War, Russia, And Sanity

Open questions all.

From a country unwilling to admit overreach.

22 responses to “War, Russia, And Sanity

  1. In the Age of the Internet, the old “start a war to get people to rally ’round the flag” doesn’t work any more. Starting a war is more likely now to result in Washington DC burned to ashes by outraged peons, and the neocons hanging from lamp posts.

    • OH Paul I want some of what you are SMOKIN ! we are in a war or several right now and ain’t no one swinging from a lamp post, and there is more to come and they will chant USA USA and throw half full beers at store windows etc etc

      • I admit this may be some wishful thinking. However I was talking about real war (nuke exchanges), not the usual bush-league stuff.

        • …brother in arms….

        • Jimmy the Saint

          In a nuclear exchange kind of war, the peons, outraged or not, aren’t going to get the chance to reduce DC to ashes. Someone will beat them to the punch quite handily.

  2. My position on this hasn’t changed. The idiots are more than welcome to keep provoking the nuclear armed bear and dragon. Washinton DC, NYC, LA, San Diego, Chicago, Miami…all of them get reduced to smoldering radioactive craters in round 1. I don’t live there. Maybe it stops there. Or not. Maybe I bite it in round 2 or I starve to death in a nuclear winter. Hey, you take your little victories where you can, right? But they die first. So sure….go on with your bad selves.

    • Round 1….good times. Phuck’em…communist enclaves each and every one of them.

    • yeah

      I double dog dare you ruskees and chinks to nuke DC or Detroit.

      come on pussies you don’t have the balls. sissybois faggots your momma gives BJs for my beer $ on the street corner. well? well?

  3. The question should be,

    Why is NATO ringing Russia in a strategically aggressive manner?

    The Answer would be obvious. It is because they are a Nationalist, Christian country full of white men with traditionalist values, who are (having lived through it) stridently anti-communist.

    The rest follows…

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “It is because they are a”

      “Nationalist” Yes, they are nationalists to some extent, moreso those in Western Russia, as opposed to Central or Eastern. Well, those guys are nationalists, too, albeit for different nations.

      “Christian country” Enh, some Christians, but an awful lot of non-Christians, too. Significant parts of Russia are heavily Muslim, for example.

      “full of white men” Not no, hell no, fuck no. They are in the lowest-low level of birthrate, they have a serious dearth of men relative to the number of women, and what men they do have have very short lifespans relative to the women. There’s a big reason so many Russian women want to get the fuck out of Dodge. Plus, an awful lot of the men in Central and Eastern Russia are a bit more swarthy/asiatic than “white”.

      “with traditionalist values”, Again, to some extent. Significant parts of the country hold to vastly different “traditions,” however.

      “stridently anti-communist.” Again, to some extent. There isn’t exactly a shortage of people who would oppose a return to the old Soviet state; however, they are not a majority by any means.



  4. Tic Toc.


  5. It’s a conundrum. If either side avoids escalation their domestic armchair warriors cry appeasement. If either side try’s to teach the other side a lesson – sink a carrier for example – we are off to the races.
    Like the debt ponzi , there are only messy ‘solutions ‘.
    Everyone is tooling up for a fight.

  6. Are the so-called American “elites” crazy-enough to risk annihilation in a war with Russia (or China) that might go nuclear, in order to preserve their money, power and status? In a word “Yes” – they really are that crazy. I recognize that hope isn’t strategy, but it is my most-fervent hope that behind the scenes, Trump and President Putin are ratcheting down the tension, and not amping it up. The Chinese worry me most; given their surplus population, the prospect of losing several hundred million people from their population doesn’t seem to concern them at al.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      The American elites no longer consider themselves “American,” they are citizens of the world.

      “The Chinese worry me most; given their surplus population, the prospect of losing several hundred million people from their population doesn’t seem to concern them at al.”

      It’s a far cry from the days of Mao’s “So we lose 100 million”. The Chinese are far more concentrated and industrialized now. China in the 50s could have ridden out a nuclear exchange without much of the country knowing it even happened. Not so today. They have lots of very big cities that they absolutely cannot afford to lose.

  7. War is the health of the State. Of course governments agitate for the ultimate big government program, war. Protection of the tribe is their bedrock claim to fame, if they don’t need to do that then why hire them? Because you will freak out if the streetsigns don’t all have identical graphics styles?

  8. Georgia boy, from a SF Col, to me, now to you. “We will be in a war with China in our life times”. He and I are early 60s.

    As for the time line, I think sooner, rather then later. However I do believe Both the Russians and the Chimese, understand that this sitting president will without pause Fuckem up.

    They still believe their’s a rifle,behind every blade of grass. Their clearly wrong their’s three or four rifles behind every blade of grass.

    Which is problematic, ups the antie,? would look to either to use bio weapons. As a 1st or 2nd strike choice.

    The Chinese especially understand that even our youth are armed. One man or child in the right spot, with their leadership in the wrong spot is problematic.
    Tic Toc.


  9. Old Gray Wolf

    With China, we could lose face by not being able to protect Taiwan, we could lose people to missiles and in battles elsewhere. People in Alaska and Hawaii may want to brush up on their Mandarin, just in case. However, an invasion by the PLA here on the mainland is a long shot. Cannot envision them being able to land the forces needed to establish a secure beachhead as long as our subs and other resources are functional. Of course, if they stopped shipping phones and tvs all of a sudden, the peons would take out the American leadership right quick and sue for peace with the dragon at any price…

  10. Poroschenko’s Nazis recently bombed a collage in Crimia killing 14 students. Almost certainly, the bombers were trained by US forces and the bomb was paid for by Amerika. Go ahead Trump, kill someore Russian kids. These Russians ain’t like the British men who stood by and let invaders rape all their kids. Motorola killed thousands before they assassinated him. They have a whole country filled with men like him. This ain’t our problem. This is a battle we will lose.

  11. SemperFi, 0321

    I remember diving under my desk in the early 60’s and hearing the same stories.
    And FedGov has replaced the Greenbriar Hotel with another new ‘secret’ location so maybe they are serious, but in my mind it’s just part of how the MIC operates. And the masses still fall for it.
    Kinda like voting for a new change.

  12. Our own country has been invaded. There are 25 million invaders according to the BONESMEN at Yaleo. Ergo there are more like 50 million. But hey Mexico is great place with really wonderful people. Really good people.

    How’s that wall coming? How many deportations of thee 25 million this week? Chinga tu madre gringos!

  13. The Russians are looking at the USA as on the brink of a civil war, The EU falling apart, NATO underfunded, they would be foolish not to prepare. The deep state and Neocons are in the midst of a soft coup against our duly elected Potus who will defend the US if needed. If the coup succeeds or the election in 2020 flips the power to the dimorat socialists does this bode well for the Russians or will it empower the Neo’s into forcing the Ruskies into taking advantage of an opportunity while your main opponent is weak ? If the Chinese join the Russians in the event you might as well put a fork in eastern Europe and the USA as our economy would collapse and in short order throw us into mass civil unrest.