The Closing Of The Conservative Mind

Victory for trad Americans requires intellectual honesty and cold-blooded realism about the modern era.

As the article makes clear, modern “conservatism” is simply the repackaged mainstream Democrat party, circa JFK.

Tax cuts, strong defense, and foreign adventures.

If Trump is not your guy (and there are good reasons why that should be so), you have no one of significance to champion your interests in the political arena.

Think hard about what that means.

17 responses to “The Closing Of The Conservative Mind

  1. a working middle class american had representation when? i am represented now by Garand & Co. , Daniel Defense and a few others. i fully know when i step off the porch, it is by myself. ain’t no one behind me. i am only one bad LEO interaction away from that, or a stage 4 diagnosis. til then, i plan to enjoy the decline. t-fat, when can we get some hookers and blow?

  2. European American

    December 5th 2018.

  3. just look at this guy..

    does he look like the type who is going to make it thru to the other side?
    the white race best field some players a lot better than that.
    unfortunately for him, a pasty, bald, cityboy, is not going to cut the mustard..

    you want to see what killers looks like?
    and these guys are NOT worried about the police.

    hey look!
    this one’s a christian..

    • Nice of the killers to mark their faces so clearly and permanently. If you see a face that like in your scope, pull the trigger.

      • agreed.

        but, they aren’t afraid to show who and what they are…

        they are committed.

        and they ain’t afraid of the pooplice either…

        that my fellow is what it takes to win.

        • Yep I agree with you but what is the key to that…They aren’t afraid because they have just as large and better armed gang behind them compared to the blue gang…It’s ironic that Freefor can’t figure out that simple answer…Sad That…

  4. David French is the talking tail-end of a “conservative” dinosaur that doesn’t know it’s dead yet.

  5. [[[David French]]] is a globalist shabbatz goy who long ago adopted the genocidal anti-White values of his neo-con Jew paymasters – (((Podhoretz & Goldberg))) – and then adopted a niglet “just to make sure”.

    as to Trump, the populist-nationalist masquerade is over. Even arch-Trumpaholic VoxDay is – finally – admitting that the man is a complete fraud. Also amusing to watch his peanut gallery doing a quick about-face.

  6. lastmanstanding

    Trump is not my guy. When fucking people say he is the right guy because he has dealt with bankruptcy before, I respond, “how do you go br 4 fucking times and end up a billionaire? Then become the most powerful man in the fusa?…Because someone who has waaaay more power/money owns his fucking ass.”

    The orange guy is a diversion, a shill, just another token jizz to make “conservatives” think they “winning”. TPTB swung the pendulum way to far to the fucking left with the previous cs and firearms sales and ammo went thru the roof beyond their wildest dreams.

    Now, every gun shop I frequent is crying the blues…all by design. The right lulled into safety…complacency. But not me. I’m getting set. With my good neighbors and with the earth and its creator best I can.

    I have been thinking really fucking hard about this cf for just over 10 years now. I don’t know when the current bs will exponentially magnify but I can tell you that we are in the midst of it. I’m sure many of you have a line in the sand because I certainly do.

    “don’t go down without one helluva fight”

    Johnny P…you ready to bail yet? Bet I could have you a job in less than a week. Lots of nice young ladies around with jobs and a future, without drug problems and the scenery is way fucking better than Baltimore.

    • NEWS FLASH>>>This is true for any so-called president that gets placed into the position.

      “Because someone who has waaaay more power/money owns his fing ace.”

  7. From day one, at the announcement of a Trump Presidential bid, I jumped on that train as the simply Middle Finger Candidate. He pissed off all the right scumbags in media and politics regardless of D or R.

    Figure id give him a shot before the shots start.

    More…..Faster……Throw down during my lifetime.

  8. The knife in the front is preferable to the knife in the back.

  9. I don’t waste time with liars like him, for the same reason I don’t go to church to learn the Bible.
    The best liars make their shit sound like truth, making them the most dangerous of all.
    Matt chap 4 or Luke 4
    Thou shalt not think for thyself – Chapter 501 verse C3
    “Have ye not read?” The truth will set you free.

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  11. trump wanted to drain the swamp. I don’t think he realized paul ryan and mconnell are just as much of the swamp as Pelosi is.
    he took a good run at them but looks more and more like the swamp just cannot be beaten now, enjoy the decline.

    • President Trump is the last stop before we have to battle the commies.
      Be prepared to come out swinging.
      You won’t get another chance.

  12. Trump isn’t your savior, he is your judgement.

    Yeah. Remember the Great Bigly MAGA Red Wave?

    Anyhow, the judgement comes because lack of participation. Besides. MAGA is too busy…