Fred: Let’s Have A War With Russia!

What could go wrong?

People interested in an answer might read this recent tome:

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  1. Uh oh, Fred just rousted the warriors out of their armchairs.

  2. Deplorable B Woodman

    Ellsberg?! What makes anyone think I would want to listen to anything he has to say today?!

  3. Note to Fred: we did not win the Iraq war. We are still there fighting, 28 years later. The end result of that debacle? So far, the creation of Isis, another endless proxy war in Syria, the movement of millions of military aged men into Europe where they are currently raping and robbing there way across the EU. Along with millions more dead.
    No, Iraq was not a win.

    • since the actual purpose of the attack on Iraq was to force that country’s oil sales back on the Jewbuck,

      it was a substantial success. Ditto Libya, incidentally. That, however, necessitated putting a Shia’ regime in power, which completed an anti-Israhell Shi’a Crescent running from Tehran to Baghdad to Damascus to Hezbollah in south Lebanon. A couple years later, when Israhell attempted to jack southern Lebanon, Hezbollah – much aided by Iran – gave the Zionists a bloody nose. Israhell then demanded that Uncle Schmuel break the crescent at its presumptive weakest link: Syria. And the rest you know.

      next up: frustrated in Syria by Russian intervention, Uncle Schmuel attacks Iran, probably during the run-in to the 2020 election. I only wonder how bloody the pre-War false flag is going to be, and expect (((Nate Silver))) to rate the possibility of Russian intervention in that war @ just 16%.

      • you forgot the (((other))) reason and that is to decimate the warrior class murkins till they are beaten and demoralized.

    • Yet, the (((Talmudics))) are delighted.
      So, there’s that.


    Like him or not, Fred just hit it out of the park. Time to stock up on more Potassium Iodate and check the rest of the supplies in the basement. But before I do that, let me propose something else.
    The one thing which China and Russia excel at is patience. The one glaring flaw in juvenile Amerikan thinking since the days of Teddy Roosevelt is impulsive, impetuous acts and gross stupidity. When China, Russia, Iran, the Norks, and others look at this degenerate, syphilitic country, they know that time is on their side. We are self-destructing internally. We who post on this site all know it in our heart of hearts.
    Why waste blood and treasure on a septic tank of social, cultural, and moral degeneracy when they are tearing each other apart? Thoughtful posters here have repeatedly quoted Sun Tzu. The Blue Hives will start their meltdowns and chimp-outs tomorrow. Those of us in the protected Red Hives will be watching as we load magazines, sharpen our K-Bars and Kukris, scour our hatchets, and get ready. Mr. Putin and his allies will be watching and smirking, with full anticipation of our internal demise. Am I correct or mistaken, my friends?

    • But it’s football season.

      • “Potassium Iodine” and it does nothing at all to protect you from radiation sickness. That is an internet survivalist myth. It MIGHT protect your thyroid gland from radioactive Iodine induced thyroid cancer. But it does NOTHING ELSE for you, and you’ll be dead from fallout LONG before you get thyroid cancer. A VERY (six meter) deep. Well stocked. Fallout shelter with filtered air. Is your ONLY protection from fallout. PERIOD. The chimps won’t leave the hood. No matter who win’s.

    • …absolutely correct in more painful ways that can be totaled ….

    • Yes, I am usually not much of a Fred supporter, but he hit a homerun this time. Why-Are we contemplating going to war with Russia, a white, Christian country who really just want to be left alone?? If we have itchy nuclear trigger finger, then let’s clear the Middle East of all debris and move on. Despite what Obamination imported, we ARE a white, Christian country who just want to be left alone. Those that aren’t white: are black Christians. I don’t care for the Chinese and they think even less of me. As long as they stay in China-I’m good. Diversity is NOT our strength. Get our kids out of the sand box in 1000+ countries, bring them home to actually FIND OUR FUCKING SOUTHERN BORDER, and let them defend it. Seems so logical. But, right now I am on serious pain meds…………
      We are so close to a fire storm in the Blue Hives, and yet the Neros fiddle on. Gary Indiana was considered the All American city at one time. To look at the devastation now, it is a total construction clear job and start over. No functioning society ever sent all of their wealth to save other places, and let their own country turn into squalor. This won’t end well.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      DTW, You’e absolutely right.
      I think Putin is biding his time and laughing himself silly over the US, both for our exceptional arrogance and our weakness as a nation. We’re our own worst enemy, the whole world sees it except us.

  5. More incoherent ramblings from expat Fred.
    War with Russia? Maybe when they fix their only aircraft carrier.

    • Carriers are obsolete beyond clubbing baby seals and regional fleet defense . 100 megaton tsunami bombs are where it’s at.

    • Russia, and Iran and Persian proxy Hezb’allah all have Yakhont and Sunburn cruise missiles …. check out any vid. US 6th Fleet = smoking wreckage if sportiness eventuates. CLUE: Vladville et al don’t need carriers if they can kill opponent carriers ( targets). US forces are always forward-deployed; Vladville, Persia are ‘on-site.’ US and NATO forces will be Dien Bien Phu’ed in the first hour.

  6. The American Empire will be marginalized in decades? More like, any minute now.

  7. Alfred E. Neuman

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  8. Outstanding! I see the blobs in Idiocracy with their buckets of cheese whiz watching football.

  9. Even if Fred is not correct about war with Russia or China, he has some things spot-on, top dead center. Washington DC and all of its blood sucking ticks are a cesspool. Corrupt beyond redemption. The American military is not up to them task of a war toe-to-toe slug fest. The American economy and infrastructure is incapable of supporting a major war, logistically. For example, do you know a single person, personally who understands and can actually produce steel. What if, instead of having to buy parts abroad, from China from Chine for God’s sake, and then assemble high-tech war gadgets, we had to mass produce enough steel for tanks and other conventional war tools within our own borders relying upon our own natural and Human Resources. A al WW2. Someone tell me we’re not fucked. Please.

    • Outstanding point, I have often thought this, but Hawks, Cucks and Socialists are set on the “bigger hammer” theory. They still believe we have the human resource for warfare when our youth are taught to be sissie boys afraid of guns. Like high tech is going to invade territory and hold ground.

      Like drones and AI cyberbotics will be the wave of future warfare with the “empire” having the advantages. Their dreams, our nightmares.

  10. Anybody here under-estimating ANY of our rivals is a fool. Anybody here who isn’t already stocked and locked, anybody here who doesn’t have multiple exit stradegy’s, better get Jiggy!.

    Tic Toc.


    • you have underestimated me.

      doing so is at your own peril. 🙂

      i didn’t get where i am being one of the herd.

      • Underestimated you? Na, I know exactly who you are. And I know exactly what you are.
        I’ve known many tough or bad men, most are in the dirt, or prison. Tough is your illusion, not saying your not a tough guy, just saying I really don’t give a fuck.


        Good night John boy!.


      • TFAT You really are nothing. Your profile reads like a 3foot 2 inch 400 pound virgin who lives in his mothers basement. You impress no one. No one is afraid of you.. In fact no one actually pays any attention to your psychotic hate babble. You should just kill yourself. Pore gas over yourself and light it. do it at night. Make a video so that we can enjoy it. Then you can have the ten seconds of fame you lust for. Your life has no other value. So why not end it? Or better still have someone cut your backbone with an ax. Them have them toss you into a pen filled with starving hogs. For a dedicated masshole like you that would be the ultimate end. Being eaten alive by things that smell better than you.

  11. The Walkin' Dude

    I certainly hope “muh Murica is exceptional!” dingbats send their sons and daughters to perish so they don’t come back and become overglorified hall monitors with guns.

  12. Don’t forget all the revelations regarding
    intellectual properties (including weapons
    technologies) and the ways those
    patents have been stolen by enemies
    foreign and domestic:
    Video below only 14 minutes:

  13. War with Iran can’t be won. There is only one logical ground approach, from the South via the strait. The rest of the country is ringed by mountain ranges that can be made impassible by an incredibly small force. Iranians know the route we would take and would make the entire approach a massive kill zone.

    If you can’t take that country down then forget about duking it out with the Russians or Chinese.

    • 09, as one of my favorite bloggers points out, determined men, who know their strengths can never be removed from their mountain. ” B Buppert”

      Short of a nuke, or a biological, or overwhelming boots on the ground, he’s right.

      Even then they will go to ground, crawl out when it’s in THEIR best interest.

      War Of The Flea, kinda shit.

      What our Small army learned in Vietnam, DOES have a practical application, in the box.

      What our small army and navy have learned in the Astan, is a LIFES lesson. We will never beat them, not today, not ever. War is the only way of life most their know anymore.

      MIC, doesn’t want a win, China has already purchased the ground rights to,all the important metals, in that country. As long as we occupy the Chinese will never exploit the country.

      Have a great day.


      • Dirk…I cant help but point out the war in the Pacific against the Japanese, when I hold your thoughts up against the template of history. Take all of the variables and replace the Japanese with Iranians. The battles against entrenched Japanese were horrific bloody hells. And we still ended up dropping the bomb.

    • other than in-and-out SF operations and the like, ZOG will not “invade” Iran. ZOG will attempt to devastate Iran’s military, industrial, and population centers via a massive, sustained land and carrier-based air war. The ultimate aim to overthrow the Mullahs and bring the (((Pah-Levi))) dynasty – or something like it – back into power.

  14. Donny Corleone

    Some of you may wish to read Twilight’s Last Gleaming by John Michael Greer. Even though it is a work of fiction it just may be a harbinger of things to come. It concerns an overreaching US government meddling in global affairs getting it’s comeuppance from China and by proxy from Russia also.
    I found this novel to be both informative and entertaining. It seems to be just the kind of lesson the FUSA needs.

  15. Fred’s lost it. Happens to the best and happens to the rest.


  17. Fred might be right about the overconfidence of the US Military complex, but that kind of overconfidence by definition applies to the other side too. Maybe the US Fleet hasn’t had to fight since ’45, but neither has anyone else’s Navy either. The Red Fleet is almost entirely a rusting wreck; heck, their last carrier just sank *while in drydock*. China has a somewhat more modern fleet, but they’ve only got the one carrier, and even if we lose 2 for 1, we still have a lot left over, and even if carriers are passe, we do have all those Arleigh Burke class ships which are very good. Iran’s “navy” isn’t even worth mentioning.
    Could Iran close the Strait? Yeah, maybe, and then American air power, with the approval of all the countries that rely on the petroleum coming from there, would turn the Iranian coast into slag. The US hasn’t had terrific success in most recent conflicts, but that’s down to political will rather than lack of military capability. Does Fred really think that, if the Generals were told “go fight the war your way, you won’t get any interference from the pols in Washington”, we couldn’t butcher Iran’s army? Or hold the line against Russia?
    And lastly, was Fred drunk, or did he have a stroke? This most recent piece has more typos, misspellings, and other grammatical errors, than I’ve ever seen from him.