Help A Brother Out

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GVDL at American Digest just got burned out in one of the big Cali fires this week.

UPDATE 1055EST 10NOV2018: Ashes, ashes, we all fall down…

He is responsible for opening the eyes of a lot of Normies.

If you can spare a bit, his tip jar is here.

He’s got virtually nothing left.

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20 responses to “Help A Brother Out

  1. My wife’s family also resides in Paradise Ca, everything gone, their law firm , their homes, the animals, everything.

    The schools the hospital, in speaking with them, it’s not clear if the entire towns gone or just the majority. Paradise, is/was a very nice town.

    GV, prayers out. God bless.


  2. Condolences to her and her people.

  3. For them, this is the apocalypse….

  4. What happened to the insurance?

  5. Like GV, their story of minutes to run, thru flames is alarming. We’re told their was zero warning from Cal Fire, or Local Leo’s. Smelled smoke from the canyons direction, then the fire was on their homes.

    These are hardy men and women, not prone to panic, their description, is one word.



  6. Let’s focus on helping GV, my wife’s people are very comfortable. They went to their ranch down the hill, in Durham Ca.

    Appreciate the offer. Carole says hello, and thank you.


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  8. Dear Folks, I am so GRATEFUL for all the wishes and prayers and assistance that has come. I am so THANKFUL to GOD for his tender mercies and for friends like you.

    God bless you all. Each and every one.

    Gerard Van der Leun

  9. GV, have you been allowed back into the area?. One of my wife’s cousins went back, it’s not clear, if he snuck in on his KTM, or was allowed with the others who reside their.

    He confirmed his law office, and all their real estate holdings within Paradise, are a complete loss.

    Fire investigators are saying this was a Pacific Gas and Electric caused fire. As was Napa Ca, last year. PGE rents/rented many of the family properties John told us are gone.

    Best to you GV.


  10. Any chance of a friend or relatives’ PO Box or mailing address for folks who would like to help out the old fashioned way..? God bless you and all the millions of patriots who yet reside in California.

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  12. Tip Jar link doesn’t seem to work. Puts me to an “expired” webpage, and won’t let me go further, even if I login to Paypal.

    What books are you looking to replace in your library, in the odd event I have spares or surplus out of mine?

  13. Jeffersonian

    Mr. Van Der Leun. You are one of my favorite writer/bloggers. Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy is one of my all time favorite books. I gave to you thru a link from Insty. As I could. Don’t thank me. I owe you. May God bless and keep you and yours. I’m so sad for your loss.

  14. Sorrowful to you all and many others going through
    that “just shirt behind ones backs” evacuations. Not
    easy, but most of all please remember – Count your blessings,
    not your misfortunes.

    Been seeing plenty of locating family, friends and their
    where a bouts, not to mention help and assistance for

    Could a banner or a post be made to highlight people with
    needs within the circle of WRSA to give assistance and possibly
    extend to others within their circles there with similar needs?

    Unless I missed it, is there other method to deliver help
    besides the paypal account? Even clothing or other needs?

    Amazing story of 105 year old mother too, and son.

    His Patience & Comfort to you all.

  15. I’ll donate ONE one-way bus ticket to ID or MT for ONE individual…