Z Blog: The Art Of Life

An alternate take on the current decline.

Learn what is good.

Help preserve and build more of it.

Heaven knows there are enough Destroyers.

15 responses to “Z Blog: The Art Of Life

  1. complete waste of time, energy, and resources

    the only way to save murka is to destroy it.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “You only have to kick in the door and the whole rotten structure will come crashing down.”
      – Adolf Hitler

      In the quiet words of the Virgin Mary: “Come again?”
      – The Red Army

      • you compare apples to oranges.

        the Russians are a hardened people. they have not been spoiled by prosperity and technology as the murkins have.

        they are a stronger people because of it.


        • Johnny Paratrooper

          Every Russian I have ever met over the age of 20 is one of three things.

          1) Drunk
          2) Overworked.
          3) Wishes they were American


          Word. And I am afraid they will, in the near future, demonstrate their hardness and utter ruthlessness when the Bear gets tired of being poked. I got a sneak peak of their attitudes some years ago when I worked as a Peace Officer in SoCal.

  2. Alfred E. Neuman

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  3. I build high-tunnels and that is good. And then they produce food and that is good. I build high-tunnels and that is good.

  4. Scorched Earth at this point. Don’t leave nothing for the Gooks.

  5. Detroit3%, you don’t have to go that far and the definition of scorched earth can have many roots. Which Alaskan tends to point the way.

    Ex: Grow 10000# of ‘maters at .50c/# and you gross $5k. Now if the tax man came they would not know what to do with the ‘maters. Its too much work. But $5k sitting in the bank cuz you sold the ‘maters — gone as fast as they can launch the ACH debit. Scorched earth can be what you have of value that is valueless to Leviathan.

    Moral: Deal not in fungible financial instruments as much as possible.

    • Maters? Huh?

    • I get $3/lb and produce 1000# a week for 14 weeks for my tomatoes. Cukes fetch $2/lb and I average 400# a week for 14 weeks. Pickles fetch $2/lb and I’ll pick about 300# a week for 14 weeks. Then there’s bush beans, zucchini and turnips, all grown in four 30′ x 72′ high-tunnels. Entire market is local and I still don’t have enough to supply demand.

      Then it’s silver salmon season backed up against moose season.

      Winter is for splitting wood and sleeping and entertainment (reading WRSA.)