Lind: Losing At The Moral/Strategic Level

‘One indispensable nation’, my ass.

How are your post-Imperial plans going?

6 responses to “Lind: Losing At The Moral/Strategic Level

  1. The US military is about to have its ass handed to it.
    As intended.
    The reds have done a thorough job.

  2. mrcraigdudley

    liked this article enough i posted it on my blog which i began after running afoul of the zionists:

  3. Disagree, our military has been restrained. Their very capable, of kicking the shit out of everybody. We lack leadership, we have a MIC who influences controls the flow.

    The pentagon is the forth branch of govt. which is interesting

    This is once again about MONEY.


    • FaCubeItches

      “The pentagon is the forth branch of govt. which is interesting”

      Sixth. Media is the fourth, mutli-nationals are the fifth.

  4. if anyone has a friend who happens to be a ‘returning vet’ have a talk with them about “optics” and the repercussions that doing stupid shit and then killing themselves has on the rest of us. seriously, sometimes life is just too hard to deal with- fine. but, consider the millions of veterans who get persecuted and demonized because ONE moron(ok more than one) goes off the deep end. and if they really must act out, then focus on the bad fuckers who deserve wrath rained down upon them and leave the plain old idiots alone. of course, for the holy molys among you, there’s always the age old BS excuse “it’s goDs will…

  5. Him: “The sky is falling!”
    Me: “WE KNOW! Now what are you going to do about it?”
    Him: “Write another essay, of course!”
    Me: “I’ve seen this movie before.”