Diplomad: Gaza South – The Central American Caravan

“Existential threat”.

Best to keep working on your “oh, shit” plan.

The FedGov cannot recover its legitimacy once it quails at what must be done.

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3 responses to “Diplomad: Gaza South – The Central American Caravan

  1. Molyneux interviews a Honduran. Infuriating. Enlightening.

    • If you love the truth bombs that Stef’s guest delivers with
      both verve and humor, you’re going to fucking luuuuv this….

      BOOM! Honduran Caravan CAUGHT Getting PAID To INVADE United States – GOP Rep Sounds the Alarm

      (nothing like seeing a video of them actually shilling out cash to people openly in broad daylight to throw the truth in our faces, eh?)

      Oh yeah…the parasite class and ‘georgie sorros’ have this ALL
      sewn up reeeaal good!…..

      And ‘800 troops’ and their command and support staff are
      expected to quell/repulse potentially over 14,000+ people
      who have violently broken through me’hico’s Southern border…
      riiiight…….what could possibly ‘go wrong’?…..(or as the Taco Bell Chihuahua
      in the ad saw Godzilla; “I’m gonna’ neee’d a bigg’er box!!”).

      ALIENS Movie Clip – Game Over Man (1986) Sigourney Weaver Sci-Fi Horror Movie HD

      And yes, ‘Nuking the site from orbit’ is STILL a proper
      tactical response to an ‘Alien Invasion’, regardless of the species!
      And Hudson’s response might be prophetic….

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  2. I suggest Bumfighting v2.0:
    Crowdfund “whacking” the lot, far, far away.

    For far less than $10@, the whole boondoggle would cease to exist by noon Sunday.

    Forget it, Jake.
    It’s Mexico.