Prepper Medicine: What You Think You Know Can Kill You

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    This is really a thing.
    As some of the replies will demonstrate in 3, 2, …

  2. Twice a day, and a monetary supporter. Highly recommend Perez/Wolfe’s book “Basics of Resistance” for good ideas, new ideas, and help for newbies.


    My take: Since the “opioid crisis” most doctors are scared s#$%*@#s to write a scrip for anything. And, if they do write one, it is for the bare minimum. Given this unpleasant reality, make friends with your local Veterinarian. Any disease or condition a dog gets, humans get. Every vet office is loaded with tranqs, and antibiotics. Do research on these prepper sites which marked “fishmox”. Will it work? This is the direction I have been headed for some time.

    • 1) The “Opioid Crisis” is well-understood by everyone in the medical field to be NOT Grandma and Uncle ODing on Rx opioids, but rather heroin junkies dying from using Smack cut with acetyl (garage-brewed only) fentanyl. It is Darwinism in action, and it’s a feature, not a bug.
      500 junkies a day dying from fatal overdoes? What down side?
      MOAR, please.

      2) You don’t need Fish Mox.
      You need Fish everything.
      And even then, you’ll be missing a few rather vital options, but something is better than nothing.
      You should also have recent editions of Tarascon’s Pocket Pharmacopeia to give you dosages and normal course, a good nursing drug reference (Mosby’s, etc.) to lay out do’s and don’ts etc., and a current/recent PDR to understand everything about the drugs in question. All available from Amazon, and most all on the shelf at Barnes & Noble brick-and-mortar stores. You should have them anyways by now if you’re serious. If you don’t, you’re prepping for 18th cent. medical care, i.e. “have a slug of whiskey and bite on this leather strap” standards of care, and expect commensurate survival/mortality rates.

      3) Once you realize that a bottle of 30 pills is probably only barely enough for one person for one, or maybe two courses of treatment if yu’re lucky, you’ll start to grok why you should probably be adding to your stockpile like a fiend if you anticipate a true post-civilizational existence. (Because 4x day x 10 days is 40 pills, or 1 1/3 of the smaller bottles.) This is why commercial pharmacies buy bottles of 500 pills. Stored properly, most of these don’t “expire” so you should probably be buying a new bottle of each annually, and storing them in succession, sealed in a dark, cool, dry location.

      4) Work on this now.
      Five minutes after they crack down on this (like ammunition, gun parts, etc.) and you can’t get it anymore, is six minutes too late, forever.

      5) Think about
      > tooth infections
      > EENT (eye, ear, nose, throat) infections
      > skin infections
      > puncture wounds (knife, GSW, bites, everyday injuries)
      > respiratory infections (pneumonia, etc.)
      > gut infections
      > systemic sepsis treatment
      > post-op prophylaxis
      That’s probably 80-95% of what is commonly treated with Abx, or should be.

      • And BTW:
        Some people are allergic to some Abx.
        Some in an anaphylactically fatal way.
        You’re prepared to treat that too, right?
        Multiple times??

        Benadryl and Pepcid generics are OTCs you should have in their thousands, but epinephrine and steroids are Rx only.
        Work the problem, or else go long on body bags when your amateur pharamcology starts filling them. This isn’t a letter-grade event, and the fail part of this pass/fail ends with shovels and shrouds.

    • I’ve listened to a lot of channels on you tube about fishmox and have thought about it myself but as the above blog article kinda states, I haven’t actually taken fishmox. I rarely get sick. Nobody in my family does and if we do we go to the Dr. office and get meds if needed. In a pinch I would probably take it and should probably stock a little. We have some older penicillin from old scripts that we have saved. Wife is allergic to it so she has her special one just for her. If it ever gets here it will be a bumpy ride for sure. Very few are truly prepared. Trust the Lord and stay out of harms way whatever that may be if ya can is our credo if and when.

  4. The fishmox and other abts (antibiotics) are made in the same factories and are the same quality as human abts. Often the pills are exactly the same. I am a medical professional and have questioned some of my pharmacological Doctor associates about it. They have also informed me that if kept out of light and cool and dry that the shelf life of them is at least double if not greatly more for most of them. Except for tetracycline.

  5. Been visiting here daily for twelve years. EMT/nurse. Volunteered in Haiti after the earthquake, after Katrina’s, and wild land firefighter in Cali. This is one of the best, most prescient articles you’ve ever presented. Thank you.

  6. Stay healthy.

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