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11 responses to “144.1 Sends

  1. The Walkin' Dude

    Say goodbye to your already virtually non-existant gun rights, veterans in CA


  2. I’m a prune picker, born and raised their. Bingo’ed in 87 for greener pastures. Major family their, many many friends.

    Ain’t none of them got any plans of registering or turning in anything.

    Many counties up north,’s law enforcement have zero intentions of supporting any of this silly shit. Their oath is to the constitution, not the war lords running that fucking insane asylum.

    Want solid advice: Dont do crowds, MOVE.

    In talking to my young nephew who’s now a deputy in Placer county, I’ve re-learned the obvious.

    Crime, criminals are winning. Your ex gov, moonbeam, was insane, now you have Newsom. Shits gonna go down hill very fast for you all.

    I look for Newsome to run for the big ticket, in 8 years.


  3. Old Gray Wolf

    We will all have a choice to make before long. Do we submit and resign ourselves and our children to that boot forever stomping on all our faces? Or do we go all in against the machine and wear the terrorist label well, make it be redefined?

    If the latter, one should have an outfit or two specifically designed for that time when you go to the top of the list. Short weapons of maximum lethality, good concealable armor, and a wardrobe to conceal it all, plus a source of capital to facilitate movement and sustainment. Put it away someplace you can get to with everyone looking for you, so that when your personal balloon goes up, you are set up to inflict maximun pain at the drop of a hat. If they make us all criminals, and we choose to fight, once they know who you are, it is simply going to be a matter of time before they catch up to you, assuming you escape the initial snatch and grab attempt. Even if you don’t, it is wise to have gear stashed in case you can escape. No point being wanted AND naked. Once wanted and high priority, you need to be ready to fight like that third monkey on the ramp to Noah’s ark, without the slightest hesitation. No quarter asked, none given. Big teeth and claws and a nasty disposition will take you further than running if the hiding misfires and you get jumped. You don’t have to run as fast if the guy who was going to chase you is leaking profusely and his buddies need to stop and help him. Even if it doesn’t go your way, losing that fight is better than not making it and looking at the world from a prison yard. YMMV.

    Life will really suck for anyone in the aforementioned position, but I can see it happening more and more. If you don’t intend to submit, you need to think that through right now and game out how you are going to handle being “famous” in a tech heavy society with a lot of agents who will kill you without thinking twice about it. Think about who might turn you in, how the locals or even the feds might respond to that, and what you will do if that comes to you. Study similar cases, get skilled in things needed, and most of all, be honest with yourself about your capabilities and what you are willing to do. Think the whole thing out to all the possible conclusions and be honest about whether you are willing to take those paths.

    If you aren’t willing to fight to the max, with all that entails, submission is the only other option. Sell the guns for the most profit you can get, get off the wrong blogs, and become a shining example of the model citizen. Start now, so you can look legit when they start looking for troublemakers. Be happy, stay inside the fence, and live your life. Be a shame to do everything the hard way just to fold and get locked up when the chips are down.

  4. Apex Predator

    The gun grabbing has begun in earnest. Remember Obama ‘we don’t want your guns’. No they REALLY do.

    So far just in Anne Arundel county in MD according to related articles there have been dozens of requests for ‘Red Flag Raids’ and they’ve already seized 33 firearms. That law has been in effect ONE month. A weapon a day is pretty damn good.

    Now times that by every county that gets behind this that is a lot of weapons and potentially a lot of dead law-abiding citizens who are having their 2nd and 4th amendment rights shat upon. Expect this ‘great success story’ to be implemented nationwide in all blue areas.

  5. ,Now is NOT the time to panic, Trump has bought us until 2020.

    If your in a city, your fucked. I get it,,some folks don’t have the option of bailing.

    You still have options. Bingo bag, in your trunk multi routes in and out. A high capacity pistol,,any cal, five extra mags. Investigate railroad tracks, power line roads, rivers, walking trails, and bike trails. Leading towards your destination.

    Personally I’ve been playing with my Kel tec, 15 round shotgun. I initially hated this thing, then I took the ” side saddle” ammo attachment. And it runs like an electric typewriter.

    Short, ” legal” very concealable. And a world of hurt for any retards in your way., the sg loaded minus the chamber and a box of 25 will leave a very large crowd speechless, instantaneously.

    Chill, things are frosty, not out of control.

    SHOULD you have to defend yourself, and you smoke someone. Your best defense is a very very articulate explanation of just how “frightened you were by the aggressor, that you shot that poor chap, because you were afraid for your life, or the life of another innocent human being”

    Memorized the last couple lines.


  6. Old Gray Wolf

    Dozens of siezures, and only one who protested enouh to be killed for it. No casualties to the aggressor side yet. We will have to do better, one cannot lose repeated battles without causing enemy casualties unless the objective is to be annihilated. If that is the objective, why even be armed? Just sell the weapons and be a serf. The point of having weapons is to use them(effectively would be the hope) against any and all who would come against you with evil intent. If you are not going to do that, why be armed?

    • wendystringer48088

      @Old Gray Wolf
      Maybe these people were on meds or had substance abuse or dementia problems and taking the guns away was the best thing.
      Even if we were taking about an average law abiding citizen that had a vindictive ex or a family member that was mad at them and willing to lie who reported them just to get back at them so they would get their beloved guns taken away, or maybe even killed by the police…
      When you are suddenly facing a SWAT team loaded up pointing weapons at you and ready to take you out if you so much as blink wrong is maybe that is not the best time to make a stand.
      Timing is everything, so they say…
      Please refer to your previous post concerning having gear stashed, etc.
      (Good post with lots of good advice, by the way…)

  7. Old Gray Wolf

    The taking of weapons in these cases is in response to a snitch call by someone other than the gun owner. There is no evaluation of the person or diagnosis before the guns are seized. You know, Trump’s idea. Take the guns, then give them due process. These seizures are blatantly tyrannical and without probable cause, much less a reasonable articulatable suspicion.

    They wanna treat me like I am crazy and a threat, and steal my stuff on the word of one person’s unqualified say-so, we are going to have a problem. Best for all of us if I am not home when they come. At least for the moment it’s better. Pretty telling that they steal the guns and leave the “nut” in possession of an automobile weighing several thousand pounds and a bunch of knives. If they really thought the person was a threat, they would take them to a nut ward for a 72-96 hour evaluation. What these seizures are is nothing more than bald-faced gun grabbing.

  8. Old Gray Wolf

    These raids are a warning. They warn us to be very careful about who we let have information about us. What we like, what we think, what we have, etc. The world is chock full of ninnies moonlighting as snitches, and the local shire reefs are in many cases only too willing to listen and wreck a man’s life. Loose lips sink ships. Maybe yours. Keep pretty much everything need-to-know.