ZH: The US “Cannot Win Militarily”, Sez US Commander

Scratch another empire.

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    One of my former students who was with the Oregon NG spent a year over there in 2015. To hear his horror stories makes the bile rise in my throat to this day. This is all about Qui Bono?. The MIC will keep this charade going until there is absolutely no more money to be made.
    What continues to boggle my mind is the level of cluelessness on the part of so many sheeple and their offspring about this fiasco. We no longer have conscription. Why enlist in the first place? Unless you want training to enter a high-tech career field after you ETS, there is no reason to join any branch of .mil which will end up issuing you a M-4 and making you duck-walk down a stinking alley in Nowhereistan.
    Yes, I know my former student did it, contrary to my advice and the advice of his Army veteran dad. He was blessed to come back to the USSA with his ass and sanity intact. And, the college money he is “loaned” is now putting him through dental school. But as far as this whole contrived, treasonous, false flag exercise is concerned, the old saying comes to mind: This will not end well.

    • “The MIC will keep this charade going until there is absolutely no more money to be made”.

      Yep. As a Nam era vet, I didn’t even get my “thank you for your service”.

      I want my money back!

      • i just withdrew several months worth of VA back pay and the teller thanked me for my service-lol. i said no thank you you’re the one contributing to my slush fund, she said nothing was too good for those protecting her freedom… i laughed again. i told her i’ll be expecting much more once the ortho surgeon makes the nexus between my lower back pain and the service injury i’m already collecting for. 100% here I come! H/T jc dodge

        keep werqing you fucking morons- i an using the $ to buy a bar, so i can kick cunts like her out and bang the waitresses. 🙂

        • You know I love ya man but shit dude you must have some weak ass genetics. I’ve been through some shit and I’m still walking and working like I’m 30. I do manual labor for a living now in the lawn and landscape biz. Maybe instead of pissing all over the Military you should slap yo momma and daddy for being so deficient.

  2. I said in 2001 we couldn’t win. The USA has the attention span of a gnat. I was called “Unpatriotic” and worse.

    These people in the Pentagon knew they couldn’t win yet said NOTHING. Cowards to a man.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      Same here.
      Another VN era Marine called me a fucking Communist for not supporting Bush on the false flag ops. The dumbmasses just refuse to see who’s running the show.

      If we can’t win in A’stan, then why are we poking the Bear every chance we can? Because the Banksters are pushing for war against anyone who opposes them. Hitler threw off the yoke of the international bankers, along with Putin and a multitude of modern leaders, and each has been vilified until they are destroyed. Simple as that. International bankers who can’t allow anyone to escape their clutches of debt slavery. Or establish a new trade currency.
      And CIA drug production from A’stan has kept US there so that the Chinese can’t move in and take over their mining claims and our poppy fields.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Once the plan switched to “nation building” it went pear-shaped.

  3. Old Gray Wolf

    We can’t win because we aren’t in an existential fight. If this were a just war fought for the survival of the people of this nation, as it should be or not at all, we would simply depopulate the entire region by any means necessary, poison the wells, sow the ground with salt(or a sufficiently toxic Monsanto compound), and roll on being America. But we are simply making a buck, and so must avoid the bad optics a true fight for survival necessarily generates. And because we are thus, and the Afghans are, as always, fighting for their own survival, we will lose. For a couple of decades, or as long as we choose to stay. We need to pull our people home, restructure to a Swiss model, and mind our own.

  4. How many Vietnamese did you have to bring back to the US who supported you over there, what do you suppose those Vietnamese or their descendents do at the voting booth, R or D? How many Afghans will you have to bring back to the US once you leave, what do you suppose they will vote when they get to Detroit etc? Russians and Chinese don’t have to do anything except wait.

    • Texas voting precincts that are heavy with Vietnamese are pretty solid red. As for musloids, they should never be allowed to vote.

  5. What prevented a Fourth Punic War.

  6. Alfred E. Neuman

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  7. We are not winning, because none of the Elites want to win. This is about making money. If we wanted to win-we would be employing a scortched earth policy. Period. Instead, our young men and women are being used as wood pulp, while we “save” another people with values, gods, and customs nowhere near ours. Bring our troops home!

  8. “Win”?
    Please describe what a “win” would look like.
    I’ll wait.

    Any definition, from 2002, 2008, 2016, or now.

    The comment regarding the lack of need for a Fourth Punic War was the closest to ground reality.

    But that’s not what we’re trying to do, nor, sadly, ever were.

    And the military “leader” who said we can’t win militarily?
    He’s an ignorant jackass clearly selected during the Obozo years for his lack of spine or external genitalia, let alone deficient IQ.

    We could win militarily in about 45 minutes, but that was never the object.
    The fact that we won militarily in six months back in 2002, using nothing but SF and CIA contractors directing homegrowns evidently wasn’t in his briefing notes. It’s embarrassing to such Pentagon lizards when modern reality has already contradicted your powerpoint highlight.

    We never should have gone in without some idea of what a win looked like, nor used ground troops in a campaign best suited for large quantities of aerial explosives, and biblical levels of pest control.

    You send troops in to kill people and break things, and when you kill enough of the enemy, they stop fighting, because they cannot.

    Once upon a time, we had leadership that understood that, and also understood you don’t unleash that beast for vacuous and stupid objectives short of that, or asinine UN Meals-On-Wheels missions.

    The best use of our energies and treasure would be to kill off enough of them to get a breathing space, then spend the next fifty years making sure it stays a pestilential hellhole of competing tribalism, and playing whack-a-mole with anything that tries to break the pattern, by monkeywrenching it until they get tired of killing and dying.

    Ideally from 20,000′ AGL.

    The only thing we should be doing on the ground is arming all sides until a clear leading faction emerges, and then wiping it out too. Leave a p[laque explaining in English, Pashto, and Arabic:

    “This is what happens when your petty problems intrude on the rest of the world, and annoy us. Hump goats and little boys in your own shithole all you want, but if you enter civilization as anything less than civilized, or export your problems to our side of the dotted lines, and we will cull you genetically from the entire gene pool, forever.” – signed, Everyone Else.

    Then give the land to PETA, for bringing back timber wolves, tigers, and buffalo.


    And that’s what “winning” there looks like, always did, and ever shall.

    • Shit man; that was brutal and I loved it. The closer this shit gets to going live the better you get. And by better I mean less of that fucking fancy talk and more meat and potatoes stuff. Here here! Raise one for you.

  9. Haven’t paid income taxes in over 15 years, legally. But they still make us pay when they print the excessive money supply. Remember, when they said we were killing commies in Nam, they were supporting commie insurrections all over Africa. The State Department. They need to be de-funded. Or worse.