All Hallow’s Eve

Thoughts on the past and the future.

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  1. Several beautiful paragraphs turned into a turgid manifesto topped-off with a banal finale

  2. The Makers are grateful and the Takers want more. I won’t put on a costume and pretend I’m something I’m not.

  3. Centurion_Cornelius

    Glorious stuff–God Bless the Celts and Samhain!

  4. Nice piece. Reading it brought forward a never thought of sense of Autumn being a Season of Renewal. Pretty much from the git-go, Winston also came to mind; “Let us therefore brace ourselves to our duties, and so bear ourselves….” Winston Churchill – 18 June 1940

  5. Nightbreaker

    Very deep and introspective, we can all use a time to reflect on things “That are important” Faith, family , hearth and Honor.. In a few short days we may be tested to the best of our ability. Get right in all your personal aspects, do the right thing Regardless if anyone is looking ,
    Make this your finest Hour.

  6. Badthinkers need to embrace their status. The Reds fear you, and your job is to give them very good reasons for doing so.
    If we are being literal, and some of you are.
    i don’t have much use for bad thinkers period. Either side, any tribe.
    Bad actors? Them either.

  7. And the festival of Hallowe’en originally signified the beginning of Hallowmas, a time for remembering the saints and ancestors that came before us, the mystical union between the Church Militant on Earth and the Church Triumphant in Paradise.

    Man named saints?
    How many new testament disciples and or apostles went out and gathered physical armies? Is this what Jesus told them to do?
    Does freedom come with Responsibility?
    Do not fall for the same Traps as our ancestors. You think men have been used in the past? You aint seen nothing yet.

    • Samhain (in Scots its pronounced SOW-in) is the source for Halloween. Its yet ANOTHER pagan celebration stolen from my ancestors by the Catholics. It had nothing to do with the Saints or the Church.
      It was the end and the beginning. The end of the year and its rebirth. It was a liminal time or a time of transition. The veil between the spirit world and the living world was thin and the ghosts of our ancestors would freely walk. The god of the dead would roam the earth with his host and lurk in the spaces between. It was celebrated by a family meal. You would sit out a place for the ancestors and when the meal was done you would carry the food placed at that space would be left outside for the spirits of those not of this world. Then all the fires would be extinguished. The Elders and the Priests would build a bonfire as dawn approached and that fire would signal to the spirits that the time to return to their world was at hand. The people would come to the fire and from it they would take an ember and light their own fires to signal the rebirth. There would be music and dancing and 9 months later the children would be born.

      Now as stated it was a liminal time and the god of the dead would walk the earth in those spaces. Now guess what the god of the deads name was?

      • Donn,
        No idea what the name was. Seems to be a lot of confusion surrounding this.
        i have always found it odd that even though the catholic church, is in many of these countries the people still follow these pagan beliefs. Of course many of the other churches that split from this false church have also gone back to her and her ways.

  8. Amor fati !

  9. That was a darn good read this cold, wet morning with a hot cup of coffee.

  10. Halloween is my new Holy Day

    Bless the Night. curse the day.

    the light is useful to only count the dead.


  11. Beautiful! Explained me to myself.

    The history of mardi gras is also interesting and telling, neworleans and alabama.