Don’t Be This Guy

UK Daily Mail: Trumpmobile driver arrested as source of “bombs” sent from Florida

Criminal complaint


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  1. Darryl Van Horne

    That hair alone is a capital offense. I believe he is a convenient patsy.

  2. Details on this guy sound like this is a set up.
    Native American
    Body Builder (roid rage?)
    Worked as a road manager for a Male strip club show. (gay?)
    Multiple arrests
    Arrested and charged with threatening to blow up the Power company.
    Drives around with a van covered in pro- Trump “stickers”.
    Stickers all look brand new and look like someone with graphic art printers produced them.
    Made a show of himself at local Trump rallies to get himself photographed.
    Fake bombs

    I smell sheep dip…

  3. criminal, registered Democrat, allowed to walk on some previous charges, driving van with network quality pro-Trump enameling….all in Broward County….

  4. Hispanic/native American ethnicity, it seems…white enough for the deep state

  5. Right out of central casting with the sticker covered van. The arrest however was a failed suicide.

  6. You have to give current law enforcement a win for this, they handled it much better than Comey’s FBI handled a politically radioactive investigation before the 2016 election.

    But it’s clear from the press conference that they are desperately signaling that they are competent and professional again after having their reputation tarnished.

    A better way to restore their credibility would be to resolve the problems that lost them their credibility in the first place, instead of back patting at catching an idiot.

    It’s no wonder people believe conspiracy theories when there’s so much bullshit, mixed messages and protecting their own.

    • The FBI was probably grooming this guy.
      Tarnished reputation? Stop it. You’re killin’ me.

      • One might even say he “glows inna dark”.

      • In the eyes of the general public, yes tarnished.

        This wasn’t a press conference meant to change the opinions on liberty blogs.

        And probably is not certainty. Did the FBI groom him probably? Or the CIA? Or was it Soros? This what I mean by mixed messages.

    • “You have to give current law enforcement a win for this, they handled it much better than Comey’s FBI handled a politically radioactive investigation before the 2016 election.”

      No, we fucking don’t have to give ANY bunch of goddamned badged
      orcs and orcettes anything in any way! They’re nothing more than
      the ‘official leg-breakers’ for the parasite class that each day continues
      to financially drain us like the blood sucking leaches that they are.

      FBI..murderous bastards (Waco)
      State Police (Oregon – Murdered Lavoy Finicum)
      Local Police (Idaho – Murdered Jack Yantis in front of his wife
      and nephew if memory serves and Tucson SWAT murdering
      Jose Guerna…and oh yes the ‘tatted up rhoid Master from Mesa, Az
      that shot an unarmed man to death in a hotel corridor in cold blood
      last year)

      Fuck them and all their brother and sister orcs..they’re not ‘protectors’
      they’re an internal occupation force that ensures that we stay compliant
      wage slaves to be used as ‘groceries’ by the parasite class.

      And I call bullshit on the allegation of this guy being the ‘bomber’..the
      fact that the NPC mediawhores are so quick to throw it out makes me
      completely disbelieve them (which I didn’t to begin with)…the whole
      thing is looking more and more like a convenient False Flag and this
      is the ‘Jimmy Schifflett’ that they’re trotting out, hoping that we swallow
      the bullshit that they’re trying to shovel on us…

      They’ve never told us truth about 9/11, Las Vegas, Parkland, Florida,
      Aurora, Colorado or any of the other obviously False Flags..this is
      no different.

      Duplicitous, murderous shitweasels and jackals all around, every
      motherfucking one of them down the line!!

      Fuck them with a rusty length of rebar all around!!

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

      • SemperFi, 0321

        Give him a break, he’s still high on the MSM Kool-Aid.
        , these copsuckers will never figure it out.

        • Not to get too autistic cause I get what your saying but at Jonestown they used flavoraid, which always cracks me up, there’s something about socialists buying cheap off brand koolaid that gets me. And can’t get high on cyanide, you just die.

          Despite this, high on koolaid lives on.

          • Jonestown… the land he put his commune on… was purchased by the CIA. Jim Jones glowed inna dark. It is suspected the whole Jonestown event was a MKULTRA experiment taken to its finale.
            As a detail, in the aftermath the troops sent to go recover the decedents had to bayonet the torsos and abdomens to let out the decomposition gasses so they would fit in body bags.

        • No breaks brother. If they haven’t put it together by now, they’re not going to. Harsh? Yeah. Real life? Yeah.
          While I’m old and only good for dyin’, people like that will get you able men killed.

      • Can I get an “Amen Brother and Sisters” on that!


      Somebody: If they can set up this pathetic fool, they can set up any one of us. Read or Re-read Civil War Two by Thomas Chittum. As a former Peace Officer, I can tell you that it all changed in the 1980’s. Do not trust anyone with a badge and, above all, never talk to the police.

      • I don’t trust you.

      • Good advice about trust and police.

        But even if this guy was setup, that doesn’t mean anybody can be turned into a patsy. Especially if this guy is anything close to as dumb as he looks. Would you mail a bomb for someone for any price at all? I wouldn’t.

      • Hear that brother. One only knows what one has experienced. And these younger men don’t know what 1st world America was like.

      • You’re too insignificant to be set up.
        Correctly or incorrectly, you must be in motion, in play, actively committed, to a course of action and doing.

  7. Hundreds of brand new, unfaded meme stickers on a FL molester van, and un-torched by understanding libtards in Dade County?
    Sh’yeah, as if.
    Including complete coverage of the passenger front window, illegal in 57 states, yet never cited?
    Pull the other one, it has bells on.
    “Republican” only on his social media posting, changeable at whim.
    Like five minutes after the fakebombs were mailed.
    Multiple felonies, but walking around free.
    Lived in Joisey and TX before FL.
    Filipino name.
    Eyeballs pointing in different directions.

    Only thing missing is green skin and neck bolts.

    This is a FakeBomber suspect, bespoke ordered from Central Casting.

    Bullshit flag thrown: 15 yards, and loss of possession.
    60/40 he gets released after the mid-terms for lack of evidence.

    • And from Chateau Heartiste, his media profile, pre-scrubbed edition:


    • Jimmy the Saint

      “Eyeballs pointing in different directions.”

    • I can’t take it anymore. I posted and I’m reading from the bottom up and damn man I’m literally crying I’m laughing so hard at the comments tonight. We need a thumbs up or something for comments.

    • Aesop,

      Is it possible this is just a crazy, stupid guy who lied about lots of stuff and flip flopped, instead of it being a secret plan involving smart, coordinated inside actors?

      Aren’t the opinions from all sides, including yours, demonstrating a lot of confirmation bias?

      What if a cigar is just a lying, dumb cigar?

      • Don’t be recockulous: I never said it was a smart plan.

        That aside, I could see one or two things lining up.

        But this is the crime scene in Jack Reacher:
        Guy leaves one latent print.
        They walk right up to his homeless guy molester van in a metropolis of several million people, and arrest him the next day, like he had a fucking address that said “Trump MAGA sticker-covered van, third row, fourth palm tree from the middle, at 3765 W 207th St” on his vehicle registration, and was wearing a GPS ankle bracelet.
        Makes the bombs look cartoonish, yet impossible to detonate, ensuring the FBI has fucktons of surviving evidence.
        Does everything but write “Please Open: Bomb Inside” on envelopes.
        They get to 12 locations without ever being mailed, but he’s supposed to have sent them via courier. With postage. Like you do.
        None of them go to people who open their own mail.
        None of them go off, nor could go off.
        The media gets invited in by way of getting a couple of their own examples.
        Supposedly Republican, waits until we’re liable to have a red wave, then sends devices two weeks before elections, because reasons.
        Lights every light on the “not a Republican” list:
        living in his van
        Lives in such Republican hotbed states as NY, NJ, MN.
        Looks life the exact mouth-breathing goober DiFi and Pelosi would hire for the role.

        The press conference and talking points are ready to be rolled out in 0.2 seconds after the first one is found.
        Brennan calls “GOP”, gets his own bomb the next day.
        Soros-spawn gets NYTimes knee-jerk editorial while the final bombs are still en route.

        Now come on, anybody could get one or two, but eleventy-nineteen and counting, and this is looking like powerball odds of him being the Democrat Wet dream Fantasy Football Republican Whacktard Pick Of The Year.

        This is like someone panhandling and asking for a sandwich when you’re hungry, and instantly an entire 11-course Thanksgiving Dinner is catered to you on the spot, in 5 seconds, including whipped cream on the pumpkin pie, a personal waiter pouring champagne, and a guy playing violin music while bikini-clad models hand feed you peeled grapes as the appetizer.
        While carrying the rifle that’s a ballistic match to the JFK bullets on his shoulder, and holding a postcard of himself on the Grassy Knoll in 1963, holding a rifle.

        So yeah, FTR, this could have “just happened”.
        And been wrapped up and solved faster than cases on TV on CSI.
        Exactly two weeks before the election.


    • Aesop! Green skin and neck bolts!!! So fucking funny. I spotted my coffee. 😂

  8. highdesert45

    Just a little too convenient…the FBI, which could not find evidence against ANY democrat in obama’s administration, nor against hillary, now turns up with a SINGLE fingerprint in less than a week. The democrats have planned this one pretty well, and the optics are just a little to supportive of their cries against Trump.

  9. and he is a religion freak on top of everything else…

    i’m telling you indoctrinated ones, keep up with the fake god bullshit and your time on earth is quickly coming to pass. the positive is- you’ll get your wish to go to your fake heaven. your no different than the muzzies and their brainwashed version of the same lie. i was going to church and all that shit. what a waste of precious time and cellular data usage.

    THERE IS NO god(s). it’s all in your heads. who here can tell a true story of a miracle? or is it just that you have had it droned into your minds since childhood? SHEESH.

    • Clumsy.
      That’s a song about child abuse, not religion.

    • “and your time on earth is quickly coming to pass”
      All our times on this earth are coming to pass. It’s what comes after this time on earth that really matters.

      “who here can tell a true story of a miracle?”
      You asked and I answered this same challenge over on WRSA quite some time ago, you chose to ignore it over there and I firmly believe you will do the same here because it doesn’t fit your narrative, so I’ll just leave it at that.

      You keep demanding that you not have to hear or read anything someone who believes in Christ has to express about their belief. How about you accord us the same consideration concerning the shit you spew, I can’t speak for everyone but I get tired of reading it.

      I truly hope you don’t come over here to Wirecutter’s blog and try to blow it to hell and gone with your particular brand of venom, for lack of a better word.

      That said, I’ll still pray for you and your eternal soul.


      • damn, that is what working too many hours in a row will get ya, i thought I was still over on Kenny’s blog. Skip all that shit about blowing ken’s blog to hell and gone with your vitriol but the rest still stands.


      • worms decomposition dust

        you fucking retard

        but you are entitled to your fantasies

        it’s called projection

        you ‘want’ you ‘NEED’ there to be something more than your pathetic life

        that is all and nothing else

        interesting nothing else goes to this so-called heaven besides you dumb asses huh? a weak argument for truly weak god… at least the muzzies get 72 virgin slut whores.

    • ^— What this egomaniac does not realize, inter alia, is that when his fervor for atheism raises to the fervor of a jihadist, there ain’t that much difference between them. In other words, his atheism is his religion, whether he will admit it or not.

      • Good’n, Bonaventure. Just so.

        Like the libtard, snowflake, sjw, true believers in “EQUALITY INVIOLATE”
        and all the rest of the humanistic self worship abounding.

      • again. your ferver for the spirit god in the sky is NO DIFFERENT than the Jihadis or atheism. ” there ain’t that much difference between them. ”

        pot. meet kettle…

        • Meanwhile, enjoying The Decline, as you seem to be, is good preparation for enjoying Hell… which you will NOT and it’s forever.

  10. I’m surprised this guy didn’t shoot a cop and then hightail it into a movie theater.

  11. Just remember Foval’s comments caught on tape by Project Veritas a couple of years ago: “We pay mentally ill people to do shit all the time”. This fake bomber is 100% a bullshit set up FF op right along the lines of the fake Kavanaugh accusers. As someone up above noted, how convenient that all of his priors magically got erased and the AlinskyVan was plastered with brand new Trump stickers. Next!

    • 6:2:even by next week, it turns out he was the other guy in the bedroom with Brassy Fraud and Kavanaugh, and magically confirms her entire story.

  12. I read a book once that started with a patsy set up for mass murder…

  13. The moment you see this being ‘released from ”NPC Central”;
    you KNOW you’re being lied to by the shitweasels and jackals.

    FBI Director: These are not hoax devices

    (Guess they must have upped the lithium drip for ‘Jeffy’ to
    be coherent enough to stand and deliver his verbal crapola
    without falling over the podium)…the rest is of course a kabuki
    lie fest theater as well. Bullshit from start to finish!

    The sheeple will of course eat it up like it’s a free casino meal
    on the house!

    NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

    • What Wray said about the realness of the bombs was very clear. They were not hoaxes because they had an energetic material in them. He never said whether they were effective bombs. A badly made bomb full of black powder, for example, is still a bunch of black powder that can detonate by some means and is dangerous. Wray was very clear and it was obvious he was saying it cause Trump had tweeted about ‘“Bomb” stuff’.

      Wray did not clarify whether the bomber intended them to be working or go off. But they had explosive.

      • Ordinary baking flour is an energetic material if you use it right (think grain silo accidents). I sense that they are being obtuse with this, while not being technically wrong, they appear to be misleading the public. Tim McVeigh = AN + nitromethane…. they always describe in lurid detail what the perps use…. except this case. Activates the almonds. I can say that I ate a meal based largely on carbon based life forms rendered as food, which is true, but it does not describe in any usable detail what I ate for dinner. Same here with the “energetic material” non-description description.

      • These things apparently wouldn’t have gone off unless they were struck by lightning, or you attached another bomb to the bomb to set both of them off.

        He did everything but paint a toilet paper tube red, fill it with sand, and spray paint “DYN-O-MITE! DANGURUS ECKSPLOHSIEVE!” on the outside.

    • Heh.

      ‘Energetic materiel’ eh?

      Perhaps if’n Iraqi insurgents had been using ‘energetic materiel’ versus C 4 we mighta had less IEDcasualties…as in …none?

  14. No place like the rightful home: FBI finds stolen ruby slippers from ‘Wizard of Oz’

    But but Look,they cracked this one after all. lol!!

  15. serious lee notbuyingit

    I’m supposed to believe that this guy hand delivered these fake bombs to california, florida, and new york addresses, over the span of three days, from a work van?
    Packages were clearly never mailed, stamps not cancelled and postage insufficient.
    Packages were not sent via UPS or similar, no shipping labels
    Media already walking back “bombs were mailed”, now “bombs delivered by courier service”
    Laziest fucking false flag ever

    • Remember the intended audience are the NPC’s with their faces buried in their sailphones 24/7. They have no clue about canceled postage stamps and how snail mail works. Android pay, Ipay and EBT are their method of payment. They couldn’t figure out how to use a stamp without youtubing it.

    • I saw a report that they have surveillance video of him using a self serve mailing kiosk in Miami. No one is reporting that he drove any of the bombs in his van to any target. It is possible that the bomb packaging as delivered was intended by Sayoc to look innocuous or scary as he viewed it, thru the eyes of a stupid guy.

      It is possible he sent a package from Miami, to someone like a courier service, intending for the bomb package to be taken out and delivered by the courier.

      The question is how did he get it delivered in the final packaging from where he sent it from to the target.

      Some could be by unwitting courier. Some we haven’t seen and he could have mailed them direct and the postage was processed.

      I bet you I could pay a courier to accept a package, open it and hand deliver the inside package without them caring.

  16. tfA-t: What are you even talking about? Your post is entirely unrelated to the story and does not belong on this thread. But, because you have launched onto the subject, please try this:

    Jesus loves you tea-t.

    • I HATE jesus

      I HATE god

      I hate YOU



        I will continue to pray for you, sir. I mean it.

        • I like you DWEEZIL

          you get a pass. but, no need to pray for me. I died a long time ago and I can say with extreme confidence- THERE IS NO god

          Just look around you. If there were, why is there so much pain, suffering, and misery amongst the truly innocent? And just why pray tel are there viruses that are certain agonizing death sentences? Crippled and deformed babies?

          NOPE! it’s just nature doing it’s thing. The strong survive and the weak shall inherit NOTHING.

        • You know I used to try to connect with Tfat back in the day but he’s lost man. Sorry Tfat but you honestly contribute nothing to anything. Not even sure why you are here anymore except you are just so lost and this is the only place left that you can post. Why not just take all that money you supposedly have and fly the coop my friend? Seriously.

          • i already did fly the coop. why don’t you get a life and actually make some money? honestly, do any of you ever think just how fucked you are? seriously, werk your whole lives just to be in debt and poor? i just don’t get it.

            i’m going to laugh so hard when you stupid worshipers finally find out you have been had. religion is a scoundrels last refuge. so i guess you all are at the end of your ropes. what’s it feelz like to know you will never retire with any security?

          • He’s a piece of shit. Period.


        It is the flame of our life to worship You,
        the crown and glory of our soul to adore You,
        heavenly pleasure to approach You.

        Give us power by Your Spirit to help us worship now,
        that we may forget the world,
        be brought into fullness of life,
        be refreshed, comforted, blessed.

        Give us knowledge of Your goodness
        that we may not be over-awed by Your greatness.
        Let us live wholly to our Savior,
        free from distractions,
        from carking care,
        from hindrances to our walk in the narrow way.

        We are pardoned through the blood of Jesus –
        give us a new sense of it,
        that we may live in the reality of it,
        that we may always worship You
        in spirit and in truth.

        • you will be tortured and than killed like the rest.

          see ya wouldn’t want to be ya.

          jesus is just a another fake asshole like the rest of the feeble minded idiots. go figure he was a lousy scum sucking jew

      • Well, there you have it, folks, right out of Satan’s mouth.

        The little satan/self worshiper has outed himself for all to see.

        Why would any sane person listen to, or care, what this demon possessed imp of hell has to say?

        Hat, hate and more hate… God, Jesus and You.

        An y discernible difference between this spawn and the insane running dogs of the left?

        Oh, yes, demon… we understand.

        • Daniel K Day

          Dittos. He/They are posting with the sole purpose of us tying ourselves in knots arguing over him/them. Like someone else’s 3-year-old throwing a tantrum in the grocery store, he/they are someone else’s problem. The only smart response is to go by and keep going.

      • Julius Streicher

        One doth protest a bit too much, methinks.
        You need to get out more. Perhaps eat a balanced diet.

        • folks didn’t take Hitler serious either…

          • actually Hitler was the sanest and most reasonable
            of the lot available at the time; FDR, Churchill and
            Stalin were the mentally deranged dictators.

            Doubt me?

            Watch ‘Europa – The Last Battle’ and see if you
            don’t want to piss on those three bastards graves
            like a greyhound at the track!

            NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

    • You got it to manifest itself Watauga . We’ll start prayin’ it out with you here in the Buckeye .

  17. I don’t know the reason why they should but to me his hair looks photoshopped.
    Actually his whole face doesn’t seem real.

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  19. Filipino, skin tone photoshop ala Zimmerman?
    smells bad.

  20. Were any of the things he sent actually “bombs”???

    Or were they merely “clocks”, like Clock Boy “made” in Texas and took in to his school? As I recall, Clock Boy got an invitation to the Black House as a result of that.

  21. Cuddles the Cage Fighter

    Whole thing looks staged and fake as hell. A mystery meat, male stripper felon being a fanatical Trump supporter? Possible, but unlikely. He comes across as a caricature of a Trump supporter. That van is way over the top, they tried way too hard with the van.

  22. As our much missed brother, Mike Vanderboegh, used to say, “No Fort Sumters”. We don’t jump the gun (no pun intended). Stay frosty.

  23. Jimmy the Saint

    “Were any of the things he sent actually ‘bombs’???”

    Yes, they absolutely were “bombs.” They were not bombs, however.

  24. I don’t recall ever seeing a complete photo history of a perp before. Weird. What did they do, find the most over the top MAGA retard they could on facebook, and oh looky, he’s got a record. Yeah, right.

    DoJ says they were sent in the mail…where is the postmark?

    • Besides which, since 2001, all packages are photoscanned, so if they’d been mailed, they’d have those scans.

      If they were couriered, why put postage on?

      BS on multiple levels, piled higher and deeper.

      • Why put postage on?

        It’s possible that he is stupid and thought the appearance of the couriered package would fool someone.

        You’re thinking like a smart person Aesop.

        What if he is a stupid lying failure with a confused identity who did the whole thing poorly, instead of a being a patsy for shadowy forces who purposefully sent useless bombs so they wouldn’t kill their own but make them look like victims.

        It’s just as likely that we are all just being too clever.

        • Good points, but how would he cover the distances in the time to do all of this in his mystery (meat) wagon? The guy looks to have a tenuous hold on reality, could he plan and schedule himself enough to drive to targets, deliver and RTB? Since he is homeless, how would he afford to do so? These are rhetorical questions, not criticisms. He may have managed to squeeze this one out and bypassed all sorts of monitoring. I suspect he will plead out and all the evidence will evaporate, he will then be consigned to a distant prison where he will be heavily medicated and forgotten.
          Sort of like the aftermath of this:
          In retrospect, this has some eerie similarities.

        • You’re reaching so far for that he’d have to be Rain Man levels of idiot-savant. Like schizophrenic, with simultaneously a 40 IQ and a 240 IQ, and rapid personality flip-flops.

          This story is what you get when the Vegas shooting is done with a belt-fed machinegun, you find Mother Teresa locked inside the suite afterwards, with a suicide note written in Navajo in one hand, three shots in her head from a two-shot derringer, and a fresh Trump tattoo on her ass.

      • Johnny Paratrooper

        Hard to say. The Left has a standardized package now.

  25. More bullshizzle out of Broward County. I suppose the same PsyOps team that brought us the recent High School shooting found another convenient patsy.

    • Given the concentration of DNC political nonsense out of that county, it is reasonable to take a working assumption that a cadre of operatives are on the loose there, where political cover allows them to get away with these sorts of things. The DNC is leaning hard into the tape to flip Florida blue, so it makes sense. The clown they arrested… he really does not seem like a criminal mastermind who could evade internal post office procedures which would have cancelled the postage, caught him on video handing items to a postal clerk. Perhaps those videos have already been filed next to the videos out of the Las Vegas shooting from the hotel. If the usual suspects in the administration claim “nothing to see here, move along” in the coming days, it is incumbent on all Americans to acknowledge that there is a rat in the system in an advanced state of decomposition, and it is stinking up the joint.

  26. Bracken. ENEMIES, FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC. Read all three. Then read them again. And again.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      Thanks, most of us have never heard of them before.

    • Read ‘Unintended Consequences’ first…

      Gives one a perspective of WHY this crap has been
      building up for over a century (some would say since
      post 1860’s).

      Then re-read Bracken along with M.S. King’s “The Bad War”
      and “Planet Rothschild” and Michael Walsh’s “Heroes Hang
      When Traitors Triumph”. For extra credit listen to Benjamin
      Friedman’s Speech from 1961 and watch ‘Europa – The Last
      Battle’ and ‘Hellstorm’ documentaries…then remember the
      industrial strength bottle of Visine because your eyes WILL
      be opened as never before (probably will feel like R. Piper’s
      character wandering down the street in shock from ‘They Live’).

      Such will make sure that you’re NEVER a NPC btw….

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

      • Unintended Consequences……the novel by John Ross? TY

        • Yup, that’s the one!

          I hear tell that John’s been working on the sequel but
          no word as of yet on when it will be out…if ever…

          Well, that’s far better than MV’s bumbling failure to get
          his ‘Absolved’ trilogy into actual print.

          NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  27. Reality and common sense kicks in:
    “As a documentary filmmaker, there’s a part of me that is always looking to keep a record and I would say to these conspiracy minded people that everyone’s entitled to their perspective and their own opinions, but you’re not entitled to your own reality.”

    Documentary Filmmaker Took Pictures of Cesar Sayoc’s Van – 10 Months Ago

    • 1) David Cypkin doesn’t live where he says he lives; he lives 8 miles away from the parking lot in question. That’s a long walk to take pictures of a “suspicious” van.
      2) A Jewish documentary filmmaker would belong to which political party, if you had to make a guess?
      3) Google Earth overheads and street views of the lat lon coordinates in question show no sign of Sayoc’s van, and none of the vans in the street views in that entire parking lot have the sticker collection. It would be great if they confirmed Cypkin’s story independently, but instead, they show no such van there on any of multiple days.
      4) Metadata can be edited.
      5) If the stickers have been there for “over a year”, how did they magically resist the UV of a FL summer with zero fading?

      You answer one question, and raise five new ones.
      Like Vegas.

  28. Caught this video, about 1 hour 12 minutes long:
    MAGA Bomber Goes Postal with Special Guest Lee Stranahan

  29. Motherfucker’s are having their trucks burned to the ground for parking overnight at a bar after a few drinks with one Trump sticker and this asshole has a pristine van with a billboard of Trump stickers and it looks brand new. Hahahahahaha! Broward county gun grabbers are at it again. What a fucking shit show circus this is. And the fucking guy is supposedly white to boot. Where is Matt Bracken with a plot twist when you need one?

  30. My what \a surprise ! A yuge Trump fan ! Ha!Ha!Ha! These guys at Langley aren’t even trying anymore . Have they no sense of humor ? Larry the Cable Guy will be in front of Mueller next week ! Ha!Ha!Ha! Only he changed it from the highly credible ” Git er Done ” To a very Harvardish ” Get er done ” . Sessions will own Larrys new 4wd Ram3500 . Civil asset forfeiture you know Larry . Sorry

  31. The Usual Suspect

    ” Pick me” ” Pick me” A True Story of a Miracle ***********************

    Your still sucking air from the atmosphere, ya fucking creep !!!

  32. We’ll know his reasons in 24hrs.
    Yet Las Vegas…..”they just don’t know”
    They really think there fooling folks. But thats not the point is it.
    Just that little….Nudge to get things rolling.

  33. There are a few likely options here:

    1. A bumbly but complicated false flag operation involving a patsy and someone or some group.

    2. A half stupid left wing guy who invested at least a year to appear to be a Trump supporter so he could false flag.

    3. A really stupid Trump supporter.

    The big factor confusing everyone is that this is happening right before a very consequential election.

    #1 and #2 look more obvious because of the election timing but they loose likelihood because of how risky and complicated they are, but never underestimate the power of evil.

    #3 looks more unlikely because no one could be that stupid, especially considering the election timing, but you underestimate the power of stupid at your own peril.

    Final thought: Even if everyone thinks this guy was a lone Trump supporting Magabomber, maybe especially if they do, this will improve Republican chances in the election because Reps are firmly viewed as the law and order candidates. And the quick law enforcement response will also aid that.

  34. See for this content in original form, good dredging up of the past.

    Anonymous (ID: cMlZVf43) BL 10/26/18(Fri)18:50:20 No.190941451▶>>190942414 >>190947454

    >>190939314 (OP)

    Reminder that this incident fits into a long history of alphabet organizations entrapping mentally-ill people in harmless but highly-publicized terrorist “””schemes”””.

    They’ve had two decades to practice on muslims, not surprised they’re targeting political spectrums now.

    • Johnny Paratrooper

      Florida has so many nobodies who wanna be gangsters.

      Most of them are slum lords and spend all their money on those poor white hookers in Florida.

  35. Again, the power of autism via 4chan/pol :
    This is the Federal Complaint from the AUSAs of the Southern District of New York. Interesting, in that they state he mailed approximately 13, then say 13 definitively. The point they are making that all his stuff went through the Opa Locka mail processing facility…. it sure seems like somebody there ignored the postage, the cancellation of same, the warning signs of what these things look like… I do wonder where the surveillance video is from the Opa Locka mail facility. Surely, a defense attorney worth his salt would ask for that in discovery, using the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure.
    Rule 26, 34 & 37 specifically of interest.

    If this guy pleads out and avoids trial, we will never see the ebbidense.

    • Ebbidense. Out fucking standing!

      • “Ebbidense?….We don neeed no stin’kn ebbidense here!!”
        — entire ‘Bad War’ Nuremburg ‘War Crimes’ trial personnel
        (3200..of which 2400 WERE communist jews…’fair trial’ indeed…)

        NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  36. Media reports the Soros device was hand delivered. The USPS angle is looking sketchy AF.

  37. Yet… the SDNY AUSA complaint states… that IED to Soros was delivered by USPS. Somebody is bullshitting. If this idiot actually drove up to NY along Rte 95, he would have been noted by so many cameras… just consider the DC area beltway and the surveillance it is under. He would have taken the NJ Turnpike… there would then be pics and a record of his passage there… not to mention the NYC area

    Bottom line is, there is not time enough before the mid term election to get the truth on any of this. Just use Occam’s Razor and “Cui Bono?” to sort this out for yourselves.

  38. keep talking ,they will keep ruling you……

  39. I remember the last time the Feds were looking for an angry white male in a white van it ended a little differently. The Feds couldn’t find a blue Caprice taking shots out the trunk and taunting them on the phone over a period of 4-5 weeks as ‘snipers’ Johnny Mohammed and Lee Boy terrorized the DC beltway, but yet they solved this in under a week? Put a bow on it. Forensicators better hope Spike Lee doesn’t make a movie glorifying shooting honkies on golf courses and at gas pumps because I’m betting the copycats will use real cartridges, unlike this fawn in the headlights.

    • here’s a true story of just how fucking dumb the murkins are. here i was driving a new white ford van in Detroit- fucking 1000 miles away, at the time of the dc snipers. i got suspicious looks from most every other driver i seen on the road. WTF?

      free DUMB!

      • Considering most vans are white, I think the reason you were getting suspicious looks had nothing to do with the DC snipers, and everything to do with you.

        Based purely on how you present yourself, biased as that snapshot is.

        Just spitballing there.

  40. Notice the well kept skin: not a wrinkle, no crepe-yness that would speak of a “man” being out in the elements. His skin is soft and smooth as a baby’s ass, including his neck. If this doesn’t scream cosmetic work and gayfay, then you aren’t trying. This is entirely a setup false flag and I’m buying none of it. I’ll bet dollars to doughnuts that this is a Democrat voter from one of the blue hives who is taking one for AntifaTeam. He will conveniently be disappeared to reappear in 13 months as another “player”.