SLL: United We Fall, Divide We Stand

Unity ain’t all it’s cracked up to be.

Use the time remaining to build skills, build relationships, build caches, and build muscles.

Along with building courage.

No way out but through.

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  2. unlike what Dirk has earlier stated.

    “I just know what this world would be without structure, or law and order. I’m just not interested in that anarchy. ”

    i think the polar opposite- of course. i prefer total chaos for a period of time. it would allow equalization of the unbalanced bullshit we all now live thru.

    lot’s of lowlifes, parasites, weak, useless, and certainly good folks would die.
    boo hoo. newsflash: they’re going to die anyways. this earth needs a serious cleansing. there have always been whiners here at WRSA who remind me that i am part of those 300 million. BFD(Big Fucking Deal) i’m really not afraid of death- but cowards usually are. i believe this world is just a stepping off place to the next dimension- and NO not some fairytale heaven or hell. it does make things easier when you don’t have little ones bouncing on your lap giggling and laughing… again boo hoo. sucks to be a slave to emotions…
    lifes a mean cruel bitch. deal with it.

    live hard die hard

  3. T, Imagine that, you/me being polar opposites. Have zero problems with how you see it. I’ve got somethings more important then everything else in the world.

    That’s Two grandsons. 10 and 5. My future is their future, until it’s not. We’re we agree, on ” it’s always a good day to die” my physical back pain level daily increases. It’s a motherfucker.

    Their are days I would welcome death. But not at my own hand. My god, the god you don’t believe in, tells me I have to tough it out, to the end, whatever that is.

    T, I’m not giving up on the US, their is zero doubt that this is, the Greatest Nation On earth. Here in my world, the glass is always half full, not half empty.

    All were seeing is humans making the same stupid mistakes as our past history. Our world is a self licking lolly pop. We continue to repeat the very same mistakes of our past. In the end, all we little people have is ” Hope”

    While I prepare for my end, it’s my intent to have the tools and wisdom set aside for my legacy, my grandchildren, perhaps their mother and father.

    Have a good one.


    • i don’t need any god to tell me to tough it out.

      i tell myself that.

      and i just love to break glass full or not.

      in the meantime, i met another Canadian sweety yesterday, Kirsten- yum.
      she’s a jeweler who just sold me a damn $1,200. ring when all i was in there for was an appraisal on one i just had made from another there in the states.
      i didn’t trust that little faggot murkin after he shorted me 4 grams on it. at least he’s only a thief and not a fraud too. anyways, i may end up knocking her up just for fun. :). it ain’t over till it’s over Dirkster. would be nice to have my own to leave my stuff too instead of my family members vulturing over it.

    • Dirk, a “leap of faith” :

      Degenetarive Disk Dis-Ease for over two decades here.

      In the meantime, EVERYTIME your are lifting, pulling,
      pushing – EXHALE as long as the duration of the lift/pull/push
      is being done. Same thing when getting around and out of bed,
      car chairs etc… Commit to memory to ventilate prior to the
      lift/pull/push etc, and EXHALE as you do lift/pull/push…

      Try it Dirk, and follow up with the Diatomaceous Earth (food grade),
      one to two heaping tablespoons first thing in the morning with
      liquid. Usually takes 2 to 10 days to feel the difference, and then
      just continue daily like a supplement.

      After that, be gentle on yourself, and Love Your Enemy, which
      in this case, Pain is the enemy.


      • Dirk, in addition to EXHALING while pulling/lifting/pushing –
        also twisting, bending up or down etc. For example, getting up
        of bed might be 3 or more “movements,” same as getting in and
        out of car/truck.

        Don’t forget the DELTA ECHO (Diatomaceous Earth, food grade)

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