Attkisson: CIA’s ‘surveillance state’ is operating against us all

Don’t drink too much kool-aid.

That piece of parchment over which people weep and genuflect failed definitively over the last two decades.

And there ain’t no way back.

Remember your Stockdale.

And your Binney, both here and here.

26 responses to “Attkisson: CIA’s ‘surveillance state’ is operating against us all

  1. Shocking!.

    Everybody here should get used to being known by multiple three letter agencies.

    Target packages for a few here are completed, and routinely updated, by uncle sugar.

    Tfat, the injuns don’t get you, the govt, will!. Buy the bar, bang the waitresses, enjoy what time you got left.

    If you got no kids, I’m throwing my hat the inheritance, ring.


    • Dirk Tfat is Injun. And the MSM reports that Sen. Menendez celebrated his re-election with the juror that was the only hold out in his corruption trial. Hmmm.

      • Him, tfats 1024th injun, E Warren told me so,,,,,,.

        While I rag on T, many don’t really recognize his contribution here.

        His rhetoric is off key, but his message does often influence.

        As a young man I recognized one of my many flaws. I recognized that IF I didn’t like someone, it was because I often saw myself in them,,,,either their words, deeds or actions. Sometimes all three, which really sucked.

        My friend, Life IS the lesson.

        It’s all good.


  2. The Deep State wins. Again. The “investigations” into the “Intelligence” Community’s/DOJ’s coup against the duly elected President will now be ended. The totalitarian bureaucrat scum will get off scot-free. The “Rule Of Law” is as dead as a hammer. B.L.O.A.T.

    • those Republiscam “investigations” were, as usual, all show and no substance.

      too bad about Dave Bratt though…he was one of the few good ones.

  3. Alfred E. Neuman

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  4. Some of you may just see this as a continuation of my rants of yesterday.BUT ! I only ask that you are honest with yourselves about the cold hard facts. While I cannot regurgitate all the exact titles, names , locals and ranks and cost etc…keep in mind that all and I mean ALL of this intell gathering/eavesdropping/surveillance is routed to and through Tel Aviv and Haifa and ONLY THEN to the NSA and 17 other collection points. Tied to the fact that certain countries steal and sell our most sensitive secrets , developments tools skills and products while receiving literally BILLIONS in tax payer monies loading debt and interest on the US, and dual citizens control finance / budget at the DOD , central banking , all news outlets and are the same ones financing the migration towards the US borders both NORTH and SOUTH . I just watched a film of the ADL in Mexico funding and helping the illegals on the march here….yet they allow none of that on their own borders ? and in closing NO ( fill in the name ) I am not a white supremacist nor am I a Nazi nor am I a child pornographer …..just a woke and angry veteran that is watching the collapse of what was once a beautiful nation state full to the brim with good clean moral happy shinny people that were proud hard working and rock solid ……through the efforts of ( fill in the name ) 48% now vote for their own dislocation and execution at the hands of an unworthy filthy foreign enemy. OUT !

    • … my own shit and realized that I forgot my point..!! just took my daily dose of NIACIN so my hair was on fire….I digress..
      the point I meant to make was we complain about the surveillance state but not about the origin and control and reason and use of doing so…until we face the facts about not only the methodology but the application of this control and the who and why and how it relates to control of the/our government our military, social score our monetary system our mundane normal lives we will never be able to relate , inform and gather a tribe of our own thus pushing back in such great numbers that the pendulum swings again in our favor…….

      • honestly m rapp, in all seriousness, diversity IS OUR strength. every one of us HERE brings something to the table. well almost everyone.. can you all imagine what havoc we could wreak if and when… i know what i can do- and it’s fucking ugly. 🙂

      • go over to niacinimide. Good as niacon w/o the side effects.

        • Oh shit now you tell me. I based my whole preps on beer and niacin !!!
          got YEARS and YEARS worth of the stuff

    • SemperFi, 0321

      New FBI data center being built/expanded in Pocatello, Idaho.
      Makes sense to me…….not!
      Locals love their .gov jobs, never thinking what goes on inside, kinda like the Gestapo, KGB, IRS, etc fools.

      • Yup, the fools love their chains…
        Especially if those chains are in shades of red, white and blue..they have ‘sportsball’ available on the largest flatscreen HD TV that they can indebt themselves via ‘Black Friday Super Deals’ (and that TV has both active and passive audio/video snooping ability) and they can text “Dumbinoes” for their pizza via their latest Crapple IPhone.

        Fat, dumb, lazy and mentally slothful doesn’t even begin to cover my disgust with such people…they’re ‘Wal-martians’
        that don’t even posses the survival smarts of ravens or coyotes or kangaroo rats.

        T-Fat was right…where’s that ‘sweet meteor of Doom’ when it’s needed?

        I’d even take sharknado if several Great Whites solved the problem of the parasite class and chomped on DiFi, Puglosi, Ophra, Whoopi Shitberg, Nikki Minaj, Beyonce and Joy Behar along with Barbara Specter and her ilk as an added freebie!

        Surf’s up bichez!!

        NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

    • I think you simplify it far too much when you say its routed through the middle east. Its actually an entire world wide network of collection points and they feed back into Virginia.
      Big snoopy site at a place called Pine Gap in Australia.
      Very odd place with lots of UFO sightings and crazy lasers and light shows that go on there. NSA collection point with giant dome antenna.

    • “I just watched a film of the ADL in Mexico funding and helping the illegals on the march here…”

      Can you post the link to that video please?
      Thanks in advance.

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

      • this is it…..he has some other good views check it out

        • Much obliged pardner!
          I’ll give it a watch now and check out his other vids.

          Not at all surprised that they’re involved with ‘The Kalergi Plan’; both H.I.A.S. and IsraAid (((tm))) are in the thick of demographic replacement as well.

          NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

        • Just finished watching it and I’m utterly disgusted and p’oed at their blatant hipocracy and hutzpah.

          They fawn over ‘immigrants’ yet have NO intention of ‘re-humanizing’ or offering ‘basic justice’ to those that they’ve historically assaulted and preyed on…the Palestinians and Blacks.

          If those ‘immigrants’ told them, “We side with our Palestinian brothers and sisters!” they’d all cram onto their chartered van and hightail it back across the border as fast as they could.

          As my mother’s people would call them…’fork-tongued deceivers’!

          Support BDS – Boycott israel!!!

          NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

          • Add to that the blatant ‘Fifth Column’ attack upon our nation and others by people like Barbara Specter and those of H.I.A.S. and ADL through weaponized immigration…those involved need to be rounded up asap and tried for treason and immediately and publicly punished!

            There’s a reason that they’ve been deported or expelled from over a hundred nations over the last 1,000 years and this kind of activity is clearly one of them!

            NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  5. Sorry, was trying to keep it simple as I am narrow minded point focused SOB with a chip on my shoulder……wouldn’t think that to many would be interested in reading the fine print and I have always thought 99% here are already dialed in. thank you

    • yes, the squeamish are offended, the weak are gone…


      • Just like FN said…

        “That which doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”.

        The wheat WILL be separated from the chaff…and the chaff is going to do a lot of screaming before all is said and done.

        Reality is a heartless bitch with very sharp teeth…

        NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  6. Ha-Ha! Meet your REAL {{{government}}}.

    The Deep State. The Globalists. The NWO are going nowhere.

    BTW… Happy Red Wave day! MAGA! LMAO.