All Uncalled Midterm Races


27 responses to “All Uncalled Midterm Races

  1. Johnny Paratrooper

    Regardless of the Steal, America is demographically dead.

  2. Nothing changs, here.


  3. Pete,,the comment boxes are doing odd things.

    • wendystringer48088

      Probably a WordPress thing with their comment box software. I think that maybe when you do backspaces and typeovers, or cutting and pasting of text, the commands and rendom text characters in #hex form somehow stay embedded in the text stream in some form and produce interesting misspellings. That’s my guess anyway.

      I’m typing this in Pluma (a sort of Wordpad for Linux) and will cut and paste into the Comment box to try something different.

  4. No shit, I remember the recounts in WA State to install Christine Gregoire in the 2004 gubernatorial election. The dems recounted until they got the proper result. Never-mind the voting machine and boxes of blank ballots found in a vehicle down by the river. The demonrats pulled the same gig to install Al Franken in 2008 when a box of ballots turned up in someone’s trunk. Republican’s are the JV team when it comes to rigging to win elections.

  5. Purge all voter rolls and force everyone to prove they are citizens to register. Use only paper ballots under armed guard, chain of evidence. Or make me King.

    • “Him” for the win again.
      start over, no US traced ID back to your place of birth; no vote; no exceptions; that should at least keep Barak Obama from voting and if it does that; that’s good enough for me.

    • here we go again.

      let’s all vote.

      whoever gets the most votes gets to rule over those who got less…

      because that werqs the bestest.

      jesus fucking christ.

  6. In Illinois they are magically finding votes for Democrats and are even flipping county elections.

    When in the hell is this going to stop?

    At the rate things are going the Democrats will probably find ballots from every state in the union from 2016 and claim Trump lost based on the new magic vote count

  7. Old Gray Wolf

    More proof on the already mountainous pile that votes matter not and probably never did. They certainly will not fix our looming problem. All an election is to me is s chance to vote against some person or plan that I despise. In my near half century of life, I have not once been able to vote for a person or issue I supported completely. It has always been simply voting against something or someone I despise. So I vote. Then I go home and shoot some drills. Maybe buy some ammo to replace what I spent. Just so something useful gets done on election day. Look around. If voting mattered, they wouldn’t let you do it.

  8. Republocrats are still trying to be ‘gentlemen’ and follow rules and customs. They still haven’t awoken to the new reality, you cannot expect barbarians (demonrats) to be civilized or moral.

    • I’ve come to believe that’s a pose. I think half of them, maybe more are reds themselves.

      • lastmanstanding

        All of them are globalists.

        Globalist = red

        Local, local, local. Quit using/sending our valuable natural resources to those outside our country.

  9. The way I see it the next time the reds control both houses they WILL take the guns. Then it simply becomes use em or lose em.

  10. If Diana the Huntress does manage to get “elected” in the great state of Georgia…………..just remember she makes a large target. After all, who doesn’t want the Governor’s Ball on inaugural night to include two luscious ladies?


      SS: It would appear the Peach State is turning from Red to Deep Purple and eventually Deep Blue. Chittum called it for this area in Civil War Two. The rural white folks better have viable back-up plans.

  11. Yet, I still intend to vote.

    Your choice, you who don’t vote, contribute to the outcome, in spades. This is America your choice, live with it.


    • SemperFi, 0321

      Instead of voting a crooked game over and over and over again, how about a replay of Athens, TN 1946?
      That is the only way this shit will end, confrontation and the will to back it up with force. No more begging to be heard from people who don’t give a shit what you want, they have to be made aware we are serious enough to hang them for criminal activity.
      Conservatives are some of the most naive, lazy minded people on the planet today, rolling over and letting the liberals fuck them in the ass repeatedly every election cycle, and then shrugging it off as just another normal loss.

      What do you think will happen in 2 yrs from now if the conservatives do nothing again? Constantly looking for the easy way out is the surest way to slavery.

      • And have the numbers because if it’s just you then you might get a few but in the end they will just burn you alive…

  12. Eliminate political parties, or disincorporate every political party after an election. Make a time requirement, political parties cannot incorporate until so many days before an election campaign, say 90-120 days, then campaign, election, disincorporate.

    Of course, “societies” will still exist, but they have far fewer influences on “statesmen,!”

  13. SemperFi, 0321

    • Thanks for posting and sharing it.

      Heard that ‘Hollyweird’ was going to do a ‘remake’ of it
      in 2017; if that was true, I wouldn’t be surprised if it had
      the inclusion of prissy transgendered drama queens (no
      offense Wendy, not talking about you), black pregnant
      commie lesbians and their Chicana ‘wives’, white self-
      hating cosmic homo sjws and the pajama mangina soi-boys
      who are recent converts to islam as ‘heroes’.

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!