TACB: The Left Achieves Peak IQ

And will use same to finish the remainder of the Old Order.

That’s you and yours, WRSA Reader.

Nice job in AZ, Team Commie.

Florida’s next.

Tallahassee knows:

19 responses to “TACB: The Left Achieves Peak IQ

  1. ambiguousfrog

    As I sit here I’m waiting for GA too. Kemp is gonna get Norm Coleman’d.

  2. McSally was the establishment pick. She handed her house seat to Team Commie since the establishment R Team didn’t bother to find anyone worth a shit to run for her house seat. Many people here in AZ see McSally as nothing more than a feminist version of John McCain, and that would be correct.

    Look no further than the AZ Governor race. Ducey isn’t popular among gun owners and other liberty minded people, but he still smashed the Commie. McSally was on the same ballot as Ducey but shes now losing. 100,000 people who marked their ballot for Ducey didn’t mark their ballot for McSally. That’s a crappy candidate.

    Golf clap for Joe Arpaio for ensuring McSally won the primary and gave the win to Team Commie.

  3. Magic ballots that appear out of thin air and in sufficient quantity to put the Dem ahead and win the seat…SURE that’s legit.

  4. Those who are bitch’n, griping and wailing about the outcome STILL don’t get it.

    The whole process is nothing more than a tawdry kabuki theater that’s regularly staged to both entertain, distract, and give the rubes that are convinced to participate that, if they play the game they’ll win…because ‘everyone wins a kewpie doll!’ that plays…NOT.

    Politics is a utterly rigged game created by the parasite class that is designed to benefit that same class, not us.

    As for “handing the commies a win”, hate to burst your Len Greenwood balloon but America has been functionally a communist country ever since Frank ‘I luvvv commies’ the Gimp Roosevelt had his cuddlefest with Unka Joe before and during ‘The Bad War’ and the parasite class has accelerated it ever since.
    Don’t believe me?…pull out a copy of the manifesto and see how many of those 10 planks have been enacted and implemented by BOTH the demos and repubs ever since Frankie’s tenure.

    Voting doesn’t get the individual jack shit, except for a colored sticky that is a rah rah virtual pat on the back for being a contestant in the “Who Can We Fool Next?” game.

    Unicorns that fart tasty skittles out their ass and little Irish guys with pots of gold don’t exist either…

    Ones better off voting to buy more ammo, preps and training..that actually matters.

    NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

    • SemperFi, 0321

      Never understood why someone would go play poker when you know the dealer’s crooked.
      People just have to go and stick their finger in the light socket, over and over again, hoping one day it won’t bite them.
      And then telling the rest of us we’re stupid cowards for not playing along.

      Basic Psych 101 seems to elude most humans.

      • “Basic Psych 101 seems to elude most humans.”

        Roger that!

        Same goes for ‘common sense’ and wisdom…

        NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

      • FaCubeItches

        “Never understood why someone would go play poker when you know the dealer’s crooked.”

        Depends on how he’s crooked (i.e., can he be incentivized to be crooked in your favor, too) and whether or not he’s connected to anyone (if not, and you can hurt him with impunity, simply impose a street tax). Once one party starts rigging the game, everyone is free to do so. The only idiots are those who continue to play fairly.

  5. Johnny Paratrooper

    At least we aren’t going to be surrounded by entire continents that hate us during our little civil conflict.

  6. Nightbreaker

    North Gunner, I thought the little Irish Republican guys handed out Armalites and ammo?
    Same thing happened in NewJerseystan McArthur wins the house race but they found a box of ballots that fell off the back of a truck in the Diversity zone. Prog commie took the win, guy named Kim.
    (now we are really behind enemy lines)
    Expect thing to really accellerate now’
    Interesting times ahead.

    • “North Gunner, I thought the little Irish Republican guys handed out Armalites and ammo?”

      If only!!…I wouldn’t turn down the gift of a couple of cased Armalites from Sean the Irish Santa’s Main Elf in Charge..same if he cheerfully handed me a detonator and a satchel of 80% sticks and related goodies with a knowing wink and a smile before he disappeared while sayin, “Have fun but be careful me boyo..use them in good health!”

      The last time I voted was when America had the last chance of sanity via Ron Paul. I was living in Apache Junction, AZ and voted for him…came to find out from a friend working the polls that ALL the ballots cast for him were NOT tallied/counted and worse yet, they were selectively gathered up and incinerated offsite.
      My reaction was far in excess of Ralphie in ‘A Christmas Story’ finding out the truth about L’il Orphan Anne and the decoder ring, let me tell you!

      Wised up pronto and haven’t played the parasite’s confidence game since!

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

      • SemperFi, 0321

        In my small town the polls are run by a bunch of little old ladies, almost every single one of them are Democrats and hard core commie tree huggers. The fact they would cheat and lie is a given.
        And the normies think everyone plays fair.

        • “I’m shocked!!..shocked I tell you!!”

          “Captain, here’s your take.”

          “Oh, yes..thank you.”

          NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  7. Old Gray Wolf

    I was a campaign coordinator for Paul in my area. In my county, we kept quiet, went into the county caucus, took it over and took our county for Paul. Surprised the blue hairs didn’t stroke out and die. Other counties I was working, the groups simply would not follow the strategy, let the establishment see them coming, and got slaughtered. District Convention, same thing. Wised up a bit by the state convention, had a deal with the Santorum crowd to roll with us for Paul. Somebody spewed to the Romney crew, and right before the Convention was called to order, they put a video of Santorum asking “his” delegates to vote for Romney. And that was that. That’s when I knew this thing was never going anywhere politically. Lost a lot of acquaintances when I quit the shell game. Which was fine.

    • “Surprised the blue hairs didn’t stroke out and die.”

      Pity that didn’t come to pass..would have cleared the environment immeasurably…

      As for the Santorum crew, it never fails how much damage a snitch or rat can do..or how supposed ‘allies’ can stab one in the back at precisely the worst time (for the victim).

      Never forget that the parasite class never expected Paul to do as well as he did nor reach as many people with his message…once that was known it became essential to ‘shut him down’ (or assassinate him later if he actually would have won). He would have never been allowed by them to be president.

      There’s more honor and trust in a Whorehouse than ever exists in a ‘Statehouse’..that’s a given..yet the marks rush in to play the game.
      Really makes one question the supposed ‘intelligence’ of Homo Sapiens Sapiens…

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

    • That was the signal to anyone paying attention on the Right that the establishment GOP was done. Just like the shaft job that Hillary gave ol’ Bernie during the Dims primary.
      It made a lot of people who didn’t already know that the game was up realize…”Fuck, these people really don’t give a shit about what we think.”
      Its why there is an Alt-Right.
      Its why the Alt-Left is raging socialist nut jobs.

      People still wondering how you only get to vote for the lesser of two evils. Well that’s how. The “parties” control the Primary because they control the funds. For most candidates that provides enough control to make sure an establishment mindset is the only option. That’s why it didn’t work for Trump. He had his own money and didn’t need their pockets.