Suprynowicz: Will There Never Be A Counter-Attack?

Suggestions for politics in the post-Elections funk.

As for us, more PT.

And more logistics.

You do have the shooting piece handled, right?

13 responses to “Suprynowicz: Will There Never Be A Counter-Attack?

  1. Air Support

    • Add .308 for your passenger add give them a few of these.

      • SemperFi, 0321

        During WW2 after they had over 250,000 drum magazines for the 1928 Thompson SMG back in storage, they destroyed them all, not wanting to make room for indefinite storage.
        The Brits actually returned many of the 27,000 they got thru Lend-Lease, after paying $20 ea for them, and a $25,000 tooling fee to Crosby Mfg.
        Troops hated them; too bulky, too heavy, easily damaged, made too much noise from rattling, too hard to reload and most were left laying on the ground after being shot empty, it was easier to use the 20 rd stick mags. And why they invented the 30 rd which has been with us to this day.

        You people still fall for every gimmick known to man, and if it’s gun related it’s even cooler, especially when it’s expensive.
        3-20 rd mags @ $60 vs $180 for this, that’s quite a bargain. Or even better yet, buy one of those belt fed conversions for your AR. (see HK21, a belt fed G3)

        • No I don’t fall for gimmicks, I have used the magpul 60 rounders an they work well. Absent belt fed full auto, this is the best way to ensure sustainable fire.

        • Technology advances, though.

          P-51 Mustang vs. F-22 Raptor

          I think maybe some drum mags would work fine. Test them like any other gear.

          • SemperFi, 0321

            Sorry, still not sold.
            Magazines are still disposable items, you can’t hang on to every one of them, even in a vehicle or aircraft during a firefight. So $180 for a throwdown item is still acceptable to you? And I’ll bet they just slide right in a dump pouch too.

  2. Everyone needs to get their mind right. Consider the very real possibility that you end up in prison after things start to get real sporty. Plan for resistance behind bars. Brace yo self.

    • Fuck that defeatist shit with a rusty length of rebar to the ear!

      If one’s choices are to die but take as many enemy with you
      or be captured and put into a cage like an animal for the rest
      of one’s life, take the former choice and die in glory.

      No one lives forever.
      No one gets out of this life but through death.

      Do what an enemy least expects you to do
      and do it so hard and fast that he’s choking
      on his own blood as he’s in shock that you’ve
      gone fully committed against him no matter what!

      Go full ‘Ol Jack Hinson on your enemies and
      their enablers and supporters when Der Tag comes.

      Don’t fight on their terms, make them fight on yours!

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  3. Dang… he’s long winded.

    • Johnny Paratrooper

      Far too long winded.

      Excellent piece. But the writer lost me halfway through.

      News Flash.

      Look up the states for 30 year olds.

      The fat cat ladies destroyed the men in my generation, and the blacks, jews, and Mexicans drugged all the women.

      This country died when I was about 14 years old.

      Which was about 16 years ago.

  4. It is all connected.
    Soon, in a theater near you

    About 27 minutes…

  5. It does not matter where you are physically located. Destroying an adversary takes place between your ears first. The means utilized is based upon what is available.
    I have been attacked with axes,shovels,guns,knives,hacksaws,pipes,crowbars,pool balls and sticks,broken bottles,bats and vehicles. Whatever you decide to use make it lethal and quick. Otherwise someone will take from you and use it on you. It takes about one second to eliminate an adversary when you get in close. Dim Mak works well when applied properly. Add in a weapon,you become a lethal son of a bitch.
    Mind set,motherfuckers!

  6. Best column on our current sad state of affairs I have read all year, and November is almost done. I am blasting this out everywhere. Thanks, Vin.