Who Democrats Really Are

RS McCain explains, via Gab.

The peak (so far) of 100 years of Communist expansion plays out tomorrow.


19 responses to “Who Democrats Really Are

  1. remember that idiot trump was a demacrat ,till the day he ran as a gopher.
    he even stuffed money in HRCs pockets and benifitted from HRC’s uranium1 money expenditures.


  2. robroysimmons

    Geez I hope those kindly looking African-american gents don’t go and scare those nice white virtue signaling ladies of the burbs, that would be bad.

  3. The great thing about the Nigger Panthers is the fact that they thoughtfully place a target patch for us to use in targeting them.

    Those nigger boys, ain’t they the clever ones?

  4. Actually I don’t find that particularity scary. Only one of them looks like he knows what he is doing.

  5. Goodwhite gumbo. Make my mouf’ water. Mmmm….Mmmm.

  6. Those guys look badass.

  7. Black Panthers carrying rifles the candidate they support has says she will ban.
    There’s no depth to the stupid here.

  8. They are campaigning for Stacey Abrams. She wants to ban the very weapons they are carrying. Go ahead, homeboys, stoke the fires in the ovens they will use to incinerate you.

    • they’re as likely to turn ’em in as you are.

      and the shit show continues unabated. bread n circus until the main event unfolds. the real enemy are the cops. start with their smug families to deliver maximum psychological pain and then it’s their turn… just imagine how the judges and politicians will cower in their hidey holes once they realize no one is coming to save them.

  9. Old Gray Wolf

    She only wants to ban YOUR guns. The apes in the pic will have special dispensation and be formed into hunter-killer teams to go after those of you who don’t flash yellow and turn in your freedom dispensers as directed. They be stoking the fires to warm themselves while they roast you’uns.

    • Exactly right the enemy wants you disarmed problem with the right is they are too damn dumb to know they are in a war and start forming armies to counter it…Sad That…

  10. Until they threaten, harass, or physically assault innocent civilians, I see nothing but the full utilization of the Second Amendment.
    All power to 2A.

    👌 👍 👌🏽

    • I respectfully disagree. My guess is that they all have at least one felony conviction and are barred from possessing (owning or handling) firearms.

      • There is nothing in the Second Amendment about ‘felony’ convictions.
        I respectfully believe you are a hypocritical dumbass.

      • Jimmy the Saint

        *reads Second Amendment for a “felony conviction” exception*

        Nope, not in there. Must be in the Teacher’s Edition or something.

  11. I’m laughing at their impotence. My 87-year old Sicilian mother strikes more fear in me than those laughable little primates.
    Reminds me of an old Red Rose Tea commercial from the 1960s.

    Listen to me loud and clear … are you ready? Racism is a baseless concept that exists only in the minds of entitlement-minded negroes and self-loathing white liberals.

    If it weren’t for white men and slavery, negroes would still be running around the jungles of Africa wearing loincloths and worshipping little wooden idols.

  12. Alfred E. Neuman

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