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Perfect Score

And she’ll get to go home at the end of her shift.

Epic LOL.

Cappy On Stupid People

More of them than there are of you.

And they want your stuff.

Muh democracy.

Basic Medical Reference Books To Acquire Now

Via American Partisan.


Tempus fugit.

Totally Legit: License Plate Readers & You

Data Driven: Explore How Cops Are Collecting and Sharing Our Travel Patterns Using Automated License Plate Readers

Start here with the explainer, then move through the other links.

BTW, this guy is doing all this krep just to keep you safe, ‘Murika.

(H/t Kenny)

Z Blog: Kritocracy*, Then Chaos

Thus lies the path to madness.

Current example: Federal Judge Blocks Trump’s New Asylum Rules

Never forget that the destruction of your country was not an accident.

It was a premeditated murder.

By those who plan the same for you and yours.

*; text for those getting a security message from their OS:

(Click to embiggen)


ZH: “A Sea Of Red”: Global Stocks Plunge With Tech Shares In Freefall

Z Blog: Radical Disorder

Revolutions and revolutionaries have a limited life.


Not so much.

Good thing Whitey has done so much that needs avenging.

And the diverse women to begin doing just that are walking on set.

New Woodpile’s Here!


Ron Paul: Pentagon Fails First Audit, Neocons Demand More Spending!

Moar spending now for greater profits and ongoing fuckwittery, sez MIC shills in reply.

Good luck with that upcoming “interest payments on FedGov debt will soon exceed DOD spending ” thang.

Not to worry, though.

Steiner’s attack will turn things around.

“I do believe those are Steiner’s boys coming over the hill now…”

Utter Madness

(She seems nice…)

Woman bishop wants to castrate God and free women in the name of gender equality

Open thread.

Lone Wolves & Their Packs

A reader sends:

-Lone Wolves and their Packs-

Like many of you, I have several bags and plate carriers prepped for the upcoming festivities – not counting my EDC bag, which has all my daily stuff in it, and literally a dozen other packs I use regularly.

When I was a younger man, I used to pack my bags to military standards. That made sense to me and worked for so many years. But things have changed, and I no longer need to conform to big army standards. I have much different needs now, and I no longer have a huge military logistical element supporting me 24/7. I needed to change my packing. It suddenly occurred to me during the recent temperature drop in the northeast that I am no longer a rough and tough paratrooper who can get rained on for two days in 30F weather and run around with 80 pounds of weapons, ammo, and armor.

That standard is no longer required of me. I cannot justify carrying 80 pounds of weapons, armor, and ammo and then waiting on 2 duffel bags full of PT uniforms, socks, and tactical towels to be delivered. I am not a big army soldier who packs a “bachelor pad in three bags” anymore.

The standard packing list was an assault bag packed for three days, a deployment bag with my sleeping bag/extra uniforms/hygiene, and then a second, longer term bag full of other various things that the army claimed I needed if we deployed. I don’t need a half dozen uniforms, one perfect parade uniform, PTs, and all kinds of random gear. Not to mention 3 different types of head gear, 2 types of socks, two types of camo (Fireproof and Not Fireproof) and a PT belt in my pocket. I couldn’t conform to those standards if I wanted. It would literally have a big pile of useless stuff. Mostly PTs by volume. I realized I needed something different when I was packing for a cross country trip to Wyoming for the summer season. I kept coming up short on my needs and wants.

It was time to turn those PT shirts into weapons cleaning rags and reorganize my stuff.

The moment of my middle to late 2000’s army nostalgia is over. I don’t need that stuff anymore. Like all things, this was out of necessity. I kept trying to stick to the “military” formula, but I could not make it work. When I began packing, everything got out of control quickly. My EDC bag tripled in size very quick. Which meant that it now took up the entire passenger seat. It was no longer a bag, but rather a pack full of stuff. The other two bags came together shortly afterwards.

From now on, I’m going to pack a “Super EDC Bag”, a hunting and hiking pack, and a homebase bag.

The “Super EDC” List:

-2 Pistols
-Spare Mags
-Street Clothes
-Large Hygiene Kit
-Snacks (Dried Fruits, Granola Bars, Snickers, Jerky, Pastries, Crackers or Cookies)
-Spare Keys
-Flare (2)
-$500 in twenties
-Hydration Bladder with Hose
-Camo Fleece Blanket

It was completely full and was a little heavy. Plus a few other things of various usefulness that disappeared into the pockets. Like Chapstick and Visine.

{WRSA editorial comment: Consider adding OTC NSAIDs, anti-diarrheals, and allergy meds, along with 30 days of any maintenance meds}

The second bag I packed turned into a Hunting/Hiking Pack. It includes the following:

-High Powered Hunting Rifle with a scope, red dot, and 200 rounds on a bandolier
-Two camo outfits
-Gauntlet gloves and tactical gloves
-Thick neck gaiter
-Watch cap
-Camo scarf
-1.5 gallons water (3 quarts and the hydration pack)
-6 MRE’s stripped
-Woobie (Army Issue, Highly Recommend)
-Poncho (Army Issue, Highly Recommend)
-Blowtorch with Bottle (The only way to start a fire, also a sabotage tool)
-Cleaning Kit for Rifle and Pistols with Patches and Oil Bottle
-Small tool kit
-Spare compass
-Two sets of sweat pants
-Thick XL Camo Hoodie
-Baby Wipes
-Dry Tinder
-Medical Kit
-2 Wet Weather Bags
-$250 “WaterProof” tactical boots that are actually waterproof
-4 Tourniqets
-Survival Drinking Straw
(Note-No Radio, No Batteries, No Map, No Water Filter)

This bag alone is heavy. When included with my EDC, which is required, it weighs about 75 pounds (with rifle).

75 pounds of gear is 75 pounds of gear, gentlemen.

With a parachute and helmet? 120 pounds
If I add 1 mortar round and 100 rounds of belted 7.62×51? 125 pounds.
If I were a M249 SAW gunner, M240 Bravo, M60 Mortarman, or a Stinger, it would be 135+ lbs.

Lift, Stretch, and March, gentlemen. You could be asked to fill in for one of those guys next week.

The third bag I packed turned into a homebase bag, or a camp bag. This bag contains everything I need to build a home in the woods:

-Sleeping bags
-Sleeping pad
-Two Medical Kits (For longer term GSW Treatment)
-Two Splints (In case I break my foot smashing an Islamo-Commie’s face; no regrets)
– E-tool, Hatchet, Hand pick (The Holy Tools of Digging Fighting Positions)
-Spare boots (same as other)
-Excellent Military Grade Tent (Camo, Non-reflective, easy to use, the works…)
-Ground Sack: It’s like a giant duffel bag, but thick, it keeps your “waterproof” bivy sack off the sticks and stones.
-6 quarts of Water
-2 wet weather bags
-Lots of Durable Cordage: these things I use to wrap around tree trunks and tighten my tent line
-Camo netting
-Ghillie Suit
-200 Rounds of ammo
-Two packs of baby wipes
-Electrolyte mix (To prevent death from diarrhea, and those debilitating cramps that cause extreme nausea, NOT FOR DRINKING REGULARLY)
-Mixed packs of spices and seasoning
-Vitamin mix
-Propane bottles (2)

Notice- I did not bring a machete, kick shovel, saw, quality rope for rigging, or a framing hammer with 5 lbs of large nails. One could bring these along and literally build a log cabin in their spare time.

I should also consider noise makers for security.

SLL: The Broken Clock’s Minute

The semblance of normalcy, until replaced by insolvency.

Arithmetic cannot be denied.

Good news?

There will be lots of toilet paper.

Aesop Sends: Stalin Would Be Proud

The latest on the SoCal Steal.

Read the whole thing; it’s brief.

There is no effective organized political opposition to the Reds.

Understand that.

Accept that.

Act accordingly.

Totally Legit

Democratic 2020 candidate wants government-sponsored ‘social credit’ system comparable to China’s

More battlespace preparation.

You are not going to like what the Elites have planned for white male hatespeaking Badthinkers in the Twenties.

Knife Sharpening

Via American Partisan.

Are your team’s blades good to go?

Tempus fugit.

Heartiste: Lift Weights, Cut Carbs, Intermittently Fast

Part of preparing for the Coming Unpleasantness is optimizing health.

One whole-body concept; h/t Maggie’s.

Related info.

Routine care, such as physicals, dental work, and eye exams, goes without saying.

Doesn’t it?

PS: You are stockpiling maintenance medications, right?

Paglia On #MeToo And Women, Circa 2018

Provoking, indeed.

Tough point for trad American males:

Many of our mothers, grandmothers, sisters, daughters, and other kin females are in the socialist/Red enemy camp – in many cases, nearly irretrievably so.

Food for thought over Monday coffee.

Great Blue Manatee Of Georgia Spotted By Earl

The moment, preserved for posterity.

TACB: Critical Race Theory & You

This is fine.

Because social justice.

And reasons.

Z Blog: The Between Time

Between madness and mass graves.

With hordes of Buckley-wannabes extolling the ecological benefits of your family’s extermination.

No way out but through.