are talking about this 7k plus horde coming at us; it won’t take long for all tags to be filled if open season.

  5. It’s football season, too. And the oath keepers are only interesting in keeping certain parts of their oath.

    So there goes that.

  6. Like I said the Kalgeri Plan is in full operation; it’s stated goal has always been planet wide white genocide, the death of 10,000 ‘innocent’ POCs is simply a tactic to end Trump’s presidency and bothers the Cloud People not one whit, they are demi-gods after all. I hope you all are prepared for an extended insurgency, this could take a decade to sort out as armed wolves will follow these sheep like night follows day

  7. The border was lost a long time ago. Cartels have bought and paid for most of our politicians. Game over.

  8. “Close To The End Now”. I agree with you.
    These “caravans” are not going to stop and are going to increase division within the country, the welfare class isn’t about to get off the butts as evidenced by the still increasing amounts that want free medical care and if the world fed banks stay on there course or contracting money and raising rates, the worldwide depression the doom sites have been predicting for years may be coming which will create social unrest and violence aided by bastards like Soros that want it for control.
    If there is something you wanted to do or a place you wanted to visit; I suggest doing it as 6 months from now; you may not be able to; we are that close to an implosion.

  9. Dudes, seriously? AC-130’s? Warthogs? For a bunch of unarmed wetbacks? The type of overreaction the deep state would just love to see. Set my beloved Corps in front of them with riot batons and arrest any that can still stand afterwards.

    • It’s just a bunch of fist bumping. But I do feel ya. Would be just as fun to watch but not quite the same message being sent. We can dream either way.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      And you think there’s no firearms in that crowd?
      Full combat gear and armored vehicles fully loaded, with air wing standing by.
      If we back down even an inch we’ve lost. And this is a standoff for all the marbles.

  10. “Autodelegitimize.” That word has a real nice ring to it. Lemmings and cliffs come to mind. Yep, the most basic of the federal gov’t’s tasks, is to protect the integrety of its various states. That has not gone down too well, lately, and a huge challenge is going to happen shortly as the publicized invasion from the south occurs.

    I have been busy lately doing a constructive antenna project that will allow me to retain local and regional communications even when predictable winter conditions occur and trash the communications that are common enough as to be used to. I do believe that my work has me ahead of the jew haters on this site, as regards their personal comms. Wonder if they look at their comm wire as they buy it (if they actually do) and wonder amongst themselves if they can stoop to communicate amongst themselves via jew-made wire. Electrons fly off the wire, but if the sourcing is wrong, good ayran thoughts might be compromised. Let’s everybody have a chuckle at their jew-hating expense.

    Stuka Pilot and Panama whatever, you both are good examples of what a person does not want to pass on to those who come after us. You are remembered by the handles of your past here.

    • i have an idea loser.

      go fuck your mother in her ass.

    • ” I do believe that my work has me ahead of the jew haters on this site, as regards their personal comms.”

      Correction on YOUR part needed: not ‘jew haters’ but jew REALIST’s.
      Once you understand ‘The Tribe’ and their goals and methods you’ll
      become a jew realist as well…or you’ll wallow in cognitive dissonance
      and continue to be willfully blind as they continue to strip mine your culture down to bare bedrock.

      They’re inveterate parasites..always have been.
      It’s what they do.
      Like they’re paying for and energizing the current attempts at
      ‘demographic replacement’ ala ‘Kalergi Plan’ etc.

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

      • Or you could become a Communist “realist” or a Globalist “realist” and stop pretending its all the fault of a single small group of sand people. You get the added benefit of not putting ammo into the guns of the leftist or driving potential Woke Normies away from the movement because they still fear being called racists.

    • Speaking of commo and other wire….

      You know how Copper wire was invented?
      Two jews found a penny at the same time!

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  11. “Nope. You can’t come in. America is full.”

    Somebody suggested a ‘scorched earth’ policy. The ten miles south of the fUSA / Mexico border. Bomb it to sand. Nothing standing. No structures, no water, no trespassing. Denial of resources.

    I think that will be extreme. I think that will take things too far.

  12. Chill.
    1. There are already at least 20 million + illegals in the country. Another 10,000 is an insignificant increase of only .05 percent.
    2. Think of it as a hell of an anti-illegal immigrant advertisement that will activate the 70 percent from both parties who want real immigration reform.

  13. Many humans traded quantity for quality,decades ago. All you can eat buffets are a perfect example. Hogs at the trough. Guzzling swill.
    Quality of life is the most fulfilling and rewarding use of the gifts we are given. Make your short existence on this rock have a positive impact. Propel the species forward. Choose quality over quantity.
    Death. The great equalizer.

  14. Shinmen Takezo

    No one here, nor in any of the comment sections regarding this invasion in the making is realizing the wonderful opportunity that this all presents. The leftists organizations are support and propelling this column of ‘turd-world’ filth northwards in the hopes of staging one of the grandest pieces of street theater this planet has ever seen.

    What the leftists do not realize is that Angela Merkel nor Teressa May is sitting the White House ready to bend over and take it up the ass and let these scum/filth come rolling in unopposed handing out free-shit to them as they cross the border.

    Not going to happen.

    What will happen is thus… a massive awakening from people sitting in the middle of the political spectrum as the chaos unfolds–and a massive shift in public opinion against these illegal invaders and the illegal invaders who currently reside in the USA. The backlash/blowback from a column of 50,000 (or more I predict) hitting the US border and clashing with US military (with weapons supplied to them in Mexico I also predict) will also fall upon the illegals redsiding here now–and major moves will be made against them as was done by President Eisenhower back in the late 50’s when he deported about 2 million Mexi-rats back across the southern border (rather humanely I might add).

    Should this chaos spread across the border (and it just may) consider this a blessing–because it will present an opportunity to sieze back our sovereignty and reverse years of leftist activism/encroachment. Should this invasion become violent (and I think this is the plan), think of it as an opportunity which should be exploited.

    • We have a winner. ST, I believe you nailed it. Earlier this morning I’d sent 3006 a quick note, stating very much the same. I think the Democratic Party has much to do with this dog and pony show. In fact I think they ponied up the majority of the estimated 27 million.

      Trump himself has noted the evidence pointing to the Democratic Party. A small piece of tangable evidence, is the fact that minority leaders are ordering their DEMs to not talk about the caravan, moving north.

      ST, when trump presents the physical evidence of their involvement, in introducing 7k, illegals, or whatever the number is, shits going to pop. Middle Americans will demand border closure.

      it would never work if Trump would discover the connection between the DEMs and the army headed this way. Na that just won’t work, in fact that’s a non starter.

      Trump will lead “We The People” to discover the truth. Trump will validate the truth,,and the DEMs, will take an ass wooping.

      Trumps,very very clever, as are those around him. He knew early on who was behind this herd of useful idiots, and he knew, that the people of the United States had to discover this, and that tangable evidence had to be made available to the masses.

      Like him or not, Trumps turned DC, on its head. He’s going to,win this immigration when the times right., sadly the issue is politically motivated with a political time table.i see the solution not in place until the 2020 elections but before 2024.

      What needs to happen soon is we need to find a candidate, to carry thru Trumps, agenda,. Those kinds of issues the campaign, the selection of who’s to follow need to start now.


      • none of this will happen.

        Trump will do nothing of any substance.

        the orcs will, one way or another, cross the border

        and stay. And the idiots who still take Trump seriously

        will make the usual excuses for him.

  15. A good thing is Harry Jaffa, a Straussian Jew, died three years ago, so we won’t be hearing any additional issuance of his insufferable Lincoln nonsense.l

    “This is why the Official Right has a Lincoln fetish. For example, Rich Lowry, the dull-witted editor of National Review, wrote a Lincoln book. The neocons treat Lincoln as if he is an Old Testament prophet. Jonah Goldberg regularly writes about Lincoln as if he is a god on Mt. Olympus. For the Official Right, Lincoln is the Founding Father. Those guys who wrote the Constitution are not entirely dismissed, but they are secondary figures in the story. For the Official Right, the American story starts with the Gettysburg Address.

    A big part of this is due to a guy named Harry Jaffa, who became something of a cult leader for the neoconservatives. His framing of the Civil War as the second founding, allowed the neocons to see themselves as proof of the concept. The original founding excluded them from the narrative, while the second founding not only included them in the story of America, it made them proof of its righteousness. Lincoln’s America was not just for the founding stock. It was for whoever could get control of it.”

  16. Don’t look at them as Invaders but rather “potential voters” says the black robe.

  17. Rome falls because she is Proud, is pagan,$$$ she is an idolatrous adulteress whore. This is also why foreigners are allowed to invade. Foreigners are not the reason Rome falls, merely one of the added attractions.
    Murdering these people and or each other is not the answer to americas many problems.
    At the very least if Trump does not stop them perhaps many will stop looking at him as a god. If he murders them, is he still a god?
    america was invaded at its conception.

    • you cannot “murder” vermin pests.

      it is called eliminating an infestation.

      that would include 300 million murkin vermin i might add.

      i will once again “believe” in a greater being after the cull takes place, until then, there is no fucking god you delusional twit.

    • “Murdering these people and or each other is not the answer to americas many problems.”

      It ISN’T murder you lily livered pacifistic moonbat – it’s righteous self-defense!!

      If you can’t see that you’re asleep at the wheel doing 100 down the
      freeway of life…wake the fuck up!!

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  18. From the article provided above, the article so many of you jumped on with comment. Do you even read or comprehend what you read? Or do you see only what you want?
    “Violence is never far behind ignorance.”

    • ““Violence is never far behind ignorance.”

      Violence is ALWAYS a solution to someone attempting invasion,
      assault, robbery, looting or being raped!!

      Take your moongazing pacifistic suicidal bullshit and shove
      it where the sun doesn’t shine..good and hard!!

      Defeatist yutzes like you we DON’T need in the struggle
      to save our culture or civilization!!

      I’d toss you a tube of Prep. H for the butthurt that you’re
      probably feeling with volcanic intensity but you’re out of luck!
      I’m also fresh out of ‘mercy’ and fucks to give too!!

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  19. Over?… OVER!!… Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?!?! HELL NO!!
    Seriously folks, you do realize that this has been going on at least twice a year, every year for over a decade. The Left foolishly believes that televising this one will help them out in November, so far it has only strengthened the Trumpsters base. However, he will be completely delegitimized if they crash the gate doin’ 98.
    Of course this one is a bit different, they have already shown that they have no issue with violence (but none of the other were tested, so they may have been too), so if your in the “Impact Zone”, plan accordingly. Everyone else, keep training and prepping the way you have been… (you have been training right??). This is not a flick of a switch moment for the Nation, though it certainly could be for Trumps administration if they fail to stop them at the border. It is definitely a “rubber meets the road moment”.

    • “…Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?!?! HELL NO!!…”

      Are you tellin’ us that John Wayne lied about Pearl Harbor? Say it ain’t so, Doc–

      • And Ann Margaret ISN’T going to appear either…but
        we have that dope, Bob Hope that says he can cover
        for her…..

        And John Wayne was just as bamboozled by the propagandistic
        bullshit from warmongering jews like Bernard Baruch, the Rothschilds, Samuel Untermeyer, Illya Ehrenburg and the rest of that treacherous deceitful tribe as Joe Blow from Moosefuck Georgia who was told to go fight ‘the evil nazi’s’ and incidentally ‘die for the TRIBE’!!…still going on
        to this day for the support of the Rothschilds military/corporate colony
        in the Middle East!!

        Watch ‘Europa – The Last Battle’ and learn the truth that the jews
        DON’T want you to know and understand!!

        NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

        • I know and understand about the Jews. I also know that blaming all for what a few do is identical to blaming all Americans for being foolish haters because people like you and Haxo are.

          • oh FUCK

            there is no bigger asshole on earth than a typical american.

            they suffer from every psychological dysfunction known to science.

            there’s a reason why the entire world despise them…

  20. To whom it may concern. 3 million migrants get in every year. Illegal, legal, refugees, H1B’s etc. At least 2000 cross the southern border every day, successfully. 500,000 to 1 million enter by commercial aircraft every year, and overstay, verifiable. Plus the legal migrants. It can only be fixed by something very unpleasant. It must be. There is no other way. If you don’t think you have the stomach for it, give your guns to a younger man with a spine, and train him.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      There is no doubt this is being staged as a political stunt to see what Trump does.
      You’re right, we have thousands entering the US illegally every day, BUT…..this is also a point where Trump will have to draw a line in the sand and make his political move that shows his true intentions.

      OR, is this part of an even bigger theater where he plays his followers as fools again while answering to his true masters?