On The Slaughter-Bench Of History

Such a thing could never happen.

A new Thirty Years War.

Tens of millions dead.

More scarred and broken.

Between fellow Christians.

Many of the same (or at least related) heritage.


So said the pundits of 20181914.

Dulce et decorum est

27 responses to “On The Slaughter-Bench Of History

  1. All future wars must be fought against the ruling class, not in the name of the ruling class. As soon as anyone declares war, or attacks another nation, if everyone start killing their ruling class, the war will stop, and no sons of middle class will be sent off to die in foreign shitholes.

    • “Law Enforcement” are not about to let that happen. They only exist to protect their Masters (your “ruling class”), protect their Brothers in Blue, and generate revenue. They have continually shown they will do WHATEVER they are told, as long as that paycheck keeps comin’ in. Until enough dead pig corpses are stacked in the streets, trying to touch their Masters is futile. Or do you not understand that ANY of the “ruling class” can be fully replaced by any person off the street in any hive in this country, without ANY change in the results???

      • Johnny Paratrooper

        I have multiple friends in law enforcement. They are good men.

        That being said, obviously some cities/suburbias have under the table deals between the criminal class, ruling elite, and police.

        Prostitution and gambling IS ALLOWED in certain areas in Baltimore City.

        Literally, the same 5-7 neighborhoods are alway trouble.

    • Exactly. Any fucker who ‘follows orders’ from this point on is included.

      • don’t forget the minions, the cogs, who are necessary to enable the thugs to enforce their tyranny. you know, the secretaries, dispatchers, clerks…
        all guilty just as much as the actual badged orcs. they know exactly what they have, and are doing. they don’t give a flying fuck about honor, justice, and right or wrong. as long as they are paid well and on-time, they will continue to grease the wheels of the rotten-to-the-core machine. just doing their jobs to support their worthless families will not be an excuse. it will be a fine day to witness the payback they all righteously deserve. with any luck, some of us will be there to remind the squeamish just what they have been a part of.

    • So everyone rises up and kills the rulers.
      What then fills the void? Are we the people all to get along because we are so righteous?
      Sons of the middle class?
      Foreign shitholes? you mean like d.c., Philly, (brotherly love Yeh give me a brek) St. louis or Detroit?
      There are shitholes every where. Every country seems to have its shit holes.

    • Johnny Paratrooper


      Mobs? Votes? Mob Rule?

      The ruling class is a symptom of the mob.

  2. Johnny Paratrooper

    A good read to be sure.
    The internet, and culture, transcends borders nows.
    I wonder what the future holds. Where is the frontline?

  3. Fine by me, I’m armed up and can hit my top speed with a light pack in less than 10 strides now.
    I’d like to quote Psycho from the movie Stripes, “All I know is I finally get to kill somebody”. I do not think the country is there yet, but it’s obvious the majority is about done with being told to sit there and take it.

    • “Lighten up Francis”. :>)

    • redcoogs,
      Is that right, is that your soul ambition? To kill or to murder? Does it matter that your enemy has also been deceived?
      You ever wonder about Psychos name?
      i may have to kill, but i do not wish to be numb of it.

      • oh, come on “a follower”; I was just making a reply, you cannot take everything on WRSA to the letter.
        for the record, violence is my last option and I actually have spent considerable time and money doing Christian missions within the usa.

        • redcoogs,
          Thanks for clarification. Words matter.
          Been here long enough to know some take things very literally.

        • too bad coogs

          you had it right the first time but you bent to the will of a pussy collectivist.
          nobody wants a limp noodle next to him during hard times.

          you fail.

  4. A great quote by Claire Wolfe: “America is at that awkward stage; it’s too late to work within the system, but too early to shoot the bastard.”

  5. Hominoidea. Our biological superfamily.
    Humans are supposed to walk upright,not fling shit at each other and live in a civil fashion with other humans. That scenario has not been totally realized. We are aggressive primates. Our intelligence tells us we can do better…then some dicknose takes our stuff,steals our women and flings shit at us. Off we go like a bottle rocket.
    Resolve yourself to the reality of man. Mans history is the history of violence and warfare. The history we know is not written by the vanquished and defeated. The history we know is written by the victorious.
    There is always going to be a battle. Win those battles.Win those wars..Create your own history. Remove the negatives in your life,including family members. Be a fucking winner.
    Anything else is bullshit.

  6. Unless I missed something in the text I believe chopping block would have been a better metaphor. Be that as it may, my response is, Meh. Everybody has a fetish to which they cling and everybody has a plan until they are punched in the mouth.

  7. Nice essay. Toward the end “…never again to be sacrificed to the Moloch of national pride or the Baal of individual vainglory.”

    Meanwhile in FUSA thousands of sacrifices are made daily to Moloch and the Arch of Baal is honored in DC:

    Moving on.

    “Men of good will could only hope that the evil would not touch them; but hope is a theological virtue, not a political one. The supreme tragedy of the Great War is that it neutered the multitudes of decent men who ought to have prevented the rise of the foulest regime ever, and the eruption of another war so devastating that the evils of the erstwhile Great War came to seem acceptable by comparison.”

    Then like now few people listen to the “decent men”. There’s too many loud flawed men (and women) who just want to watch the world burn.

  8. They have plans for you white man……

  9. By the time the frog realises the water is boiling, it is a little late in the game.
    The Time to stop the evil would be in the renewal process. By the time many recognise that evil ‘surrounds’ us it is to late to keep ‘group’ in check. The frontline is yourself and in your backyard.
    Attacking each other in the form of hatred and division is what the enemy requires.
    The time to expose the evil would be now. Let the cards fall.
    Hatred is the enemy, All Lies are the enemy, the world at large is a liar.
    ” Love waxes cold.”

  10. Of vile, incurable sores on innocent tongues,—
    My friend, you would not tell with such high zest
    To children ardent for some desperate glory,
    The old Lie: Dulce et decorum est
    Pro patria mori.
    Yet here we see much the opposite and look at the hate: We need to seek the High Ground.
    we are living in a world where some numb nuts openly celebrates the murder of a sheriff, while the sheriff openly and willingly sacrifices his own life to defend others who are being murdered.
    And the crowd cheers! Or they say nothing. And yes a few do try.
    And we are to wonder why Judgement is upon us?

  11. oregon farmer

    The two World Wars were the bankers’ bid for world domination.
    First they had to kill the soul of the West.
    Thomas Lamont, agent for JP Morgan, traveled around Europe in the years preceding the War, buying munitions factories and businesses on both sides. And, of course, stirring the pot in the various capitols.
    Needless to say, Morgan made an obscene fortune off that first war, which excited the jealousy of the newly arrived Rockefellers, who began laying the foundations for the second great war.
    The globalists HAD to destroy the very stable European social order, which rested on a resilient foundation of small land-owning nobility-especially in France, Germany and Italy, that had developed organically through feudalism.
    Everything you see now is a result of this forced transition to SLAVE WORLD. In SLAVE WORLD you either work (profitably) for the banking globalist elite or you are simply liquidated. You are born on the plantation, you NEVER own significant land, you are amused and distracted by sports, porn, marijuana, and you are terminated ,after enjoying a nice little fig leaf period of ‘retirement’ , in a cost-effective manner….

    • “Everything you see now is a result of this forced transition to SLAVE WORLD. In SLAVE WORLD you either work (profitably) for the banking globalist elite or you are simply liquidated. You are born on the plantation, you NEVER own significant land, you are amused and distracted by sports, porn, marijuana, and you are terminated ,after enjoying a nice little fig leaf period of ‘retirement’ , in a cost-effective manner….”

      Yes, and the above is continually reinforced upon the ‘human cattle’ via
      the sham activity and Kabuki Theater of ‘voting’. The slave won’t mind
      his or her servitude if they acquiesce to it in the first place via the ‘political
      process’..he/she continually reforges the chains upon himself/herself
      via such actions.

      “A slave is no less a slave if he’s granted two days off”
      — Kenneth Royce

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

    • Shhh you might stampede the herd with that kind of talk…