NPC Snapshots

Swear Fealty To Diversity, Or You’re Out

Hospital fires employee who wore controversial shirt to Mississippi poll

Yglesias Sympathizes with Terrorizing Tucker Carlson’s Four Children

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  1. A little off topic here, but the RAT-LINES
    use “diversity” by “any means necessary”…

    “The masses continue with an appetite for benefits and the habit of receiving them by way of a rule of force and violence. The people, having grown accustomed to feed at the expense of others and to depend for their livelihood on the property of others… institute the rule of violence; and now uniting their forces massacre, banish, and plunder, until they degenerate again into perfect savages and find once more a master and monarch.”
    – Polybius

  2. swimming in a sea of evil…

    The light is strong and the man is weak
    And the world walks in between
    So rise above on the wings of love
    See and let yourself be seen
    See and let yourself be seen

    So fill your cup and drink it on up
    For tomorrow never comes
    If you wield the rod, answer to your God
    But me I’ll be up and gone
    I’ll be up and gone, gone
    I’ll be up and a gone

    If the sea was glass and the land all gone
    Would you still be a friend to me
    When my time has passed, is it too much to ask
    For a little bit of sympathy
    Just a little bit of sympathy lord
    A little bit of sympathy
    A little bit of sympathy lord yeah
    Little bit of sympathy
    Little bit of sympathy
    A little bit of sympathy
    A little bit of sympathy
    A little bit of sympathy

  3. What would Quantrill do?
    Seems to me it’s a two way street.


      Word. Here’s hoping the Messrs. Quantrill, “Bloody Bill” Anderson, and Josey Wales are waiting in the wings for their cue.

      • Right, they, ‘we,’ are….It’s that “cue’ thing that’s the problem.

        Like we aren’t adrift on a sea of Clue.

  4. Another gutless bastard that would be crying and pleading on his(?) knees for deplorables not to hurt him…

  5. They still don’t get it. This is a TWO. WAY. STREET…

  6. This is what it looks like.
    This is what it looks like right before the lights go out and we are plunged into a new Dark age where a significant portion of the knowledge that we as a civilization have accumulated over 1000 years, is lost.

    Folks, you cant learn everything. You cant do everything. You will die alone in a back woods if you intend to go the lone wolf route. That’s not a statement of a tactical nature. Its basic.
    You need others
    You need to be keeping sources of information.
    You are going to need people who can teach that information to thee young ones.
    Digital while nice and compact is not going to be the best vehicle for transmitting that knowledge.

    Be thinking about this.

    • I fear you’re correct, thus my printer is getting some overtime. Cant remember it all? Hardcopy ALL the things and sift through them when necessary.

    • Shit Brother that sounds to much like work and we can’t be having none of that…;) Hope your well Brother…

  7. “MAGA-inspired violence…”

    Please, Mattieboy, SHOW ME where that has happened, boy!

    On the other hand, one only needs to watch the idjit box for the opposite to be proven true.

  8. Will someone please post Matthew Yglesias’ home address?

  9. Fiddlin John Carson

    What f#ck sticks like Mr. Yglesiass, black lives matter, antifag, and the entire left does not understand is this….

    Like everyone throughout history that has f#cked with us Scot-Irish, creek, German mutt Americans before, both here and before we came here, is we are a people that just want to be left alone, we are slow to hoist the black flag and begin slitting throats, but when we have enough and that beast within us awakens from it’s slumber hungry for the souls of those who f#ck with us, we devour those souls like satan himself and do not stop until our plates are clean.

  10. Old Gray Wolf

    The above sounds good, but when I feel like a shark in a goldfish tank every damn place I go, the big bad white man bit starts to ring a little hollow. I have spent the last three decades cultivating friendships with other men. When I say men, I do not mean males. I mean men. They value loyalty and honor above all else, have no substance or person that rules their existence, and understand that three men working in each other’s interest can accomplish what ten men or more cannot, working alone. So I have for my three decades of development, less than a full squad of men I trust and would fight with.

    Either I am simply too much of a curmudgeon to get along with folks, or there just ain’t much of a pool to pick from if one expects honor and loyalty from his friends. Not a good situation when most of the several billions on this planet just want you gone and you are going to have to thin them out severely to keep it from happening. But hey, a fire team to go to war with is better than being by oneself, so there’s that.

    • I am uncertain about every man I might need or wish to rely on comes the day. Even family… good men but none wish to admit the truth much less prepare for the consequences… it’s all just too brutal to contemplate for most folks. It’ll take direct action upon them and their families, personally, to sort out the willing from the cowards. Can’t get through even to those who seem to know the score.

  11. RE: the RN who was fired for his shirt.
    “We are committed to a safe, secure and comfortable environment for its patients, guests and employees.”
    Evidently not. It takes a long time-ask Aesop-for a graduate nurse with training to turn into an all-hands-on-deck-crisis-in-the-ER RN. What you read in books, bloviate back to the powers that be so you become licensed, and then you find yourself in the OR or in critical care or some such handy place are wholly different worlds. There must be lots of nurses in that area that they can dump one so easily. This was about revenge in the name of our new Gods:Diversity, Fairness, and BLM. We think our medical care is lacking because of Obamanation? Wait 10 years!
    It’s more than time to go Galt.