Paglia On #MeToo And Women, Circa 2018

Provoking, indeed.

Tough point for trad American males:

Many of our mothers, grandmothers, sisters, daughters, and other kin females are in the socialist/Red enemy camp – in many cases, nearly irretrievably so.

Food for thought over Monday coffee.

23 responses to “Paglia On #MeToo And Women, Circa 2018

  1. John Paratrooper

    My mother has threatened to report me to the Sheriff multiple times.

    She has even accused me of planing to shoot up a school.

    My mother thinks that guns owners want to shoot up schools.

    Her mind is not capable of generating or processing a scenerio that may require the use of military grade weaponry to defend my life. liberty, or property.

    She thinks that guns are like trucks.

    Useless, and there must be a better solution.

    Maybe a Prius can haul construction materials…

    • John Paratrooper

      If my atomic liberal mother was in charge of a transportation and trucking company, she would sell the trucks because they are bad for the environment.

      • John Paratrooper

        Dead serious.

        This is how people think today.

        • SemperFi, 0321

          I see them both ways here, they drive a Prius AND a big diesel p/u to haul their horse trailer. Then raging over someone with a Jeep or 4wheelers for destroying the environment,
          The hypocrisy is deep with most of them.


    +1 on the comment about wives, etc. being in the socialist/communist camp. Both my exes were/are. That’s why they are my exes.

  3. “I cannot see how the West avoids a holocaust. ”

    it can’t 🙂

    and that’s where religion has “led” mankind.

    it’s a ruse

    for suckers

    • Jimmy the Saint

      It’s not like there weren’t massive slaughters before religious wars started. Hell, some of the best massacres in human history were perpetrated by the Mongols, and they really didn’t give a shit who/what anyone worshipped.

      Humans just like offing each other. If there aren’t any reasons for doing it, we’ll invent some.

  4. If I’m understanding the issue(s) here, women got what they wanted, and then decided they didn’t want they got?

    So, to fix the problem, “we” (don’t volunteer for this job) make sure that women don’t get what the want, and assume (hope?) they’ll be happy not getting what they did want?

    I don’t think I’d do well in Gender Studies.

    • never spoil them.. ask me how i know.

      if they want a Corvette- let them buy it with their earned $.

      ask me how i know that too.

  5. Good piece, and a plausible explanation of the Academic and societal cowardice that has led to this feminist disaster..One thing that Paglia has not faced, however, is that the faith lost by our society and replaced by politics and half-baked environmentalism cannot work. Nor can her beloved Art, which is itself a product of God, replace anything….

  6. Centurion_Cornelius

    DAMN! “Thought-provoking” indeed.

    Hell–I’ll donate one of my ARs to her and have her get her some range time training. With thoughts and words like hers–she’ll need it when festivities kick off since she will be on the Visiting Team’s “A-List” for re-education and/or elimination.

    Speaking of which, here’s an Thanksgiving Day PSA: btw, y’all know that ammo is at rock bottom prices. Get sum. And then get moar!

    Ya never know what’ll happen come 2019 with Nancy and Chuckie conspiring with the “R” cucks in the Senate. “It’s for the children…”

  7. The path of social insanity is a long cognitive journey of self delusional dissonance. I can see how this marxian matriarchal intelligentsia has invested lifetimes in critical rationalization theory, it is truly militant, a veritable human extinction movement with an entire hierarchy which commits a circular closed loop system of excuses justifying the cognitive means to its ends of genocide of slavery or death of one half of the human species.

    How it has festered so long, how utterly dominate it is among the the male ranks of the intelligentsia, is the cautionary tale of the utmost warning why the barren womb movement is dangerous and exactly because it has taken the shape shifter guise of the extreme ultimate marxian feminim, there can be no error or doubt about the hidden ferocity of its most radical intension.
    To rid the world of the Men and Woman of the Christian West.
    And by rid, that means dead and extinct. The very precepts and history, that it even ever existed wiped from all record and memory.

    If the barren wombs are to genocide us Men of The West, exactly who are they going to get to do what is a warrior’s job? Or in their system of subjugation is there a method to their madness where they possess enough male sycophants to fight and overcome the men of western Christian culture?

    There just seems to be this rock hard tiny kernel of unavoidable reality, which is overlooked through these biblical grade mental gymnastics, that the savage beast of the male species, is something no theory or ideology no matter the circular critical thinking in the barren vag intelligentsia’s world, can not simply make go poof!, to simply disappear into thin air because they say so.
    In other words there is a reason why wimmins are the weaker “sex”. A truth on parallel with Einstien’s theory of human insanity, where repeatedly doing the same thing over and over expecting just this one time we got it right, and it will not repeat the same mistakes of the past.

    Yeah but who really cares, the whole hive mind collective isn’t here for the ideology, it is here for the party of misery blood dancing and death on genocidal scale. Any means necessary justify the intended violent outcome.

  8. hmm wondering if she’s divorced? has kids that like her?

    • Pretty sure Paglia is a lesbian.

      I’ve followed Camille Paglia since the 1990s when she first started showing up in published media. She’s got a clear thinking head on her shoulders – and always has. There’s a discussion between her and Jordan Peterson on Youtube that is worth the time to listen to. Because they both agree that academia has become almost irretrievably corrupted by Marxist thought.

      I have never had a problem listening to the thoughts of TRUE intellectual – that is a crucial piece of Western Culture that has been destroyed by the Marxists.

  9. Very true. Mom (God Rest Her Soul) was a life long Democrat, unable to even consider “The Dark Side”. She was Catholic and the Democratic Platform calls for abortion rights – a direct contradiction and I called her on that many times. She was stubborn though – no way would she vote Republican, or even miss an opportunity to vote against them.

    Not a problem – our region is 80% zombie – er- Democrat so its not like it would make a real difference. Thank God Texas (at least for now) is still predominantly Red State, though the big cities are not.


    These modern “wimmen” have sowed the wind and will reap the whirlwind. Any country and/or culture which legally sanctions the killing of its innocent unborn babies is headed to complete destruction.

  11. Like Anonymous (above), my mother would let you cut her throat before she’d vote Republican. Regardless their platform being 180 from her beliefs, she’d defend them with everything she had. Her daughters, my four sisters, are split down the middle. My brother’s fifty-fifty as well. It’s the grandchildren who’re the worst, and not only the girls. My two boys, one adopted, the other ‘mine’, are split as well, with my son following my leaning for the most part with a few issues I can’t seem to shake from him.

    In the end, it’s the women who lead the men by their nose– ‘If momma ain’t happy…etc’. (See TFat’s comment above) All, I think, because we men didn’t put our foot down at the right time and stomp this liberal shit to dust. In my case, I accept responsibility for my failure in this regard. When I should have gone ballistic was 1975 when the opportunity was there. My bad. I apologize for my role in this fiasco.

    • I have a friend – who when he was sitting at the dinner table after the 2008 Presidential election – found out that his wife and daughters had voted for Obama, announced that he hoped they were happy with their decisions – because now they could actually own them. He shut the wife off from her spending money – and refused to pay the daughter’s tuition bills. The womenfolk were PISSED, and they made his life hell. He slept on the couch for about 6 weeks before the whole situation finally cleared itself up.

      There’s a reason why so many men are going MGTOW. And as Paglia pointed out – the realm of men and the realm of women was something that used to be separate but roughly equal.

  12. God, the 2 of them-both interviewer and interviewee-do go on, don’t they? What prattling nonsense from both of them!
    ” I myself was lobbying for interdisciplinary innovation in the humanities”. WTF does that have to do with any reality on this planet?? “As I have often noted, the sexes throughout human history actually had very little to do with each other.” I have no idea how this whining fool comes up with this horsesXXt. My grandmother (maternal) went hunting with her brothers and sisters. My mother learned carpentry from her father. In what world was this creature raised?? “My substitute for religion is art, which I have expanded to include all of popular culture.” So, we all go down to the local Aaron Bros. for some old tyme religion?
    My fondest wish is for the colleges to go broke. Then we can start over, beginning with what “getting an education” means. The mantle of feminism didn’t find me, and for that, I am ever grateful.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      The colleges are going broke, they drop many depts (geology and nursing) to bolster the few (sports and climate studies), and grant money has slowed to a minute trickle.
      Many of the smaller schools can barely get enough students to keep a class open.
      Teachers have only 2-3 classes a week and their pay is on starvation level.

      It’s a good thing, but the bigger schools must be funded thru Big Brother to continue turning out more commies.

  13. I disowned my mother over this. She has become an unstable raving leftist and the day I realized I literally wouldn’t trust leaving my son with her alone I knew it was time to cut ties.