Herschel: It Begins

Democrats Introduce Bill Banning 80% Lower Receivers

And a general push towards demonization, registration, and confiscation.



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  1. Old Gray Wolf

    Never bothered with them, don’t care who knows I have the stuff, because when they decide to take it, that is the day they willmfigure outnwhy I didn’t czre if they knew I had it. Of course, finding it will be a different issue entirely. But now I must pick a few up, sans credit card or mail. Just because they don’t want me to have it. One of the attributes of a free man is that he makes it a point to possess those things a tyrant would prefer he not.


    We all predicted and knew this was coming. If you have not prepared and planned for this, you only have yourself to blame.

  3. “”…I don’t place high odds on a civil war second act. Mostly because the right doesn’t have the funding, leadership, and uniformity of opinion to fight it…”

    who in their right mind would stand behind millions and millions of deplorables when they can’t even put their personal religious beliefs aside?

    it’s a recipe for failure and worse.

    get your gods(all 5000 of them) out of the picture and back into your own minds like it used to be, and you will unite all who believe in freedom.

  4. Reap it.
    And you most certainly will.
    Revel in what your craven impotence,
    shit talking, and bullshit (online) posturing
    has wrought.
    Dishonestly walk it back and explain it
    all away you grifters, you stupid bastards.
    The blackface says it all.

  5. Oddly enough,,this could have been prevented, AT THE BALLOT BOX.

    Why do we on the right continue to beat a dead horse. Sometimes the only game in town is to use the tools available.

    You think this isn’t good? If we don’t re elect Trump, were absolutely fucked.

    Wierd, I know. However so,etimes we have to play the game, cuz it’s the only possible winning game in town.

    Pile on boys !

    Tic Toc


    • I was thoroughly fucked (uninterruptedly) after
      the GOP gained majority control of the House in 2010.
      Beyond contestation, my involuntary fucking
      was compounded after the GOP gained majority control of the Senate in 2014.
      And there has been no lessening of the communist attacks on my sovereign nation and culture, born of Western European intelligence, since Trump was elected President.
      Weird, I know.
      Repeal and replace, my ass!
      It was “repeal”, Full Stop, from day one
      of the communist bullshit.

    • voting?


    • “Oddly enough,,this could have been prevented, AT THE BALLOT BOX.”

      Sure, sure.

      • SemperFi, 0321

        It’s been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt the game is rigged, has been for eons, and these voting folks still continue to lecture us on our stupidity for not voting. Continuously playing a rigged game over and over and expecting the dealer to throw you a good hand?
        Who’s the real idiot?

      • Lol, iggy I get it. You did your part. Looky looky who’s controlling the house. Look who’s penning all these anti gun regs, yup your non vote carried the day, you showed them, didn’t ya.

        It’s all good.


        • Ya, and sTrumpy is down at the border repelling the invaders.
          After repealing obozocare.
          After sending the dc criminals away for life.

          Sure, sure.

  6. Would be wise to lay in a stock of AR15, AR10 and 1911 80% lowers
    if you haven’t already done so…also the barreled uppers and internal
    parts to finish them.

    Also would recommend looking into acquiring a Ghost Gunner 2
    for finishing those lowers.

    Ghost Gunner 2 — An open source hardware project
    (yes they’re $2K; quality tools pay for themselves
    in the long run. As my late Father used to say,
    “Better to have and not need than need and not have”.)

    The parasite class is really starting to worry about our NOT
    complying further with their bullshit if they’re pissing their
    panties over 80% lowers and such. Past time to make them
    shit themselves royally!!

    NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

    • The bill isn’t just about lowers, or “assault” rifles: it makes illegal and subject to serial number registration all parts, for anything semi-automatic.
      That includes a sling. A front sight. A replacement trigger spring.
      Or grips for your 1911.

      Every damned last part is suddenly illegal.

      This is an attempt to ban guns, wholesale.

      The House will pass it after January.
      If they swing 3 votes in the Senate, it passes there too, unless Bitch McConjob manages to get it buried in committee until hell freezes over.

      Hey, way to go, all you geniuses who showed us by staying home on Election Day.

      Turnout here was something between 20-25%, statewide.
      If half of the (R)s who stayed home on their fat asses had showed up, we could have elected Sean Hannity governor and put Ann Coulter in the Senate, and laughed about the 3M vote victory margin.

      So yeah, folks staying home with their thumbs up their asses is definitely paying big dividends.

  7. If Trump signs such a bill, he’s through…But of course, if Trump doesn’t crack down hard on the vote fraud that has apparently stolen dozens of elections in the last week, same deal.

  8. Jimmy the Saint

    “As it’s always been, the goal of the controllers is to make gun ownership so laborious, so difficult, so expensive, so time-consuming and so arduous that no one will go through the process.”

    Most people who want guns will simply find a different process, not abandon the idea. Cocaine, heroin, knockoff Gucci bags, etc., are all illegal, and yet you can find them virtually anywhere, and often at pretty reasonable prices. Just as Prohibition did little to stop the flow of alcohol, a gun ban won’t stop the flow of guns. It will simply change the means by which people acquire them, and create a new wealthy class in the process.

    • “…Just as Prohibition did little to stop the flow of alcohol…”

      Hell, it made the general populace want it that much more, creating a demand (that basic economic theory at work, again…but when did Commies know anything about THAT?) that HAD to be filled, pardon the pun.

      Enter Al Capone.

      Can’t fix stupid, and the Donkeycrats are plenty stupid.

    • get rid of the cops and the suits can pass any law they want.

      the ‘only ones’ are the thugs who actually enforce them…

      • Jimmy the Saint

        Get rid of the cops, and the elites will bring in guys who are better trained, better equipped, and much more motivated than making it 20 years for a pension.

        Demonstrate that your side will win, and all of potential problems will jump ship to your side – organizations are pretty good at figuring out what will keep them alive longer, even if individual members aren’t. (Where they can be dealt with as necessary after the fact.)

  9. The Walkin' Dude

    Heh, if you aren’t already squared away RE firearms and ammo, well, sucks to be you. Tick tock.

  10. Educate me, how do the Feds crack down on state ran elections?

    Around here we have a problem with big gov, ” I do to”, my friend why would we ask them to demonstrate even more control.

    Man it’s a slippery slope.

    For those of you who didn’t vote, and are now pissed at the end product. You want to know who’s responsible, go have a hard look at yourself in the mirror.

    Voting sucks, not voting sucks worse!

    And now I’ll get off of my soap box.

    0321 could you check my spelling please.


    • Dirk:

      Do you really think we are here because trad Americans didn’t vote?

      • Sorry to interrupt, yes, I think we’re here because trad Americans didn’t vote. If you really don’t like the candidates, do a write-in of ‘none of the above.’ I’ve seen commenters say both candidates stink, say ‘voting for the lesser of two evils is still evil.’ Yeah, well, guess what? At least voting for the lesser of the stinky evils either cancels out one of the non-eligible votes, or puts +1 in the less stinky column. Either you go in and wipe out the skunk nest at the risk of getting sprayed, or the skunks will multiply and you get sprayed anyway, alot more times. Maybe “The only thing Evil needs to succeed is for Good men to do nothing” includes not voting because “my Principles won’t allow me” is just more good men doing nothing.

        • How does a NOTA vote help protect individual freedom?

          • Cause he made himself feel better, of course!

          • What If: A ballot proposition was put forth, in a lot of places, to make a new catagory of “NOTA.” The entreched bureaucracy would laugh at it, like those stupid f*cks think it would ever pass. (Whatever, Prohibition passed too) Cheaper and better possibility than starting a third political party…. So the two candidates campaign, voting time comes and the winner is…NOTA. The voters have said “You both stink” so there is a new campaign with two new nominees. The former candidates are prohibited from running again in that election cycle. Yeah, I know…sounds stupid. Stupid things happen. Sometimes insane things happen. But really…. What If?

            • theirritablearchitect

              It’d never work.

              Dems like fellating guys like Barry and Slick Willie. The base turns out the vote for those fuckers in droves.

              The proles actually enjoy the abuse.

              Sick, I know.

            • “did you know that IF is the middle word in life?”

              15 you FAIL! once again. do you ever tire of losing?

        • Good fuck are you a stupid boomer.

      • Pete, I think the DEMs, took the house because of those who chose not to vote. I think we won the last presidential election because WE did vote and it was an overwhelming number.

        I get it Pete I’ve been putting my protection package together for 30 years now, yet I continue to vote, not because it’s duty, it’s the only tool I have. Yea yea, it’s a bullshit tool, what else does ourside’s have, we going to tough talk our way into what is right for America.

        The games rigged any two party system’s historically been rigged.

        Like a couple of articles you put up, or the left column links authors pointed out. When we overwhelm the left with majority votes THEY can’t cheat. They can’t forge or,create that many votes. When the vote numbers are close, shit happens, all kinds of corruption continues. And it’s true.

        We could have overwhelmed the vote, if our side could function as a group, a team, but we didn’t, now the rest is history. My panties are not in a wad, I voted, knowing that many around me wouldn’t,,and that it was likely their choice, their failure to vote would cost everybody on this WRSA site, and others sites.

        So Pete why is it our side keeps, screwing ourselves?

        We have to fight with the tools that are available. Every tool must be considered. Yes even ” those tools”

        We’re fighting 70 years of democratic, politics. The Right, hasn’t even started to fight, much less organize. Alinsky’s kicking our asses all over the playing field.

        Simply put, not voting is exactly what Alinsky, would hope for, has planned for. Counted on. Like good little minions we play into their hands.

        Our side wow, we’re so busy pounding our chest looking for irrational solutions. Everyday we bang on the same ol shit. It’s like ground hogs day around here. Same shit different day.

        Solutions, viable solutions not pie in the sky dumb ass shit, is what’s needed.

        We have awesome people here, bright folks, I love reading what they think, but if WE don’t fucking adapt, semi play the game, we lose like we have been for the past 70 years. “Sit rep” our position isn’t getting stronger, we’re going backwards,

        A challenge. I’m asking each of you to sit down and read: Alinsky’s: Rules for Radicals, beginning to,end, to clearly understand the rule book that’s in play right now via our Marxist left. How many here have already read the book?

        I’m asking you to read : The Black Book Of Communism, Crimes Terror Repression. Books associated with HOW the left is kicking our asses.

        Once you do you just may understand that the one guy who can perhaps save our nation, IS using these very rules and ideology to kick the shit out of deep state, their ilk.

        The only rules our side seems to have is the constitution and BOR. many here spend their days trashing both.

        Pete I’ve said enough to piss everybody off. I have always excepted the responsibility for my actions,,words and deeds. The buck stops here with me.

        I’ve asked others to look in the mirror long and hard, and to be honest with themselves.

        I also look in the mirror, and sometimes, I don’t like what’s looking back at me.

        It’s currently the left’s,game in play, they do have a rule book, mentioned above, the way to a win is by beating the left, at their own game. Anything short of that is, check mate, we continue to lose.

        It’s not complicated. Our side can win, we just have to agree to agree.

        Pete, thanks for asking.


    • The Walkin' Dude

      Some day, the Right Person will get in there, dangit! They’ll do it all! Clean house! Drain the swamp! Next time! You won’t have to do a thing. Just wake up one day and it’ll be utopia! Utopia by vote!

    • “…0321 could you check my spelling please….”

      I ain’t 0321, not even close to being such, but since you asked in a roundabout way, I’ll bite and be a dick…

      “…with big gov, ” I do to”, my friend…” Should be “too”, as in “also”, “as well”, etc, not as it is such as “going to”, “move to”, etc.

      Not that my spelling, punctuation, and grammar are even close to perfect despite having been a journalism major eons ago. Still, please allow me to have my fun– too damn old for much more.

    • 30+ years of betrayal

      by the Republiscam pty

      on every issue that matters. Plus

      Trump has Jew’d on every single populist promise he made.

      but Dirk thinks we should keep on voting.

      Peak Stupid.

  11. Could someone please cite where those of the nation’s Socialist-Left have the authority to control pieces of aluminium and other pieces of metal?

  12. No people ever voted themselves out of tyranny.

    • SemperFi, 0321


    • yup

      not voting is the way to go.

      it de-legitimizes the whole “process”

      just have to convince the braindead to stay home.

      picture the expressions on the faces of the MSM tools as all 9 ballots are counted and reported state by state…

      the private jets would be fired up and waiting on the runways. the cops paymasters would abandon them to the masses to await their fates.

      • Moar peak genius, right there.

        Fineswine and Gabbin’ Nuisance herabouts were elected by about 2.5M voters.
        There are over 18M registered.
        So it’s a good thing not even half of the other Rs showed up and voted that day, otherwise we’d be crying that the Ds lost both races by only 3-4M votes, or nearly twice the number they received, total.

        That sure showed ’em, didn’t it?

        TINVOWOOT if 80% of the fat stupid lazy bastards nominally on our side sit home on their brains the one day out of 730 that it matters.

        But I’ll give you full credit: the Robespierre pic was good.

  13. Commutatus, true, but then we enslave ourselves by being weakened repeatedly,,, cuz Tyranny and shit.

    I speak for myself only. The past two years under Trump were dam good years for me individually and overall for Americans. I,made money on my 401s my taxes are lower, deep state, DEMs are frothing at the bit. Media has shit in their twinkes, and I really enjoyed it.

    Do you really equate progress, NOT progressivism with tyranny. Jan 1 2019, we will again experience the point of tryanny.

    Do,you not understand that once again the left will grind any/all,progress in conservative reforms, to,a,halt. Their about controlling everything.

    We have a solid two years to prepare left,,God,willing ” sorry T” we have until 2024.

    We the people need to start spinning up a reasonable candidate for that 2024 date. You,can bet that’s what our opponents are doing. Stopping progress, seizing control.

    Gotta go, headed to the coast for a week of crabbing and deep sea fishing, with friends and family. Can’t wait for the ass ripping I, expecting from my associates here.

    Happy thanksgiving to you all.


    • We have to fight with the tools that are available provided. Every tool must be considered. Yes even ” those tools”

      Get a clue.
      You are entering the boxcar while proclaiming your “rights” to pen a sternly written letter.
      Get a clue.

    • ‘I,made money on my 401s my taxes are lower, deep state, DEMs are frothing at the bit. Media has shit in their twinkes, and I really enjoyed it.’

      Bread n Circus

      drumpf is a hollow shell, as is his illusionary MAGA.

  14. Which of these are acceptable and worth the $$?
    I can’t do the links because I am a troglodyte type of Neanderthaal.

    Johnny Paratroop, you state InfoWars store supplements were good. Which did you buy? I think most of their stuff is diluted crap or not up to the advertising. Just asking.

    • VoorTrekker, Those supplements are solid. The Whole Food types sent some of Infowars’ stuff to labs to discredit them. Backfired mightily.
      I used the Oxy Powder. Nearly blew my asshole off but it cleared things out.
      X-2 , and DNA force also. Can’t prove anything measurable with those yet.

    • 5DTActical all the way, both lowers and especially, tooling, methodology, instruction and support. Superior in every way to anything else I looked at, and, yes, I’ve actually used it all.

      Functioned perfectly, and continuing………….

  15. Foot in the Forest

    i bought the ghost gunner 2 about a year ago. Since then I have allowed any person of reputable backround to use the gg-2. I figure it is legal .as they are just borrowing a tool. Every keystroke I or you make is recorded either in Utah or Maryland at the 2 yes 2 data centers the nsa built. All of your backround checks have been stored. Every transaction you have made that involved a computer or any device connected to the net has been recorded. I live in Colorado and the blue wave was successful. Democrats control this state and 80% laws, red flag laws and every other type of gun control measure that warms a commie’s heart will be introduced into our state legislature starting in January. They will all pass, for the “children” or because they are “common sense” gun control measures. I am 57 and turn 58 in January. I am an avid gun collector, single, no wife, no kids, and no future in the state of Colorado. My parents moved the family here in 1970 to escape just this type of oppression, from you guessed it New Jersey. I will not cease and desist. I will not surrender any firearm or accessory to the state or federal government. I do not make these statements lightly or in jest. In 2013 I stood in the path of a fully crowned forest fire, I have the scars to prove it. My home still stands. I doubt that I am going to be so lucky this time. The choice is going to be very simple and all of you reading this are going to get to make it sooner or later. Live on your knee’s and take what they will allow you to have. OR STAND LIKE A REAL MAN AND ACCEPT THE CONSEQUENCES OF YOUR ACTIONS. Molon Labe. Foot in the Forest.

  16. I put my “I voted” sticker on my drill press.

  17. Big Nothingburger, IMO. “Incrementalism” has been the (((bolsheviks))) M.O. all along, Everybody who is Awake is Aware of this. (((their))) End State is a Total Ban and Confiscation of All Private Arms, and (((they))) are now Openly saying it. Problem Is, with 390 MILLION (or more) Guns in Private Hands, the End State is Unpossible, as even a 1% Refusal and Rebellion puts Every commie Six Feet Under with Guns, Ammo and Manpower to Spare.

    The whole premise of having a non-traceable Firearm that is held up is simply “To have a Gun after the Guns are Banned and Confiscated” is similar to the Fudds’ premise that “Deer Rifles” and Shotguns will never be Banned; i.e. these People are saying they WON’T FIGHT when the Door-to-Door Raids commence.

    It Makes Sense to have More than One Gun, Stored in More than One Location, in the Event of your Dwelling being ‘Raided’ (or Burglarized) whle You are Away… but in that Event, if one doesn’t Immediately Retrieve a Backup Weapon, and “Go Hunting” there’s No Point in even Owning a Weapon in the First Place.


      Word. Small doses. Death by one thousand cuts. These Marxists have been very patient. I only hope their coming impatience, after the American Communist Party takes control of the House, becomes their undoing. In any event, tomorrow I will be inventorying my spare parts for the Bushhamsters.

  18. Alfred E. Neuman

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  19. Old Gray Wolf

    ^^^^ He gets it. The exact reason I alwys bought whatever I wanted, papers or not. It matters not if they know what I bought. If they come for it, I will use what I have on hand to best effect. If I am not home, I can retrieve quality stuff from elsewhere as needed. The only reason I have non- pedigree stuff is for the times I may need to leave something someplace without it coming right back to my door like a pup I fed once too often. I have seen a lot ofmcowards over the years. Always bragging about none of their guns being registered, so the gun grabbers will not come to their house. Because they know they would hand them over quick as a wink if asked nicely. I know one guy locally who has some pretty good stuff, a lot of ammo and none of it on paper. And he is the biggest coward I am currently aware of. I have seen it firsthand. Not pretty. His shit will either end up in a gov locker or the hands of some toughs who knew he had it. Either is unacceptable. I might be trading him a bit of food for the heavy stuff not long after the balloon goes up, just to better secure stuff I’d rather not have running loose.

  20. Old Gray Wolf

    The Sten is a good piece. Of course, cut down shotguns work well also, and about a million other items along with these. Weapons will not be in short supply. Skills and intelligence are what we may have a dearth of. I consistenlty see more comments on any article/post about guns, by a large margin, than I see on instructive works about medicine, comms, intelligence, or a host of other important topics. That is not a good sign…