The Organizations That Are Replacing You

Some of them, at least.

H/t Ol’ Remus.

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  1. the murkins have earned this, especially the catholick scum . these hordes know exactly how to what to do with their new slave whores. the catholicks will get special treatment.

    • You MUST be wrong, we have it on the word of Haxo et Al that ONLY the Juice are trying to destroy the world. The Catholics CANT be guilty of any wrongdoing!

      • i was raised catholic. i made confirmation and communion, and all the rest of the hokey-pokey horseshit that the stand- up, sit-down, kneel, confess, the holy roly poly robed liars and child molesters would have you do. in the military, i attended baptist, lutheran, episcopalion, pentecostal, and non-denomination services to get a grasp on other points of view- and look at me now 🙂 my sister left the christian church decades ago is now a practicing buddist in france, because she saw how the christian ideology was fundamentally flawed. any god who has seething wrath and promises an eternity in some hell for not following IT and it’s doctrinal non-sense is very obviously NOT a good and decent god. i have more respect for those who believe in the mythological gods Oden and Thor. i don’t need any god to be a decent and moral person. i’m generous, caring, and empathetic- until i’m not. then, i will go full Berserker on any fuckwit who treads on me. which is where i am now. like i said, fuck with me and find out bitches.

        • Quote,

          “…i don’t need any god to be a decent and moral person.”

          I formerly thought the same thing. Then it dawned on me, that my standards of “decent and moral” were the standards of Western Civilization, which of course means Western Christian Civilization. I accepted this at face value without ever contemplating the source.

          Next, those who would destroy Western Civilization are, defined by their own actions, anti-Christian. It was the Church which held Western Civilization together through the Dark Ages. It was the Church which preserved a common language, instituted higher education, and provided a standard of behavior for all men to abide. Those who would destroy Western Civilization, who are not Western, who are not Christian, have infiltrated the Church, and ALL of our institutions, and rotted them from the inside. They are pernicious and cancerous. Satan attacks that which he knows is closest to the truth.

          Read the Syllabus of Errors, paying particular attention to items 3 and 4.

      • liar

        I said nothing about “only”

        I have said that I consider the Jews’ shabbatz goy hirelings to be actively evil. The Jews do what they do because they are driven by genetic racial imperatives. The White shabbatz goyim sell out their own race, nation, and civilization for a glob of (((debt-financed))) pottage.

        • Wow, I check a thread and there it is. Talk about “plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose.” You shouldn’t be so tough on those shabbatz goyim though. After all, on your theory everyone’s driven by “racial imperative.” Or is it just those juden? Really, too funny either way.

          What happened…your feet get planted in cement?

          Anyway, you poor, poor guy. So is that the plan…go to your death bed sincerely believing you never had a choice? Don’t you see how tragic that is? I’m a charitable guy so from one dispatcher to another, if there’s anything I can do to help, you let me know. Gotta take care of our own, right? Meanwhile t-fAt chimes in with the blasphemy…

          “any god who has seething wrath and promises an eternity in some hell for not following IT and it’s doctrinal non-sense is very obviously NOT a good and decent god.”

          Well yeah, that’s kinda obvious. That’s why the sensible folk around here rally around the flag and the constitution. Get with the program, willya?

          I mean damn are you arrogant. Keep that up and outghtsix may call you Lucifer. It’s rough sure, but we can give you a doll and you can show us where it hurts. That might help.

          Besides, anyone knows that your selfish “me” can’t possibly stand up against the mighty collectivist “we.” Shit, next you’ll be squawking that winning is better than losing. That claptrap obviously doesn’t belong here.

          Golly you must be mean…wanting to deprive good men of what they’re so used to. I say if a guy wants to lose, let him lose.

          Except Haxo…we dispatchers gotta stick together.


    So when will our “Fair and Balanced ” FAUX News report these verifiable facts?

    • Probably the same time that a proverbial icy spheroid
      theoretically defeats the normal environmental
      conditions of the planet Venus at ground level.

      Don’t be surprised to see the Goldman’s down at Arizona’s
      Southern Border, ready and willing to offer pro-bono legal
      aid to ‘the poor migrants’ as they attempt to enter.

      Of course if they’re down there getting in the way, most likely
      H.I.A.S. will be there to also complicate matters…

      Makes one wonder if “IsraAid” will also ‘join the party’?…they’ve
      been on the shores of both Greece and Italy to help ‘rapefugees’
      enter those sovereign countries, while israel takes in NONE.

      It would be remiss to neglect to say that the ‘Brown Berets’ would
      show up as well, not to mention members of ‘La Raza’ and other
      ‘Azatlan/Reconquista/Chicano’ organizations..especially M.E.Ch.A.

      Wouldn’t be surprised to see antifa and others being bused in.

      All in all, quite a toxic and explosive combination to have
      possibly coming together on the Southern Border.

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

      • Johnny Paratrooper

        Something I learned a long time ago.

        Never listen to positive hype. Especially when they pay a lot of money for the positive.

        Fake News, Fake Heroes, Fake Nation, Fake Diversity

        Honest deeds don’t require you to be a megaphone.

        That is such a well documented phenomenon that the Bible mentions it repeatedly. Christ is said to have spoken about it on numerous occasions.

        Hard lessons are learned the hard way or they are hardly learned.

      • >>>while israel takes in NONE.

        Wait a sec. I thought that was GOOD. Now you’re saying it’s BAD? I don’t get it. Oh wait…never mind. I forgot about that song, “What’s logic got to do with it?” Yes, that must be it.

        Gotta say, you kept it under your hat pretty well. I thought you were the House Anarchist; made a pretty good case of it too. What happened, did it get too scary? Hope none of it affects your sleep in any event; that’s a common side effect of dissonance.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      Yup, the Faux News that conservatives wait on with baited breath for their every thought and instruction.
      And to think brainwashing doesn’t work on Americans…….. only the Nazis were dumb enough to fall for it.
      Keep watching and voting, everything will work out just fine.

  3. You can do all the prepping you want but if our ship sinks the Republic will never be restored unless you inform/educate your viewers on the

    The seeds have been planted ….
    Excellent news to report today flying around the web. The President wants to abolish the 14th amendments birthright citizenship by Executive order.
    No doubt if the President writes this Executive order, it will be challenged quit heavily in the courts (Supreme) and by the Democrat Socialist Party/Progressives.

    Exclusive: Trump targeting birthright citizenship with executive order
    Youtube Trump immigration executive order: President to terminate birthright citizenship

    Easy reads, worth your time to view ….
    The 14th amendment is back doing harm!
    Article V Project to Restore Liberty

    Original Intent

    Why should states that protect illegal immigrants be rewarded with more political power?
    By Hans A. von Spakovsky | Fox News June 4, 2018

  4. Alfred E. Neuman

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  5. Johnny Paratrooper

    It should be noted that the lawyers(Or interns) are basically required to do pro bono work bringing these people into this country.

    Notary stuff, paper work processing. Officiating referee type stuff.

    This is obviously a problem.

  6. The inevitable result is f-cking palpable

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