Derbyshire: On Nationalism

A useful explainer.

What very few FUSAns understand:

Going into the mid-20th century, socialism became the Earth’s dominant political organizing principle. Where Communism, the murderously mature form of socialism, remained in its fetal form, people appreciated the “social safety net” and supported it. If WWI resulted in the death of the European monarchies, WWII is best understood as a gang-fight between distinguishable yet kin-related socialists: the Fascist, NSDAP, and Japanese gangs on one side, and the British, US, and Soviet gangs on the other side. In 1945, FDR’s socialist gang and that of Stalin stood astride the globe.

Now, seventy plus years later, the EU, UK, and FUSA strive to join their socialist brethren in the PRC and India in the goals of central economic planning (and, when possible, total population control) and regional hegemony. Not coincidentally, civilian disarmament and heritage population replacement are other shared goals.

In FUSA, the switch from genteel American socialism to hard-line-deadly Maoism is in the works. You, dear reader, are in its sights. Make no mistake about that.

Without a coherent fighting principle around which trad Americans can organize (locally only, in meatspace only, amongst trusted, hard-hearted allies only), the Reds will seize the remaining levers of power between now and 2024. Once in complete control, the vestiges of trad American culture (and believers) will be swept forever into the dumpster of multiculti power for power’s sake.

There will be no reset for the foreseeable future.

One man, one vote, one time.

Thus, believers in private property, the sanctity of the individual, traditional families, free speech, and limited government have only a blink of history in which to abandon their illusions and prepare for the Great North American Death Match.

No one is coming to save you.

Very many of your “countrymen” are in fact the enemy, and will have to be treated as such.

There is no opposition political party to fight meaningfully against the victory of American Communism.

Most of your relatives will be willing to betray you to the authorities.

No one in government at any level is your friend.

Nor, except in extraordinarily rare circumstances, is any clergy or any other member of churchianity.

Your dependency on government support, where applicable, is a monstrous vulnerability.

And most importantly, you really and truly don’t yet have enough ammo, food, medication, and hard-hearted friends to prevail against the Reds.

Tempus fugit.

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26 responses to “Derbyshire: On Nationalism

  1. The reason they want to stop nationalism is simple. Nationalism empowers and strengthens the people and it encourages resistance movements.

    The Bolsheviks can not have the people empowered and strengthened and the last thing the Bolsheviks want is a resistance movement. Today the Democrat/Bolsheviks want to disarm us and kill our families. They have repeated this claim over and over again.

    Years ago people claimed we needed to organize equip and train as militia. The same people claimed we needed to have a 5-10 program.
    Do we need to do that now?

  2. On a brighter note,Diane(eat my balls) Feinstein is letting Californians know that federal funds are available to help them. Didn’t she recently tell the Feds to go fuck themselves?
    I am living in Supermans Bizarro world. I picked a bad day to quit sniffing glue.

  3. fuck that shit

    i’m pledging allegiance to the Leroy Jenkins Gang.

  4. Should have stuck it out with one sovereign king. Inbred diabolical narcissists but they tended to be strong nationalists. When they went to war the spoils enriched the kingdom and they sure as hell didn’t greet invasion caravans with ACLU, hot food and comfy cots either. Today you’re dealing with hundreds of mini-kings from D.C. right down to your county assessor. Each with absolute unchecked power to take property and destroy your life. But, but meh constitution… You don’t have enough time and money to litigate your rights. The entire fucking country has Stockholm Syndrome.

    • John Paratrooper

      Correct. And somehow marxist professors can run as republican candidates in MD. Everyone else wasn’t even allowed a platform. I looked. It wasn’t even viable. Literally devoid of any hope. It was like an empty well of nothing.

  5. a viable Nationalism is based on one thing

    and one thing only:

    racial consanguinity.

    in the present case, White consanguinity.

    “Patriotism” is the usual

    “proposition nation”


  6. Northern gunner

    Cut the water and electricity in the Blue Hives. Within 72 hours the cities would start to burn.

    Gas it up!
    Burn it Down!

    So who will get this party started?

  7. lastmanstanding

    CA, did you write that?

    Just read it to my wife…we get it. We’re in for whatever happens.

    Well done brother.

  8. Jeffrey Folmer

    Should be required reading

  9. John Paratrooper

    “There is no effective political opposition party to counter the Communists”

    Not true. I’m having a party.

    We are serving Molotov cocktails.

    Open Bar.

  10. John Paratrooper

    Email sent concerning the ruck sacks.

  11. Fortunately the National debt, because of communist/socialist ideology, is 23 trillion dollars in debt actual with the unfunded mandates tapping close to 300 trillion. Can you say default? Economic collapse is imminent. For those of us who believe in the Constitution, taken an oath to support and defend it, salvation lies in collapse. Russia and China are allies in this endeavor as they are slowly no longer trading oil for dollars but yuan and rubles. This is a blessing as it removes power from the Federal Reserve to stave off collapse by inflating stocks, keeping interest rates low, and suppressing the price of Gold and Silver.
    In regard to Socialists/Communists: Caedite eos. Novit enim Dominus qui sunt eius.

  12. “One man, one vote, one time.”
    Is canceled out by shaniqua and her 6 kids who each have six kids of their own while my wife and I have two and they’ll each have two more if they’re lucky.

    Demographics is Destiny. Look at Red v. Blue in Georgia over the last 40 years if you don’t believe me.
    One vote ain’t doing the working class whites in Georgia squat when the blacks won’t have to steal Elections for very much longer.

  13. In the event these filthy commie rat bastards succeed in taking Festung America, you will be liquidated. At least 27 million will be deemed non re-educatable (Bill Ayers own words) and mass murdered. Just like they did in Russia,Cambodia, Viet fucking Nam, and China.
    Never surrender. Fight to the death and always have a last surprise for the motherfuckers.

  14. Now the dumb asses in Illinois want to tax people that want to leave the $hit hole called Illinois
    . Dont like high taxes, draconian gun control, excessive regulation and massive corruption in a State ran by Bolsheviks?

    Illinois Democrats thank that should be taxed as well

    • John Barleycorn

      California already did that, but it was repealed several years later. Watch for Gavin Nuisance to bring it back, though.

  15. No one is coming to save you.

  16. This might be a good time to review what it will look like when the blue hives implode. What comes after? Anybody’s guess. But something like this is going to happen, sooner or later, and then all bets are off.
    “When The Music Stops – How America’s Cities May Explode In Violence”

  17. There are 200 million whites in America. 30% of these are traitors. 40% are true believers. The rest aren’t paying attention.

    We fought WWII with a population of only 120 million whites. If we have just 120 million left when this is all over, I call that a win. We can recover from just 90 million almost as easily.

    What happens to the other 200 million people currently residing in our beautiful country is not my problem, just so long as they aren’t still here when it’s all over.