Terribly Poor Taste And Certainly Not In Keeping With Community Standards

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19 responses to “Terribly Poor Taste And Certainly Not In Keeping With Community Standards

  1. Dan Patterson

    Yes it is, harpie, now go make me a sammich.

  2. The Grim Reaper playing a Human Soul Claw Machine…yeah that is one way to look at things…LOL

    • thesouthwasrght

      It is His will, and when you ignore it (poor stewardship of the land, no control burns at the proper time, lost of privately held land and the attendant rights and responsibilities that come with it, etc) then this is what you get. Same will happen to this nation and the people will blame Him for having gotten away from His rules.

      • oh brother…

        it. is. his. will.

        you folks are gonna be MIIIIIGHTY disappointed.

        meanwhile, in reality…

        tfA-t is grillin NY strips, sipping fine wine, and smoking a good Cuban cigar courtesy of my great Canadian friends.

        that must be ‘his will’ also.


        • Still can’t figure you out. I got angry at you but Cuban cigars could make us friends.

          Enjoy you NY strips.

          I smoked an entire pork butt yesterday.

          It’s good. That worthless SJW leftard lawyer can pound sand.

          No mooslimes or Jews need apply.

          Pork fat rules.

          • I’m easy.

            Freedom to do as I please as long as I don’t tread on anyone else’s freedom to enjoy theirs. That encompasses religion, politics, private property, trade, travel, trespass, entertainment, and what I put into MY body. In a nutshell- don’t fuck with me or disturb my peace. I will endeavor to oblige you the same courtesy.

            Why is that so hard for so many people? Most demand everyone believe and act as they do. Why? I don’t fucking know. Most likely, ignorance.

    • Psy·chop·a·thy: A personality disorder characterized by persistent antisocial behavior, impaired empathy and remorse, and bold, disinhibited, and egotistical traits.

      • i possess more intelligence than most here will ever dream of acquiring. it is plainly obvious as i agonizingly read the non-stop false deity worship that permeates the minuscule dot-sized brain matter of those who are intent on hanging on to the only thing they have left of their former fictitious lives and worlds. damn. there is truly NO hope for ewes.

        one more time class. THERE ARE NO FUCKING goDs. what you see is exactly what there is. nothing more, nothing less. there will be no jesus’ second coming. no savior. no rapture. no heaven. no hell. you live. you die. another takes your spot. the sooner you break free of the deeply ingrained stOOpit, the sooner you can take control of the situation and move on.

        and ewe Bonerhead, suck my ass 🙂

  3. Just sent this one out to my closest buddies….too good not to send…..

    If Slick Willy was asked for his comment he would say:
    “Close, but no cigar….”

  4. i never wish anyone an early death, but I have no problem wishing those wanting to “fundamentally transform” the country despair, poverty and stress. if cnn’s don lemon is sued for everything he’s got by his butt pirate lover and gets a non cureable STD; I would enjoy hearing that.

    • I have no problem praying for death for RBG and Bergoglio and all the Koch-sucking Rove Republican swill and the Communists and the South Florida elections officials and everyone in the FBI and everyone in the DoJ, and everyone working towards One World Government. Who am I to decide if those deaths would be “early”???

  5. Old Gray Wolf

    Ugly unamused wench notwithstanding, that is one funny meme. About the wench. Who is the sadist that insists upon repeatedly sullying this blog with her likeness? She should be somebody’s tenth wife, so they can keep her feeding the hogs or similar, and nobody has to see her. That’s it. The tenth wife of a Moroccan goat herder, so she can keep track of the goat harem, while forever covered by a burka, lest a lurking satellite beam an image of her to where it can be seen.

  6. If Obama was smart and perceptive (BIG IF) as president he would have had Ginsburg retire during his tenure and appoint an equivalent replacement to his radical hench-person. But Lo and No he did not.