New Mosby Book (Plus Links To The Others)

Guerrilla Gunfighter, Volume One: Clandestine Carry Pistol

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This volume covers all aspects of using the handgun in the anti-personnel role, including (but not limited to) carry gear and weapon selection, optimizing your weapon when you don’t get a choice about what gun is available, shooting fundamentals of the pistol, and practical applications. This book goes on to cover mindset and contextual applications of these skills in different circumstances that we may find ourselves in today, tomorrow, and in the near future. 

Finally, like all of John’s books, this book includes a complete training program for the pistol, as well as an ongoing practice regiment suggestion, including all the drills John personally uses both at home and in classes.

Other Mosby works:

The Reluctant Partisan, Volume One: The Guerrilla

In his first book, the author of the Mountain Guerrilla blog, John Mosby, offers a comprehensive look at the skills used by the traditional guerrilla force, in accordance with Special Forces Unconventional Warfare doctrine, and applies them to the modern prepared citizen’s needs.

Beginning with mindset and physical fitness, as well as other individual skills like rifle handling, land navigation, and tactical combat casualty care, John moves on to provide an in-depth primer on small-unit tactical skills, from patrolling to the most important battle drills for dismounted infantry, before moving on to planning considerations, escape-and-evasion, and more, before closing the book with appendices that include several of his own training programs for combat rifle and TCCC.

A complete training program, including what and–more importantly–why of all the skills and tasks discussed.

The Reluctant Partisan, Volume Two: The Underground

In Volume Two of his widely acclaimed The Reluctant Partisan series, John Mosby of The Mountain Guerrilla blog, introduces the skills and training of the Underground. Focusing on the urban side of unconventional warfare, this book introduces the skills needed for those of us that reside, work, or spend time in built-up and urban environments.

Focusing on handgun use, battlefield recovery of rifles, as well as intelligence collection and assessment, fighting in and around structures, and vehicle immediate action drills and route planning. This is a far more cerebral book than the first volume, while also offering the same practical, ready-to-implement training drills and programs that characterized Volume One. Like its predecessor, this volume includes John’s personal teaching programs for pistol, rifle, and more.

Forging The Hero: Who Does More Is Worth More

Calling on his personal experiences and observations, deployed to failed-state environments, as well as post-graduate work in history, in this book John offers a community-based plan for surviving the decline of civilization, based on the common human experience of focusing on local community concerns.

Beginning with an in-depth look at the patterns of civilization throughout history’s great civilizations, John makes cogent observations about the nature of civilization, and where exactly we are in those patterns, before going on to offer practical, readily-implemented ideas on how to incorporate ancient, proven methods into your own survival preparedness planning at the individual and local level.

Mountain Guerrilla blog

Essential material all for the Coming Unpleasantness.

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  2. I have his first book. Good stuff. Ordered it by sending him a blank postal money order. Took about two weeks.
    This time, ordered electronicly. Pre-ordered in fact. Tranaction posted the next day.
    Goin on three months he’s had my 70 odd dollars.
    No book.
    Cuz excuses.
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    Zero Meters.