Black Pigeon Speaks

Der Krieg kommt.

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  1. Sorry, no hope for Germany. All the brave, tough Germans were killed 73 years ago. There is a genetic component to bravery and it was killed off.

    • Johnny Paratrooper

      Bravery is a learned behavior.

      The “germans” are not limited to germany.

      The germans were brave, got beat up, abused, and the made fun of for decades.

      They are suffering from trauma. They need our help.

      • Jimmy the Saint

        “The “germans” are not limited to germany.”

        Most of the ones outside of Germany (in continental Europe, at least) were quietly ethnically cleansed or forcibly repatriated back to Germany following the last round of unpleasantness.

        • Not Germans who made it to Mexico, Argentina, Wisconsin, or ZA before the unpleasantness. Those people have made those countries solidly 2nd world, with regular electricity, fast networks, and drinkable water if you can pay the bill.

    • Johnny Paratrooper

      Also, germany as a state has only existed for 100 years.

      • Jimmy the Saint

        Much less than that. It got wiped out in ’45 and replaced with two rump successor states, which were in turn disbanded in ’90. Germany as such isn’t even 30 years old.

    • A.B. Prosper

      Germans , especially Eastern ones do a hell of a lot more to fight for Germany than the Right does for the US. You never see much of it do to censorship but they are far tougher . more active and determined than we are Its also much much Whiter and yes that matters a great deal.

      Hell people in the UK have more spine than Americans who bitch moan and claim to be badasses “when the time comes” but can’t be assed to do more than this .We barely protest when Maryland murders a guy for resisting gun confiscation

      We don’t even discuss this just carry on, its fine.

      Unless they learn that collective and cooperate are not demonic words or actions and learn to do these things my countrymen will bury their guns and either be subsumed, killed one at a time like that poor bastard or La Voy Finnicum or hop aboard the boxcars no problem

      Nobody here is saying go direct action but unless you have superpowers or an operator or the like, individually you aren’t as useful as together.

      Learn to work together , act together for a collective goal or the left, even the soyboys will kick your ass

      And yes there are huge division in the Right. Oh well. We can come to an accord with each other easier than the Left since the Right will keep its agreements or we can just kill on another off after the Left is not a threat

      Collective goal, Whiter, Righter, Better nothing else matters

      As Franklin said”We must indeed all hang together, or most assuredly we shall all hang separately.”

      • the americans need to form a gang 100 Xs the size of the pooplice forces.

        some old acquaintances..

        “…The headquarters building was located on Gratiot Avenue near Hall Road.

        Evidence presented at trial showed that club members went through a process to become “full patched members,” federal officials said.

        They were required to own a Harley Davidson motorcycle, follow by-laws and orders from leadership, and attend regular meetings referred to as “church,” officials said.

        Smith and Darrah were responsible for overall management of members and chapters, and Vandiver was the enforcer, officials said.

        Smith directed and participated in beatings and robberies, officials said. Smith shot a Devils Diciples member in 1998 and brutally assaulted the girlfriend of another member in 2008.

        Additionally, evidence showed Smith possessed state and federal law enforcement manuals regarding outlaw motorcycle gangs and documents related to investigation of the club including police reports, search warrants, affidavits, indictments and witness interview transcripts. Those were used for counter-surveillance and to identify suspected informants, officials said.

        Suspected informants or members who failed to follow the gang’s rules were frequently thrown out, or “run down the road” and had their motorcycle seized…”

  2. Looks like tFat was in Arkansas recently.

    • Bonaventure:


      a person who lacks courage in facing danger, difficulty, opposition, pain, etc.; a timid or easily intimidated person.

      • Presumably, you’re talking about the illegal spic who, when pulled over, started praying and spraying, b/c the illegal spic was too cowardly to man-up to his own actions.

        BTW, this coward is precisely who you are incessantly cheering for day-in and day-out with your psychopathic call-to-arms against every cop and “300 million” U.S. citizens.


        • Yes, he is an illegal alien shitholer.
          But he was most certainly not
          “praying and spraying”.
          He methodically sighted, aimed, held, and fired that weapon skillfully.
          For a reason we’ll never know the
          answer to, God, Death, and Murphy agreed to spare everyone.

    • Were they shooting blanks?

      • It’s extremely obvious the gunfight
        is real.
        Pay attention and stop believing the
        BS pyrotechnic displays of Hollywood
        you’ve seen.

        • Still, the so-called perp was shooting directly at the windshield, yet no hits seen.

          Anyone have a follow up video or information?

          • Watch the video. You can clearly see the shards of glass on the dash after the second volley or so.

          • Hits can be seen to the illegals right side, top of
            the windshield, just outside
            the width of of cameras view.
            Moreover, you can hear unseen rounds striking in both directions.
            Stop trying to denying reality
            because someones comment does not rate
            favorably on your cult of personality scale.

          • He is not shooting directly
            at the windshield.
            He is shooting to the right
            and left of the vehicle.

      • Johnny Paratrooper

        Fuck no.

        Cant you hear the tone of panic in the officer’s voices, and the mic having trouble picking up the muzzle blasts.

        This is a gun fight dude.

        This is what most gun fights look like.

        • and this is a prime example of neither one being able to hit the side of a fucking barn with a handgun.

          get to the range people. every round counts. there should be at least one dead here if not two…

          at least this guy has what it takes to fight. i don’t know the circumstances but, homey wasn’t putting up with nobodies shit. i just don’t get why these guys don’t go out firing. he was captured? it’s going to take more hate than that to win people. work on upping your hits and hate levels this weekend, your freedom will depend on it soon enough.


            Most cops are lousy shots. They are too lazy to practice frequently. I saw it with my own eyes for over thirty years,

          • And there you have it. Psycho-tFat chooses the illegal spic over any of you.

            BTW, psycho, the illegal spic was apprehended 30 minutes after this incident occurred. Yes, I know you’ll be crying in your club soda tonight, being that you’re not man enough to handle a drop of alcohol.

            Never ever trust a man who can’t trust himself with a drink. Never.

            • Deal in reality, the illegal shithole knew how to effectively use
              his vehicle, and especially the police vehicle as cover.
              Moreover, he also displayed the ability to
              advance on his target and forced him to reyreat, which is clearly evident by the reality of him moving up to the hood of the police SUV.
              I’m not going to deny
              reality and entertain fabricated bullshit just because it’s an illegal shitholer that did it.

    • I notice the poor bastard in the white SUV stops, backs up all the way around a blind corner, and continues away. Inquiring minds want to know: why did he come creeping back? And…..not one neighbor came out. They are tough in Arkansas.

      • A meighbor did ask if LEO needed help,
        and he is told to go back inside.
        Damn, you fuckers are deaf and blind.
        No wonder commie bull daggers and
        faggot soyflakes beat you so easily.

  3. The end state of all socialist nations is genocide

    • Johnny Paratrooper

      Not just any genocide.

      But the genocide of smart, productive people with wealth, values, morals, ethics and families.

      Basically the backbone of any culture.

      You see, the mob doesn’t attack itself. It has nothing to steal;or envy.

      Poor people are poor because they have bad attitudes, waste their money, are drunks or druggies, or they have no ambition.

      Something you will NEVER hear mentioned in public.

      Because ALL people are equal. They cannot ever admit there is a fallacy in their rhetoric.

      Poor people must be poor because capitalism, social contract theory, and contract law is a white man’s scam holding down everyone else.

      • Jimmy the Saint

        “But the genocide of smart, productive people with wealth, values, morals, ethics and families.”

        Well, at least the ones that lack proper connections.

        And say what you will about the morality of it, but genocide is the one surefire way of making all people equal.

  4. Day X. As Mellish said to Upham: “Should be quite a show”.

  5. The response to communism, their attacks
    and victories, is with enlightened soul searching and buying more shit.
    Yeah, that’s the ticket.
    The basis of effective tactics, strategy, and victory is consumerism.
    The ad nauseum, the impotent debate and mental masturbation, the fanatical praying
    for a pure moment, wherein conditions must be
    Universally aligned to counter in the most
    minuscule way.

  6. Shinmen Takezo

    German military death squads?!!

    Fuk-yeah… I’m all for it.
    Do it I say, bring it on in spades.

    Hopefully much of it will be televised.
    The left in this country needs to see what could happen to them.
    It will be the the opposite of Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood.

  7. Alfred E. Neuman

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