TL Davis: A Couple Of Good Genocides

Thoughts on one faction’s end state.

Or maybe more than one.

12 responses to “TL Davis: A Couple Of Good Genocides

  1. So is Gab down again? Everything I do on there is giving me “an error occurred” messages.

  2. There were words to a song, “It’s a thin line between love and hate”. As if these were two oposites, elemental. Truely they are the same, but differ only in object The one, love, true love, is of another, whereas hate is actually love, but only of ones self. Cain’s first spoken words in the Bible are emblematic of this emotion , which is more powerful than any logic, “I know not. Am I my brothers keeper?” Consider who his father is and it is not difficult to see that underlying all conflict in humanity it is simply, exactly, actually the difference between evil and good. Actual evil and good. Lucifer and his false light and God and His Christ, the true light.
    TL speaks of the motivations of us and them as if there might be a way of rationalizing the error of them, perhaps even imputing that they may seek to aid our redemption to their way of thinking. We need to lose this delusion, that they (like us) seek to aid in redemption. They are their own god(s), Cain’s daddy said so, therefore they have power over life or death. It is their circus, their church and we have been given the thumbs down, no mercy for Abel.
    a Bibleater

  3. no genocide in the west is going on, its a jim jones suicide party by the west. the self hating whites are sitting in their rooms not multiplying meanwhile those from countries that are still largely savage in the 21st century have been building up camps, immigrating; in those white camps and will just go on white massacres(like the muslims are doing) when the time is right. that’s a ritual suicide and massacre imo

  4. Old Gray Wolf

    “They want to see the shock in your eyes and the revulsion, because that makes them feel powerful.”

    They will be sadly disappointed. A commie mentions genocide to me, all they will get is an excited gleam in my eye and, “Why don’t we start right now?”. They think they want a genocide. Pikers. I know we need one. I am just hoping nature will provide it. Failing that, we are going to have to kill all these traitors, and that will be messy.

    The difference between them and us? There are a lot more of us that have caused death, seen it up close, dealt with the aftermath, know the cost, and are willing to pay the bill when there is no other way. Not too many of these commies done any of that. They are, however, mentally ill, so that counts for something.

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  6. TL sure comes up with some masterpieces. This one is succinct and to the point. Hopefully this intended genocide gets thru some Normie thick skulls.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      The normies aren’t going to change, everywhere I look I see them with their heads in the clouds, not comprehending what’s going on because everything they were taught to do isn’t working. The brainwashing is so thick they can’t look outside the box for clarity or a solution, so they keep repeating their default settings over and over again.
      Just like an old wind up toy with a new cell phone taped to it’s hand.

      • even worser, the cops think they are doing good.

        protecting the real scoundrels from real justice.

        because- law and order.


        the true enemy are those who believe they are serving and protecting…


          They sure did a bang-up job(no pun intended) at the bar in Thousand Oaks, CA. It’s now been revealed is that there were other off-duty cops in the place but that they were: “unarmed”. So: “Among other evils which being unarmed brings you, it causes you to be despised.” – Machiavelli.

      • To be fair about the issue, and it is one of the great issues of our time.
        I personally have witnessed “Normies” awakening. It is a pretty awesome sight. In fact because of paying forward what TL Davis, and Pete, Matt Bracken, David Correa, Mike V (The Dutchman) have imparted and enlightened to me. It is not every day you can create positive change, but if anyone can, it is us dirt people. Surely nobody else are doing so.
        Not all Normies are unwilling or incapable of awakening, some people just need to hear or see what they need to to have that epiphany of self determination and free thought.

        Within that dynamic lies the key to positive change. Its withdrawal of consent of “business as usual”, for the systemic order of lies designed to brainwash, program, and socially engineer a population.
        It is about the legitimacy of ones God given natural and primal rights.
        It is about a plurality who refuses to comply or submit.

        Look at it this way. The Stoic’s contend ideas are like precepts, little seeds of thinking, that once planted in fertile minds, grow out of all size to their diminutive beginnings.
        If I as a concerned American can change but one mind I have won, and won in this war of hearts and minds. And I have, and will continue to do so no matter how gloomy or futile things may seem.
        This is the war right now. Pretty soon the violent aspect will join, then there is a whole next level of motivation. There will be a shitload of Normies heading for the hills looking for answers. If there is one thing I can do as a patriotic Man, as a Freeman, as a self determining individual, as a member of The Honorable Resistance, it is to be prepared for this coming aspect of this war being waged on all of us free thought people.
        We need all the allies we can get.