Haters & the Marketplace of Ideas

It’s for your own good.

I’ll take these busybody bastards seriously when being a Communist carries the same social pariah status as does a Nazi in the current era.

Ain’t gonna happen, so we refer to Rule #2:

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26 responses to “Haters & the Marketplace of Ideas

  1. I can sum of the circular logic masterpiece of NPC Rand Cooper in 8 easy words: Hate speech for me the gulag for thee.

    They never stop.
    Till they are.
    Fight thru.

  2. @Grenadier1

    “So since 1930 “good” Catholics did nothing to fix this problem….”

    There are about a million± of us in the USA working to fix the problem:

    FSSP, SSPX, SSPV, et al.

    Even Bela Dodd, the convert to Catholicism from Judeo-Communism who first revealed the invasion of the 1930’s in Congressional testimony, worked to make good the evil she had wrought.

    Do you ever study a subject before braying your opinion?

    • And yet you still have a Communist pope and a host of gay pedo priests so your “fixes” did nothing.
      Face it your Church is a dumpster fire and nothing you are doing is stopping that. MAYBE if you spent more time weeding out the pedos from your own ranks instead of hounding Jews you might achieve some success.
      But of course you blame the Jews for all the gay Pedo priests so…

      Its always someone else that’s at fault.
      One has to wonder if that obsessive behavior is due to an inner conflict. Maybe you did that ol’ Ancestry.com test and got back some results your were not happy with.

    • hey idiot

      you can’t fix wrong.

      you tear it out and re-place it

      take it from a successful upper-shelf contractor

    • Grenadieri,Please study utilizing the Al Lickme process. This is a subject he knows about. He has polished and licked more priest brown helmets than any other altar boy in the history of the church.
      Thank god we have a scholar of his impeccable pedigree to correct and guide all of us knuckle draggers. What a pompous,self-righteous,jew hating,know it all used condom, ie a fucking scumbag.


      Al: SSPX still acknowledges Bergoglio as the Pope. This makes them part of the problem. I did Good Friday last spring at a SSPX parish here in Rawles Land. When I entered the vestibule, there was that Marxist Jesuit rat bastard’s portrait staring at me in the vestibule. I have not been back.
      The only true remnant I have found is Holy Family Monastery in upstate NY. If you can handle all of their conspiracy theories, the Diamond(sp) brothers seem to be the real deal, as far as the way Mother Church used to be. As for me, I prefer to go into my own closet and pray(Matt:6).

  3. @ Dirk

    re: hands

    Investigate ipamorelin, CJC 1295, and placental stem cells.

    • Al, will do. Thank you.


    • @Al

      I was late to replying to the previous GAB discussion, but since you’re tagging others here, I’ll return the favor.

      Nobody “censored” your highly valuable rhetoric at GAB. I don’t recognize the AL Liguori pseudonym, so you’re operating there under a different alias. No matter. If I axed something in the Guns of Gab group, it was only a removal from the group. As you well know, it was not / is not nuked from your timeline. And the only material I/we mods removed there were blatant efforts to pollute the group’s theme and discussions.

      I’d apologize for potential over-reaction, but I doubt you displayed any semblance of rational rhetoric.

      I didn’t “boast” of anything. I mentioned to anyone concerned that Gab was as useful as any other forum, and recommended setting up groups, like we have at the Guns Group, and weeding out irrelevant garbage (like the incessant stream of “IT’S THE JEWS!!!” memes), as the leaders of the group see fit.

      Frankly, I’m more receptive to your viewpoint than you realize. But, when you show up *everywhere* with your fucking bullhorn, you’re apt to get relegated to ignore status. It’s really almost always the offender who proves determined to pollute the place that gets their posts removed in the Guns Group; and you really have to be an unapologetic loser to get banned there. We’re the most popular group on Gab, and it’s not because of the nazis or the jews.

      Sorry, CA, for the long-windedness. But, I’ve got a snootful in me…

      p.s. If anyone wants to prolong this fight (Al?), I’m also playing hall monitor over at the Zero Gov forum…

  4. As the masthead of this very website has reminded us, if free speech does not include – does not protect – so-called “hate speech,” i.e.,speech that others may find offensive, then it isn’t free at all. Freedom of speech and freedom of approved speech are very different things indeed.

    • From the link:
      “Self-curation is the only true form of individual liberty and free speech online in an era of corporate-sponsored, politically manipulated, and ever-changing algorithms that are driving our social feeds.”
      Self curation?
      How many times can we warn, can we explain to those who will not listen? What are the repercussions? Should there be consequences?
      Freedom is not without consequences.
      Freedom without consequences in the end is lawlessness, is that what we are chasing?

  5. Centurion_Cornelius

    “How many Divisions do these NPC Commie bastards have?”



    • you can only beat your opponent if you actively seek him out and render him helpless.

      most here have never had their hands wrapped firmly around another human beings neck and squeezed until they stopped moving.



      CC: I hope you are right. I cannot, at this time, bring myself to underestimate my foes. These Cosmic White Marxist rat bastards are still framing the debate. Remember what Uncle Adolf said: “…we have your children.” Bleib ubrig.

  6. Freedom of speech needs to be total, for the same reason freedom of weapons needs to be total. Many people who claim ‘private property, our rules’ are no more sincere than when the left claimed free speech. As soon as they can impose their censorship, they will. They don’t want free speech, they want ordered speech. Just like ordered liberty. Think ordered as in commanded, not as in sorted.

    • I just want to be left the fuck alone.
      But noooo…

      50 million or so useful dupes aka NPC idiots think its their business to stick their fucking noses into every facet of the sphere of my life, including the fucking hubris they have determined, my life is forfeit because I am a Man, White, and live by my self determination, under the boogeyman, the precepts of organized Liberty.
      There are so many identity tactics built into that intrusion and its meddling, when American’s like me choose to fight back against what is the 3 stages of racial genocide, they will not only NOT be calling me a Nazi, they will change their mind about Hitler and think they would rather have fucked with Adolph than guys like me because Ol’ Adolph will seem like a much less dangerous guy.

      The rule, my guns … my say so, creates another dimension to Liberty we haven’t seen in America in a very long time. The third time actually.
      They say, the third time is the charm. I believe there is more than a little truth in that axiom when it comes to the Fabien’s.
      These Fabien’s tried once in the late 1700’s-1812. They tried again with Lincoln and his marxists around 1860,(and never really stopped waging that class war as northern class bigotry for southern dirt people, revising history and statue destruction prove), they been at it again with a fervor since the red diaper baby brigade began with Ayer’s 1960’s manifesto, to their present stupid deep state scheme.
      After a while all that shit blends together and constitutes collective bullshit no Man in his right mind will stand for, at some stage say I had enough of this fucking dirty stinking commie bullshit.
      That day, thank you free speech, really free thought in the form of the Internet has created an entirely new information paradigm. Which has itself created a sea change in thinking across a very well ordered plurality, which is itself coming of age.
      2016 and the orange revolution that produced the God emperor is indicative of this plural state of mind becoming a legion, cognizant of it’s amazing power of political withdrawal of consent, and their inherent power within this plurality who are digging in it’s heels.
      The fucking marxist’s are trying to stop this legion who has withdrawn its consent, because the leftists can not stop their withdrawal of its consent, the only options remain being creating the hash tag “hate speech”, pogrom of that plurality, then genocide.
      It is a simple equation. Where the equation gets squirrely on the fucking commies is the cause and action behind the creation of the 2nd amendment escape from tyranny clause. A clause thank you very much your welcome, like withdrawal of consent, which no matter anything political, is an option, a choice, no one or nothing can take away from those who choose the 2nd Amendment clause.
      In other words, it is a whole lot harder to limit the 2nd Amendment clause to only one side in the equation having a monopoly, ie the same side who has restricted the 1st Amendment clause to themselves exclusively.
      The thing here is the two natural rights clauses are inextricably linked. They can not be entirely separated without setting off the trip wire. They are trying to separate the two from each other but there are inescapable perils.

      The first Amendment clause is nothing if it isn’t a trip wire for the 2nd Amendment clause of natural rights and protections. It’s why they ain’t “laws” but statements off truths of what we are as Free Men.

      It’s a sticky problem for the fucking dirty stinking commies. Since the Fabien’s began they haven’t figured a way around yet. Each time they double down thinking they got it within the grasp of their fucking meathooks it leads straight to war for Liberty.
      They will never learn.

  7. Furteenhateyeight

    LolOolzoozz they are frightened.

  8. Sat Cong.

  9. TL Davis over at Christian Mercenary just announced that Lies of Omission is now available for free on Youtube until after the election at least.

  10. robroysimmons

    Thankfully we “whites” have jews monitoring and mentoring our ideas and speech, we truly are a fortunate people to have such wise people helping us.

    But they can stop now and they can monitor and mentor the ideas and speech of the other 6 billion people on Earth.