New Woodpile’s Here!


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  1. and get fat as fuck.

  2. Before experiencing a devastating heart attack I partook generously of the 4 basic food groups: fat, salt, sugar, and alcohol. Not so much now.

  3. Man I’m trying. Had Lineman up for dinner last night, we eat freshly caught crab, “Crabbed two tides over in CoosBay Oregon” over the weekend, caught 70/80 crab, off my boat. Months ending in ” R” are killer bay crabbing months, for Oregon, Washington,,Calif.

    those sea spiders are tasty, add about two pounds of real butter and some garlic, a feast. Sadly nothing low cal about the butter.

    Headed back for thanksgiving, hoping to catch a couple hundred, between the family members, and boats going.

    Then early December, for the last crabbing of this year. If your into crabbing, nows the time.

    Back to poor eating habits, ice cold Corona!


    • while i get leaner, stronger, and more viscious, you celebrate and get fatter, weaker, and more lovey dovey.

      you won’t last long enough to protect your family. 🙂


      • mania |ˈmānēə|
        mental illness marked by periods of great excitement, euphoria, delusions, and overactivity.

      • Hey, it’s the 1024th Apache Indian from southern Canada. Sawyour lineage part Chinese, part muslium and part Indian. I think that makes you 100% full of shit.

        Was amused last week when you announced a new boyfriend, you and Johnny paratrooper truly will make a cute couple. Let us here on WRSA know when the official ” coming out” is happening.

        Most here will want to send very very special gifts. Unless you two are registered at a local island store. But then raw fish and beaver butts, gotta get old.

        You two really are the perfect couple. You both feed on each other’s bullshit, I can hear the pillow talk now….. Sexy sexy sexy!.

        So Tfat, you keep getting leaner, and stronger, perhaps you should take up running and swimming in ice cold water, your gonna need both skills sets after the local tribe decides they’ve had enough of your dumb ass.

        Dam, that was work, think I’ll have another ice cold Corona.

        Uncle Dirk

      • wendystringer48088

        Why do you always seem to be so “crabby”?


    • wendystringer48088

      Looked up a YouTube video of catching, cooking and eating crabs – Looks like a lot of fun and good eating.

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