Heartiste: The Power Of A Captured Media To Memory Hole Inconvenient Stories

Purely coinkydink.

Ignore this stuff as well.

You are responsible for Pittsburgh.

White devils.

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  1. Drudge has entered the fray on the side of the Jew, expected of course since he’s a Jew and a Zionist to his core.

    I doubt he will be flushed, as he should be, because he’s a feckless Neocon and Jew.


    • Poor Drudge, you would think it was one of his sex dolls that got shot up. Ole Drudge can’t stop posting about the sex doll crap and the sportsball crap, so I don’t visit him anymore. He is clearly passed his prime anyway, like Monica’s old blue dress.

    • The daily News Briefs at Anonymous Conservative blows Drudge out of the water: http://www.anonymousconservative.com/blog/

    • So Drudge should be flushed because he is sad his tribal brethren were killed? By that rationale whites shouldn’t complain when they get singled out.
      Hatred is useful in battle. Useless in all other venues. I know you are smarter than that.

  2. Out of your pie hole to gods ear. It does not matter that you Nazi dipshits disparage Jews constantly. You could ridicule and disparage Norwegians,Protestants,Buddhists or any group you choose.The key issue is your complete stupidity and ignorance,always on display,because of your simplification of issues.
    Your feeble minds cannot assign and comprehend the concept of individuals taking responsibility for their own actions. Monkeys flinging shit.

    • i’m beginning to like the Jews and hate the christians. Heh

      this is what happens when a group of fanatic morons shove their religious views on others non-stop everyday. at least the Jews don’t proselytize.

      should be very interesting watching the squirming and expiring of those freakazoids.

      • “this is what happens when a group of fanatic morons shove their religious views on others non-stop everyday.”

        You mean like your fanatical following of atheism which you spout non-stop?

        Pot, meet kettle.

      • mania |ˈmānēə|
        mental illness marked by periods of great excitement, euphoria, delusions, and overactivity.

      • Thanks for the chuckles, TF. I love to listen to you cackle and rant in ever more zeal– it tells me God is working in your life and Satan is pulling. I wait for the day you come to your full potential and glorify God even more than you do now. Please, do keep it up: God is smiling on his throne in the full knowledge you will eventually recognize Him for what he truly is.

        Your Master.

    • Mental migits, all of them. Fire away Knuck, I’ve got your back.

      And no, I am not Jewish.

  3. “Gavin Long is the black separatist who murdered three police officers”

    “Micah Johnson is another black man who murdered five Dallas police officers”

    Nonsense. The mainstream media assures me there is no black separatist / black identity movement. Just watch this video below:

    Inside the FBI Hunt for “Black Identity Extremists”

    Published on Sep 27, 2018

    According to a leaked FBI assessment, “Black Identity Extremists” are a new group of domestic terrorists who pose a serious and violent threat to American law enforcement. The assessment is based on unsubstantiated grouping of unrelated police shootings and has drawn much public scrutiny for its apparent advocacy of racial profiling.

    Rakem Balogun, an outspoken black activist in Dallas, is considered the first person to be targeted as a “Black Identity Extremist”. After being detained for nearly 6 months on weapons charges, VICE met up with Rakem on the day he was released from prison to learn more about the events leading to his arrest and real-world repercussions of the new “Black Identity Extremist” label.

    Now imagine Vice — or any other media outlet — giving such gushing coverage to non-black gun owners who say something like this:

    Akil Gibbons (Vice) @ 12:55: So that’s the AR-15. A pretty notorious weapon.

    Rakem Balogun (“Activist”, Guerrilla Mainframe): Yeah. Yeah, it has a lot of history to it.

    Akil Gibbons (Vice) @ 13:10: So we’re in Dallas, Texas, right now. Which is, of course, open carry. Why is that so important, as a part of your organization, Guerrilla Mainframe, to open carry?

    Rakem Balogun (Guerrilla Mainframe): It’s just really a tool to use against, to protest against, police brutality. And to gain attention of the masses. To promoted this culture of self-defense.

    Akil Gibbons (Vice) @ 13:30: Do you believe that these guns could provide any more autonomy for African-Americans to not be brutalized by police?

    Robert Taylor (Guerrilla Mainframe): It’s definitely a deterrent. An aggressor looks for victims. They’re not looking for a fight. So if you’re armed, you have a better chance than if you weren’t armed. So that’s why we want to tell everybody, everybody, to get armed. You have a right to defend yourself.

    Akil Gibbons (Vice) @ 13:55: Do you believe that actually building relationships with police could benefit the community?

    Rakem Balogun (Guerrilla Mainframe): No. Working with the police does very little.

    According to Vox (5/19/2018):

    The terrorism charge against Balogun crumbled when the FBI admitted it had nothing more on him than a few overheated Facebook posts and advocacy of black gun ownership. After the death of five police officers in Dallas in July 2016, Balogun wrote on Facebook: “They deserve what they got. LMAO!” And he took part in a rally outside the Texas Capitol at which black men carried guns and some chanted, “The only good pig is a pig that’s dead.”

    I’m old enough to remember when the NRA was blamed for the Oklahoma City Bombing by the Leftist establishment because they referred to the BATF as “jack booted thugs”.

  4. I am not the anti-semite who forcibly removed a Jewish reporter from a synagogue to appease the Judenrat’s anti-semite Communist:

    It is instead their Judenrat bruthas who did so.

    לעולם לא שוב, היודנראט!

  5. fucking loosers, fuck you,,and your anti Jew rhetoric, you fucktards sound like a broken eight day alarm clock. You sick fuckers, are as bad , no worse, the the left you claim to hate.

    Look in the mirror, you have become them!.

    Have a great day.


    • At the risk of repeating myself:

      Notice once again that the tribal defenders have nothing except evidence-free name-calling.

      • I have evidence you are a one trick pony. I also have pictures,which I will publish, of you wearing a yarmulke made of jew and niggar foreskins while you jerk off to your naked Hermann Goering poster. You forgot about that night in the gay nazi romper room when you took it in the ass from every fucking queer in the place. All the schnapps in the world won’t rinse all that jew and niggar cum out of your mouth. Loser,queer,cum-dumpster.
        Did I miss anything,fuckface?
        . The doctor told your Mom to throw you in the dumpster and take home the afterbirth…but no she wouldn’t listen. Now the world must deal with a delusional loser. Al Fuckface.
        I rest my case,your Honor.

      • Seconded Al!

        Talk about ‘white-knighting’ for the (((TRIBE)))
        or willfully being a ‘good hasbara goyim’ (same difference).

        NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  6. Before it was Jews it was Protestants, Puritans, Jesuits, Muslims, Confucians, all the way back to the Romans and ancient Egyptians. The sneaky rulers aren’t evil because they belong to a particular tribe, they are evil because power corrupts humans. Aren’t we supposed to be hating on the Freemasons who are running the world? They even have their Masonic symbols on the back of the dollar. When there is a star of David on the back of the dollar, let me know.

    There should be a t-shirt which says, “I’m ruled by a small minority because I’m White and I’m dumber than the Jews.”

    • Princes, Priests and Peasants.

      For thousands years its been a power struggle between those groups. The faces have changed over the centuries but the basics remain the same.
      Any time one of these groups can get the blame for all the ill’s shifted to the other they gain power. Better yet if you can get one of the groups to blame a small faction of itself for the problems and they kill each other then that’s a win win.
      Our forefathers came to America and established a nation that had no Princes and practiced a religion that had no Priests.
      No man was to be a Peasant. He was to be his own philosopher and king of his own castle.
      To bad we systematically replaced the Princes with politicians, entertainers and business moguls.
      We replaced the Priests with academics and bureaucrats.

    • There is a star of david on the dollar. Along with about 40 other symbols. That symbol is older than the jews anyway. The jews are just as fucked up as the rest of us. More clannish, inbred and ‘blessed ‘ with certain traits maybe , but like all followers of some mad desert god, fucked up none the less.

    • Anonymous,
      ” Aren’t we supposed to be hating on the Freemasons who are running the world? They even have their Masonic symbols on the back of the dollar. When there is a star of David on the back of the dollar, let me know.”

      I’ll go you one better! Why is the ‘Masonic Pyramid’ on top of
      the israeli supreme court building…complete with 33 steps to
      reach it?

      Is that a (((choencidence))) or what?

      Israeli Supreme Court “Illuminati” Pyramid

      (“There are 33 steps from inside the Supreme Court Building that lead to the base of the “Illuminati” Pyramid. The Rothchilds family designed and paid for the construction of the building.”)

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!