Open Thread: What Happens Tomorrow?

Here’s one opinion.

What’s yours?

Not just outcome, but why and downstream impacts.

Have at it.

94 responses to “Open Thread: What Happens Tomorrow?

  1. Well, we certainly aren’t going to lose the Governorships of AZ or TX, so I’m pretty sure things will play better than Ace expects..IMO, Republicans hold the House and gain 2-3 Senate seats.

    • From which we gain jack and shit.

      • We gain more time to get our shit together for the War that is coming.

        • that’s one way to look at it.

          i see it as every year that goes by there are less and less genetically qualified men to do the hard work. soon there will only be grumbly old broken gadflies who are out-numbered by their vibrant and culturally diverse grandchildren.

        • You’ve had more than enough “time to get your shit together”.
          Especially if you passed the ’30 years’ signpost awhile ago.

  2. Nothing changes. We keep doing what we do, guaranteed they will be doing what they do.

    Don’t mean nothing.


  3. All street signs point to a repeat 0f 2016.

    Which bucks the historical off-year trend, and the Dem-skewed push-polling.
    The ones that told us all Shrillary had it locked up.

    But it looks tight, and like 2016, likely voters won’t decide this: unlikely voters will.

    If Pelosi gets the House back, prepping becomes front and center, because we’ll be headed right back to the falls, at full speed. The state will metastasize, even if we get one or two more SCOTUS justices.

    If that doesn’t happen, even by a whisker, Trump either fires Sessions and gets busy draining swamp rats and locking them up, or the next two years are going to be the same as the last two: tactical victories, and strategic stalemate, until Trump either gets voted out, strokes out, or is termed out.

    I really have no idea which way tomorrow goes, because the signs overall indicate every point of the compass.

    I’d like to be as pleasantly surprised as I was at 5PM PST November 8th, 2016.
    I’d also like the winning Powerball ticket.

    Whatever happens, make the most of the time remaining to you.
    Even if Orange Man triumphs again, the other shoe is the economy, which is teetering on a knife edge, and poised to drop off a cliff.

    • And from Fran Porretto’s site, a worthwhile moment of clarity:

      • “…Don’t come over here
        And piss on my gate
        Save it just keep it
        Off my wave…”

        Chris Cornell’s version of telling everyone to get the fuck off his lawn is one of my faves.

    • +1
      The walker and my new knee and I are going to the grocery early am. As the Demonrats realize that they have once again been trounced by our weapon, DJT, and go ape-crazy-I want to be in my abode. At least that is my hope: red wave, and please, dear God, let Diane Feinstein be out of office. (I’ll take the mad mexican for $1000, Alex……..) And, Georgia? Send the Livacious Lesbo back to her cave.

    • I’m still sticking with my prediction that Republicans gain 5 or 6 Senate seats and they barely hold the house. Which buys us more time to get our shit together for the coming War.

    • if Pelosi gets back, the State will metastize…”

      actually, the Demoncrats loved both Trump’s budget bills. He and the Republiscams are piling on more debt and more Gubmint even faster than Obama did.

  4. a day more or a day less.

    what’s the diff?

    hell, i don’t even know what day it is to begin with.

    it just doesn’t matter to me.

    i wish it were summertime…

  5. I predict the GOP will hold the house by 1-2 seats. Good for morale but doesn’t matter much. no legislation is getting passed in this country unless you have a super majority in congress, the presidency, and a friendly SCOTUS.

    Its a imperial presidency from now on if you want things done.

  6. What happens tomorrow? Both parties have an outcome from which they can fundraise.

    What do I win for being right?

    • theirritablearchitect

      More of your hard-earned money forcibly extracted from you by the Uni-Party.

  7. Sort of like a championship game in Detroit or Baltimore if they win any championships anymore. The home team loses then they riot and stuff burns. the home team wins then they party then riot and stuff burns. The senate the republikrats win seats and the house is a toss up. That depends on how many zombies and illegals the progs can turn out to vote.

    I would refer back to the post about best place to buy ammo for there in lies the answer. It’s not about how many guns you have but how much ammo you have for them. Gonna be a bumpy ride no matter what happens.

  8. …I am tired of hearing myself but I have to say it again….SAME SHIT DIFFERENT DAY…..nothing is going to change..until we as a people as the owners of this country change it…voting never works as the local councils and activist judges corrupt police and a corrupt and illegitimate supreme court just keep making it up as they go along , overturning jury’s , stealing property , killing innocent people and shrugging it off…….sorry I know you all know…..but some just can’t face it !!

    • “…nothing is going to change..until we as a people as the owners of this country change it…”

      What in the world does that even mean?
      One of the oddest things I have ever read, completely foreign.

      The best I can figure from that is that you never broke free from early childhood-through-entire-life brainwashing and have been convinced that you don’t own your life and are at the mere whims of a tyrannical gov’t that claims it will take care of all your needs and wants even though it has proven every single time that it is incapable of, and has no desire in, doing so.

      The proof is in your false claim that you own a country.
      Really? A whole country? You own it?

      I think you have a pretty good idea of what you own and a whole country is not part of it.

      Just a suggestion mind you, that you should spend some quality time with yourself figuring out your purpose in this life and do what you believe to be right regardless of others, or obstacles.

      If you wait on others to provide for you you wait in vain.

  9. although it will be entertaining to watch the meltdown as the election results map turns almost solid red, it is even more significant to see which dem controlled city starts to burn first with overnight riots. potentially might even be one or two here. probably already in their planning. ol’ remus has been saying for awhile something about avoiding crowds…..

  10. Remove the illegal alien voters and the cemetary voters and the Dhimmi’s go down in flames, possibly losing seats currently held by their side (Heitkamp, Manchin, etc.). But, I have no illusions of voter fraud being revealed until after the polling stations close tomorrow night.

  11. Local TV stations are really stumping for the fake Indian. Thing is there’s a ton of signs for her opponent. Personally think they’re scared and that’s why the propaganda has gone into overdrive.

    Fingers crossed hoping my fellow deplorables will get out there and vote.

  12. The Rule of Law is long dead in America.
    It’s nothing but a dictatorship, ruled by a treasonous Uniparty, and you stupid bastards
    keep sucking their dicks and casting a vote.

    • “You stupid bastards..”
      Please enlighten us stupid bastards. A lot of time,money and effort went into becoming a stupid bastard. I have led a productive and fulfilling life chock full of stupid shit.
      I was referred to as a stupid bastard by my father at the age of five. I went over the handlebars of my bicycle and landed on my face. My father knew[ratted out by one of six brothers] that I was riding,no hands. I am proud to be a stupid bastard. I will quit stepping on my dick when I am dead.
      Tell me, gringo,your answer to the current state of affairs.

      • “Tell me, gringo,your answer to the current state of affairs.”
        You know go and hell well what
        has to be done.
        To ask me that question, incontestably
        displays my ‘stupid bastard’ assessment; if you have to ask you’re too clueless to never know.
        Or, far worse, you’re a fedgov or leo plant trying to setup and ‘sting’ a kill.

        • Gringo you have confirmed my suspicions.You are ignorant,illiterate,mentally ill,unbalanced ,off your meds and an all around douche canoe.
 are a democrat. Welcome to the party,Pal!

        • Are you another incarnation of Too-Fat and Hacks-O Angmar?

  13. I don’t give a shit because whoever wins won’t be representing me.

  14. Practical Man

    After the election things get sporting, no matter how the votes tally.

    If the Reds win, they will rally (read: pillage and burn) selected areas because they have won “space to destroy”, etc. the reason doesn’t matter. Reds only know how to take or destroy. They lack capacity for creating useful things.

    If the Reds lose, they will pillage and riot because “we wuz robbed”. Affected areas likely to be nominally larger than if they win.

    The result is the same regardless. Reds are on a path to move their insurrection into Phase 2 of Mao’s 3 phase war. It’s already achieved in some areas, so expanding the contested zone is their plan. The method will be combinations of what we’ve already seen: mass immigration, political disruption stunts to demoralize productive citizens, s levtove violence to suppress dissent and solidify control; eventually to provoke a government overreaction that justifies open defiance of authority beyond the existing sanctuaries.

    Impeachment etc is just distraction from consolidating the ground game. Seizing the machinery of government in DC isn’t nearly as important as consolidating local control, though it is mutually reinforcing to give federal money as a reward to good Comrades.

    The Right will do little. Most have jobs and obligations to occupy their time. Many own the businesses that the Reds seek to seize or destroy.

    The right SHOULD begin their own local actions to secure critical resources and infrastructure. Local self defense and security forces to protect businesses and keep out agitators. (Not quite full roof Korean or Pinkerton Union Breakers, but in that same vein for sure).

    The Red Purge is inevitable. History is full of examples of how it goes. Bad thinkers of all types (especially Christians) are stripped of property and rights, or disappeared outright. The only thing that stops the purge is organized defense: legal and physical.

    Interesting times ahead. Might want to confirm DOPE and near/far recognition signals. Either that, or get comfortable with a host of foreign practices.

    • Good take. Organized defense being legal is a very subjective subject.The dirty commie bastards don’ t follow any rules or laws. The Geneva convention does not apply. Get set for a fucking free for all.

      • Practical Man

        Not quite a free for all. WROL doesn’t happen in my experience (which includes a tour in FYR, 2 in Iraq, 1 in A-Stan, 1 in Bolivia and half a dozen trips to East African countries for “training”, and a crap load of MTTs to Central and South america).

        Instead it’s selective and delayed rule of law, even in the liberated zones. The defacto government will retaliate against its adversaries, even if it takes time and effort. It prefers to use the legal system and brand adversaries as criminals or terrorists because it brings an air of legitimacy. Settling scores is part of the deal.

        So organizing local self defense forces is more than some sort of ad hoc militia. One approach is establishing a legal private security corporation entity. This establishes legitimacy and foundation for training standards. Recruiting “interns” and training them in basic small team tactics according to local use of force rules follows.

        It’s more 1870s Pinkerton Agency than mall rent a cop, or neighborhood watch. Follow the law, if for no other reason than legitimacy. Think this through a little. Ad hoc doesn’t mean half-stepping. Do the right things properly or don’t do them at all.

      • The only rule they got is there are no rules but the rule of power, over the rest of us.
        That is just it. More everyday are understanding yes it will get that bad if they are not stopped.
        At some point here in the future a legion of dirt people figure that out, then no rules but Liberty becomes the order of the day. The thing the fucker’s do not recognize or appreciate completely, is the order of no rules are like tracers they work both ways. In a culture of The Gun, such as I belong to, I certainly appreciate if I’m going out I’m going out armed and if possible taking a few bastards with me. Multiply that by ____________ (how many), of the most heavily armed people in history, its not difficult to see our rifles are a pretty good thing, the natural laws governing our property and its use is another excellent feature of being born into Liberty.

        The outlier here is the purely criminal and psychopath element. Criminal gangs, rouge law enforcement,(yes yes, I know, they are already the largest armed gang etc), tribal and racial revenge. Though separate from larger tyrants, still something which is most prudent to be cognizant and prepared for.

        The good thing is there is a majority among all the elements and demographics involved, those who have a pension for what America as founded stands for. Not necessarily what it is today.
        Pretty sure bet other than the troll or agent provocateur lurking, most of everyone here and across the blogosphere are inboard with redress of the unmitigated clusterfuck the political and financial elites have created, with some form of return of a world where you can live without being fucked with by some form of government.

        Simply to be left alone and be happy.
        Its not difficult.
        Thats Liberty and what created this Republic in the first place.

  15. Little Dixie

    Democrat (Commie) blood bath at the polls on Tuesday as MAGA rolls them over like the Germans did the French in WWII. Wednesday, Commies heads explode and go total apey on anyone they perceive to be against them (whites, married people, Christians). Keep your head on a swivel and be ready to DEFEND yourself and those you love.

    • Thumbs up.
      I think they planned on losing, using that to advantage. They lay down the ultimate “victim card”. It is the greatest crisis as a means possible.

      The poor little NPC’s, nobody loves them.
      WAH! WAAAH!

      Seriously, there’s something afoot. The fuckers should be far more worked up politically and rhetorically than they are. You simply can not trust them for a second.
      Me, I got this feeling bad shits going down regardless if they have their blue wave or lose.

      I saw the riots in the 60’s with my own eyes. The aftermath too. Its pretty crazy shit. It gets burned in your minds eye. No pun intended. A relatively small number of people with gasoline and a match, baseball bats and pipes, sledgehammers, bandana’s, and somebody paying them can go thru Harvard Square, turn it into Benghazi in a couple nights.
      The Cambridge and Boston cops was incapable, short of shooting everyone in site on the spot, could not contain less than a thousand rioter’s. Probably no entity, but the people themselves armed motivated to stop those rioters, could.

  16. Pray for the best, prepare for the worst. Whatever comes.

  17. Shinmen Takezo

    Disagree here.
    The RINO-fecks tried desperately to ruin the candidacy of Trump… running up to the election and even to tihis day afterwards… but it didn’t work.

    Rather is backfired badly in their embarrassed pasty-white faces.

    Shinmen predicts the house will still be retained–along with the senate.

  18. All just kabuki theater until a few John Brown types start the real partying. It will be horrific and impressive to see nyc, chicago or la go full bore Sarajevo when the food or power or other essentials get scarce . Maybe tomorrow, maybe next year. I’m thinking even more consumables short term might be a good idea .

  19. Johnny Paratrooper


    We continue to look more like Europe everyday.

    Regardless of what happens to the FUSA tomorrow, we will get dragged into a global conflict.

    Everything south of the border is collapsing except Brazil(Which is on fire with patriotism and diversity)

    The Catholic Church is a rogue state run by pedophiles pushing Islam and low IQ diversity.

    The military is still full of Clinton and Obama types.

    The colleges are reeducation camps.

    The prisons are full, and will continue to fill as the low-IQ refugee’s age up and become more hopeless as they hit their 30-40-50’s

    Also, as I mentioned in a previous comment, The Republican Senate Candidate in MD is an admitted Marxist-Machivelli type. He pretends to be a John Locke type (Life, Liberty, and Estate), and supports Trump and Reagan.

    His name is Antonio Campbell (Tony Campbell). He may win, he may not.

    Doesn’t matter.

    I had him as my Political Science-101 Professor last year. He is a red liar.

    Not one person called him out for his lies. A true Commie Prince, protected by his fellow travelers.

    • Johnny Paratrooper

      Someone call Tim Kennedy and Kris Costa,

      Get the Youtube Commandos on the horn,

      Red Alert!


      They are super winning.

      • Johnny Paratrooper

        How did my commie professor pass all the layers of checks and balances and intelligence services.


    • Jimmy the Saint

      “We continue to look more like Europe everyday. ”

      Well now, that just will not do! Our goal is to replicate the utopia that is South America, with a small, wealthy elite that controls everything and lives in luxury, and the rest a rabble living out their short lives in abject poverty.
      – US Elites

  20. Republicans hold the House, gain several Senate seats. Liberal heads explode. No one has enough ammunition.

  21. Old Gray Wolf

    I figure we will hear a lot of hue and cry with out see8ng any meaningful change after the fact. Unless you count a continued and potentially quickened slide toward the widening of the civil war that is already in progress.

  22. You stupid bastards never learn, that’s
    why you’re stupud bastards.

    ‘Joint Chiefs chair says soldiers will not be involved in denying border entry to illegal aliens’

    “There is no plan for US military forces to be involved in the actual mission of denying people entry to the United States,” Dunford said, speaking at an event at Duke University in Durham, North Carolina. “There is no plan for soldiers to come in contact with immigrants or to reinforce Department of Homeland Security as they’re conducting their mission.”

  23. Red Tsunami tomorrow. Followed immediately by (figurative) exploding heads and tears on the left and epic TDS. FISA declassification in next 2 weeks. Unsealing of 50,000+ indictments over next 3-6 months. Essentially, everything the left achieved over the past 80+ years gets dismantled in restoration of the American Republic restoring power to the American people. Democrats destroyed as a political party. 2020 Trump victory likely triggers hot civil war. “Resistance” (against Trump) switched to low intensity hot civil war. Some areas will be extremely dangerous (particularly urban areas) while others will see little to no impact.


      Doctor: I hope and pray your prediction comes to pass.

    • I think it goes down just like this. Go to high alert Weds AM. Reds can be dangerous and unpredictable when they realize the end is at hand.

    • There is no such thing as a “low intensity hot civil war.
      When an actual war commences, especially of the Balkan variety, low intensity does not exist.

  24. LeaderOfTheBanned™

    I hope traditional conservatism wins tomorrow, but it won’t matter either way. The Marxists are not simply going to throw up their hands and say “we give up” if they lose. They lost two years ago and won’t admit it. No. They will continue with the same Alinsky Bolshevik crap they’ve been up to. If they win, well then it’s even worse. No matter how you do the math, at some point we have to deal with this enemy. No matter how you do the math, it ends in gunfire. If we win tomorrow, it may take a little more time – but if Dems win tomorrow, we have two years or less.

    Got ammo?

  25. In Illinois, Democrat JB Pritzker is expected to win big. This fat Ass communist wants to takeaway as many guns as he can. So after tomorrow we in Illinois will probably lose our semi-auto rifles, some pistols and even 50 caliber rifles. We are also expected to lose our magazines. After that we are expected in Illinois to have our taxes doubled, a 100% tax on ammunition, state wide rent controls and a mileage tax that will call for a Government tracker box in our cars and trucks.

    So unless a miracle occurs we in Illinois will get our asses handed to us on a platter.

    • Lose the ability to buy yea probably but if you lose them when you already have them that’s your own damn fault not any politicians…

  26. Good government obeys the Laws of God.
    Bad government doesn’t obey the Laws of God.
    Ugly government doesn’t obey the Laws of God
    nor their own.


  27. As several have stated before, America is more divided now
    than it was in the 1850’s – 1860’s.

    The agitation to set the races against each other is
    definitely intentional, well-funded and institutionalized
    and it’s nowhere more visible than the propaganda
    being purveyed and unloaded by the parasite class
    in this current iteration of the national kabuki theater.

    Here’s examples:

    Democrats Want To Replace White People

    In case it couldn’t be said any simpler:

    White DNA Is An “Abomination”

    They Want You Dead White Man!

    (and that means that your women are raped and
    your children will be used as disposable sex toys)

    While the democrats may be helping to shovel the
    above race-baiting/race-hating garbage out of the
    pile dropped by the dump truck, never forget WHO
    owns and drives the truck (and controls BOTH the
    demos and repubs along with anything else that
    is top-down critical in America).

    And contrary to popular belief/ignorance “they” DON’T
    consider themselves ‘white’.

    Barbara Lerner Spectre On Twitter!
    (She’s the American jew that worked for israel to help
    indoctrinate Swedes and others that “Europe must become
    multicultural if it is to survive”…yes, THAT ‘Barbara Specter’…)
    and she’s far from being alone where her co-ethnics and
    fellow travelers from the talmudic side are concerned.

    The plan…

    Something interesting to think upon….

    “But now for the troubling reality. One of the new books released by The Minister, “The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews,” Vol. 2, allows us unprecedented access to the private confessions of Jewish scholars and rabbis about their strategy of using the Black Man and Woman as scapegoats for their own economic and political advancement. This history is deviously Machiavellian and begins long before Blacks were brought forcibly into America. The medieval rabbis, seeking to validate the increasing focus of their slave merchants on Africa, invented the “Curse of Ham,” which scapegoated ALL Blacks for ALL worldly sins and targeted them for derision and exploitation forevermore. And that only started the racist process.”

    Jews Scapegoating Blacks: A Long History of Hate

    While I don’t agree with everything that someone might say, I
    do believe that Louis Farrakahn was absolutely on point here.
    It’s no surprise that the zionist/jew ‘damage control’ organism known
    as the adl among others weren’t happy with his telling the truth..just
    like they weren’t happy with Dr. Tony Martin for telling the truth aboiut
    the slave trade.

    Dr Tony Martin: The Jewish Onslaught (The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews)

    Truth of the matter is that folks like Specter and her co-ethnics
    have ALWAYS utilized ‘divide and conquer’ between peoples
    that they’ve been around in an effort to both control them and
    enrich and empower themselves.

    It’s what the ‘chosenites’ do…it’s all they do…

    Buy more ammo..lots more..that’s real voting!!
    And don’t be afraid to expend it in righteous self-defense.

    NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

    • Meant to post this above:

      “Who Started and Funded The NAACP?

      What if I told you that the NAACP founders were ALL Zionist Marxists! Early Jewish co-founders included Julius Rosenwald, Lillian Wald, and Rabbi Emil Hirsch. A black Communist named W.E. Dubois was cleverly put up as the NAACP’s frontman. In 1914, Jacob Schiff, a powerful Jewish Zionist became a Board member of the NAACP.”

      The Real Reason The NAACP Was Created: Not For The Benefit of African Americans

      Does this mean that I would hate the seamstress, bookseller or restaurant owner that is jewish if such were in the town where I live?

      No, because in my eyes they aren’t directly tied to the international bankster class that has invaded and infected America..for the most part they’re just trying to make a living and get along just like anyone else. In fact the parasite class of their co-ethnics will not hesitate to sacrifice them for their own ends and goals, just as Chaim Witzman and his fellow zionists intentionally sacrificed hundreds of thousands in Europe for their ability to further their aims regarding ‘israel’.

      Now if those potential neighbors knowingly supported the zionist/communist cause..then all bets would be off..they’d be fifth columnist traitors.

      NorthGunner – The Truth is It’s OWN Defense!

      • cops n jews

        need to be taken out of the picture once and for all.

        • Amigo, take the island cops out, who’s going to protect you from the Indians. You white man,, they not. Your fucked dude!


          Congrats on getting your VA, squared away.


  28. What happens tomorrow you ask?
    “No Matter Whom You Vote for, the Government Gets Elected”
    Paul Rosenberg

  29. GOPers hold it together and hold both houses of corruption. Better than the alternative but… The Progs quadruple down and factions of AntiFA become a revival of Weather Underground.

    What is old is new again.

  30. House and Senate majorities both hold up. Widespread wailing and gnashing of teeth on the lunatic liberal left. Rachel Maddow and Mika inconsolable. Nate Silver looks like a moron, again, with his 88% chance the Dems retake the House call. GEOTUS wins, again.

  31. I don’t imagine anybody here is under any illusions that our long term trajectory is going to change much regardless of what happens tomorrow. I would think that most of us understand that time can still be bought, however.

    With that in mind, October’s economic news is bound to help a few of those Republicans in tight races. I think the GOP gains 3 and possibly 5 Senate seats, and retains the House by slim margins.

    So not much changes but I can think of worse results.

  32. Dems pick up 40 +/- 5 in House. Gop gains in Senate.

  33. MAGA is a mandate with a death penalty clause.
    11-8-16 all over again.
    The left ceases to exist as a political party.
    Left goes full retard.
    It begins shooting.
    Dirt people fight back.
    The left ceases to exist in the great commie purge.
    Every one is much happier.

    • I like it.

      • Me too. LOL’s.
        There is no “blue wave”. They know it.
        There is no going back to the old days. Except us dirt people, inevitably returning to a revised version of republican form of government. But that is a ways off in time.

        If there is a blue wave. how come the fuckers do not have a majority currently? There is no insurgency of NPC’s, they can’t take a crap without being told. Vote rigging and “winning”, by margin of vote fraud , the system they have relied on going back a century, is in tatters.
        Nobody with a lick of common sense is interested in what they offer. Basically jack shit but extortion in the form of taxes, unfettered immigration, judicial activism to stymie any opposition to their agenda, hate and envy.

        If anything it will be a red wave.

        The dirty stinking commie bastards are going to go full retard when its over.
        Somehow I believe that was their plan all along for the mid-terms. Lose and lose big. That way they can create the fig leaf of the fake narrative of virtue signaling they are the supreme victim’s of their god they pray to, Racism.

  34. What happens tomorrow?
    No man knows.

    This has been one of my favored sites for years. i believe it is good to look around into many different sites and discern info from many sources, do not follow any one site nor one person 100%.
    While people of the world are so scared of each other and nuclear destruction by man, And yes pastors have also pushed this thinking. i believe they need to see what Yahuah can do. And no i do not say be scared of God, Respect Him! He is the Alpha and the Omega, not us!
    Many of us have been led to fear man, the power of an EMP etc. Well please have a look at Something much stronger than man, and who controls this?
    And do not scream harp at me, this is also nothing more than the works of satan designed primarily to confuse the masses and diminish God’s power.

    • i will NOT follow YOUR goD or anyones goD

      we will fight to the death over it.

      I will WIN. I always do. It’s just who I am.

  35. Jeffery in Alabama

    A local “political head” told me years ago that “people vote their pocketbooks”. I can honestly say in my region the economy has improved dramatically compared to eight years of Obamnism where I saw many lose their jobs, record numbers of foreclosures, repossessions, and bankruptcies. We are at a time in our country’s history where voters are better informed. Most people I know realize that “you can’t make a poor man rich by making a rich man poor” and are tired of such social experiments. This is to say that people who actually work or own businesses and pay taxes are sick and tired of the failed policies of LBJ’s “Great Society”. They are equally sick of seeing great cities they knew and enjoyed in an another America turned into “third world shithole-welfare plantations” where crime is rampant and killing is wholesale. They are very tired of seeing families destroyed and lives ruined or brought to an early end by the mass distribution of .gov sponsored pill programs where pain-killers and anti-depressants are fed to zombies like candy out of a PEZ dispenser.

    The Republicans and Trump do not have all of the answers, but they are leaps and bounds ahead of what we had. The commies and RINOS need to go. It might be truly amazing what this president could do if some of the so-called Republicans in his own party would simply support him.
    In regards to the article, the author has mistakenly categorized voters by sorting them into Romney, McCain, Bushes, Dole, etc. in my opinion. The author’s mind has coded these voters as what he perceives as moderates. I believe his theory is false. Conservatives in the past have not necessarily wanted these candidates, but were given no other choice. Many are the times I have voted for the “lesser of two evils” simply because that was the candidate the “Deep State” provided for me. I will not vote demRAT.

    So, in summary I will say this. Polls, like many politicians, cannot be trusted. Based on the enthusiasm of Trump supporters in the past weeks (the rallies with their energy are unprecedented),the recent failed stunts of the left (Kavanaugh debacle and the idiotic Bombacrat “false flag” with hundreds of unanswered questions which has all but disappeared from the “news”, etc.), and the long faces of the leftist talking heads this morning, I think the Republicans win, win , win. I hope and pray that we do. Such a victory in the face of the epic “anti-Trump” smear campaign would be most satisfying. The left will literally “lose their shit” and for the rest of Trumps presidency, well, we will have to wait and see. God Bless the Republic.

  36. “My conclusion is that America is doomed. The people, with few exceptions, are not smart enough to continue to exist.”

  37. Your all wrong; it’s gonna be sweetness and light come Wed Morn. The Commie mother fuckers will renounce their ways and the ‘militia’ will destroy their arms as we all group hug while butt fukin each other!

  38. We are at war. Voting is one of the battlefields. My vote has actually been neutralized locally by gerrymandering. With the consent of a past republican governor. No surprise in Illinois.

  39. Just more of the same.

    But it’s going to be different this time.