Z Blog: Playing With Fire

Hatespeech from someone who is clearly a green Nazi frog.

Related NYT story.

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  1. Alfred E. Neuman

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  2. ….oh well, I’ll be first to ask ! Doesn’t this ((( GOLDBERG ))) deserve the three parentheses ? Every GOD DAMN TIME !

  3. Fixed it for you CA

    When was the last time you had so much fun?

  4. I’m curious to know if Michelle considers murdering a bunch of “white men,” to be genocide, given her “Replacement,” language?

    Billy Beck always said to take these cretins at their word…

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Just as the Left has denoted a difference between “rape” and “rape rape,” there is also “genocide” and “genocide genocide”.

    • (((Michelle Goldberg))) is a highly intelligent Jew. As were/are (((Susan Sontag))), (((Noel Ignatiev))), (((Ben Wattenberg))), (((Anna Baltzer))), (((George Soros))), and any number of other public Jews who have, from time to time, made statements of genocidal intent against Whites. Organized Jewry, both Red and Zionist, has calculated that they are now so firmly in the demographic/political driver’s seat that daily and routine disclosure of lethal intent toward Whites will make no difference. We’ll see if they are correct.

      and (((they))) don’t just “intend”. Via open-borders shitskin insourcing and the White-birthrate killing kosher Culture of Death, the Jews’ #WhiteGenocide project has been underway since 1965.

      you, and most Whites, just didn’t notice.

      Bowers noticed.

  5. That’s a fantastic article. We demand that the Muslims police their own and reform their religion to rid it of the savage animalistic behavior. I think its perfectly reasonable to do the same for Judaism. Avoids the negative optics.

  6. Definitely some people who get it over there.

    “whatever Deep State-type agency you empower to hunt down Jews can, in a heartbeat, be used to hunt down others.”

  7. Jimmy the Saint

    To the tune of Frere Jacques:
    Michelle Goldberg
    Michelle Goldberg
    You’re white, too!
    You’re white, too!
    Come the revolution,
    You will not be spared.
    You’re white, too!
    You’re white, too!
    – Your Replacement

  8. Excellent article. I would re-post it, but gab is down, & wrongthink is down. Soon freexoxe or whatever it is called will be down (if it is not already). Not that they would have me. So I guess I will start emailing stuff to people again.

    Once Silly-Con Valley saw they could go after Daily Stormer, they didn’t waste a day before they started trying to shut Alex down, despite his Israeli butt kissing. If they don’t meet hard resistance, soon this place and all like it will go down the memory hole too. I think they have enough digital power to do so, at least for a time.

    However, they don’t have enough power for the amount of wrongthink they want to correct in meatspace and they don’t seem to realize the consequences of pissing into a hurricane. Interesting times ahead.

  9. Every time I get accused of being a Nazi and prepping a new holocaust I think “God, I wish”

  10. Here’s the Jew AG of Pennsylvania going after GAB. Jews really do have a blind spot when it comes to self inflicted wounding.