Anybody Seen Jim Comey Or Bill Ayers?

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See also Denninger: Pipe Bombs? Oy vey.

Nice postmark, though…

(Bracken sends one possible explanation; another is the same Permanent Government operatives who brought you last year’s killer smash, “Mandalay Massacre Murder Mystery“)

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58 responses to “Anybody Seen Jim Comey Or Bill Ayers?

  1. Welcome to the rise of Deep State sponsored domestic Blue Terrorism

    • Been there. Done that. Look no further than Las Vegas last October. And the fine “police report” on that.

    • and thoughtfully concocted and delivered by Mossad!

      They were involved intimately with 9/11 so why not Las Vegas,
      Parkland or this?

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

      • this just in:

        666 synagogues have been daubed with swastikas

        Pres Trumpenthal, VP Pence and local Republican leaders promise a “swift and sure response to this outbreak of Right-Wing terrorism”

        • Rabbi Shlomo Twinklestein was found at the scene holding the brush..he said he was only ‘matching for color’. His footwear showed a lot of recent wear…and he was sweating profusely….

          NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  2. Matt Bracken

    • Johnny Paratrooper

      Based on the “prototypical” look of this package being near humorous in its appearance, I assume the bomber(s) is an older person.

      Modern packages do not look like that anymore.

      Their would be computer generated modern sticker slips with recipts and lots of errant information.

      What dipshit decided walmart had all the supplies they needed to fake a modern package?

  3. Sounds like a good start to me..

  4. …Bombs away !!

  5. Jeffery in Alabama

    BBBBBBWWWWWWWWWHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAA! That is basically what I posted over at

    It is probably a false-flag event perpetrated by the left to gain sympathy as the “blue wave” exists only as a phantom.
    As for Ayers, Holder, Dohrn, and the other commie thugs of the weather underground, “once a bomber, always a bomber”! LOL

  6. None of those “bombs” placements made sense. Virtually none of the so-called targeted persons retrieve their own mail or open the ones that make it to them. Also, most folks know that past presidents have lifetime Secret Service protection.

    • How do you get them beyond the initial checkpoint, be it big building or residential compound?

      Any bets whether there is actually any explosive in any of them?

    • Johnny Paratrooper

      They made them themselves. And called the police and news. Who ran with the story.


      Debbie “lost the laptop to the cops, and blew the pakis cover” shultz needed to repay the family a favor.

      Debbie did it. She’s a poker faced liar. Who knows she can lie her way around it by being the victim.

      They already announced it wasnt her or anyone in her staff.

  7. Right before the mid-term elections – how convenient for the DemoRATS. Did Hillary Clinton swoon onto her fainting couch when presented with the news that “she was selected for extermination”, no doubt at the hands of shadowy, unidentified right-wing entities? Will she re-enact her moment of shock, pain, and anguish for CNN viewers?? Again, how convenient….

    • No.
      She’ll claim PTSD flashbacks from when she landed “under sniper fire”.

      In other news, this series of news events triggered latent memories for Brian Williams of when he was taking NVA artillery fire at Khe Sanh. When he was 9.

  8. So all they have are flash mobs in Mexico and high school pranks here? They are fucked.

  9. Johnny Paratrooper

    Antifa offshoot of dumbass goons with no training or experience.

    Fits the crazy basement looney model.

    A meth head would know better.

    All packages and mail are scanned in these days. Multiple times.

    Also, The package to Holder wasnt even sent to his work address.

    Which is public information.

    They must have stumbled on a democrat party mailing list when one of the bombers volunteered somewhere recently; and used that instead of looking anything up.

    Also, every daughter or son you have that put “vet” down on any paper work to a marxist school… They have your home address and the address of your kids. For certain. All the Marxists and Muslims that work in HR and the Bursars office have your information.

  10. Darryl Van Horne

    Maybe it was Clock Boy???

    • Johnny Paratrooper

      It was made by an incompetant wannabe with little professional experience, training, and almost zero attention to detail.

      Or they were made as quickly as possible.

  11. Jeffery in Alabama

    The only package I’ve heard that was not pre-screened by the SS or a private security firm was the the one to CNN. From what I heard, it made it through the mail room at the Time Warner and to CNN. I doubt hardly any of those targets have a traditional “mailbox” that any Tom, Dick and Harry could access even if they wanted to do so. The media keeps referring to the USPS, but offers nothing concrete. Regarding the postage stamps on the package. it could be the stamps were “camouflage” as were the to and from labels from notable people to the targets. If they were delivered via the mailstream the stamps should bear the cancellation mark. That in itself me be an important clue.
    I also wondered if the devices were functional or inert. Who knows? Even if some or all of them are “dummies”, they still had a profound effect.

    • My wife works at an office that gets lots of mail, and we have a drawer full of cut off uncancelled stamps.

      I guess between shitty automation and lazy niggers more than half of stamps don’t get cancelled.

      This is not the country you grew up in, nor attribute competency to.

      Dangling sentence part intended…

      • Yes but every single one of them has no postage mark. I realize its the Government we are talking about but what are the odds the every single one of these packages that passed through different offices did not receive the postage mark?

  12. Is that the “Vast Right Wing Conspiracy”?

  13. Scratch San Diego, no devices were found.
    It was a case of mistaken identity, born of craven cucks, cowardice, and panties in a bunch.

  14. They appear to have cellular devices taped to them as triggers. Anyone with any kind of knowledge knows that those devices are serialized and the carriers tie the serial numbers to the individual phone lines and their owners. So someone would need to obtain the devices second hand from flea-bay or from street vendors (ie Stolen) and then activate them as burner phones…..

    Don’t mean to pat myself on the back here but I may have just noodled out the MO here. This may be a two fold push. One to gain sympathy for the Dems and point the finger at the evil right wing Natzis and the other to shine the light on the “dangerous” ability to activate a cellular line anonymously with cash and a fake ID.

    • Some BATFE intel wanker is gonna cutapasta that shit into his weekly report…

      And not have the decency to backlink to WRSA.


      • Don’t you dare stand between that AGW (Armed Government Worker) and his/her commendation for “Brilliant Deduction While Under Threat from Nefarious Postal-delivered Devices of Possible Destruction…..’n sheeit”. 🙂

        • Maybe the posties are starting ‘to go Postal’ again…ya never know!!……

          NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

      • Raids on Metro PCS are in the works right now.
        “Sources tell us that because the Bomber used the T-Mobile network to try and activate their bombs there was no chance of anyone being harmed.”

  15. Who cares… The dipshits that ” received ” said packages, really deserve to be hung anyways. Knowing the playbook of the left they probably did it to themselves to start shit or get sympathy votes. Screw them they don’t care about anyone but themselves anyways…

    • “Who cares… The dipshits that ” received ” said packages, really deserve to be hung anyways.”

  16. Jeffery in Alabama

    NYPD said in statement that the CNN device was a working bomb. Also, the talking heads may have stepped in it a little while ago when a FOX reporter stated the devices sent to Cumo and de Blasio’s appeared to be “copycats”. If that is true, then their mail must travel a helluva lot faster than mine. This may just be a case of crisisitis (A condition sometimes rampant in media types. Symptoms include the mouth out performing the brain. AKA diarrhea of the mouth). Shepard Smith stated that the package sent to Weather Underground member Eric Holder had the wrong address and was “returned to sender”. The return addressee was Debbie Wasserman Schultz. A mistake or an attempt to “wire around the switch”?

    • wendystringer48088

      “1. Proper pipe bombs don’t have wires connected to both ends. That’s dumb.”
      Thanks for posting that link. My thoughts exactly.

  17. Can you imagine the DNC brain trust, sitting around, puzzled by how the immigrant caravan strategy blew up in their face, coming up with “Well, a dozen or so bombs should distract folks and get us back on track”… Jesustittyfuckinchrist these people are morons.

  18. False flag. Demos did themselves or one their willies. All Bullshit.

  19. These false flags are all the evidence of a Red Tsunami incoming anyone needs. The leftist cabal is losing badly and clearly desperate.

  20. The Stank is overwhelming!
    I call BS.
    And some poor right wing schmuck is about to get the big frame.

    • Say, has anyone been by to check on how poor Jimmy Shifflett is doing these days? Ain’t seen him in a while, and it looks like he missed his last appointment at the VA….

  21. Silly question but 5-6 devices yet no boom boom. Unlikely or maybe they were planted by :^) NPC.

    • It’s the OKC lesson.

      Never manipulate the sheeple using real explosives.

      Loss of operational control means a big whooops.

      They could be made with halvah for all we will ever know.

      • wendystringer48088

        Doesn’t look right. One wire coming out of each end of the “pipe bomb”?

        LARPing prop bombs made by a stupid amateur who couldn’t be bothered to do the research or at least look at an online copy of The Poor Man’s James Bond…

        • From an electronic standpoint there is no difference where the wires exit the pipe, but from a work standpoint it makes no sense. Why would you drill holes in both ends? Looks LARPy to me as well.
          Now we just have to stand ready for the follow up stories about all the “heroism” that took place inside the CNN building.
          LaRhonda the big bone negro lesbian security guard who risked her life and WIC vouchers to heroically move the package to an area that would allow all the important CNN people to escape.

      • wendystringer48088

        Yeah, Tim McVeigh sure outsmarted them when he killed his handler (John Doe #2), disabled whatever tracking device and completed his mission.

      • wendystringer48088

        Too bad Tim McVeigh, on April 19, 1995, in addition to killing 168 people who didn’t deserve to die, also killed the Militia movement – which was growing by leaps and bounds at the time – got Bill Clinton elected to a second term, and got the PATRIOT (so named because that’s what the militia types called themselves) Act written and waiting in the wings for the next right wing terroist attack (which didn’t happen – it was Muslims on September 11, 2001, but they had the PATRIOT Act ready to go).

      • Extremely volatile weaponized gefiltefish? Now that is a scary thought.

  22. The closest analysis of these haywire commie leftoids
    going all out of wack, I think is due to their decades old
    stranglehold, and now seeing their ivory towers
    collapsing through their slippery dirty hands, are causing
    them to go desperately bonkers:

  23. When does a used paper towel tube and string stuffed with dryer lint and aluminum foil become a “terror weapon”?