Tempus Fugit, Med Supplies Edition

A comment by Aesop:

1) The “Opioid Crisis” is well-understood by everyone in the medical field to be NOT Grandma and Uncle ODing on Rx opioids, but rather heroin junkies dying from using Smack cut with acetyl (garage-brewed only) fentanyl. It is Darwinism in action, and it’s a feature, not a bug.
500 junkies a day dying from fatal overdoes? What down side?
MOAR, please.

2) You don’t need Fish Mox.
You need Fish everything.
And even then, you’ll be missing a few rather vital options, but something is better than nothing.
You should also have recent editions of Tarascon’s Pocket Pharmacopeia to give you dosages and normal course, a good nursing drug reference (Mosby’s, etc.) to lay out do’s and don’ts etc., and a current/recent PDR to understand everything about the drugs in question. All available from Amazon, and most all on the shelf at Barnes & Noble brick-and-mortar stores. You should have them anyways by now if you’re serious. If you don’t, you’re prepping for 18th cent. medical care, i.e. “have a slug of whiskey and bite on this leather strap” standards of care, and expect commensurate survival/mortality rates.

3) Once you realize that a bottle of 30 pills is probably only barely enough for one person for one, or maybe two courses of treatment if yu’re lucky, you’ll start to grok why you should probably be adding to your stockpile like a fiend if you anticipate a true post-civilizational existence. (Because 4x day x 10 days is 40 pills, or 1 1/3 of the smaller bottles.) This is why commercial pharmacies buy bottles of 500 pills. Stored properly, most of these don’t “expire” so you should probably be buying a new bottle of each annually, and storing them in succession, sealed in a dark, cool, dry location.

4) Work on this now.
Five minutes after they crack down on this (like ammunition, gun parts, etc.) and you can’t get it anymore, is six minutes too late, forever.

5) Think about
> tooth infections
> EENT (eye, ear, nose, throat) infections
> skin infections
> puncture wounds (knife, GSW, bites, everyday injuries)
> respiratory infections (pneumonia, etc.)
> gut infections
> systemic sepsis treatment
> post-op prophylaxis
That’s probably 80-95% of what is commonly treated with Abx, or should be.

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  1. So those Veterans that instead of getting treatment for some injury just gets prescribed opoid pain killers for a long while than is cut off because the doctor is worried just need to all die?


    I thought America was a Christian Country, but you’re right, we’re now Darwinian, and for some reason the inner cities are managing to replace their dead addicts by having more out of wedlock children. and whatever is coming here illegally over the southern border seem to be thriving in the Darwinian sense.

    But the traditional Americans, those left, don’t wnat to live without dignity, or with excruciating pain or when they can’t support or lose their families – like veterans blowing their head off becaue the man-fault family court has charged you with felony child support evasion (1/3 of veteran’s suicides) http://www.secondclasscitizen.org

    One can lose their humanity and soul by becoming sheep. But you can equally lose both by becoming wolves. Or worse, vultures.

    • John Paratrooper

      It is sad how beaten down and destroyed our vets have become.

      And the far flung, mythical removal of veteran status from society as distorted the perception of duty for a long time.

      Movies like “American Sniper” or “Full Metal Jacket” have as many positive effects as they do negative. And since less than 1% of people serve, those negative outlooks have an exponential stacking effect.

      If you look up the veterans page on any college website, its all about use being mentally ill and introverted.

      Wrong. We are not allowed to be American. We aren’t allowed to gather together. And god forbid if we had to defend ourselves from a mob of leftists, we would probably be vilified.

      huge social problems underly our social.

      a thin veneer to be sure.

    • You’re responding to a dog whistle no one’s blowing, tz.

      People shooting up street drugs are welcome to get what happens to them, including lethal doses of drug-dealer-added home-brew acetyl fentanyl.
      We call that liberty, in this case for the left end of the bell curve.

      If you’re a veteran shooting up street drugs like heroin, I checked, but I’m all out of fucks to give, and there’s no place on your DD214 that indicates you should have expected anything different. Everybody makes life choices, and some mistakes you don’t get to make again and again.

      The “opioid epidemic” is a marketing campaign for Narcan sponsored by the Clinton Foundation, and the blowback by government minions has made it impossible for docs to write good-faith RX scrips for people with chronic pain, but the actual main casualties are those taking drug-dealer altered heroin with a more potent high, and wiping out their own customer base, and one of the clientele demographics most ERs have little sympathy for, from age 12-70.

      Boo frickin’ hoo.

  2. i’m betting that Amazon is getting hit hard for those ref books right about now.

  3. Forrest Lane

    How true! The doses of “fish antibiotics” always seem on the low side and the bottles are small. Something else which no one seems to mention is dog bites, and mans best friend is going to be a real problem in a short period of time, ie rabies.

    • Not to mention the uber drivers with rabies.

    • John Paratrooper

      Interestingly enough.

      In societies that have collapsed, there is random gun fire consistently just to deal with the wild dogs. And dogs run in packs. So in third world countries, its not uncommon for someone to clap off half a dozen rounds.

      Which about as many rounds as you need to surprise an enemy LPOP to death.

      Also, makes for interesting social cover. Much like random gunshots during a hunting season. No one thinks twice about it.

      You could even collect wild dogs, and release them around some bad guys campsite. 100% chance the dogs investigate and stir up their dogs.

      • John Paratrooper

        Dogs rapidly fills the voids left by wolves and coyotes in an urban and suburban environment. The are literally everywhere.

        Traps are best to kill animals. You spend two calories setting one up.

        Works 80% of the time.

    • Stormbringer

      There is a common pet injury that is worse than a dog bite. Cat bites/scratches. I’ve personally cared for many a patient in the hospital. Usually IV antibiotics and a fasiotomy of the affected area. Long time to heal.

      • All bites are dirty:
        1) Fluffy and Fido don’t brush their teeth or gargle mouthwash.
        2) Fido drinks from your toilet bowl. Which is full of everyone’s shit germs.
        3) Fluffy burys his cat shit. With his paws. And then licks his paws.
        Now they both have shit-in-mouth.
        If you get bit, do the math.
        (That is when you scrub the hell out of a wound with soap and warm water, and then pour in copious amounts of Betadine (if you aren’t allergic to iodine).
        Spider, snakes, and humans: even worse.

  4. having read hundreds of death certificates (for geneaology), I was amazed at the number of death due to kidney infections (pyelonephritis), “simple” bladder infections (UTI), and pneumonias (though roughly half are viral, we still treat with antibiotics, since being wrong is 50/50).

    • John Paratrooper

      When someones kidneys are sick, sticking a needle into their sick kidney to take a sample is almost a death sentence.

      Also, your kidneys are so important, that by the time you are feeling like shit, you have a matter of hours before septic issues arise.

      Less if you walk there under your own locomotion. Assuming you can even breath due to intercostal muscular spasms and swelling.

  5. “Some people are allergic to some Abx.
    Some in an anaphylactically fatal way.”
    — Aesop

    Well lets just say, if it has ‘-cillin’ in its name I am Fk’d So here’s the bleg — what would be a course of action to be prepped for in a case like mine?

    • Cipro and cyclines. Specifically, Doxicycline.

      • doxy as a prophylaxis- and what you treat lyme disease with.

        get some if you are able. tick nymphs are so small you can barley see them. they are everywhere in the field…

    • So after some careful reading this morning the wife needs Fish flex since she is allergic to cillins and the rest of us can do the fish mox. Going to grab some of each and start that stocking process. The wife is a nurse who deals with older patients and she made pretty quick work of related dosages for all of us. Thank God for her.

      drdog you might benefit from our research if you can take kflex and other non cillin meds like my wife.

  6. Another great reference book for anitbiotic use is “The Sanford Guide to Antimicrobial Therapy”. Lots of charts on dosage and which ones to use for what symptoms.

  7. I happen to be one of those vets, taking a beating from the VA. You think their gonna give out pain meds, think again. The last five scripts I’ve gotten for pain are some mind altering shit that also shows promise for masking pain. By the way it’s the same shit most of the school shooters were taking.

    Identify the back issue, and correcting that issue don’t appear to be on the horizon. I’ve beefed the VA all the way to the White House. Now when I have a VA appointment, when I arrive I’ve got a VA police presence, cuz their afraid of me. I refuse to that the meds they provide, frankly I’m afraid I just might go off. I’m 100% disabled VA.

    My pain levels have risen to the point that I’m puking from pain and muscle spasms. About every other night.

    I’ve started to purchase my pain meds in India, not interested in getting high, am interested in knocking the pain level down to a manageable level,

    The site I use for scripts, are selling the real deal scripts, and other heavy duty meds. Not cheap.

    I’ve got large ammo cans filled with fish meds. For that rainy day. I’ve not tried them, but have confidence they will,work.

    Should,anybody consider using the ” India” route let me know. I’m happy,to,share the address, the process. Won’t do it on WRSA, don’t want to,cause Pete any grief.


    • Dirk, feel ya…
      You need to STOP activities, and rest. Do not push it.
      Hot and cold packs on constant, even wrapping frozen packs
      to your back while walking, sitting, laying down. Get a couple
      of frozen packs to maintain cold for the intervals.
      Remember the EXHALING to every push/pull/lift/bend/squat/
      twist you do to lessen further inflammation and help recovery.

      After decades of that shit, and not recognizing it, till not too
      long ago, it was when I actually started going into shock
      from the pain intensity, I have learned enough about it.

      Decades ago spinal taps/epidorals didn’t do jack.
      Never got the operation of fussing disks either.

      Again, my advice is to stop ALL activities and recover.
      It could take a month or more, so be patient.
      Allow wife/family/friends to help and even do the
      things you where doing before Thankfully & Gracefully.

      Blessings to you and love ones

      • Oh Dirk, my advice is to do these exercises and nothing
        else. Not even walking the dog (specially if he/she is a puller)

      • Paulo, dam near impossible to stop doing stuff. Agree that a caring social circle is an awesome thing to have. All are very helpful. Simple stuff.

        I purchased two thousand rounds of 147g, 308 last week, while I was gone to the coast, got home and moved one box at a time. Maybe 30ish pounds. And it dropped me to the ground. Couldn’t lift the second box, well couldn’t bend to pick it up.

        I puked twice that evening from muscle and joint pain. I’m headed back to the coast in the morning, for the holidays.

        I hooked my trailer to the truck today. While torquing the sway bars, I again hit the ground. Started puking instantly.

        A week at the coast crabbing and deep sea fishing, then I’ll get serious about having a back operation, I hate the drugs, taking twice sometimes three times as much as I’m supposed to to knock the pain.

        I’ve been out of those for a couple weeks, which is good. Got many pounds of Cannibis, I gift to disabled vets, I don’t smoke it, don’t like being high.

        I’ve got insurance and Medicaid, so it’s not going to be a big expenditure. Early on I had great success with the VA hospitals. Not the case anymore.

        Paulo, thank you for the advice, I’ll get this fixed ASAP.


    • SemperFi, 0321

      Same issue with VA for back pain and headaches, the stuff they give me has side affects and I quit after a few days since I hate what it does to me.
      And don’t forget about your pets either, they get sick too.

      • i just had an MRI on my back after the initial X-rays showed what they already knew and what i already told them. “the army(a certain E-6s negligence) fucked-up my back the same time they fucked up my knee”. H/T to jc dodge, i started the process to get the 100% i’m entitled to.

        everyone please continue to support the troops. 🙂

        • SemperFi, 0321

          Been shot down twice now on claims by puss gutted civilian clerks, going for a 3rd time, then looking for some high dollar attorneys to push it thru.
          I’ve also had help from some good vets.

          Send me an email thru Pete.

  8. What IS fish mox, and what is “fish everything”?

    • John Paratrooper

      Antibiotics for Fish are not regulated.
      Even though they are the EXACT same antibiotics that you get at the doctors office.

      This is also true for some tranquilizers. Like Ketamine (Which would be good to have if you need to cut your leg off, That stuff really spins you around)

      Anyway, It is a good life hack, and yet another success of the free market and failure of regulatory law.

    • John Paratrooper

      I believe “Fish Mox” is Fish Ammoxicilin

      A common antibiotic for common infections.

  9. Most people forget the main thing is to be and stay healthy
    in the first place.

    And the begining of good health and maintaining it is to
    make sure that one is not only getting the proper level
    of micro-nutrients and mineral daily but that they are
    able to properly absorb them via the large intestine.

    It’s ‘not what you eat’ it’s what you absorb!

    Dr Joel Wallach Dec 30 2013

    The 90 Essential Nutrients for Life – with Dr. Joel D Wallach


    Hope the above info helps my Brothers and Sisters here
    maximize and protect their health.

    NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  10. Harvard Medical did an evaluation for DoD concerning ‘expiration dates’ for pills and such, seeing as how DoD has so much stock on hand, and would rather not have to toss that stuff and buy new every year. Harvard’s study found that most all meds are still quite usable up to 15 years out. Look it up yourselves, make sure of the info. Under controlled conditions (cool, dark, dry) the meds will keep fine. I have bought my ‘fish everything’ every other year after I got my initial projected needs taken into my hot little hands and stored.

  11. General Notes (not just to swimologist)

    The direct source for all fish antibiotics:

    Fish Mox = Amoxicillin
    “Fish Everything” is reference to the fact that they also sell
    Fish Cillin (ampicillin)
    Fish Zole (metronidazole)
    Fish Sulfa (Bactrim)
    Fish Pen (penicillin)
    Fish Flox (ciproflaxin)
    Fish Flex (cephalexin)
    Fish Doxy (doxycycline)
    Fish Cin (clindamycin)
    Fish Mycin (erythromycin)
    As well as “Forte” formulations of the above, which are higher dosage strengths per pill.

    Which ones should you get?
    All of the above, and then some.
    Even if you’re allergic to it. (Everyone else isn’t, and you might be able to trade it, or treat others without your medical allergy list.)

    1) You can’t swap something you’re allergic to for another antibiotic like they all do the same thing; they have specific targeted infections. So either you, or your references, should cover the first- second-, third-, etc. choice antibiotic for every likely disease/condition.
    Nota bene, if you have an allergy, you don’t go from Drug A to Drug B, you go from Antibiotic Of Choice #1 to AOC #2 and then AOC #3. Unless you’re an idiot.

    2) MDs treat some infections with combination Abx (see Bactrim above) or multiple Abx.
    Laymen’s Microbiology Guide Lesson One
    Antibiotics work almost solely on bacteria. They are worthless on viruses.
    Bacteria have a hard shell, inner machinery (“guts”), and a mechanism of reproduction. Most antibiotics target defeating one of these three things. Multiple ones may each attack one problem, and the combination may be more effective than only one attack.

    3) Antibiotics don’t cure disease. Your immune system wins that battle. Antibiotics just kick the shit out of bacteria so the contest is as sporting as clubbing baby harp seals.
    This assumes you have an immune system.
    People with immunosuppressive diseases like HIV/AIDS, or those on chemo, or other situations, like radiation exposure, may not have enough of an immune system to win that fight, and you may elect to triage those folks to comfort care, and Last Rites, because throwing antibiotics at them is simply pissing away your stockpile on a lost cause.
    If nobody ever warned you medicine can lead you to have to make shitty choices, let me welcome you to the world of harsh reality…
    But if you’re going to make them, make damned sure you know why you’re doing what you’re doing (or not doing). Otherwise guilt and self-doubt will eat you up until you either kill yourself, or become a basket case. Or else you’re a sociopath. Neither of which is a damned bit of good to anyone, least of all your patients.

    4) Antibiotics kill the weakest and most susceptible bacteria first; the hardiest and most resistant ones die last. So, knowing that, which of the two are the ones left over if you quit taking your pills before they’re gone?
    And what happens when the bacteria most resistant to treatment are the ones that multiply, because you thought you were smarter than the doctor who wrote the Rx for XX days…?
    So FINISH you g@#*@m antibiotics, which means until the bottle is empty. (Unless you have an allergic reaction sooner.)

    5) Abx early for a small infection like a simple UTI (Urinary Tract Infection) is ALWAYS a better choice than waiting until your patient is in full blown sepsis from a UTI that turned into pyelonephritis (kidney infection), which opened the gates to a monster whole-body infection and septic shock, and needs three or four different Abxs and gallons of IV fluids. (This is why Muppets creator Jim Henson is dead: he learned this lesson via Forest Lawn Memorial Cemetery. Now he feels like a schmuck.)
    Swat flies with dynamite, so they don’t grow into monsters.

  12. wendystringer48088

    “What IS fish mox, and what is “fish everything”?”

    You’re a “swimologist” and don’t know what “fish mox is? 🙂
    Fish Mox® – Amoxicillin – 250mg

    If your doctor won’t write you a prescription for a supply of various antibiotics so you can lay in a supply for a rainy day, you have to find an alternative source to stock up for when you might need them and not be able to get them.


    Here is the contrary view from the mainstream establishment press: https://www.smithsonianmag.com/science-nature/here-are-reasons-you-shouldnt-take-fish-antibiotics-180964523/
    The article is nothing but propaganda but the comments call out the BS and are well worth reading.

    In theory using something that is only made and certified for a certain use for other “off-label”uses (using veterinary meds intended for animals for human use, for example) is risky…

    However… Think of this: ALL hormone blocking and cross gender hormone meds used for treating transgender people are being used “off-label” (example: Estrogen / Progesterone normally given to women to control their hormone levels and hot flashes are being given to men who self identify as transgender women to grow boobs) and the wider mainstream media and medical community doesn’t seem to have a problem with it…


    Political correctness in the mainstread media and medical communities at work.
    Men who identify as women taking female hormones = good.
    Survivalists preparing for hard times = bad.
    But the take away is there is a movement to shut down this avenue of acquiring antibiotics, so acquiring a good stock sooner rathe rthan later seems to be a good idea.

  13. You are going to die. So is everybody else. Your “fish mox” will last about one year. Your real drugs (the ones made for humans) will last MAYBE TWO years. They lose there potency over time. It is called “Shelf life” Shelf life for most drugs is actually a government secret. Some drugs become fantastically toxic after a rather short(two years or less) shelf stable period. Unless you know EXACTLY what the shelf life of your drug of choice is you are playing with a loaded gun by taking it after a certain time. They actually print that on the bottle, and That time differs for every drug. –Opium is the sap of a flower. After TEOTWAWKI you can grow and harvest your own. Bottom line. The antibiotic drugs are gone after five years or less. If you cannot manufacture fresh supply’s of drugs then “something is better than nothing” is total bullshit. That “something” that has been laying around on the shelf for years has a 50-50 chance of ether doing nothing at all to help you ,or killing you outright. You know the REAL basics? SOAP AND BOILED WATER. Sterile dressings. CLEAN WOUNDS. Sterile procedure at ALL times. Knowing that some things will become untreatable without modern drugs All the rest of that was wishful thinking and internet myth. Without FRESH , CLINICLY PURE antibiosis you have exactly the same chance and exactly the same treatment options, as you would have in 1919. Everything else is babbling bullshit , and pure fantasy. In the 19th century they called it “heroic medicine” It didn’t work then ether.

    • wendystringer48088

      “You are going to die. So is everybody else.”
      Yeah, but if you can pull yourself or your loved one / fellow teammate through rather than having them die right then that means a lot. Especially if they were otherwise healthy before and have some good years ahead of them.

      Agree with you on the real basics. “SOAP AND BOILED WATER. Sterile dressings. CLEAN WOUNDS. Sterile procedure at ALL times. Knowing that some things will become untreatable without modern drugs.”

      Prevention is much more important than trying to cure the problem after.

      As for the 2 year shelf life max and things beoming toxic after their exp. date, That is no longer true. It’s not as bad as you make it out to be

      As per the Federal Shelf Life Extension Program (SLEP) Stored properly they will last a decade. Of course there are a lot of variables, but things are not as hopeless as you make them out to be.



      Finite resources that are only going to last for so long (whether food or fuel or medical supplies, etc.) is going to be a problem for everyone. But it’s not a reason to not stock up on what you can.

      • Wendy I don’t think he really cares about facts it’s more about your all going to die so why don’t you all call it quits right now…It’s ironic that Aesop called it awhile back of those coming out of the woodwork about growing poppies to make opium so they don’t need to stock up…He accuses Aesop who is trying to help keep us alive as being a gov agent but he who wants us all to die as being a saint…The comedy rights itself…

    • FUD and B.S.
      But thanks for playing, Ray.

      Antibiotics are routinely both safe and effective (>90% potency) for more than a decade after manufacture.

      They can’t tell time, and don’t magically self-destruct five minutes after their expiration date, as surveys and tests have confirmed.
      Worst case, they may lose a few percentage points of effectiveness, but taking a course of Abx therapy for another few doses would achieve the same therapeutic effect.
      Old formulations of tetracycline had a tendency to turn toxic.
      (Nota bene tetracycline is not part of the fish abx list, so the point is moot.)
      Anybody going this route should look up the published papers on Abx shelf life. Stored properly (cool, dark, and bone dry) they last and maintain potency for quite a while, as repeated tests of government nuclear disaster stockpiles have proven.

      If looking up the relevant data is too hard for you, that’s your business.
      Putting out fairy tales and opinion as authoritative is not.
      Ignorance is no excuse.

      And soap and boiled water, marvelous for basic procedure, do nothing for infections inside the body.

      It turns out that the expiration date on a drug does stand for something, but probably not what you think it does. Since a law was passed in 1979, drug manufacturers are required to stamp an expiration date on their products. This is the date at which the manufacturer can still guarantee the full potency and safety of the drug.

      Most of what is known about drug expiration dates comes from a study conducted by the Food and Drug Administration at the request of the military. With a large and expensive stockpile of drugs, the military faced tossing out and replacing its drugs every few years. What they found from the study is 90% of more than 100 drugs, both prescription and over-the-counter, were perfectly good to use even 15 years after the expiration date.

      So the expiration date doesn’t really indicate a point at which the medication is no longer effective or has become unsafe to use. Medical authorities state if expired medicine is safe to take, even those that expired years ago. A rare exception to this may be tetracycline, but the report on this is controversial among researchers. It’s true the effectiveness of a drug may decrease over time, but much of the original potency still remains even a decade after the expiration date. Excluding nitroglycerin, insulin, and liquid antibiotics, most medications are as long-lasting as the ones tested by the military. Placing a medication in a cool place, such as a refrigerator, will help a drug remain potent for many years.


      That took four seconds and two mouse clicks to pull up.
      It’s been online since 2003, and was updated in August 2018.
      And I’m just spitballing, but I’m going to default to the bias that an online Harvard Medical School published story is going to be more accurate and authoritative than you.
      The Internet: Actually a thing.

      Further reading:

  14. Some things I’ve learned:
    I’m not making recommendations here, but livestock supply outfits like Jeffers offer a range of injectable antibiotics. Stores such as Tractor Supply and Southern States sell syringes. This is a whole category of resources. Pro-Pen-G is a penicillin & procain injectable suspension, comes in a range of ml sizes. I keep 100ml ampules in the fridge, seems to last for years. Easy stuff to use, 1cc per 10lb weight. You have to fill your syringe, ley it warm to room temp, pinch up the skin and inject, not supposed to inject intramuscularly, it creates a mold pocket and you don’t want that. You can get amoxicillin base, ampicillin, the whole range of cyclenes, there’s more I stuff I have no idea what it is. I’ve been told by two vets these antibiotics are not as “pure” as human grade, but the common sense dummy way of thinking is that is both a relative, read splitting hairs thing, and if your needing these medicines and can’t get human “grade” your gonna die, you have nothing to loose and everything to gain mind set here.
    This Pro-Pen-G comes under a variety of makers names, as all the types of A-B’s do, simply got to read the descriptions to figure out what you need, thats what I do anyways. Farm supply stores will have them in cases so you can get them in your paws and check them out in meat space.

    I like the Pro-Pen because it is effective for sepsis, which I’ve used for that specific purpose. You don’t want sepsis in your blood, nasty shit. Its good for bacterial pneumonia, (shipping fever and pneumonia, scours-bad diarrhea, maybe I’m thinking helps with cholera too, not cure, but helps, in hogs and cows), and of course wounding burns etc. It treats an amazing array of animal ailments. Livestock farmers I know treat it as a wide spectrum A-B.

    Speaking of cholera, the treatments are fairly basic, it kills when you don’t treat it. But the remedies are austere by nature. You just have to understand how its obtained then treat it. It kills in 3rd world shitholes because, they are shitholes in more ways than one. Hint Hint. It isn’t pleasant, beats the fucking shit out of you, yet it is readily survivable if you have clean resources.

    Don’t ask me about this please, but bacterial pneumonia will kill you faster than you can imagine, that I know for sure, also once you get it, your almost guaranteed to get it yearly. YOU NEED AMOXICILLIN to survive it. PERIOD. I’m not yelling, I’m stressing my first hand knowledge. A good guy I know and worked with got it at the mines with almost our whole section crew. The guy was 35, one day, just before, like hours, we understood what we all contracted, he went home after our shift, his mom told him to sit down she would cook him dinner and bring it out for him. He was stone cold dead before she had his dinner ready. Amoxicillin doesn’t so much stop bacterial pnumonia dead, it knocks it back good, so with good sleep you can beat it. It readily stays with you for months. I know. In fact I went to the doc the morning before work when Bob passed, and was told an hour or two I would have too late to treat it.
    I’m saying all this because its a sneaky bastard, feels like you got a simple chest cold at 1st, then “bronchitis”, then you can’t sleep cause prone out you get coughing fits like your guts are gonna come out your mouth. Then you get so wore out you will pass out running a D11 or driving a 777 rock truck. If nothing else Amoxicillin helps to diminish the bad stuff to levels you can live thru.
    Oh and yeah, if you are inhaling particulates, rock/coal dust, smoke, dusty air, sawdust etc, you are way more at risk contracting bacterial pneumonia. It kills older people pretty quickly with no treatment. Basically you end up not getting enough oxygen in your blood without A-B’s.

    You can get sepsis pretty easy, an animal bite is high risk source, and your animals and live stock is prone, so you are too. Nasty shit. I’ve treated it. Takes months, and years in one circumstance to get rid of it.

    This is all ditch medicine I’ve learned first hand. I’m no doc or understand the fine print, but, it is practical meatspace knowledge of one guys world.
    Hope it gives you a starting point.
    If you know a long time successful livestock person, farmer, cattle buyer auctioneer, vet etc, these are folks who know some stuff. Most of us who raise livestock can not afford, or even get a large animal vet to treat our critters. So you end up trial by fire and tribal knowledge. Like for instance, you have to worm your hogs. Period. Or they will never grow no matter how much fude they get. And that sucks, a waste hard to top. Aside from wormer being quite nasty toxic crap, it contaminates your ground water hence your well. Nothing but air is more valuable than clean potable water. And another expense and resource in your independent/off grid food chain line. What we all do here in the Appalachian Kush is feed those hogs coal. They love coal. A sow and 10 pigs will chomp down on 2, 5 gal buckets in ten minutes. Not a crumb left. Charcoal is supposed to work as well, never tried it myself. It scours out a hogs poop shute right nice. I give mine free choice every couple weeks-monthly. Works. How I have no real clue. Your hogs are your best indicator, they are all about fude. Everything they do is about whats next to eat. They love dirt, probably where worms come from, but also they really like good prime untouched dirt, forrest duff is their favorite. You raise your pigs in your woodlot or fields, they not only stay very healthy, it saves big on your grain or mash bill. And the meat is top fucking shelf. Like wild boar meat.
    Thats a tangent to the post, but when you begin to leave the industrialized food chain grid, all of the “grids”, you find everything is connected, coloration. You got to learn cognitive awareness, because you either fail or you thrive if you don’t, or you do, connect all the little threads of life at that self determining level. Always a way…Always a way… as the character said. You just have to discover those “ways”. Its “ditch” wisdom. No anti-fragile like it. And this is what this shit all about that Aesop is talking about from my perspective.
    The phrase “Don’t Waste Nuthin” is apprapo, the relative commonality tying everything together as you become truly self determining and sufficient as feasible. And that whole thing about Tribe and meatspace, believe you me, even the most wealthy “prepper”, is dog meat, even with every bell and whistle money can buy, its the little shit thats gets you. I think it is why so many fail at prepping. You. Need. Tribe. Small community. it can be those couple or few things your fellow dirt people in your direct intimate AO, a conventional wives tale, feeding your hogs coal, what Anti-B’s work for what, etc that make you or break you. And the more your tribe is intimate the more thriving less surviving you get. All these little things amount to big shit.

    PS, CampingSurvival is the best pricing source I’ve found for the FishMeds. They are Thompson Labs, in Texas, US made. I wouldn’t touch China crap if I was dying. I chose to not to buy anything China while back. My funds are meager, have to make every fucking penny count. China shit ain’t cheap. It costs you dearly right when it counts. Fuck them and fuck the wealth transfer traitors who are in on the racket too strip mine us of every buck. Thats right motherfuckers. Fuck You. In fact, BFYTW!

    Here’s a a dandy, it came from the great but gone Hogwarts Grid Down Medicine

    The ingredients are amazingly cost effective, the crystal form Lidocaine has all but unlimited shelf life.
    I tested mine on one of the Kat’s who somehow got out of the jaws of a methlab feral pit bull. Two incisor punctures 2-3 inches deep, a folded napkin size flap of meat and skin an inch plus thick. This was my first exposure to what sepsis is too. Along with Fishmeds, (I’ve acquired a load suturing supplies/instrument from CampingSurvival, combat first aid stuff too. just Good prices and selection. Needles from Tractor Supply. They sell them by the box there. Cheap) I got their sutures. As you can imagine I sewed that little Kat up, cleaned and dressed his wounds, and over a period of time treated chis sepsis successfully. He was a dead critter another way. Should have been. Rugged guy. From there I’ve kind of become my Tribes ditch doctor. Sewed up and treated cows pigs dogs and two legged critters. From ingrown big toes, stitches, to some other things…just saying…free of course. Those little things are a fucking bitch that can stop you cold.

    There is a great workbook, CA has posted, fact is thats where I got mine, the title is Maxofillius Plastic Surgery, if I remember. Its a line pencil drawn surgery manual for dummies. Awesome. They even have suggestions how to use local anesthesia. Aside from the small things imperative, in this manual you get the basics which enable you to attempt trauma ditch medicine, like projectile and other fast moving object trauma.

    And there is absolutely no fucking excuse for your sorry cheap fucking know it all ass if you don’t have combat first aid training and at least a Soft-T on your person along with your pistol and reloads/knife. None. Your a fucking idiot if you aren’t equipped so. I was an idiot, for decades, So there. Nuuuuh.
    Serious as a Boolit. Got me now one of those spiffy excellent ankle tourniquet trauma bandage pouches from Gadsden Dynamics: https://www.gadsdendynamics.com/collections/accessories-1/products/lightweight-ankle-band-l-a-b

    These guys are sublime, some real good and innovative 4th Gen War field gear for the citizen partisan.
    I love their basic battle belt. Made me a sweet 1st level get home no matter what instant strap on rig. I can ditch everything but by rifle, and the essential elements of living to fight another day is there.
    They have this wicked cool build a chest rig chest rig. I’m thinking it might be time to reconsider by combat load out. Or set up one for specific circumstances. Oh and they have a dedicated shotgun chest rig now. I got no affiliation. Just appreciate good gear and sharing resources.

    Hope some of this helps somebody.

    Aesop rocks. Real good critical thinking skills. Like a Zman of common sense and upside yo head you fuckin’ dummy wisdom.

  15. Part of the problem with fentanyl in illegal drugs is its so easy to end up casually getting a lethal dose; a druggie staggering along the sidewalk can leave enough residue to be dangerous, if not fatal, and forget about even trying to get anything out of a house that’s been contaminated. Rehabbers that end up with meth labs or drug houses have stories all over about this stuff.

    • Yep and you see how the media covered up for that guy who had enough to kill everyone here in the USA…


    While we are on this subject, think about what you may have to do when a tribe member passes. Body bags and quicklime come to mind. Pyres will be out of the question due to fuel scarcity and visibility.

    • +10
      And not just your tribe.

      Friends, enemies, random bystanders and passers-through: all produce biblical plagues when not properly buried/disposed of after death.

      Remembrance of good people: good.
      Not having decomposing corpses upstream of your water table and water supply points: much better.

      Survey and pre-select where Eternal Rest Cemetery is going to be.
      Consult the sorts of people who do that for real now, and include water supply engineers and surveyors’ information in that planning.

      Cholera, typhus, etc., just do what they do.

      And think medieval: frequently the best places for depositing miscellaneous corpses (human, and large animals) is upstream of your enemies’ water supplies.

      Just saying.

      • SemperFi, 0321

        Throwing them in a gully for the coyotes and feral dogs is not a good idea, unless it’s not in your neighborhood.
        Biological warfare works both ways.

  17. For anyone taking notes, a couple more sources that I frequent for medical stuff are Armageddon Medicine ( http://armageddonmedicine.net/ ) and Doom and Bloom ( https://www.doomandbloom.net/ ) I like them….ymmv

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