Pity That

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  1. Does Kavanaugh have an alibi?

  2. …”falling on her LAST side” ????

    • That video is exactly where I’m at right now. So fucking done with all of it. I knew it too but I had hope. I held onto that hoping this one would be different. it was the last one for me and my family. Time to get more ready than I already am. Tightening the belt even more. Putting my efforts into getting really hardened up and ready for whatever. In fact since the outcome I have been thinking my next vote might just be to accelerate this shit show into full swing. Turn the burner to high and watch it go down in flames. But I have kids man. I think that is why I had hope. That’s gone now. Maybe it’s time to become like Robert Redford in Jeremiah Johnson. Fuck the world’s issues. Just me and my family from now on. Leave us the fuck alone. It will never change and will only get worse. Nothing I can do to stop it so fuck it all.

      • (((they))) will not leave you alone. They went you and your family dead because you are White. And (((they))) will not stop until you – or (((they))) – are dead.

    • Not by way of excuse but rather explanation, every asshole of consequence in DC, EACH AND EVERY ONE, is compromised and subject to blackmail. Any outlier (like Rich) is simply eliminated.

      • Back in the early 90’s somebody tried that. They moved to someplace called Ruby Ridge and tried to escape the DC madness. Remember how that worked out? There is NO PLACE TO RUN TOO. There is NO PLACE TO HIDE, And NO ONE IS COMMING TO SAVE YOU.. Do or don’t do. There is no TRY.

        • Same for those at Waco, Tx.

          Jack Yantis, Gordon Kahl, Lavoy Finicum, Jose Guerna, Tom Tancredo and the guy murdered in Mesa by ‘Tactical Tatts’ were not available for comment.

          NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

      • Blackmail has nothing to do with it.
        They are treasonous shitbags and
        criminals, one and all.
        It’s a Uniparty and you’re not invited.

    • Well, it is her left side. Has to be, she doesn’t have a right side.

  3. Old Gray Wolf

    Probably fell down the stairs running after her latest pizza. Too bad it’s not her skull that broke. On a side note, her “last” side? How many sides has the mutant had? Shouldn’t she be out of them by now? 😀

    On the upside, at that age, pneumonia is waiting in the wings, we may yet get lucky.

    • Cat ladies have 9 sides.


      Word. It will be very entertaining to again watch the usual harpies and howler monkeys descend on Mordor-On-The-Potomac for their poo-flinging fiesta. It is sad and frustrating that anyone of that age, regardless of their political affiliation, should be a sitting SCOTUS Justice. I would call for another Article V Convention to change that. But, the voices in my head start talking to me, telling me to be careful what I wish for.
      In other news, there was a mass shooting at a CW bar in SoCal. 11 souls plus the shooter are dead. Tight lid on the facts(of course!). Look for all kinds of gun control stuff as soon as the Amerikan Communist Party takes over the House. Bleib ubrig, one and all.

      • SemperFi, 0321

        PTSD= revocation of firearms due to mental instability.
        This shooting is almost TOO convenient to be a isolated incident. Here we go again with the push for tighter gun control.

        • Now they’re saying that the shooter was a ‘military vet’ from ‘the Big Sandbox’..

          Already screaming for more victim disarmament bullshit too…how convenient..

          Looking more and more like a FF to me!

          NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  4. She needs to hang on until Jan. when the new Senate is seated. Then they can pretty much ignore Murkowski and Collins.

    • Not really.
      Even if she kicks tomorrow, nothing happens except preliminaries, so there’s no need to wait. The Flake Posse is irrelevant already, and the lame ducks have nothing to say or do about that either.

      A nomination for her replacement would be begun now, but only decided finally by the committees seated in the new year and new Congress.

      • since Trump’s appointees are, so far, an open-borders cuck (Gorsuch) and an anti-IInd Amendment cuck (Kavenaugh), I wouldn’t expect much improvement once this Red Jewess goes to see Yaweh. In fact,

        I’ll be surprised if it’s not another Jew.

    • “She needs to hang on until Jan. when the new Senate is seated. Then they can pretty much ignore Murkowski and Collins.”
      Trump doesn’t have to nominate anyone until after January 1. So those 2 are of no consequence.

  5. Bad Attitude

    She looked so lifelike.

  6. Centurion_Cornelius

    Well, well, well. As Doc Faustus found out–ya don’t go back on a deal ya make with Old Scratch. No sir! When he comes a callin’, you are a goin’. Dem law-books, precedent, and “majesty of the law” just don;t cut it with the Prince of Darkness. Hopefully you prepped well and got a good supply of asbestos under britches laid in. You’ll need ’em.

    Bon Voyage!

    As I recall, per Marlowe’s version, Doc Faustus’ last words were: “Adders and vipers…let me breathe a while!”

  7. At her age broken ribs, or more so hips are the beginning of the end. God speed ruff!


  8. Ersatz Naugahyde

    “last” side…. Freudian slip. Honest mistake.

  9. re: Last side. Guys, try ‘Le’ on some devices these days. The suggested word completions suck.

  10. Hopefully a nurse will put this on to play as she
    ‘adjusts’ Ruthie’s oxygen feed and IV….

    Another One Bites The Dust

    NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  11. My voodoo doll and pins are working!!!

    Now it’s time to start the chants…

    • “Shrub shrub, niggurwath…
      May Ruthie slip in her bath…
      Kek wills it, she earned his wrath…
      Shrub, shrub..The West is the Best!
      MAGA rules..may the pillow help
      her rest..may she return to her
      viper nest!
      Shrub, shrub..enough of her yenta crap..
      May she have her ticket punched for
      her dirt nap!
      Shrub, shrub…nazgul mesugginah bat!!

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  12. SemperFi, 0321

    Well, some of you here got your election wish fulfilled. 🙂

  13. Old Gray Wolf

    As to that Black Pilled vid, I am pretty much there. Willing to watch a bit longer, mainly because there is little else to be done right now. Suffice it to say that I have zero trust in anybody but the few friends I have known for decades. That goes double for anyone who can work within the government or either party. Anyone who wants authority over any other adult is mentally ill, and we have a huge machine made up of such cogs, and more window lickers constantly looking for a way to get into the machine themselves.

    People like me are relics of a bygone era, if we ever even had an era to start with. I don’t see an army of people like me anywhere, so it’s me and mine now, and until we bump into some person or group who doesn’t know when to leave well enough alone, that’s what it will be. For that person or agency that screws with my tribe, if I had any pity left, I would pity them.

  14. “Pity That” That wretched creature gets nothing of the sort from this household.
    And “Hedge”, all I can say right now of you is “waaah”. With the sort of disposition you have just displayed you have shown me you are a sower of panic, morale diminisher, defeatist, whiner, someone not to be trusted by anyone to be covering their 6, impulsive emotionalist, etc etc etc. Are you so fragile that this video would influence you to make yourself appear as just such a literary spectacle for all to see here at Westernrifleshooters? Do you not have the ability to rally yourself and harden yourself with the resolve and determination that WE WILL WIN? If the answer to both questions is yes then DO leave us alone and good riddance! Nobody likes a whiner.

  15. Physiognomy is real: demonic Jewish witch

    • she was actually quite comely back in her law school days. But, as the Jewess ages, the (((Satan within))) glares forth.

      • wendystringer48088


        At 21:

        At 39 with her daughter and son:

        At 47:

        Everyone ages over time.

        • I’d say that Doran Gray definitely got a better deal!

          NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

        • wendystringer48088

          I somehow messed up labeling the photos. Ages 21 and 47 are reversed. Top photo was at 47. Middle photo with kids at 39. Bottom wedding photo when she was 21.
          We all know what she looks like today.
          My point was we all look pretty good up to a certain point and then age and gravity really take over and the looks fall off a cliff.

      • damn Haxo

        comely? like comely on her glasses?

        you must be really old or just plain blind.

        that is not- nor ever was ‘good looking’ sorry but she just wouldn’t cut it for me. i’d rate it at a 5 and that’s because she wasn’t a fat fucking pig.

  16. Where’s that magic pillow?

    • Have ruthie book her convalescence over at Motel 666; we HAVE that pillow for her and we’ll turn her light off too!

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  17. At Ruth’s age you do not recover from an injury like this one. This is what geriatric care givers call “the death spiral” . If she is lucky she will throw a PE in the next 27-72 Hr’s and die quick. If she isn’t lucky. This will trigger a long string of ever worsening lung infections , some antibiotic resistant, that will kill her slowly and in great pain. Ether way that fall killed her. People her age. Especially those with advanced cancer like hers DO NOT recover from injury’s like this. She already has a compromised immune system from the Chemo. This is the one that lays her in her grave.

  18. Unabashedly fantastic news.

  19. oregon farmer

    Can this superannuated radical finally fucking retire? Or is she literally going to die in her robes and no one will even know she’s dead for a month….
    Next up has to be DiFi. She’s 85 for pete’s sake!! I know power is like heroin but this is ridiculous!

  20. John Costello

    People this witch is so bitter, her angst and true believer personality could carry her another ten years. Don’t get your hopes up.

  21. One foot in the grave, and the other on a banana peel………… This shouldn’t take long.

  22. probably not make any friends with this statement but I actually felt a feeling of “guilt” when I heard the news of SCJ Ginsbergs falling. I guess it’s because of the thoughts I’ve had about her hanging on so long and joking about her demise, etc. an 80+ year old breaking her hip and ribs is nothing I would wish on anyone, and I hope she dosn’t suffer. There is a high probability that she will die of complications. rand paul was hospitalized for more than 3 weeks and was critical for a while because of pneumonia from shock, trauma. she has a broken hip on top of the ribs.

    That being said, I don’t think she will ever be able to carry out her responsibilities of office and we will get SCJ 3, conservatives ne will shape our country for 30 years and hopefully overturn some of the “feel good” liberal laws that we have borne for most of our lifetimes.

  23. TINVOWOOT – Dead black robed Ring Wraiths are always a good thing. Regardless, We where always going to have to fight our way out of this. Go ahead, you know it in your bones.
    Voting was never for voting our way out of anything, it was so we would never have to vote our way out of anything to begin with. We kind of lost sight of that. Fight we will. The only way out is through.

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  25. Nothing changes, senate is intact for the near future. She dies tomorrow, best the DEMs can do is push it to Jan, other then 60ish days, the senate is STILL controlled with even a stronger majority.

    WIN WIN. They know it, all they can do is boohoo, snivel to their bought and paid for news orginizations.

    Tic Toc.


  26. She’s done soon.

    If you think the Kavenaugh hearings were a circus, wait until we see what happens when she dies while Trump is still president.

    I actually think things might kick off at that time, and it will be ANTIFA or other COMMIES WHO start IT (not thattthey have not already done what should’ve started it. )

  27. Old Gray Wolf

    Pneumonia lurks, waiting to do its patriotic duty. To pneumonia, I would say, why wait?

  28. And in other humor news…

  29. Shame she didn’t fall on her ass – might’ve broken her neck

  30. Jimmy the Saint

    They misspelled Ruth Baader-Meinhof

    • And Darth is loving the single life since they split!!..Ruthie gives a bad name to the Dark Side!!

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  31. Given that there is no right side to her, left is the “last” one she has. I was thinking just the other day (as so many times before) that this one needs to go, and soon, so the challenges to this administration’s soon-to-come warrants and subpoenas will be quashed that much easier. Heads need to roll while there’s still time. This one will only delay the inevitable.

  32. Kavanaugh sodomized Ginsburg. He placed her in a chinese fuck basket, the rope broke and Ginzie landed on two midgets. No midgets were injured.

  33. wendystringer48088

    I don’t think it’s good Karma to wish for someone’s death, so I won’t.

    Some people are saying that since RBG seems otherwise healthy and works out regularly with a trainer she will likely recover ok.

    I will say that I don’t understand why an 85 year old frail woman who is a Supreme Court Justice that everyone (at least everyone on her side) wants to continue on living and being healthy as long as possible doesn’t have someone like a home health care nurse by her side at all times, especially when she is up standing or walking.

    Unless she is too stubborn to take the necessary precautions for someone her age in her circumstances. I know some older people who were walking around everywhere – leaning forward like they do – fall forward and do a face plant onto a table or floor or sidewalk a few times before they finally come to the realization that they need to always be using a walker or be transported in a wheelchair.

    In related news, people (who are apparently too stupid to realize they are making a mockery of her situation) are offering “RBG” their own ribs on social media with the hashtag #RibsForRuth.

    Prevention is much more important than fixing after the fact, especially in this case.

    • “In related news, people (who are apparently too stupid to realize they are making a mockery of her situation) are offering “RBG” their own ribs on social media with the hashtag #RibsForRuth.”


      Ruthie is jus gonna havta’ wait..there’s
      a underprivileged yoof who’s powerful
      hungry for dem ribs..powerful
      hungry I tell ya.. and here comes dat boy now!!

      The Rib Shack Scene

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  34. Would it be wrong to send a “Don’t Get Well Card”?

    • A dozen black roses in a ‘Fuck You!’ vase might be a thoughtful gift….

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  35. Old Gray Wolf

    I am in for a rough ride if karma doesn’t take the targets hit into account. I have wished stomach cancer on only two people in my life. The first was a police officer in my town who hit a kid with his squad car and then beat up the father while trying to destroy the video camera that caught the incident(parents were taping their child learning to ride his new bike). He was drunk at the time. That was far from the first abuse of his position, and I stated publicly that I hope he died of stomach cancer. He did, two years later. People looked at me funny over that one. Then I wished it on good old Frank Lautenburg. He later died from pneumonia, a complication of his stomach cancer. I laughed when it happened, but I have not used that particular curse since. I am sure it was coincidence, but twice in a row makes one wonder. Although, it could be useful if it would work again. There are currently several cases where I could sleep well knowing I caused the demise of a criminal. I simply hope karma sees a difference between a murderer and the executioner!

    Wishing for the death of evildoers just means you ain’t one, which David of the Bible did regularly. And his God stated that David was a man after His own heart and perfect in His sight. Imagine that, and adulterer and a murderer who repeatedly prayed for the utter destruction of his enemies and their entire families, perfect in the eyes of God. I think some folks have the Hebrew God all wrong.,,,