Buchanan: The War for the Soul of America

Smart money is on the side here.

But you really don’t have enough armed, trained, provisioned friends with hard hearts for what is coming.

Take some steps to address those gaps this weekend.

13 responses to “Buchanan: The War for the Soul of America

  1. Preparation, one very difficult job. Live in a gated retirement community I call it a bubble no connection with the outside world. Most agree with POTUS but it stops there. Hard to find anyone with an extra case of bottled water in their garage never mind anything else. Bad weather forecast they run like chickens without a head in circles. A waterproof grab and go bag with essential papers and computer backup – not likely. Get a gun and train, never, because it will never be needed and anyway my ____________(fill in the blank) hates guns. Say because you do not have a gun and do not know how to use it when TSHTF you will not get mine. Tell them that I will never defend them because they cannot and will not defend me and the mouth hangs open. I want to fill it with the little bag of dog shit they collect every day. When someone tells them that with an EMP or equivalent 90% of everyone dies within a year they do not believe so here it will be 100% and we old farts will be the first to go. Of course there will be a few who have a planned bug out and a place if we can avoid the mob (mostly police and gov’t pigs aka primary looters).
    Additionally as others have said they are mixed among us and it will take much action to do the sorting (4th gen warfare) and the government is on its own side and against everyone else. Hopefully the military stays focused on the external but what will happen when the governments promise to keep their families safe can no longer be met.

    All in all hard to wrap your head around this mess because when it comes it will start with an economic collapse somewhere in the world and spread like a contagion. Nothing will ever be the same yech!

    • Most often, a better life can be found outside the gates than within them as you describe yours. Sounds like your circle of acquaintances could use some improvement, that improvement will not be found within the gates. Ball’s in your court.

      I am in no mood to move. But if I was I would look hard at the Nebraska panhandle and parts of the Dakotas, keeping as first thought where third world nations lie within other administrative boundaries. Might want to avoid such.


      Goose: Step #1: Take care of yourself and make sure your preps and plans are as up to date and complete as you can make them. Step#2: STFU about Step#1. Not only will your “neighbors” be running around like chickens with their proverbial heads cut off, they will be pounding on your front door, screaming for help. Do not give in to their emotional paralysis.
      As a former Peace Officer, I can tell you gated communities are death traps. The criminal element will always target them first, because they know the white Lotus Eaters who live there have spoils and loot for the taking. Get as far away from those clueless idiots as you can. They will be the first to be culled. Bleib ubrig.

      • ” Get as far away from those clueless idiots as you can. They will be the first to be culled.”

        They would also be among the first to ‘report you’ to the ‘proper authorities’ for the “crime” of ‘hoarding during an emergency’..especially if they get a
        ‘pat on the head’ and some of the ‘loot’ as a ‘thank you’.

        Such people and others function very strongly upon envy.
        If “I” can’t have it, NOBODY will!! is their unwritten code.

        Remove yourself from such ilk asap!

        NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  2. Let loose the dogs……..

  3. Old Gray Wolf

    Yeah, let slip the dogs. I have heard enough crying havoc to last me a lifetime.

  4. The toughest nut for me to crack is the hardening of the heart thing. I’m by nature a decent and empathetic individual. Yet I know if I’m to be of any use to those I love I have to overcome my nature. I’d certainly die for them without hesitation. But the object of the exercise is not to.

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  6. “To a world watching with fascination this death struggle convulsing our capital, one wonders how attractive American democracy appears.”

    If we’re going to break up our home, can I start with the windows?

  7. Nightbreaker

    Carl B. ,
    and Cry Havoc.
    Tempus Fugit
    I think the Unpleasantness is coming faster than we think.
    prepare to travel fast and light in interesting times.
    Mobility is LIFE.

  8. I do wish Buchanan would stop calling America a democracy.

    • ‘The Republic’ is dead and it was NEVER a ‘dumbocracy’.
      Such was set fully into operation post 1913.

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!