She Seems Nice

Joe Huffman links to a girl with a plan.

To murder gunowners en masse.

Make sure you read the whole thing.

And then have those around you do the same.

The Reds plan to kill you and your family.

It’s just that simple.

57 responses to “She Seems Nice

  1. What a horse face skank! I am not surprised that she is frustrated. Who would tap that…? Hillary Clinton, maybe? Or Bill….? Whoooooeeeeeee. Nasty 🤢

  2. eee gads

    how would you like to wake-up to that in the morning? especially after a hard night of drinking? personally, i’d start gnawing real quiet-like on my arm to free myself without waking IT up…

  3. It’s probably for the best.

  4. lastmanstanding

    …and vice versa.


    What all of these clueless idiots on social media fail to realize is the cost of confiscation. They won’t do it. They are assuming the Orcs and Orcettes with badges and/or camo uniforms are going to do it. The is a false assumption.
    Of course, there is also the Congressman from CA who has threatened to “nuke” gun owners who do not turn in their firearms. Bloviating noise on both accounts. The reality will be something akin to what Selco went through when the cobbled-together country of Yugoslavia went belly-up. It will be local, local, local. And, after a platoon or two of TPTB’S minions get their butts handed to them, the picture will change.

  6. That one has choppers like that Cortez girl. Are there still any Orthodontists left in this country?

  7. Old Gray Wolf

    And they think we all will fall when they send the goons for us. They better hope so, because, as detailed previously, I have resources dispersed off site, and if they miss, I will be making visits upon those who sent the goons, the goons themselves, and the useless idiots who screamed for the State to abuse me. Such as the author of the above overly optimistic wet dream. If some other deplorable does not reach her first. At that point, I will not be the only one…

    Side note: If you have not dispersed gear and supplies in places where they can be reached while people are looking for you, better get started. Sucks to be on the run with only your EDC…

  8. it used to be that a young man wanted a woman just like his mom, I do not want to imagine what kind of woman the sons of these moms would want

    • They aborted all their sons…

      • Damn if you don’t have a way of putting things in perspective…..

      • The Walkin' Dude

        Or gave them hormone blockers and turned them into xirs! On a related note, are they gonna send packs of xirs around to confiscate said firearms and perform the street executions? That would be a… colorful sight. All the doom and gloom. They couldn’t even get the support for such a thing, let alone the numbers to actually ENFORCE it countrywide. They cry over words, how will they handle high-speed copper-jacketed lead when they open that Pandora’s box?


        Word, my brother. And they will eventually end up in burqas if they are not pitched off the roofs of tall buildings, first.

        • Yep which is why I’ve always said they are suicidal but homicidal as well…

        • Well, Sinead O’Conner jumped the shark and ‘went full moslem’….

          Hopefully she won’t grace the world by now doing the
          ‘twerka-in-her-burqa’…that alone would have me
          reaching for an XL18 and kicking on the pilot light!

          Singer-Songwriter Sinead O’Connor Converts To Islam,
          Changes Name To Shuhada | NBC News

          ‘THEY ARE DISGUSTING’ Sinead O’Connor sparks fury by saying she won’t mix with white people after becoming a Muslim

          Hmmmmm..wonder how long it’ll be before she packs her shit up
          for her relocation to Saudi Arabia?…..

          One could only hope…

          NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

    • These Wyman don’t have children. They have abortions. Even if they did, they would turn them into gender fluid, non binary, vegan, squirrel-kin. Their children would be drugged out retards that fuck trees or car tail pipes.
      It fucking cancer

  9. Alfred E. Neuman

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  10. Johnny Paratrooper

    Those women haven’t even been shot at before and have psychotic trauma.

    They are in for a very, very confusing future when all the blacks and browns are running around shooting shit and blowing shit up.

  11. So who’s doxing the reds? Any websites anyone knows of?

    • Read the comments in the reddit as they are instructive as to the amount of stockholm syndrome present in the average FUsAn at this time.

  12. As an addendum, Rep Swalwell D-CA got in on the action as well, commenting that if CWII were to break out, it would be very short because the gov’t has nukes. This in reply to a pro-2A post that if Swalwell got his way on confiscating all guns, CWII would indeed break out. RTWT: Swalwell implies that the gov will nuke its own citizens.

  13. Old Gray Wolf

    About that pic: Aren’t people who strip in public and scream like an enraged ape qualified for a 96 hour mental health observation? Where are the police? These poor gals have lost it, and need public servants to take them into custody to protect them from themselves.

  14. Walter Sobchak

    Tonight we’ve got a Rep. Swalwell on twitter ‘joking’ about nuking gun owners. Everyone should just take them at their word at this point.

  15. That anorexic broad could clean a corn cob through a fence with the overbite on those massive chompers…

      • Try looking at her and her ‘sisters’ with a pair of Hoffman glasses!
        Not quite the same, eh?

        “I’m here to kick ass and chew bubble gum…and I’m
        all outta bubble gum!”.

        NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  16. “Where the white women at?”

    • Only zombie Martin Luther King would ask that,
      especially with that nag and her sisters.

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  17. Nice troll post by “Alison.” But in reality isn’t this what the anti 2nd Amendment crowd is advocating. Mandating one group of armed men to disarm an armed citizenry. Not just any group of citizens, but those with a long tradition of itchy trigger fingers for tyrants. What could possibly go wrong? Everyone on WRSA knows very well that any such actions by federal, state and local officials would lead to the most brutal form of blowback this world has ever experienced.

  18. Its like this you pos feministic leftist loony. You have been put on a list also, I am pretty dam sure…

  19. theirritablearchitect

    Perfectly resembles a female baboon, teeth and all.

    Perhaps that’s what she was going for?

  20. well I can certainly picture her covered in napalm

  21. Well it seems another douche- bag democrat wants to kill us; this time with a nuke.

  22. Some people are made for ONE MOMENT in time. That WAS clearly HERS!

  23. Just out of curiosity….has anyone tried taking these gun grabbers to court under 18 USC 242?

  24. Lisa Page: The Early Years.

    • Thank whoever that Lena Dunham, Whoopi Shitberg,
      Andrea Dworkin and Joy Behar didn’t join in!….

      There wouldn’t be enough eyewash in the known
      universe to wash that image completely out!

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  25. For those who are ‘sitting on the fence’ on the gun issue,
    her genocidal rant should be the wake up call for what
    the commies and their fellow travelers really desire and
    have planned.

    Yugoslavia + Beirut X 100

    One of my friends here constantly says, “I’m going to laugh
    my ass off at the sheeple when the shit hits the fan!”.
    I told him, “No, you won’t…you’ll be far too busy trying to
    keep your soul attached to your body to have the luxury of

    Cosmic snowflake girl better hope that her wish NEVER
    comes to pass as the tsunami of righteously filled destruction
    coming at her and her fellow comrades will be like nothing
    that hollyweird could ever bring to the big screens…it’d make
    the ‘War of Northern Aggression’ look like a laugh filled pillow

    NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  26. The Walkin' Dude

    Meh, a retard with a death wish. She would be one of the first hanging from an overpass while people were sniped trying to get her corpse down.

    • The Walkin' Dude

      LMAO @ this Swalwell stuff. Just caught it. Eric Swallowell should take Jim Acost-ya as his VP too! They could call their campaign “Nuke – Chop 2020″

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  28. The call me Bruce


    Bergara / CVA (version 2) – Single shot, quick to break down for shoot & scoot. Question is suitable calibre and suitable scope

    • Stop with the mental masturbation and
      the snarky (bullshit) slyness, openly proposing
      shit that’s best left unsaid.
      Shut the fuck up and/or actually go do something.

      Even the ghetto comedian knows:

    • Don’t waste your money on a single shot CVA when you can buy a Savage Axis bolt in .270 and a case of ammo for less cost and better accuracy. That is, unless you feel a real need for a break action single shot for no reason beyond ‘want’.

  29. Very BIZARRE….
    One point is all the screaming for women’s rights,
    yet, millions of little baby girls have and are being
    aborted (murdered)….

  30. Fist: Stop thinking with your dicks. Those are no longer human females. Those are communist’s. They mean every word. They WILL come for your guns. They WILL murder you whether you give them up or not. They WILL murder every White, every Christian, EVERY Republican. Men Women and children. Like the fanatic followers of every genocide cult before them, they are DEAD serious about your extermination “By any means ” .They want you dead. They want it now. The only way to make them stop is kill them first. It no longer matters what you think about that. They are dead serious. They want the guns and the Bibles. ALL OF THEM, and they do not care in the slightest how many die to get them.

  31. This was tried.


    April 19, 1775.

    How, precisely, did that turn out?

    • Are the people of FUSA the people of 1775?

      Are our enemies on the other side of an ocean requiring long periods to send reinforcements?

      • No and No…Well said Brother…


        On point. The proof of the pudding was the reaction of the sheeple in “The Cradle of Liberty” after the Boston Marathon “bombing”. In my first US history class, Sister Mary Hercules pointed out the Colonies were divided between thirds, with one-third of the population supporting the Revolution. Now we have been whittled down to about one-sixth versus five-sixths, or even smaller. Snitches will abound. The “born again” crowd of Romans 13 useful idiots will be a bigger threat than the overweight ninjas with all of their M-Rap hand-me-downs. Plan accordingly.

  32. Thanks a lot!! I was already having problems with GERD and then I scroll down and see that!