Like there.

But worse.


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  1. Thanks very much, CA, for putting this here. I wrote it, and I’m grateful to see the message getting out.

  2. Alfred E. Neuman

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  3. Problem being, Balkanization is unlikely.
    Even blue states are more purple than blue.
    The same is true in “red” states; look at the senate races in FL and TX for a glimpse of what’s been going on while nobody was paying attention.

    There are more Trump people in Califrutopia than in the next nine nearest states combined.
    They aren’t just going to up and move, come sportiness.

    This is going to be a cage match, and it’s going to be house-to-house, not block to block, zip code to zip code, or county to county. Just like the voting rolls.

    Think Stalingrad.
    Not Sarajevo.

    • It’ll be that way in some areas, surely. Not in all. I can’t imagine that Northern Idaho is going to have a ton of neighbor-on-neighbor violence.