VDARE: Talking About Third-World Invasion Hordes Means You Have Killed The Jews

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  1. Fanatical ass eating blinds and enslaves:
    April 5
    The Department of Homeland Security said a surge of illegal crossings last month justifies the Trump administration’s call for an emergency deployment of National Guard troops to the Mexican border, citing a 37 percent increase in the number of people taken into custody by the U.S. Border Patrol.

    Federal agents arrested or denied entry to 50,308 unauthorized migrants in March, the highest one-month total since President Trump took office and a 200 percent increase over the same period last year, when crossings fell to historic lows.

    Border Patrol Agents Arrest 193 Illegal Aliens In 2 Hours – SEPTEMBER 19, 2018
    A combined 193 illegal alien adults and children were encountered by Border Patrol agents patrolling along the border several miles west of Arizona’s Port of Lukeville on Sunday.

    Illegal Border Crossings in August Up 68 Percent – breitbart.com/border/2018/09/12/illegal-border-crossings-in-august-up-68-percent/

  2. So now to criticize certain policies or ideas automatically means you are an anti Semitic bigot. I don’t think this rhetoric will have the intended effect…..

  3. When you meet with your colleagues in Meatspace, leave the cell phones home. Bonus points for sending your “suspect” ally on a fool’s errand with all your cell phones (on and muted) to a useless, benign location while the grownups talk amongst themselves. Extra bonus points if you can spare a trusted ally and send him or her to a useless location with all your cell phones on and loud. Then have that person send texts as folks normally do intermittently from each of your phones.

    Giving those spying on you NO valuable information is OK (cell phones off at certain times and certain places out of character raises suspicion, however.) Giving those spying on you WRONG information is extra good.

  4. From the 2nd Article: “Therefore, no one should discuss the migrant caravan, no one should call it an invasion, and, most importantly, no one should oppose it. To do otherwise is to announce you’re a white nationalist in league with Robert Bowers.”
    For the record:

    1) I have discussed the migrant caravan;
    2) I consider it to be an invasion;
    3) I oppose it;
    4) I am not in league with Robert Bowers because:
    a) I am Jewish, and everyone that I know or knew who was an immigrant among my friends and family came here quite legally; and
    b) I am not Haxo Assface.

    Also for the record, my people, the Jews, have been hounded, attacked and murdered in a multitude of countries over the centuries. No, not all of them, but enough. Germans with similar attitudes as Bowers and Haxo Assface murdered over 100 of my distant relatives (so my grandparents told me, and they were much closer relations to those who were murdered). We, meaning both my people and my family, have found a remarkable amount of tolerance and safety here in the US. I will not passively allow myself or those I care about to be hounded, attacked or murdered in this country as my people were elsewhere – and because of my family’s and my people’s history, I am among the strongest backers of the 2nd Amendment right to keep and bear arms that you can imagine. Of course, having firearms and living in a generally tolerant nation is no guarantee against an attack of any kind…but I promise, with every fiber of my being, that any such attacks on me or mine will not be for free this time.

    These are simply statements of fact, not threats. I know what I must and will do, period.

    Thanks to the vast majority of you in the WRSA community for being friendly, tolerant and, above all, decent to other people – you make up for the occasional dipshits like Haxo Assface.

    • …..”have been hounded , attacked and murdered in a multitude of countries”

      HUH ! why would that be ?, are you pointing out that no other tribe can claim that honor ?

    • Johnny Paratrooper

      Nothing personal, I know there are nice Jewish people.

      Most of them are smart, and successful for good reason.

      The ones at my college, and in a lot of Baltimore institutions, have ALOT of communists friends.

      It is rather striking how many.

      Don’t get me wrong. There are plenty of screwed up whites. But they Jewish community in Baltimore really pours on the marxism. It’s cringe worthy.

      They even allow Palestinians to discuss “Palestine”.

      Which is confusing, because all the Palestinians have ever accomplished is being Inbred retards and killing Brits, Jews, Christians, literally anyone.

      They also…launch rockets at Israe constantly.

      Which is significantly worse than a couple mags dumps.

      There is no mention of it.

      • Johnny Paratrooper

        Launch rockets at Israel*

      • Johnny Paratrooper

        You can understand that this is in fact going on.

        I recommend calling these schools.

        Talking to the Jewish community leaders on campus.

        You are going to be disappointed.

        • Johnny Paratrooper

          “We have weak leaders”

          He (DJT) is talking about everyone.

    • Jews declared war on Germany in 1933. Jews were therefore a declared internal enemy.

      Jews also ran the deadly revolutions in Germany (Bavarian Socialist Republic & Berlin Spartacist Revoution) and near Germany (USSR, Hungary, etc.) while Germany was fighting World War ONE.

      60 million gentiles died.

      I say the Jews are damn lucky that only 270,000 of them died in a war they started.

    • Every group of people have been “hounded, attacked and murdered” at some point. We all know what we have to do when the time comes. Period.

    • Where is ol’ assface? seems to me he’d be dancing a jig here. afterall, it’s always the Jooos, right? Maybe he’s just tossing back a few in celebration

    • Great!

      now get on the phone and start finding out who is related to the real power behind the (((fuckers))) that are running this country into the dirt and ‘fix’ them.


    • name-calling aside, Texas Jew, you’ve got nothing. For 3,000 years organized Jewry has schemed to destroy every Host. Sometimes they’ve succeeded, by fomenting bloody revolutions and catastrophic wars. Other times they’ve been routed and kicked out.

      while the outcome of the current Judeo-globalist effort to liquidate the White Nations remains in doubt, I doubt – if the Whites win – that any fine distinctions will be made between “good” and “bad” Jews.

      and that’s not just Haxo talking. That’s the way History and human nature work.

    • thesouthwasrght

      Texan, at the risk of being branded “anti-Semitic”, I have a question: what led to your people being “hounded, attacked, and murdered”?

      • “anti-Semitic” = the slur purposefully created by the
        jew to use in an attempt to deflect, de-rail or silence
        ANY criticism or pointing out his destructive, immoral
        and unethical activites or actions, especially when done
        to undermine or harm the host nation he and others of
        his kind currently inhabit..often while enriching and
        empowering himself and select others of his (((tribe))).
        See: “parasitism”

        It is also used in a rapidly failing attempt to deflect or
        silence truth-telling in regards to the above parasites.

        This made up word has no longer ANY effect on me
        nor will it in any way alter my decision to continue to
        speak of and share the truth…in other words, ‘this
        goyim’s woke and has had enough jew fostered
        indoctrination bs!!’

        NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

    • I have to ask, why is it that so many Jewish folks seem to support the idea of civilian disarmament? I mean they literally still have an attempted genocide in living memory. Is it a cultural thing? I can’t imagine surrendering my rights to ANY government knowing that was a part of my families past. Serious question and no disrespect intended. Oh and for the record, I’d share a fightin’ hole with you any day.

    • Take note of verifiable history.

      [The best people in the world] ran the deadly revolutions IN Germany (Bavarian Socialist Republic & Berlin Spartacist Revoution) and NEAR Germany (USSR, Hungary, etc.) while Germany was fighting World War ONE.

      60 million gentiles died in “a time when .[The best people in the world had] control of the Gentiles”

      [The best people in the world] declared war on Germany in 1933.

      [The best people in the world] were therefore a declared internal enemy.

      Another 60 to 80 million gentiles died.

      I say the [poor innocent victims] are damn lucky that only 270,000 of them died in a war they started.

      Own your history, all of it, not just your “Nobel prize winners.”.

      Nobody got expelled from hundreds of countries over thousands of years because they are just the “innocent victims” of “haters,” “the Gospels,” and “Nazis.”


      Race and ethnicity, things beyond our own control, are NOT the problem.

      Belief and behavior, matters of our own FREE WILL, are the (((problem))).

      Own it.

    • “The jew will tell you of his problems..he will
      NEVER tell you why”.
      –Old Russian Proverb

      There’s a (((reason))) that “Two Hundred Years Together”
      has NOT been made available in english for Western readers
      to understand. That needs to change.

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  5. Johnny Paratrooper

    This was inevitable.
    A perfectly good reason why religious institutions should be forced by common law to help, and engage only INSIDE ones borders.

    This was bond to end as a man outlet for subversive types.

    Especially since this liars are fully aware Low IQ socialists and Muslims aren’t comparable.
    We need to end these bullshit supplementary religious instituitions.

    The only legitimate religious building should be used as a place of worship. Not a place of literally anything else.

    For instance, “Not an immigration or invasion office”

  6. D. N. A.


    The Ashkenazi are descended from Male Jews that settled in Europe and married European Females. They are not the Khazars.

  7. The Walkin' Dude

    The migrant army approaches! To the Dragon ships!

  8. Also for the record…

    Nobody got expelled from hundreds of countries over thousands of years because they are just the “innocent victims” of “haters,” “the Gospels,” and “Nazis.”

    Race and ethnicity, things beyond our own control, are NOT the problem.

    JEWISH BELIEF & JEWISH BEHAVIOR, matters of free will choices, ARE THE (((PROBLEM))).

  9. Bravo! You are TheTexan. Stand your ground, a notable Texan trait. Bravo!

    So many cannot find true north. TheAlaskan


    Sigh. It will be a good day when all of these commie-liberal “journalists” get theirs. They have no clue and will never admit they are wrong even as they get pulled out of their SUV’s and get shot in the head, as they are leaving the parking lot of Whole Foods. Regardless of the outcome of 11/06, the Blue Hives, where these Cosmic White Marxists live, will be going bonkers. It will be interesting entertainment.

  11. HIAS the Jewish outfit that settles “rapeugees” in our country, perform those tasks for the same reason the Catholics and the Lutheran do it. FOR BIG BUX! These operations get big dollars for bringing, settling and maintaining all the shitholeans in our country. And WE are the ones who have to live next door to the animals AND pay the taxes that provide to money to pay the jews, lutherans and catholics to deposit this trash in our neighborhoods.

    Something needs to end with this endless chain. We have to stop paying taxes, kill and destroy all the “AID” agencies that service the shitholeans, or begin changing some laws. Right fucking quick. This shit needs to end.

  12. Texan. I’ll stand with you. The problem the country has is what needs to be done will not be because of bad graphics and the requirement to insure every one gets their day in court. How ever a way to reduce the invasion is to attack it’s logistics. Remove tax free status from NGOs providing funds because they are supporting a hostile act (law breaking) by foreigners. Providing support to some one you know or suspect is intending or going to commit an illegal act is aiding and abetting which criminal in most places.

    • Forgot the Tax Free Status.
      Use RICO and seize ALL of the assets and jail the organization leaders.

  13. Let the media and the unhinged left spew whatever label they want. They’re the enemy, who gives a fuck what ludicrous epithets they hurl at us? I don’t. Matter of fact, I look at it as my enemies self-identifying and telegraphing their punches. Never a good idea. 2 ears, 2 eyes, 1 mouth. Use them in the proper ratio…