Bracken: Social Media, Free Speech, And Censorship – Pre & Post Pittsburgh

Speech and its implications.

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  1. Now Andrew Torba is claiming he had no idea about the #Gabstopo, even as he has scrubbed their accounts for Gab 2.0.
    But there are lots and lots of screenshots from October, pre-Pittsburgh. Note that “Race War” had over a thousand followers.

    • What happened to your Twitter account?

      • Crud Bonemeal

        Gets banned for Hate speech

        Spends his time trying to silence others for Hate Speech

        Conservatives dot txt

        • Nope, not trying to silence anybody’s speech at all. Just stating that on our private property (like a private bakery, if you remember those cases) we don’t want insane neo-Nazi freaks polluting the place like they polluted Gab until Pittsburgh….

          But after Pittsburgh, Torba seems to be copying our preexisting policy, and he has thrown out the GABstapo.

          Does that make Torba a Zionist agent now?

          • God damn , look around you . Israhell first aint cuttn’ it here motherfucker. You need to go back to writing for the ADL and shilling for all the neocon war monger draft dodging politicos that you identify with. I don’t know what the offer was but to fly the star of david OVER the stars and stripes is a crime in my book !!!

            You are having to defend against nearly every other writer here, Jesus Hesus Christ on a crutch you must have some cute little Jewess typing for you… know man can keep up !!!!

          • Crud Bonemeal

            Bracken said:
            “Does that make Torba a Zionist agent now?”

            I dunno why you keep posting this as if it’s a hard question

            It’s probably safe to say that many of the people being banned by Torba don’t like Torba that much anymore. They would probably say something negative about him.

            We always had criticisms of him and made fun of him, but for a while he was providing a somewhat censorship free platform, were we could exercise our first amendment right to speak on the most relevant and controversial questions of the day, which was somewhat appreciated.

            Apparently you guys have some personality conflict with him even though you share the same position on hate speech. But I’m not involved in that and have no reason to defend him.

      • “What happened to your Twitter account?”
        I posted memes on Twitter about the true history of Mohammed and his cult. Some Mohammedans didn’t like them, so Twitter suspended me. I’m not crying about it, even if Twitter is more like a public utility than a private website, it still is a private website. If they want to throw me out for being a white boomer, it’s their house. I think it’s a mistake, but it’s their house.

        • you’re still hung up on muzzies when they are only the jews catspaws.

          i smell a rat.

          you have jumped the shark matty.

          sucks to be ewe.

    • Nazi |ˈnätsē|
      noun (pl. Nazis)
      derogatory a person who tells the truth to a Jew and backs it up with incontrovertible evidence.

      We Catholics have 1,400 years more experience than Muslims and
      1,900 years more experience than National Socialists in exposing and resisting the genocide, perversion, paganism, and other malevolence derivative of Jewish supremacism.

      As Catholics we are bound to resist ALL socialism, including National Socialism. Among dozens of examples, see, for example, Pope Leo XIII’s encyclical Rerum Novarum.

      We are also bound to resist the Synagogue of Satan.

      • Nazi. A cross-dressing,take it in the ass,cum dumpster. Recent pictures show you pole smokers dressed in womens’ finery.
        You do not represent catholics. In your delusional state,you do represent all the closet dwelling cowards,blowhard,jew hating, fucking idiots.
        Good job ass-licker. You have achieved the pinnacle of dicknose extraordinaire. Keep up your fine work.

    • Bracken, you desperately need to STFU about GAB. You being on bended knee for the Zionist state has been noted by all on WRSA with even a scintilla of knowledge about the German National Socialists of the 1930-40s.

      Your defense of Jews such as George Soros, Michael Bloomberg, and Tom Steyer by omission is a glaring defect in your writing.

      In short, you’re damning yourself. You can stop, or continue on until you bury your writing career.

  2. Link does not work. “Site cannot be reached”

  3. But where do you draw the line? What about Confederate Flags or those who don’t want confederate monuments removed? What about people who don’t think Israel is the fulfillment of prophecy and wish to condemn it when it does what Saudi Arabia or Russia does? Muslims who aren’t advocating terrorism but wish to practice Sharia among themselves? Someone who wants to talk about socialist Medicare?

    Once you allow thought police, they will keep looking for someone to arrest. Then if you disagree with an arrest, you become a thought criminal. And you will still be attacked and deplatformed and get on the SPLC badthink list anyway. See Gavin McInnes. Are “The Proud Boys” welcome on FZ? Will they always be? “But we are the good, nice conservatives!” never works. The SJWs will force you to fight or cuck. They will point to something and insist that is “Nazi”, and say you are worse than Gab ever was.

    • As best I discern, [the one who may not be criticized] draws the line at the fables of “ovens” and “gas chambers” …and anyone else he doesn’t like.

      • >>As best I discern, [the one who may not be criticized] draws the line at the fables of “ovens” and “gas chambers” …and anyone else he doesn’t like.<<
        When you write a book, or make a video, or start your own private website, put whatever you like in them. Just don't demand that you must be able to come into our private bakery and take a Nazi shit on our private cake. We don't want it.

    • At Freezoxee we don’t care about confederate flags, they are part of American history. We just don’t want the proven rabid dogs of history marching in under the swastika, hammer and sickle, or crescent moon. All three have well known policies of lying and using free speech in order to rise to power before killing all freedom and moving to genocide.

      Folks post articles about Jews, Catholics, you name it. Confederate flags all over the place, who cares. We just don’t want guys who come in under banners that represent mass murder and genocide: Communists, Nazis, and Mohammedans.

      Both Gab and FZ are private property, like private bakeries. If Torba chooses to permit Nazis who scream “Gas the Kikes!” as their standard comment on every thread, and allow groups of perverts which post borderline-legal child porn, that’s his choice. We make a different choice on our private website.

      If you want to post “Gas the Jews!” memes under a Hitler avatar, or post borderline kiddie porn, your choice is clear. Both websites are private, and make their own choices, just as private bakeries should enjoy the same freedom of choice.

      • “Free speech for all unless it upsets Jews and their camp-followers.”

      • Bracken – Why is “Dan”, the co-founder of Freezoxee, anonymous? In your Red Ice interview he disguised his voice. Why? He sounded Israeli- is he? Does he have any connection to the Israeli government or Israeli/Jewish intelligence orgs/firms?

        If Freezoxee is merely a social networking site, why is “Dan” going to such extreme lengths to hide? Shouldn’t be a problem if you have nothing to hide Bracken.

        • No, Dan is not Israeli, his roots tend toward Bismarck.
          But clearly you see Jews under your bed, in your attic, and under your porch. Please see a shrink. They have meds for acute schizophrenic paranoia now.

          • Oh well that’s good. Now why is he disguising his identity? Who is he? Is he jewish? Can you answer the questions I asked? These are perfectly reasonable considering that your site demands personal information to register. But for some reason this person who just magically offered you a platform doesn’t want anyone to know who he is:? Why is that Matt?

      • “Proven rabid dogs of history” directly and indirectly murdered about ⅓ BILLION Christians in just the 20th century alone, yet you consistently omit (((them))) from your blind-in-one-eye-and-can’t-see-out-of-the-other accounting.


    Remember V FOR VENDETTA. “,,,words will always maintain their power.”

  5. Crud Bonemeal

    GAB is in fact banning large swathes of the more nationalist elements for Hate Speech

    Next time you get banned for hate speech, take note of who perpetuated the hate speech meme and who did not

    And take note who is concerned about people being… too nationalist

    • Wait a minute, last week Torba claimed there were only a few fringe Nazi types, he had hardly noticed them. But over the week offline, Gab deleted battalions of them, so now a search for them only says “404, nothing to see, move on.”

      Was Torba for free speech last week, in allowing his battalions of “Gas the Kikes!” Nazis, but he has become a censor this week, by throwing them out?
      Was Torba lying last week, or is he lying this week?
      Choose one. Can’t be both.

      • Crud Bonemeal

        Torba is ALWAYS lying.

        He is an opportunist, he is not motivated by principles. Free speech was a marketing strategy.

        He built his site in part by catering to the young edgy Alt-Right nationalists who offend you so much. And yes, there are a ton of young edgy Alt-Right nationalists, the majority of them don’t even use GAB.

        But Torba never understood the first amendment and never believed in protecting all legal speech, early on he banned a very repulsive individual for 1776-posting in way that walked right up to the legal line. Perhaps that’s understandable, but the way Torba did it betrayed a lack of understanding of the first amendment and the free speech issue and a willingness to distort to cover himself. He could have done it honestly but chose not to.

        That’s part of a larger pattern of behavior that reveals a lack of principles, he never provided transparency or honestly around controversial decisions, but distorted the positions of those who disagreed with him. He also did stuff like oppose a block button, then switch over to supporting it, without admitting that he had changed his mind.

        Now that deplatforming is heating up and more people need Alternative Twitter, he wants to switch over to pandering to the more profitable and less discerning MAGA boomer-con demographic, but in order for that to happen he needs to get rid of the Alt-Right. And now he has an excuse (and perhaps a practical necessity imposed by his host).

        In an ideal world there would have been a free speech social network run by a guy who cared about free speech and hired lawyers to tell him exactly what is legal. GAB was never that site.

          • You are right about Torba and Gab on many levels. I always get the feeling he is ready to bail out with the million or so he has already collected from the rubes, myself included at one point. The sudden disappearance of his Turkey-based Muslim leftist co-founder and CTO (Ekrem’s own words about himself) raises a lot of questions about the origins of the site, and its purpose. It’s possible that Torba is just the last dupe being left holding the bag for a discrediting operation that has run full cycle. Some folks might win intelligence service medals for their scheme. If that is the case, what a brilliant trolling operation in terms of minimal cost for maximum impact.

  6. Under current conditions, there is only limited free speech. As more people get hurt or merely offended, free speech will be completely eliminated. Even turned into a crime, as in Europe.

    • OTOH, take note of the fact that every single high-traffic hardRight Jew-wise website that the Jews took down back when – Daily Stormer, Stormfront, Red Ice, Age of Treason, etc, – is back online. Jews and their hirelings control social media…but not, so far, the web as a whole.

  7. yeah, everyone keep retreating er, creating new platforms for fre- i mean free speech as long as Brackish agrees with it. you folks deserve being shoved into a hole . pretty soon there will be nowhere for the tough talking white man to back up to- except your shallow unmarked graves. but, by all means, keep talking.

    • Hows that cop bodycount comin along, tFAGGOT? Still a solid zero?…. A little friendly advice from a guy who wouldn’t cross a street to piss in your mouth if your teeth were afire? Take your own advice, you screeching impotent twat. 😉 No charge. You’re welcome.

      • you cannot sleep eat or work without tfA-t in your pea-sized brain. he exposes your weakness and impotence. you are a worm. go wriggle around in the mud worm.

  8. ….I’m sorry but I am not seeking nor do I need Bracken’s consent and approval to think or act………..

    • Who said you did? Do what the fuck you want, where you want.
      If you want to post “Gas the Kikes!” memes under a swastika theme on your timeline, or post “just legal” kiddie porn, your choice is very clear.

      • …then let me be more clear……you just demonstrated who you are….trying to link me to “kiddie porn” or Nazi memes you showed what a shallow, twisted pathetic looser you really are. You just lifted the methodology of the left and used it ! you used it ! you are rubbing your sweaty little palms together thinking you just defamed me , you think you have the power to slander and people will shake their heads and agree, thankful you are in charge and seeing the big picture. I have news for you asshole you are the incomplete man that never got to go to war and so he wrote letters and short stories of all the fantasies he WISHED he could have experienced….but didn’t ……..and that is the key to all your bullshit blow hard control freak prattling ….just who the FUCK do you think you are to lecture everyone on this page ! YOU HAVE NO IDEA !
        I would shout “shut the fuck up” but I believe in free speak in its totality .

        • he lives in a cheesy neighborhood with fucking neighbors… even has to have a damn fence.

          nuff said.

        • It’s so cute and amusing to see the defenders of neo-Nazis take offense at being insulted. I meant what I said about Communists, Islamists and Nazis being the proven rabid mad dogs of history. If you don’t like it, go cry to your Obergruppenfuhrer.

  9. Donny Corleone

    So glad that Mr. Bracken is now the arbiter of what constitutes “hate speech”. I am sure that his judgement is infallible and that he will now be the voice of reason. I hope he keeps this in mind the next time he is banned from Twitter and he no longer complains of his unfair treatment. Because, “that’s different”. Right.

    • You do understand the difference between PRIVATE PROPERTY and a public space, right?
      Or do you demand that a Christian baker must be forced by government-paid police to bake homosexual-themed cakes in the name of absolute free speech in every circumstance?
      Geez, you would think people intelligent enough to turn on a computer would be intelligent enough to know the difference between PRIVATE property and a public space.

  10. Tactless Wookie

    If believing free speech is simpleminded I’ll wear that badge.

    I find the nazi trolls on Gab offensive. However I will defend the right for you to be an obnoxious ass.

    Once you declare some specific speech verboten where does that end? To my mind this is an all or nothing belief. But them maybe I’m simpleminded.

    • What do you think about Gab/Torba throwing out battalions of rabid “Gas the Jews!” neo-Nazis during his week of down time? Has he become a censor now to throw them all out? If their free speech (“Kill the niggers!” and “Gas the Kikes!”) was protected last week, why is it not protected this week? Did Torba become an anti-free-speech censor since Pittsburgh?

      Don’t you find it ironic that he claimed to be for absolute free speech before Robert Bowers “went in” in Pittsburgh, and yet he has felt the need to scrub Gab of 100s of genocidal maniacs like FlynnNoName?

      How can Torba be the icon of free speech last week, and also this week, when he has done a Nazi scrub?

      Was Torba a liar last week, or is he a liar this week? In any case, he is now de-facto copying Freezoxee’s already stated policies. But FZ took this path before the Pittsburgh Massacre.

      It took 11 dead Jews to convince Torba to “see the light.” That, and an FBI proctological exam.

      I wonder where FlynnNoName is posting today…the guy who said he’d put me and my wife into the ovens. With Torba’s blessing. And now he’s just a 404, lost in the ether.

  11. Alfred E. Neuman

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  12. And take that, you voting chimps, Kool-Aid swilling, stupid bastards: ‘No, ICE will not be stationed at polling centers looking for illegal aliens’

    “As millions of people head to the polls for the midterm election, there’s at least one thing voters shouldn’t see: ICE agents patrolling the polls.”

  13. Say what, nigga?!
    ‘1100 Migrants Apprehended Daily Along U.S. (nonexistent) Southern Border, Say Feds’

  14. Keep


    you stupid bastards.

  15. Ya all free speech is good except for the bad thinkers when they talk from their Nazi hell holes or whatever then that’s bad right? Thanks for clearing that up for me. And if they are nutters and go out and shoot some fuckers after saying bad things then we should all ban support banning their speech because bad speech kills?

  16. I’m not sure how you could make this any more boring. I don’t doubt that it could be done, but congrats on getting this far.

  17. Matt Bracken…Yawn. Tired of hearing what Matt Bracken thinks about free speech. We get it Matt; you hate stuff and want it banned because you hate it.
    I’ll leave this here for you.
    Put that in your free speech pipe and smoke it.

    • Yeah, sure, I’ll just sit right down and watch your 1.5 hour “JEWS BE EVIL!!” video.
      Where did I say I wanted anything banned?

      I’m just saying we don’t want your “Gas the Kikes!” memes on our private property. Hey, can I demand to come into your house and repaint the walls to my liking? It’s my free speech right, according to your “logic.”

      What do you think about your absolute free speech hero Andrew Torba throwing out the Gabstapo during the week while Gab was down? Is he still your hero, or is he just an other Zionist agent now?

      • They are tag teaming you Matt. One baits you then the others jump in.
        Don’t react, attack, or ignore. They need a reaction that puts you on the defensive. They can’t stand up to the truth of themselves.

        They are all the same guys. Many avatars. They have certain tells, like a lack of genuine character because they are fake commenters. They been lurking for years on WRSA.

        • Yes, and now they are all wondering if Gab was an @FBI bait operation from the beginning. Like New Awakenings and other groups are probably bait ops today. And if not, they might as well be. This is why FZ had a clear “no communists, nazis or islamists” policy from the start. They pollute any site they inhabit. One turd in a punch bowl ruins it, as Torba is learning now.

  18. Their site, Their rules!!,, fuck that. WARRIORS, COME OUT AND PLAY!.

    Was just bitching about the rightous Prepper ” lords” over on something Ol Remus posted regarding the dumbing down and selling out of those bloggers who stand to benefit monetarily.

    While I doubt Bracken is a plant, I’m not sure, in fact I’m outright questioning the owner of AP. I smell a fucking rat. Using the tools of the left ARE effective, worked for Stalin et al, seems to be work on many sites on our side. Silence your critics.

    Full disclosure. I’m a retired Police Officer Oregon. And a retired Deputy Sheriff California.

    Worked snitches for the better part of 25 years.


    • Dirk:

      As someone who over the years was denounced as a snitch by Boston T. Party, Fred of Fred’s M14 Stocks, Mike Vanderboegh, and more than a few of their felchers, I gotta ask:

      Where does someone go to get their name cleared after you or someone else calls them a rat?

      Or even have the matter adjudicated?

      All 3 of the chaps above had their own ricebowls in play, so I get some of motive.

      In your case, I don’t have a clue.

      How is your behavior advancing anything other than distrust and atomization amongst readers?

      Where does one go to get one’s reputation back?

      • derks a cop

        fuck him and his family!

      • You don’t because it’s all in cyberspace and no one can defend their name f2f with their accusers and with those that have heard their accusations…You just have to move on and write them off which is why we will never get our shit together…I’ve had more luck with people in our church than I’ve ever had with so called Patriot’s…Sad That…

    • Hey Dirk, is Andrew Torba a “snitch” now, after Pittsburgh, since he through out the GABstapo Nazis? Look up your favorites…they are all 404 now.

  19. Mountain Cracker

    Bracken, all you have done is out yourself. You are the quintessential boomer hypocrite. Your ideals of “free speech” means “free speech if I approve.” So sorry the awful Nahtzees on Gab ran you off, but they simply uncovered the truth, you can’t handle “freedom.”

    Just because you were a SEAL and write shitty books about the goat-fuckers does not make you a steward of it. If you can’t see that race is a factor in the current problems the entire world faces, enjoy your railcar with the rest of your hippie-dippie-easily-agitated boomers when the (((globalists))) get their way (and they always do.)

    I am not going out like that just because you and your ilk think I should. The GABstapo isn’t dead, it just moved. You will never stop these kids, they’re pissed, and they have EVERY RIGHT TO BE. Like I told you on Gab, name the Jew or fuck off.

    • “The GABstapo isn’t dead, it just moved.”
      Does this mean that Torba has turned from your free speech hero to a Zionist sellout since Pittsburgh?
      So, where do genocidal maniacs go now to post “Gas the Kikes” memes? 8chan?

  20. The Walkin' Dude

    Hate to sound 1984esque newspeak, but these boomerthinkers will benefit us all when the reigns are snatched out of their hands and they are stuck in a home. What happened to rightful liberty? Can’t even grow weed and manufacture fully automatic weapons in this country without begging for the King’s nod, unless of course you’re willing to go toe-to-toe with the overglorified hall monitors the King sends after you 😀

    • The Walkin' Dude

      I guess what I’m getting at is I’ve done my fair share of retarded dung-chip flinging, but I was allowed to make an ass of myself, and I was fortunately intelligent ENOUGH to figure out I was being an ass (with a good psychological smack from the beautiful Mrs). The occasional outlier radical that goes and acts on the dung-chips was going to act regardless of the “nasty bad naughty” ideology they subscribed to. Commies are free to talk about commietardism all they want, but when one actually tries to come “take my shit” they will feel my freedom to defend myself. I will ridicule their stupid ideology all I want, but I will not “toss them out of helicopters” for simply being stupid. If/when they ACT, well, that’s a different story. Neo Naughtzees are free to TALK about gassing jews, RaHoWa, Day of the Rope, whatever. When one actually tries, they SHOULD be dealt with. It’s ok to ridicule stupid words and ideologies. It’s not ok to ban them. It’s on par with “Well, I believe in the 2nd amendment, BUT…” Punish the criminal, not everyone who has merely the POTENTIAL to do the same crime. Simple ridicule MAY just remove THEIR heads from their asses.

    • And don’t forget…

      Once the Nazi’s finish gassing the 14 + Million left-over {{{Jews}}}, White People will once again retain their White Supremacy… and moral character!

  21. Their house, their rules. You don’t like it then don’t visit. Seems fairly simple concept, but I know the resident NPC’s have trouble grasping simple concepts.

    This is what self-policing looks like. Calling out the haters and denouncing their zealotry and its contamination. If you do not push back then everywhere the hater is allowed too he will settle in. He will corrupt and contrive all conversation and focus to his own purpose. He will make the site his. You cannot have free and open debate when the hater shows up and twists every thread into a conversation about the object of his anger.
    They are in effect everything that they profess to hate.
    They bring down the property values.

    If you have ever met someone who is a recent convert to a religion then you know what I am talking about. They cant have a conversation without turning it to their new found glory.
    Someone who recently found a new mate is the same way.
    They cant talk to you without mentioning their new friend.

    Shit gets old. We get it, you think you know something and it changes the world. It does not change anything so fuck off.

  22. The 8chan’s just upped the anti on antifa. Doxxed them, names, faceborg accounts, occupations. The Autistic’s are unconscious, right on the heels of their NPC coup.
    Like to be a fly on the wall at antifa’s next situation meeting.

    I copy and pasted the list to my blog for you guys to use. Archived it also.
    No memory hole for you my precious!

  23. Yesterday, when driving home from work, I tuned to the local “listener supported” communist radio station. The hyper-“progressive” host was railing about Trump and immigration. Not once did he put forward an argument or data in support of his positions, only epithets and assumed motives, to which he assigned the maximum malevolence. He expected listeners to agree with his rant based on nothing his supposed moral superiority. And this is how Bracken also operates. Plenty of “Nazis” sent Bracken verifiable documentary evidence which countered his extraordinarily Judeophillic, September 12, 2001 worldview. Bracken had no interest in facts, only Gab’s mute button. I could easily assign self-interested motives to Bracken’s venomous gnosticism, but I’ll pass. His conduct speaks for itself. “The clown that no one laughs at.”

    • So, where are the GABstapo genocidal Nazi maniacs, now that Torba has turned from your free-speech hero into jsut another Zionist agent working for the FBI?
      Just FYI, I’m a free man and free agent who has not worked for “the man” since I left the USN in the late 1980s.
      I have not taken a penny from anybody except those who have freely decided to buy my books.
      But you sure sound like an undercover FBI/Mossad trolling agent to me! (See how easy it is to make that charge? Yawn. Get a new shtick.)
      (^Hebrew slang to trigger your Heil-Hitler reflex.)

      • Mountain Cracker

        You show some fucking respect Bracken, you’re taking to a Rabbi!

      • The truth requires no “shtick” Bracken, merely an open mind and willingness to allow evidence to rule over human flaws. For the record Bracken, I’m not a proponent of genocide. I’m a nationalist for all peoples. Nor am I a “supreemist”. However, I reserve the right to preference my own. That’s certainly the position of your (((handlers))) Bracken. You know – the people flooding the West with the third world to genocide Whites. Those shabbos shekels must be mighty nice to scream such chutpah-thetic hypocrisy at the top of your elderly lungs. You’re here earning your keep. You get to. Bit of advice, I’d drop the hissy fits if you care to keep your dwindling goy boomer fans fooled a bit longer.

        BTW – I see “FreeDoxee Dan” has taught you some Yiddish. Mozel tov!

    • And don’t forget RabbiHighComma… everyone who isn’t a Nazi, and everyone who doesn’t want to gas the {{{Jews}}}… are {{{KIKES}}}!

      Anyhow, haven’t seen you around Gab. Are you okay?

      • Forgot… “Gab Nazi facts”. Re: {{{Plenty of “Nazis” sent Bracken verifiable documentary evidence}}}.

        One thing that I always found hilarious about the Gab Nazi’s, they would spend an exorbitant amount of time searching the web for prolific extreme far left Jewish websites for {{{Jew news}}} to paint all Jews as extreme far left.

        • Mountain Cracker

          How many times are you going to post the same ineffective memes? You need some new shit. Pretty weak stuff from you and your hero Bracken.

  24. I could speak more about Bracken’s silliness and position, but won’t.

    The three largest funders in the US are Jews; Michael Bloomberg, George Soros, and Tom Steyer. Together, and with donors that donate with their guidance, they’ve dominated the Democrat communists.

    Historically, Jews have been the communists of Europe. The German National Socialists arrested all communists, mostly ethnic Jews (many of whom professed atheism), and put them in camps. Why would we have an issue with that? Shouldn’t we put Democrats in camps, if they are harmful? Shouldn’t ANTIFA all be in camps, if not terminated on the battlefield?

    Apparently, Bracken would not arrest and put ANTIFA to hard labor in camps. He curses the German National Socialists for doing that very thing. What would Bracken do about ANTIFA I wonder.

    • I would do exactly the same to the three proven rabid dogs of history: the International Socialists, National Socialists, and Islamists: lay down the law to them to stay inside civilized boundaries, or crack their heads open if the show up on the streets in force to intimidate civilized humans with their various fascist tactics. You want to post confederate flags and League of teh South stuff on FZ? Have at it. But if you want to march in wearing one of the three rabid mad dog uniforms, we’ll treat you like a rabid mad dog. That goes for Swastikas, H&Ss, and moon flags. Mad dogs are not to be tolerated by civilized humans, ever, anywhere. We will never give another chance to the spawn of Mohammed, Lenin or Hitler.

      • “We will never give another chance to the spawn of Mohammed, Lenin or Hitler.”

        Lenin was supported by fellow communists; many of whom were Jews (the name Lev Bronstein sound familiar?) and bankrolled by jews like Jacob Schiff, the Warburg brothers, the Rothschilds, and their American relatives the Rockefellers.

        Mohammed was an evil unto himself and has through his cult killed more than the commies..upwards of 270 million.

        As for Hitler, I will say again, watch the documentary “Europa – The Last Battle” and see if you don’t come away from that questioning the entire narrative of “The Bad War” as M. S. King refers to it.

        Or are you afraid of having the complacent world view that you hold about that event and those in it challenged and possibly uncomfortably upset?

        NorthGunner – The Truth Is,It’s OWN Defense!

        • What about the ‘spawn’ that created the following criminal events:

          The terror-bombing of the King David Hotel

          The terror-fire bombing attacks carried out in Cairo, Egypt (the ‘Lavon Affair’)

          The murder of JFK for daring to
          free the American people of financial debt-slavery to the International Banksters ‘Federal Reserve’ scam

          The unprovoked attack on the U.S.S. Liberty which resulted in multiple deaths and crippling injuries

          The false flag attack on America on 9/11/2001 which has been proven by Christopher Bollyn and other dedicated investigators

          The ongoing state of apartheid and genocide against the native Arabs and Christians in the fraudulently created corporate/military Rothschilds colony called israel (the British had NO authority or right to give such territory to the zionists/Rothschilds whatsoever)

          Well Matt, if one is to be consistent in one’s morality and principles, then by all rights one must address the above criminal acts and faithfully identify those that are responsible, no matter who they are or what colored cloth they stand under.

          I and others are waiting….

          NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  25. Gotta self censor, so we won’t be censored by others?

  26. You people will learn… or you will not.

    After all these years, you’ve learned nothing.

  27. So, you left Gab, Matt. We heard. But now, the dozen or so that followed you to zoxxeefoxy proved to be too tight of an echo chamber such that your time is better spent trashing Gab? And trashing, by extension, those of us who didn’t turn tail and run to greener pastures?

    Many of us had a great deal of respect for you, sir. Had. And you’re pissing away the last of that.

    Are you going to make this a weekly thing, where you cry about Gab in order to drum up participation at your safe space? For that matter, if this new place is so sporty, why do you give a flying sideways fuck what happens with Gab? How many actual nazi trolls make up your imaginary “battalion”? I’ll wager you can point out no more than a half dozen.

    Do those of us who value actual free speech without the bubble-wrap the courtesy of not prolonging your exit any more than you already have. I do not think your antics here are doing your reputation any good.

    • I was on Gab when there was no viable alternative to Twitter and Facebook, but I knew it would always be limited by its reputation as a Nazi haven. The number of retards conflating 1776 with 1933 is increasing, and the Nazis are having a great time today recruiting young idiots who don’t know history. The GABstapo spoke of this recruitment (and still do today, privately) constantly on Gab. This is the “optics” conversation that was going on: how to recruit new kids to NS without turning them off by exposing them to the genocide plans too early. You know it, and I know it. I’m not stupid, like your young NS recruits.

      As soon as I learned about FZ and their “no totalitarian propaganda” philosophy, I was on board 100%. We opened FZ two weeks before Pittsburgh, and we didn’t say a thing about Gab. But the GABstapo hated our policy of not letting them in, so they began to DDOS us, talking about it on Gab, and then doing it. Being DDOSed by the GABstapo when we had not attacked them or Gab has made us hate them all the more. So fuck you if you think I should shut up, or that I’m ruining my reputation by not siding with sick genocidal Nazi freaks. If you don’t like it, go cry on your Obergruppenfuhrer’s shoulder.

      And just FYI, you must assume by now (as I surely do) that after Pittsburgh, the @FBI is diagramming every word of every sentence of every post here and elsewhere on a very large virtual white board.

  28. wendystringer48088

    Another view:

    Why Epik welcomed
    By Rob Monster November 3, 2018
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    The domain has landed at Epik.
    This post will summarize why Epik welcomed It will also address why I believe the operators of the site have the right to be online.

  29. I heard about this thread; it’s quite a show. Sorta. Yawn. Matt…

    >>>Just FYI, I’m a free man and free agent…

    Check. That’s true. But it’s sorta silly trying to deal with peeps that can’t even accept that, don’t you think? I mean I get it…you’re figuring that since they’re free men too, as a matter of fact, that therefore they will act as such. At least eventually, you hope.

    That’s your error. They DON’T recognize that fact and so they assume that you’re not one either. Hence they don’t deal with you as one. Why would they, when they’re not even strong enough to see themselves that way? And after all, they’ve got an extreme commitment to never facing that fact.

    The external power doesn’t exist to make them choose otherwise. It’s the ultimate in futility and unachievable goals are never rational. They’re gonna die that way. That’s why personally, my heart is hardened and I’ll watch ’em die just like that, never for a moment knowing what it means to live. Sure it’s sad and tragic, but someone else’s tragedy–especially a tragedy that they create for themselves–is a bad reason to sacrifice your own time of life, even a minute of it.

    If you think about it carefully, you’ll see that’s what an “enemy” is…at least in this war, such as it is. With respect, that’s your error too General, which is why you distract yourself about reputation. Reputation among men who don’t even take themselves as men and see only others as the causative force for themselves? Makes no sense at all. What would reputation among such (so-called) men mean anyway? Nothing, that’s what.

    “The battle has ALWAYS been…”