You’ll Barf Over Some Of The Pics, But At Least Heartiste Wins ‘Article Title Of The Week’

Ugly, Misshapen, Tatted, Fat Catladies Hate Trump

And I get to use my avatar in harmony:

29 responses to “You’ll Barf Over Some Of The Pics, But At Least Heartiste Wins ‘Article Title Of The Week’

  1. Northern gunner

    One of the many reasons after 14 years I left a very lucrative career in medical/Biotech sales. Most of the gate keepers were this ugly man hating feminist cunts.

    They just loved fucking with a tall, good looking, well spoken Alpha Male. Oh well I took my ball and went to play another game ! Fucking bithces everyone of them. They tried to railroad me at every tunr but I still managed to kick ass and set records despite the daily shit bombs they threw at me.

  2. Although I don’t like Siamese cats, in this instance I approve. Without reserve.

  3. wendystringer48088

    On the buyer side (Receptionists. Front office staff. Managers. Buyers) they gave you a hard time (setting up appointments, making presentations, getting responses, making sales, cutting purchase orders, cutting checks)? In any event, I am sorry to hear that. That’s fucked up, and not helping to keep costs down when people play silly games just to fuck with people…

  4. Thus concludes our demonstration on the benefits of masturbation for the modern male….

  5. Original source images with photographer who is a little freaky (even from Portlandia), http://www.anjaschü

  6. wendystringer48088

  7. Those are some mighty fugggly cunts!!!
    Now I have to go get the bleach out and
    rinse my eyes out…thanks steaming loads!!

    Scary thing is how many of ‘them’ “work” in
    ‘HR’ or have supervisory positions that allow
    them to run roughshod over every one else…
    especially the men around?

    Like the old saying goes, “Every nation welcome,
    EXCEPT Carrie!”.

    Speaking of fuuuggly women…..

    SINEAD O’CONNOR: Feminism’s Last Stop |



    Terrence Popp, definitely more woke than Fred in his
    me’hican wife’s hacienda…..

    NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  8. hocuspocus13

    …well…there’s a 3rd gender! 😉

  9. May want to spoiler some of that. Now I’M throwing up to techno.

  10. oregon farmer

    “Shocking the bourgeoisie” has been a staple of leftist mindset for over 100 years.
    They are waging war on the normies that uphold the unjust social order, so any reaction they can get from you is a small victory, even if it is disgust. However, the joke’s on them! If they achieve total takeover they will be the first to be liquidated. Totalitarian socialist societies are VERY conformist and sexually conservative. Hard working straight normies will be needed to keep the trains running. Angry old bitches with liberal arts degrees will be made into fertilizer, I guarantee it! Mao’s China, the USSR, and a couple of dozen other failed socialist states prove this point. Fags, trannies, heroin addicts, crack heads, welfare queens etc etc will be shot….


    The culling will be extensive, horrific, final, and not too far off. Are you folks prepped and ready?

  12. Meatieriods!

  13. Shambling Hogbeasts. That shit is funny because it’s true.


    Have ANY of these revolting photographs been shown on TV? Hannity? Carlson? Perino? Bueller?

  15. NAWALT

    Not All Women Are Like That.

    “Of course, I’ll repay this loan. Not all women are like that.”
    “I can keep a secret. Not all women are like that.”
    “After we marry, I’ll never withhold affection from you. Not all women are like that.”

    • Stormbringer

      Another to add,
      I will share with you the house proceeds once it is sold. NAWALT

      Hence the reason I stay MGTOW. Been screwed one too many times, and not in the fun way!
      Thanks for making me laugh.

      • Jimmy the Saint

        Women: can’t live with ’em, can’t chop them up, bury them deep in a National Forest, and tell the neighbors that they went home to visit their parents for a while.

  16. WOW!! Just seeing the pics of those hideous sweathogs makes me glad I got my wife.

  17. The Usual Suspect

    You remember the picture of the young Serb about ready to field goal
    some some old lady lying in the street during the unpleasantness in
    Yugoslavia or wherever ?
    Did you think ( why would he hate her enough to do that after popping
    a cap on her ass)?
    Real hate knows no bounds, burns cold for decades maybe, before it
    turns white hot.
    The dumb fucks pushing, pushing, pushing here know nothing about it.