The Enemy Within

A letter from Whittaker Chambers, dated 1954.

Backgrounder on Chambers.

His memoir.

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  1. Putting It All Together – Five March 2016 Phone Warrants – Five Spy Targets?

  2. Chambers’ article, A Republican Looks at his Vote (be patient for the loading of it) is telling, particularly the last 2 paras.

    • Thanks. It is sobering to get even a slight grasp on the timescale and forces arrayed.

      I didn’t write the third and final installment in my Lithuania pieces from years ago. It’s probably time to do that.

      Godspeed to you and yours.

  3. CA, thanks for the info on Whittaker Chambers; there’s always more to learn on understanding “Why is everything so upside down?”

    IMO, “The Cold War” was and is something very serious, even though it’s often used as nothing more than a funny backdrop for movies like Dr. Stranger Love. 

    For example, ask yourself, “Did the cold war ever stop?” Did cultural Marxism and political correctness ever stop?  Did calls for socialist policies and programs ever stop?  Did calls and mandates for “tolerance”, that foster and advance degeneracy, ever stop? 

    Did the Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (TTPs), as well as the strategies, used to infiltrate and subvert Western institutions ever stop?  They may have changed, but did they ever just stop.

    I’m guessing the real Cold War was less about nukes, B-52s and brushfire wars, and more about mind-bending Western civilization into an ultimate defeat.  I’m guessing the entire contest is more spiritual than physical.  

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