2018 Midterm Closer

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  1. The very mention of Jared Polis will be that of a turd burglar for governor.
    “A loose cannon in a storm tossed ship.”
    We are so fucked.

  2. Was a bit bummed about the election results.

    Then a good friend told me about the press conference GEOTUS had this morning. So I watched it. Probably the first presidential addressI’ve watched since Bush’s address after 9/11. For the most part, simply can’t stomach ’em. B.S. detector goes off constantly. In other words, while I’ve seen many a visual sound-bite of many a subsequent address/press conference, this is the first in a long time I actually sat down and watched.

    My impressions:

    First, I was 20 minutes in before I realized that GEOTUS wasn’t using a teleprompter. I’ve become so used to their presence, I just assumed they were there. Nope; he’s going only off notes. Impressive.

    Second, while obviously having lost the House, GEOTUS, like any good leader, didn’t sit there and lick his wounds, but focused on the actual accomplishments. I had no idea that the number of Senators picked up by the same party as the President in first mid-terms was essentially a new record.

    Third, of the 11 candidates GEOTUS stumped for on the campaign trails, nine were elected (or re-elected). When he pointed out the several candidates that refused his help, and lost, that set in.

    Fourth, of the high profile gubernatorial races in Georgia and Florida (and to a lesser extent Cruz’s Senatorial race in TX), Maobama/Oprah and all the Hollywood celebs stumped for, and threw in mega $$$, for Gillum/Abrams/O’Rourke, but still lost. It was literally GEOTUS vs. The Establishment…. and GEOTUS won.

    Fifth, it takes apparently little in both talent and education to be a member of the WH Press Corps. The effin Muppets could’ve done a better job. That was NOT a room of journalists, but a room of jackals, each with their own agenda. And Acosta? Who the hell begins a questions with: “I want to challenge you on one of the statements you made at the tail end of this election,…. that the ‘Caravan’ was an invasion,… as you know, Mr. President, this ‘Caravan’ was not an invasion, it’s a group of migrants moving up from Central America towards the border with the U.S. ….” And then refused to give the floor to another reporter after he asked his ‘question’ (which was in actuality simply a statement)? Acosta is a red-diaper doper-baby owned by Cabal lock, stock and barrel. Period. I wept with joy when I heard earlier this evening his credentials have been revoked. What a douchebag.

    Watch for yourself.

    • Forgot to add one other point GEOTUS mentioned: The ‘retirements’ including 40 Republicans (as opposed to only 19 Democrats). And most interesting, this includes both Paul Ryan and Trey Gowdy, each at the top of their game, who were looking at an easy re-election, but for some odd reason, decided not to run. Things that make you go… Hmmm.

      • but for some odd reason, decided not to run. Things that make you go… Hmmm.
        Sometimes the rats jump off the ship?

        • Not rats jumping off a ship…. but rats ordered to walk the plank. I highly doubt they went willingly, and am sure each has a dossier which does not portray their squeaky-clean public image. At that level, everyone is blackmail-able…. some more than others. Most likely, they were each given a choice, and they chose to walk off silently into the night.

          • But… I could be wrong on Gowdy. I want to be, being that he seemed to be a good guy. Maybe he has a different role to play, and he needed to bow out as a Congressman for that upcoming role.

            • yeah…Gowdy specialized in holding endless “hearings” from which nothing eventuated.

              in fact both he and Ryan are headed for the even greener pastures of


              you MAGA cucks are even more absurd than the original cucks.

      • if those guys did not retire, probably would have kept the house and the next 2 years would not be pathetic. wall-gone, stopping illegals-gone, recession-coming. hope those anti trumpers got theirs on the way out. of course their kids and grandkids were screwed in the process but at least they got theirs

  3. Key interaction with gibbering baboon Acosta is from about 34:20-37:00.

  4. mebbe there is a god?

    Ron Helus – a Ventura County sheriff sergeant – was among the deceased. The ‘hardworking’ officer, who was due to retire this year, had 29 years of experience in the force and leaves behind a wife and son.

    scumbag pig.


  5. Nov6, nothing changed, except for who’s given the ” reach around”.

    Tic Toc!


  6. The Usual Suspect

    Pot fot the People ******* You fucking idiot !!!

  7. What movie is that gif in the above article taken from?