TL Davis: Is It Time For A Petition Of Dissolution?

His latest.

Freedom begins between the ears.

Then moves outward.


25 responses to “TL Davis: Is It Time For A Petition Of Dissolution?

  1. Not. Gonna

    More mental masturbation.

    • ^^Absolutely correct.
      The time to do that was 1984, when you didn’t need to do it. so we didn’t.

      So, tell me how you secede from the guy on the opposite corner, or the neighbors downstairs.
      Show your work.
      I’ll wait.

      This either goes back to sanity (slim chance, the moonbats like crazy too much to give up that crack); or it ends in gunfire and rivers of blood.
      Probably several millions. Possibly even worse than that.

      The Maduro Diet has cost the average Venezuelan 22% of their body weight thus far, but they don’t have 600M firearms and 1T+ rounds of ammunition in open circulation.

      And not necessarily all at once here either, but more like with popcorn: a few kernels go off, and then it becomes a rapidly continuous cacophony of pops until they’ve all reached critical temperature.

      Which way the IQ trend goes afterwards depends on who wins, but the odds don’t favor the retards, even if raw numbers do.

    • Well, that’s your fault, for expecting
      anything different from nut cuttin’ Davis.

      • You’re free to cut nuts anytime you get a hankering, but you keep waiting for me to do it for you, Gringo

        • I except nothing of substance from
          mewling boomer cucks.
          Go troll the Capitol in search of a permission slip for……….anything.

  2. Who goes first? How do we rehabilitate the concept of Secession?

    • How about we just tell them, “You want to go your way, fine go!
      We’ll go our way and be done with it!”.

      To submit a petition is to ‘beg’ for permission; it prima facie
      declares that one is a subordinate or slave to the one being
      asked for ‘permission’ to do ‘X’.

      If one is sovereign, one doesn’t ‘ask for permission’.
      One just does what they need to do and go about their affairs.
      Same deal goes for ‘voting’ btw if that wasn’t obvious….

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

      • The communists don’t need to be told “You want to go your way, fine go!”
        They have been doing that successfully
        without any verbal input from their adversaries and enemies, especially over the past fifty years.

  3. Sorry, but my father’s family got here before the Revolution-the one heard round the world. I’m not giving up one fuXXing square inch. I am all for getting rid of the 3rd world interlopers, the Reds, and any other sorry assed fool who thinks that we will cower and walk away. We have been restricted and patient for far too long. It will be a long, sad, brutal, and wearing deal but I see no reason to give up some of the most fertile farmland in the world, nor walk away from coastal outlets. I am sick of justifying and apologizing; we simply need to act.

  4. Millions. Of. You. Take. Your. License. Tags. Off. Your. Car. And. Otherwise. Stop. Obeying. Their. Bad. Laws.

    Otherwise, you’re the “submissive” match to their “dominant” attitude. Co-dependent, and you like it that way. ‘Where’s my free Social Security and Medicare? I deserve to receive several times more than I paid in!’

  5. While acknowledging D III’s caution against the mental exercise… Somewhere there must be a more reflective map graphic than one 8 years old. These always (still) seem drawn along traditional 19th century wet dreams with little regard to current demographics. The fractures would be much more dramatic as a “red” state finds itself fighting internally as well as on 2 or 3 external fronts (whether politically or spilling blood). Or having to first “convince” some isolated blue commie enclaves or eliminate them, or cede them to a neighboring blue state with their own version of the Helmstedt autobahn. But such a thing ain’t gon’ be hapnin’ along traditional state boundaries. One need only look at a 2016 election map By County to see that.

  6. I have labored and invested in my farm/homestead here in the hills of the Buckeye for a lifetime but I must admit that due to the presence of hordes of Somali and other shithole refugees as well as the blue hives abounding in my native land I have been investigating a move southward . The graphic showing Ohio being cast into the Noreast corridor is frightening but probably true . Have you seen Kasich lately ? Promising to veto the Heartbeat and Stand Your Ground bill ? Fookin’ moron . Got a lot of friends and family in the Lone Star . Just got to find me some hills or mountains . Can’t take flat land .Built this place with my own hands and it won’t be easy to leave . Just necessary . Moving all that ” stuff ” will be a challenge .

  7. leave that rotted land called Fusa.

    there is no hope as long as the poor and ignorant are the majority. they will eat your wealth to enable themselves to multiply and eat ALL of your wealth.

    the only solution is for 300 million useless Fusans to exhale one last time.


  8. Every law carry’s a mandatory “obey or die” clause. How many innocent unarmed were gunned down last year over a broken tail light ,or because of a “missing” tax sticker? All of you comply. Every cop has the power to murder every child. Rob any home. Humiliate and abuse at any time, just for fun. None of you resist. T.L. Davis talks shit on the internet. So do all of you. There is no place to run. There is no place to hide. NO ONE IS COMMING TO SAVE YOU. If you want liberty as your ancestors knew it. Take your AR-15 and kill every cop. Every lawyer and every elected overseer, and every kind of Fed. “from the highest unto the lowest”. Until you do that, ALL of this is masturbation. It might make YOU feel better, but it won’t do shit else. There is no longer any peaceful solution. Fight or bend over.

    • I was in Pikeville, Ray, assessing Antifa’s weaknesses and strengths behind their lines, taking pictures of them. I have the video. I have been in altercations with union thugs in Denver over politics. Just because I don’t brag about all of the things I have done, does not mean I sit at home and write blog posts all day. But, every time I suggest meeting these clowns in the streets, everyone bails, so I have done it alone. So, the only one talking shit on the internet appears to be you.
      And so we devolve into the internecine squabbles that hamstring every effort one puts forth.

  9. While I agree that continuing to live with these Prog Marxists is untenable, it cannot be overlooked that the breakup of our current USSA like the former Yugoslavia will be violent, but is also a Primary Goal of the NWO Globalists.
    How about We Win, they Lose and we keep the country intact? Difficult to impossible? Definitely, but preferable to becoming dominated by the NWO just when we have a chance of avenging JFK’s murder, Reagan’s shooting, with a fighting president putting his life on the line, President Trump.
    If this “Deplorable” Revolution fails then secession will occur organically with much bloodshed unfortunately. Also don’t assume that entire states will remain unified. There will be urban city pockets in our states, while their socialist states will remain more unified around their large socialist cities especially from DC to New England. The Reconquista will take N. Mexico, most of AZ, NV, CO, and some of TX. Of course the West Coast is totally gone.
    There will be unanticipated consequences both economic, and social, be careful what is being wished for..

  10. Old Gray Wolf

    Look amongst us and ask yourselves, who is asking us to do things which will draw the ire of the State upon ourselves individually(aka commit illegal behaviors) yet is obviously not leading by example as they are here demanding such things of us. It has been my experience that the one trying to get a person to commit a “crime” is most often an agent of the state, or at best an agent provocateur. Tell us not what we should do, but what you are willing to do, have done(without incriminating yourself) or have seen done successfully. Do not tell us to paint a blinking bullseye on ourselves as individuals if you expect to be taken seriously. However, if you wish to be held in suspicion, carry on.